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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 14, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather Clearing Windy and colder to Day. Fair and cold tonight and to Morrow. High today 55, Low 32. Details on Page 12. Reader s tip Florence county s Fth on Nual court tourney Tearh tonight in Oloufa at 6 p. M. Are tags 8. Published in the heart of the pee Dee form area in the Palmetto state vol. 270 Florence s. C., monday morning december 14, 1953 daily 6c sunday Loc weekly 22 american pos refuse to appear for interviews i Dean acts tougher in offer to reds winners of the Queens titles for the Coker College Christmas dance in Hartsville were Junior Wilhelmina Kirk land of Gramling Beauty Queen for the year and fresh Man Mitzi Moody of Vonges Island right the Cutie Queen. The Royal duo were judged tops among 44 contenders entered by student organizations in the Beauty Cutie contest staged each fall by the College yearbook morning news photo Panmunjom. Monday dec. 14 s. Envoy Arthur Dean last night added a second condition for resuming talks to arrange a korean peace that were broken off. Saturday when Dean walked out on red negotiators who accused the United states of Dean said the allies want the communists to give some Indi cation that they Are prepared to negotiate in a reasonable Way for the convening of the korean peace earlier he had said the reds must withdraw the charge of per Fidy and he again listed that As the number one requirement in a written statement released at Mun san. Dean said the allies still desire an Early convening of the peace conference along the lines of our dec. 7 Dean s dec. 8 final which the reds swiftly rejected called for russian participation As a third party with voting rights and obligated by All the terms of any agreement reached. The reds demand that Russia be admitted As a we Are quite Dean s statement said to resume the preliminary talks if the communists will expunge the charge from the record or otherwise make Ade quate retraction and give us some indication that they Are prepared to negotiate in a reasonable Way for the convening of the Confer yesterday piping s red radio said Dean s walkout wrecks the Hope for an Early peaceful Settle ment of the korean question but said the red Side was still pre pared to a Dean aide said the envoy an his associates would not come to Panmunjom from Mun san today unless the communists made the first move. Dean still was keeping to himself How Long he intended to wait. . To build half of nato air Force britons Gay Christmas dimmed by strike threat Paris dec. 13 United states win furnish at least half of the warplanes nato expects to add to its growing air Force in 1954, a Hillh ranking american official said today. The United states will throw its support behind the plan for a big boost in North Atlantic treaty organization air Power at the nato ministerial meeting opening Here tomorrow another High ranking american official said. Some 50 ministers of the 14 nato nations who flocked into Paris this weekend for the import ant three Day meeting Are expected to approve the plan. The nato military committee which con car hits flyer and six perish Royse City tex., dec. 13 a station Wagon crashed into the Creek Texas special passenger train Here tonight killing six per sons including three tiny children. The smashed into the train As the St. Louis bound special sped through the Center of this Little farming town of persons 25 Miles Northeast of dal Las. The engine and four cars were derailed one knocked on its Side another upside Down. Tie Impact of the crash near the Railroad depot Tore up rail and piled up the wrecked cars lists of the top ranking military officers of the 14 Atlantic Alliance nations has already announced its support. The nato air Force will be one of the biggest pieces of business the ministers will tackle at their meeting. The plane shortage has been called the weakest Gap in the Western Europe defense Struc Ture but an addition of planes next year would boost the Allied air Force to Well Over the plane Mark. As soon got into Paris the foreign defense and finance ministers from the 14 Allied nations began holding meetings. Secretary of state John Foster dul Les one of the first to arrive conferred for an hour and a half with Konrad Adenauer at the West Ger Man Chancellor s hotel. Or. James b. Conant u. S. High commissioner in West Germany and Wal Ter Hallstein West German Secretary of state for foreign affairs sat in on the meetings which informants said covered the entire International scene. Then Dulles held a three hour session with u. S. Political and Mil itary leaders. British foreign minister Anthony Eden led the English delegation into Paris this afternoon he got together with Adenauer at a Tea party. Italian Premier and for eign minister Giuseppe Pella came into town and he and French foreign minister Georges Bidault met Over the Tea cups too. London dec. 13 who have been looking Forward to their gayest Christmas since be fore the War suddenly face the threat of a railway strike Paralez ing the nation on the eve of hol iday week. A labor paper called Union leaders who ordered the strike the National Union of railway men has sent out a Call to its members fixing the strike for Midnight dec. 20 to press de mands for wage increases. The threat of Industrial strip cast gloom Over this country which had counted on celebrating with virtually everything plentiful and drink and shops packet with the first time since declaration of world War ii in september 1939. Demands for the government to Tep in immediately to Avert n Complete tie up of the country s nationalized rail system came from Jondon newspapers. Labor appeared sharply split o the timing of the strike Call. Sharp est denunciation of rail unit Nur leaders was voiced in the people Organ of the labor party under a Banner front Page head line Reading railway Scrooge Call a strike for you d almost think the leade of the Nur had no children their own and never believed Santa said the newspaper shame on without taking a stand on t merits of the Union s demands t pro labor sunday pictorial insisted the Cabinet must act today and prevent this calamity fro happening. Jail to have merry Yule George the Cook is Back Oklahoma City dec. 13 Fth ii will be a merry Christmas in the county jail after All George the Cook is Back. A rousing cheer echoed through the cells when he walked in yesterday a Little drunk but glad to be George the Cook full name George French is the most pop ular Jailhouse chef in these parts. Near the holidays when George is inclined to Over imbibe City and county officers vie to see which can Nab him first. Prisoner morale is said to be up 100 per cent when he s around to whip up a Turkey dinner. George prides himself on his popularity Loo. That s Why he walked in the sheriff s office a free and unwanted Man and announced i give to make it official George a celebrated his Home coming a a Deputy e. A. Boots Capsha happily noted before booking i for drunkenness. You la gel 30 Days at least Capshaw smiled. That s Long enough to fix to boys a Nice Christmas dinner George calculated. Might Evi whip up something Kinda Nice f new years allies shift plans in second attempt Panmunjom monday dec. 14 United nations command refused to take no for a final answer today from 22 Balky americans who refused to appear be fore Allied come Home explainer. The allies requested that the Dian command produce for explanations tomorrow either six Amer cans 30 South koreans or a Lone British Marine. All Are listed As refusing repatriation. The Allied move would allow the prisoners themselves to decide who would appear. An Indian spokesman said he presumed that the americans the South koreans and the English Man would stick together in their earlier the americans had said they would be willing to meet explainer. The compound leaders told the Indian command the 22 would not attend explanations because pro communist South korean prison ers also were refusing. The koreans walked Friday at further explanations until they got assurances they could give coun Ter explanations to Republic of Korea Rok officers. Nashville tenn., dec. 13 pull the Little Knob cries mrs. Stanley to her two year old son Danny locked inside a Safe Here today. But Danny would t pull and experts had to Drill releasing the boy unhurt in 1 hours. That s g. K. Assistant police chief studying combination at left. A wire photo holdout stand which has stalled the pro ret koreans have for Allied explanation efforts. Warded a 50-Page protest to the some 78 South koreans have five country Neutral nation Repa walked at appearing before the extrication commission which meets planners because they want the today at 4 . 2 . Monday right to deliver counter explant Lions to South korean officers. The americans also have for lenders of the 22 americans said warded a memorandum to the they would not appear unless the narc. Its contents were withheld. South koreans did. Presumably so far Rok officers have talked the englishman also would refuse to 250 korean prisoners and not a to show in single one has chosen to leave the to Snow up. Communists for South Korea. Feature Story on 1 own is to the first interviews went off he found on Puite 12. Smoothly with the South korean explainer putting no particular believes demos Iii of overconfidence Philadelphia dec. 13 w Council Given Over to chit Chat wit Adlai e. Stevenson believes the May be coming Down Wilh a Case political overconfidence. The 3952 democratic presidential nominee told a party rally Here last night that our party s fro tunes have suddenly improved and operating of the past year have produced comforting results. What he did t say but is known to feel is that the upsurge May have been too sudden for the panty s Best interests. He believes Over Confidence might result in a slacking off on the pick and shovel work for next year s Campaign to recapture control of Congress from the gop. As the former Illinois governor sees it the democrats May be somewhat intoxicated with re cent election victories that netted the governorship of new Jersey House seats in new Jersey and Wisconsin and victories in a num Ber of municipal races. Certainly these successes were on the tongues of parly leaders at an All Day rally saturday. The rally lapped Over into this morning for a meeting of the democratic National committee s advisory the americans sent out a writ pressure on the men interviewed in refusal last night to leave Thelt then the prisoners began trying amp and attend explanations to drag out the talks finally de had been scheduled to Start manding the right to make coun t 9 . Today in the Neutral one. The Indian command then i the Allied Side looked upon this cancelled today s talks. As a move to prevent the talks the last minute refusal lowered from being completed by the dec. Already faint Hopes that any of the 23 deadline and turned Down the 22 would choose repatriation by request. The deadline for explanations dec. The 250 South koreans refusing 3 however it was too Early to Ito leave communism Are separated detect whether the move was in temporarily from the 22 americans tended to stall the interviews per and 78 additional South Manenty koreans awaiting explanations. Stevenson. Two of the recent election Victor were Given spanking roles in a Vance of Stevens no at a fund Rais ing dinner last night which packed paying partisans into the bal room of the Bellvue Surat Ford hotel at a plate. They were Rob Ert governor elect of new Jersey and Robert f. Wagner or. Mayor elect of new Grok City. Stevenson told the whoop it up party gathering from 11 Eastern states and the District of Columbia lint the late president Roosevelt s tour freedoms have been re placed by the four Freedom of speech and of Wor ship Freedom from want and from ear he said have Given Way to fear depression fear of communism fear of ourselves fear of Freedom pow Mother soon to hear from son four die in Accident Salisbury md., dec. 13 ministerial student his wife and two daughters were killed today after their car was struck at a Street intersection Here by another automobile and sent spinning 30 feet into a filling station. Murder suspect seen shovel recovered by Bob Weirich i morning news City editor Pamplico dec. Steadily falling rain today hampered investigation in the slayings of a 15-year old Pamplico girl and her 22-year old Latta Date As several new leads in the Oase were revealed. Sheriff John Liana announced to night that Raymond Corney Prin Cipal suspect in the Case had been seen in Tarboro n. C., Friday hambonf5 meditations by Alley night. Deputy sheriff Ray Shupe re i blood on the shovel Blade. He did sealed that a shovel believed in-1 say that the shovel was smeared olved in the slaying had been covered. Hanna said that Corney who uses the aliases of Raymond car Ney and j. W. Page had been to Tarboro Friday night and then Dis appeared again. He said thai Edge Combe county . Sheriff Tom Bardin told him investigation showed that Corney had visited acquaintances in the area and escaped despite a tight police sur me ise Jue t by 50aae soft shucks All i veil Lance. The sheriff and sled it. Roy Williams had gone to Tarboro thursday in an Effort to trap Cor Ney after the later s wife mar Garet told them that he returned to their Home after disappearing sunday night. She added that he told her he was going to Tarboro to see my Lianna believes that Corney was warned by radio reports thai the officers were waiting and escaped the trap. Shupe disclosed that a Clay caked and blood smeared shovel had been found. Shortly after 8 a. M. Today beneath the House of Rosa Graham Mother of Corney s wife the House is less than a mile Down an old Wagon Road from the abandoned Well where the head o miss Cain and the body of Allen were found wednesday night. Miss Cizin s decapitated body had been found monday night in a shallow grave at the about two Miles away along the pc Dei River. The Deputy said that he had gom to the Graham Homo by Chanci mid wanted to Rcch Ock a shove borrowed by officers in uncover pm the abandoned Well. He said Rosa s husband searched beneath the House for it and came up with the other shovel instead. Shupe would not whether there was Vith blood and thai the Blade was aked with Sand and Clay. Shupe added that the shovel had Een turned Over to the Fri for an analysis of the Clay and the blood. Sheriff Hanna also revealed that a 50-year-old White Farmer Joe Al lord had been taken into custody or investigation in the Case. He added that Alford resides just a Short distance from the abandoned Well and near the Home of Corney adjacent to the another White Man Corvin Miles who and been in custody since wednesday night has been re leased. Meanwhile this normally quiet farming Community was turned in to a tourist Mecca today despite a steadily falling rain that became a downpour on Many occasions. Thousands of persons Many of them armed with newspaper map of the area made their Way Oul River Road to the locale of the slayings. The Rund was lined wit i cars on both sides for More hum two Miles two lanes of traffic moved it Snail s Pace in the Center. It took one hour and 20 minutes to drive a distance of one and one half Miles in the Jam. People were of All Ages and a allures. Old men. Several with canes were spotted. Women shielding infants with newspaper umbrellas sloshed their Way through ankle a cup mud to the old Well. Young girls in their sunday Best placed High heels Down Gin Gerly As they tried to find some solid spot in the mire of the sur rounding Fields. Observers in Pimp Loco Calir Alec that More than persons hot vols Ltd the scene irom Early morn ing until dark. While the Well was the principal joint of attraction for the morbid y curious the Bluff and the tobacco barn where Allen s to shirt was found Drew their share of at Tention. The Home of Rosa Graham was another attraction. She is the one who informed officers that a car had gone up the Wagon Road sometime sunday night. Her son was on hand this afternoon. He was a templing to Cut Wood for the family stove. But the questions of hundreds of persons made his task slow and weary. Townspeople remain indoors. The horror of the tragedy was still Strong. A Christmas tree stand ing out unlighted in the gloom of the business area was indication of the feelings of a people from whose midst a Young and attractive girl had been snatched to die a horrible death. Tokyo monday dec. 14 a Minnesota Mother who flew More than Miles in the Hope of persuading her Soldier son to quit communism and come Home got the thrilling word today that he has replied by letter to her written Appeal. After the army denied mrs. Por la Howe permission to go on to Korea she penned a Brief Mes Sage to pfc. Richard r. Tenneson Ler son by a previous marriage urging him to get in touch with ice. Shortly Afler Midnight she was awakened in her hotel room by a Telephone Call from an american reporter relaying word Hal ten Neson s reply is reported on the Way to her. It s All in the hands of the said the Alden minn., Wom an. Perhaps it in t much but it s More encouragement than any thing i be had before. Of course i have no idea what his letter says bul whatever it is i am sure it will be the Way the lord wants the 43-year-old Mother spoke in it quavering voice and she seemed about to cry. An Indian spokesman said the Mother s letter was handed Tenne thousands of persons most of the morbidly curious flocked to Pamplico yesterday to View the scene of the of Betty Claire Cain and h. A alle.1. A heavy rain failed to Dover the throng. This picture shows part of Tho heavy traffic near the scone where Allen s body and miss Cain i head were found. Morning photo by Weiroch son and in comparatively Short time he gave the indians a writ ten reply to be sent to his Mother Early today the letter was in the hands of the Neutral nations repatriation commission which will Speed in on its Way to Tokyo for delivery. Its contents of course have nol been released. Cotton men meet tonight Tanh Bay dec. Meeting to discuss the Cotton situation and the vote tuesday on acreage quo tas will be held monday at the tans Bay school at 7 p. M. Howard Mcberry agricultural advisor of Florence will address the meeting. He urged that All Cotton growers and others interested attend the meeting. Federal agriculture officials Hope As Many As 90.000 South Carolina Cotton growers will vote. Approximately Are eligible to vote in the state. The referendum is considered to be one of the most serious agricultural problems facing the pee Dee area in recent times. Group to ask state for banking permit formal application will be filed wednesday with the state Board of Bank control for permission to open a new bunking institution in Florence. The Bank if approved will be the results of an idea worked Oul by a group of the City s citizens headed by Charles e. Mitchell. The group has Sel a Largel opening Date of april 1, 1954. This Date with other details needs approval by the state Bank. John Mcgowan Secretary said the group will take Over and con Vert the Carolina Cash depositor. The Price to be paid will be deter mined by banking officials at the time of conversion. The new Bank is scheduled to occupy in one of three selected locations in the West Evans Street part of the City s business District. The proposed name for the Nev Hank is the Florence Bank and Trust company. It will have a total capital investment of More than and already has More than 200 stockholders. Mitchell said no closing hns been set for Stock subscriptions. The original plan started with 17 Florence businessmen. I finn approval is riven the plans submitted to the state Hoard the new institution will to Florence s i hard major banking House uttering a Lull schedule of banking activities. Mitchell said the new Bank will be a people s Community he explained thai no per son would have con Roling interest. Stock ownership is limited to a maximum of five per cent for any one person. He said the management of the new Bank could not be announced because the proposed officers must be approved by the state Board but All officials will be experienced and Well qualified for their it is expected that confirmation of plans by the state Bank Board can be announced in approx maus by two months. Shopping Days Christmas

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