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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 14, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaMonday morning december 14, 1953 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Get farm Bureau gab est to be closely viewed Chicago dec. 13 i the american farm Bureau federa Tion this week will hold what Mas be the most widely watched convention in its history. The reason is this Congress will meet in january and will consider a new farm pro Gram. Secretary of agriculture Benson has asked farm groups for their suggestions. Government optic gals. Lawmakers and Farmers will be greatly inter ested in what Type of program the flying Pup by Lucrece Hudgins Beau Christmas memorial wreaths tally s Flowers 126 s. Pargan dial 9801 the extra Relief Medicine attacks ail cold symptoms at one time. In less time Ordinary pain reliever can make this claim but 666 can. The 666 formula contains a combination of prescription Type ingredients not found in any other col Medicine. For that extra Relief try 666 liquid or tablets. Remember 666 does More because it has More. Federation will recommend. The american farm Bureau federation is the largest of the nation s farm organizations. It says its membership now adds up to a record farm families. If each family averages four persons the total would be More than one fourth of the u. S. Farm popu lation. The Afif now has members in 48 states. They represent All types of Farmers. About half of the members Are in the Midwest bout one third in the South. The hers Are in the northeastern and Estern regions. Afif s roots go Back to world Rar i. It evolved this Way farms formed county farm bureaus he units joined up in state farm bureaus. Then the state organi a on together to form the Naonal federation. The federation opened an office n Washington in the Early 20s and began lobbying. Staffs that total about 50 men and women work in the washing on office and the ghz in a Siz ble suite in a skyscraper on Chi ago s la Saile Street. Allan b. Kline has been the pres Dent since december 1947. He was a highly successful Many years. He owns a farm near Vinton Owa. But the presidency is a full Ime Job and he moved to Western Springs a suburb of Chicago. Kline 58 now May or May not seek his fourth two year term at he convention. He is expected to make an announcement one Way or the other in the next few Days. There will be 158 voting Dele Gates on hand when the 35th an Nual convention opens tomorrow in Chicago. They will have the final say on what kind of farm program the federation will recommend. There is a difference of opinion among Farmers inside and outside the federation on government Price supports. Among the Price prop systems proposed Are these the present program of High rigid supports for the Basic commodities at 90 per cent of parity. Parity is a Price designed to give Farmers a fair break. A two Price or multiple Price system. Under this plan the government would continue to support prices of the chief farm products consumed in this country and per Mit the balance of these crops to be sold abroad for whatever Price they would bring. Synopsis while Willie the Pup mis learning his Way around Santa land Henrietta still looking for him every Day bark Home. She missed Willie so much her father uncles aunts and grand papa worked overtime to make extra Money to buy her a new dog. The new dog did t make Henrietta Happy. Still wanted Willie. Chapter nine wings for Willie while Henrietta wept Lor her Pup. Willie himself catered madly around in the Snow behind the stables in Santa land. Presently or. Not much and or. Very Little appeared. They were sitting on a child s ski and pushing themselves across the Snow by shoving on pencils which they used As ski poles. They were so tiny this was the Only Way they could travel in the Snow w without sinking Over their Heads. Whatever Are you doing they called to Willie. I m learning to replied Wil lie happily. I am going to Fly like the the dream Lins looked up and for the first time they saw Santa s eight Reindeer swooping gracefully above the stable. Then the dream Lins looked Down at Willie throwing himself wildly from one Snow Bank to another and imagining that he truly was learning to Fly. Of come exclaimed or. Not much. You need wings to vie Minh troops Advance for showdown with French i1anch. Indochina dec. 13 troops of the communist had Viet Minh s crack 310th division advanced today to within shelling distance of the heavily fortified Plain of Dion Bien Phil where French Union forces arc staking their defense of the pro French thai country in Northwestern indo China. Spearheads of some of the Best fighting men under command of vie Minh Gen. Von Nguyen Giap were reported by a French army spokesman to be 12 Miles Northeast of Dion Nice Phu. These troops have stabbed ahead slowly along a dirt Road through Jungle covered mountains making forced marches at night to escape intensive Aerial attack. Meanwhile other units of the same division about Strong have entrenched themselves in the thai capital Lai Chu 200 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. They occupied the town yesterday encountering Only scattered fire from diehard thai partisans. French Union regu Lar troops hopelessly out numbered by the thousands of advancing Viet Mih pulled out of Lai Shau to Dick Bien Phu two Days a the let Minh near Dien Bien Phu now Are regrouping and rest ing before attempting any assault on French. Vietnamese and thai positions. Although such an attack can Cost at any time it was thought tonight that As much As a week a elapse before the Viet Minh move. French Union troops reinforced almost hourly by troops and equip ment flown from Hanoi were re ported eager and ready for Battle. So far have been Only patrol clashes French fighters and bomb ers Are strafing and bombing the vie Minh wherever they Are spotted. Algol Ivi Flut Burch roofing Supply company dial 7452 the wings were two giant kites fastened on a harness. Sill dins two Catbe game House Willie stopped his prancing. But the Deer Don t have he pointed out. They have built in wings that you can t said or. Very Little. But you Don t have any kind of wings and you la never Willie was not discouraged i shall make myself some wings then he said. That certainly won t be hard with All these work shops around Here. Especially if you will help the or Carlins were very glad to help. They were worried be cause Santa had not yet thought of a plan to save their Queen from the gremlins. Making wings for Willie was just what they needed to take minds off their Trou the Santa land elves and Fairle were so Busy working on Christ the same old House be surprised look at it Mas toys they paid no attention to the two dream Lins who fitted from Bench to Bench picking up tools and materials. And Santa was so glad to see Willie quieted Down he never imagined that the Puppy was Busy with a world shaking invention. We need string and glue and tissue paper and Light said or. Not much As he picked up these things from Here and there. Yes and Well need plenty of said or. Very Little. No. Said Willie. "1 can t wait. Here i will he picked up the Jug of glue and carried it to the stable. But when he went to put the glue Down the Jug had spilled Over and glued his jaws together. Said or. Not much that will keep you out of trouble while we the dream Lins worked for several hours while Willie watch acc in an agony of silence. At last tar or Carlins washed out Willie Mouth and told him his wings were ready. The wings were two giant Kite fastened on either Side of a har truly Beautiful invention. The dream Lins fastened Willie or. Very Little. You must climb a High Mountain and jump off and you will Fly As lire As Willie thanked his friends ind eagerly took off up the highest Mountain in sight. He climbed and he climbed. It was t a bit particularly with the big Kite wings jumping around his Back. But by and by he to the top. He could t see the stables or san la land far below because he was above the Clouds perhaps it was a Good thing he could t see the ground or he might have been too scared to jump. He said to himself in a few minutes i will be known the world Over As the flying so saying he leaped off the Mountain. But alas instead of gliding gracefully away he fell smack into a puffy while Cloud and was swept away a prisoner in the heart of the Cloud. Neil the Clouds Cepcar Santa out Early As Man requests Christmas divorce wife obliges new York dec. 13 urn Sonia Claus is showing up Early for a lot in Paterson told his wife last week that for Christ Mas i want a piece of paper say i am Many Oklahoma ranchers received cow caller horns for their trucks. The horns Mournful Moo ing which sounds like a mating Call brings the cattle on the run. A 14-year-old boy won a cake baking contest in Luton England. Rehab plans set in Korea Seoul dec. 13 we a. S. Eco nomic coordinator c. Tyler Wood and South korean prime minister Paik too Chin have agreed to a economic rehabilitation program for the Republic of Korea in 1954, the Rok govern ment announced today. Formal signing of the agreement was scheduled for tomorrow. Wood and Paik. Jointly heading he combined economic Board Lave been negotiating since last August. One of the major provisions in he agreement fixes a new rate f the u. S. Dollar to the korean wan at one to is now Given be u. S. Army. The government change Rnic Lias been one to 60. The functioning of the combined economic Board in handling the ast foreign Aid funds for rebuild no Homes and factories in the War wrecked country is also provided or in the new agreement. See and Price Butler these new buildings make sure you see these new Butler Clear Span rigid Frame buildings before you build. See How bolted construction speeds erection makes later expansion or relocation easy economical. Look at the Clear Span interiors that let you use All the space you pay for. Notice your Choice of galvanized or aluminium Sheet ing for weather tight Protection with minimum Upkeep. Compare their Price with any other buildings you la find you build better with Butler. Lutura building Story first Bull Lee How their new Butler build Ingi in Width and lengths to it your exact need will your building Dollan go Orther i Colt of to for Latti you can these new Butler buildings in these Sites 10-foot sidewalls to 14. 28, 32. 36-foot i Dahl. Length in in any number of 20 inc Toni. Alio lean Loi 16 wide Wilh 8 Lide Walti. 14-foot sidewalls 70 feet wide Lenc Jolil in any number of 20 Lection. Teon Loi 20 wide Wilh 8 sidewall a. 12-foot Sec Walls 36 feet wide Lens let in any number of 20 Lect ant. Stanley Smith sons 4_a1. 1950 Gervais Street Columbia s. C. Dial 3-4146 among the 29 Mother. In Aurora 111., men received a night of Christmas shopping free of elbowing females. The Cham Ber of Commerce asked the ladies to stay Home. Somebody broke into an office in Newark n.j., and left More than 100 Cartons of cigarettes. Was it Santa cans Well the same cigarettes were stolen earlier from another firm. In some places on the other hand the Christmas spirit was slightly confused. In Denmark for instance where thieves stole two ducks from a Farmer in aarhus. Two Days later he won two ducks As prizes at a party. Turned out they were the same ducks. A couple of nights later they were stolen again. In Macon. Ga., while a Baptist Church choir Sang i surrender a thief entered the choir dressing room and made off with Nixon visits Libya s King wheelus a1rbase. Tripoli dec. 13 president Richard Nixon paid a Call today on Libya s King Idriss to try to Speed delayed negotiations on granting the United states airbase rights in this strategic land. Nixon Wiio arrived Here with his wife after a Middle East tour which began in october said later he was encouraged by pets of an Early the vice president flew the 700 mile round trip to Idriss desert Palace near Bengali earlier today. One reported purpose of the visit was to overcome libyan criticism of the failure of Secretary of state John Foster Dulles and other High u s. Officials to visit the King during recent Slop overs in Libya. Nixon and his wife left Here by plane this afternoon for the azores in route to Washington where they Are due at 9 . Tomorrow. U. S. Authorities seek a 20-year agreement granting airbase rights in return for economic Aid to Libya but negotiations have dragged on or two years. Wheelus base the Only american installation in Libya is being operated on a Tempo arrangement. Nixon and the u. S. Minister to Libya Henry s. Villard conferred or an hour with Idriss. Villard told newsmen the King brought up the Bise question. He quoted Idriss As saying an Early agreement is in Prospect. Meanwhile Moscow radio kept up its running attack on Nixon s Middle East tour Labelling it move to bolster the waning pics Tige of the . And to try to halt the growth of anti a. S. 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