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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Friday morning december 13, 195? putt bed to the Florence print Ian company John m. O Doto president us Public str Bojtor the Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors to any outta reports. Entered u and class matter at the poet office at Florence . Under act of a arc 2 1697. Member of the aaa Odam press audit Bureau of circulations and Southern newspaper publishers association. The amt rated pram to exclusive i to the use or publication of All the local Oewy printed in this newspaper. Ail carriers Are Ondr Pender Centra Ciufi and the Florence morning news will not be Ruapon Slac Syf is Toce payments unless made at the Olloe of that Florehce m to Nung Newt. 5.20 4.55 4.55 1 Lav 10.40 30.80 9.10 18.10 9.10 18.10 1 week 1 Menta City delivery .40 by mail p. O. Box Section florenet.40 1.75 by Carrier delivery elsewhere.35 1.55 by mail elsewhere .35 1.55 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by mall Are same As by mail in Rural do a cd v suggested by the Rev. A. T. Usher pastor rat to i Quai for of Baptist Church Dillon father we give thee sincere thanks for thy care Over us during the past night we thank thee for thy blessings upon our bodies and upon our. Spirits. And Grant we Pray thee that the windows of our hearts May be opened to Ward thee that we May have the spiritual resources to live As god fearing men in the Cross currents of this Day. In the name and spirit of Christ we Pray. Amen the first breach in centralized government made the South Cool the first breach in the concept of centralized government has just been made. It is the first time since Federal Aid was invented in the thirties to give the government purse string control of various state and municipal governments that a step Back to local autonomy has been taken. In itself the breach is Small. It would return four federally financed programs to the states and show them a profit on the Deal. The four programs involved Are vocational education now costing in state Grants municipal waste treatment plants a new Feder Al Aid program for which current Grants total Advance planning for slum clearance projects costing in Grants but not Grants for actual slum clearance which runs into hundreds of millions annually in disbursements and Dis Aster Relief for damage to Public facilities. This modest Start on the return of responsibility in local projects to the states with authority to collect taxes to support them was made by a com Mittee headed jointly by Secretary of the Treasury Robert b. Anderson acting for the president and Gover nor Lane Dwinnell of new Hamp Shire acting for the governors con Ference. It must run the Gauntlet of congressional approval where there is a Broad residue of new Deal senti ment for Federal paternalism and the approval of the states. Curiously enough a congressional subcommittee ended a series of Reg ional hearings in Raleigh n. C. Wednesday on intergovernmental relations and noted less willingness to dispense with Federal Aid in the South than in other parts of the country. Subcommittee chairman l. H. Fountain Democrat of North Caro Lina said at the conclusion of the hearings that the Only officials he has heard express a willingness to see Federal Aid Stop were from the mid West. Each he said had Dif Ferent problems and some state officials emphasized More than others their own ability to perform services now rendered by the Federal govern ment. That trend was More noticeable in some of the states outside the South he said. Which is another Way of saying that the states which shout states rights the loudest Are among the least willing to abandon the practice responsible for our massive bureaucracy and consequent centralized control. A. Vatn remains of pee Dee gunboat boiler pee Dee gunboat a link with history what is probably the pee Dee s most historic item Are the remains of the old Confederate gunboat pee Dee. From 1865 until about 1952, the gun boat Lay in the pee Dee Kiver about .500 Yards from the old Confederate Navy Yard at Mars Bluff. Her propellors rest on Concrete bases on the grounds of the Florence Public Library. In recent years remains of the ship have lain beside Highway 301 West of the River on the swamp s victim of an ill fated com Mercial attempt to attract tourist Trade. Soon the toll of wind and weather will remove them forever. That s Why 1hc Florence Connly historical commission is pushing an to obtain what is left of the and remove it to safekeeping until such time As it May be placed on permanent display in suitable quart ers at the Florence museum. An Intro Quiring new Angle to this was contained in a Story appearing yesterday in the Florence morning news in which an alabamian was re ported writing to historical commis Sion chairman e. N. Seifi Ler assert ing his belief that the guns mounted on the ship Are still in the River and iting substantiating reasons for it. The letter stimulates a natural in Terest in making a search for the guns. All thai remains of the Gallant ill ship should in assembled and pre served Tor posterity. It. Is one of our most valuable links wit i an honoured past. A pee pee Community tops the list Over in Marion county the Rains m Community has won first place in the state Community development con test in which there were lion communities contesting. The Florence morning a fix tends warm congratulations. We Are especially pleas we i i the winning Community is from the pee Dee. To Are doubly pm cased that if in within the circulation Ana of the morning new Aid in one Hift five Rou lies us Winter to receive Rush a fur in the do program state Kuril development pro Gram is aimed at Community Prog Russ achieved through the initiative of Community leadership. The Rains i of Emmily is Only one of Many that found thro Frh organized and Well directed Community Effort a to Hetter Rural living. In our a front Rural Seel Ion of the stale. Hip Opportunity for Community Imp item Cut through Community or is present in Abiton Dunco. An Init Nam her of our Coni Iii Miliff Mit la Kizik eff Clive adv int of it. Victor Riesel reports inside labor War predicted Atlantic City As the anti Climax reached its Climax and the teamsters delegation followed its intellectual pied Piper through a Side door and out of the Al Cio Organ music filled the Hall with anything goes the Boardwalk in Atlantic Well from now on anything does go across the land. In a few months there will be War inside labor. Make no mistake about hint. The team scr leaders who followed Jim Holla s chief of Staft Harold Gibbons up the Boardwalk spent the next hours conferring with the Man and positively mapping plans for a new labor federation to be launched As soon is Hoffa is out of the Federal Tren that won t be Christmas. But under any circumstances count on the new federation for 1958. The new outlet will be a teamsters brotherhood autonomous departments. At first it will be made up Only of the out fils dumped by the Al Cio at this convention. This will give the teamsters members. Jim Hoffa will be their president unless the Federal government pro Vides him Wilh a different official residence. But the teamsters expect another members to be ousted from the Al Cio in a year or two. Within minutes after the ouster of the the one Man Shadow Cabinet Harold Gibbons reckoned it this Way now George Mcany can t Stop Billy Graham my answer question i live with my As a keeper of a Light House off the coast of newfound land. I can never attend Church but i wonder if we can t be saved without going to Church . Answer you certainly have an unusual occupation and one that presents problems that Are Peculiar. I am Happy to Tell you that you can be saved where you Are for salvation does not depend on Church attendance but rather through a personal relationship to Christ. The apostle Peter said having been Begotten again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible of the word of god which live Ali and out your own copy of the Bible and begin to rend in the gospel of John. As you Road Pray that god will give you insight and he willingness to accept a nil obey is you read. Through scriptures cod is Able to make you unto salvation through Faith which is in Christ 12 Tim. Only Christ sinners and through he scriptures we come to know Christ. Of the scriptures Jesus once said these Are they which to Slimy of and the Al Cio can t Stop. It s too late. There will have to be other expulsions As the Senate com Mittee summons other Union Lead ers to the witness Salandi the expulsions May not come until the next convention two years from now hut they la come now that this precedent has been the teamsters will be wait ing for them All set up in Feder ated from. As i think Back to the gum gnashing debate Over expulsion i think it s fair to report that despite the oratory which must have bruised considerable Bridge work there were some serious threats by the teamster spokes men and their friends implying that they might dig up some Busi Ness for the Mcclellan committee. Teamster Secretary treasurer Johnny English who recently told a Federal official that he had to go along with Jim Hoffa or lose his sugary pension after 46 years As a Union official pitched some real Brimstone. Let me Tell he roared you will cry before we do and you can take that any Way you want to the teamsters Union will get along. We won t forget our friends. As far As our enemies arc concerned they can All go straight to hell. We re on the chopping Block now but who is going to follow us when you do be judged by what you do Here today and Don t come crying on our the departing teamsters who saw no one choking Back tears have other strategy. They have Al lies still in the Al Cio with important Mutual assistance packs. The trucking Union officials spokes Man Einar Mohn the clean reminded the labor leaders that such packs were around. Few will be broken Al though the Al Cio Constitution says that they must be slashed. In these entente cordiale the team filers Are tied to unions with Over members. Obviously they can t All be expelled for work ing with the ousted teamsters. There is Only one answer to this Many of the High command be Lieve. The Al Cio chiefs now have no alternative but to launch a new teamsters brotherhood of their own if Hoffa beats All the Federal raps. It seemed to me that was what Meany meant by have got to free them the nation s truck Drivers from this Dic it seems to me that is what the Al Cio appeals com Mittee said when it the convention s approval we make this recommendation for expulsion . Fully confident that if it is accepted by the convention the executive coun cil will take All measures Neces sary or appropriate by connection with this matter to safeguard the interest of the workers in the in this language has been used be fore. It lakes no semantic scientist to read it to mean that there is Only one Way to safeguard the workers in the trucking Industry. Nor can the powerful leaders of the All powerful Al Cio permit the precedent to be set which would permit one Man or even a com Bine to move millions of Mem Bers out every time an official is caught taking Money and is ousted from he society of workingmen. Nato meeting topics Summit meeting features mostly military subjects look and learn by a. C. Gordon 1. Are the modern names for the former cities of Christiania. Petrograd constantinople and is try Amsterdam 2. What outdoor game has made the most rapid growth in popu Larity in the a s. During to past Twenty years 3. What Rone lies Between the. Tropics of cancer and Capricorn what is the unit for measuring Light intensity answers 1. Oslo. Istanbul and now Yolk. 2. Softball. T. The torrid Zont 4 . By j. M. Roberts associated press news analyst so far the United states has submitted nine topics for next week s nato meeting six of which Are strictly military. A Oue offers any truly striking suggestion for projecting the organization into the cold War. For nearly two years now the need for a United political and economic front against Russia has been discussed by nato leaders Wilt Little result. This year he u. S. Has been seeking formula to Reiter ate ils leadership of the group and to reassure a wavering Europe of the continuing vitality of its inter est. So far nothing has been pro dual. The stale department s move to present a picture of by. Darlison Unity in America through Adlai Stevenson has been at Best Only partly successful u May not have com off at All because of Stevenson s refusal to accept any responsibility by going to Paris without any authority. Secretary Dulles icel the door open for additional political policy presentations when he specified thai the United slates had submitted ils military proposals. But one of the policy papers concerned Unity and was couched in very general . If inn president in coming up with some Hinr Yecid Cully important in Tinl. Field ii he not out. Indeed the Contr Nanct will he. Gin on several notes of disunity. There is As yet no general agreement among the european nations Aslo whether they want nuclear stockpiles and missile launching platforms. This probably will be settled on an individual basis. Britain has accepted. Norway and Denmark have indicated rather specifically that they won t. The whole mat Ter of nuclear strategy is Lenia Tive until this problem is the big three arc divided to the Point of anger against Brilain Ami the United Stales on the part of France because of their intervention in the tunisian arms situation. France is still angry at the United Stales Over Suez and so is Britain to a lesser degree. This vitally affects inc Sugges Tion that nato should adopt joint policies applying to situations out Side the Region it bras specifically 1 designed to defend. Such n policy is sorely needed with regard to the Middle Kasl which lies directly Athwal the nato line to Turkey. Some countries would like to see n closer alignment Between nato and other free world defense organizations such As Seato Bagh dad and latin american pacts beyond the. Join memberships of Britain and the United Stales. The United Stales considers this unwieldy. These Nurt other Thierh nil pm doubt on the Polh Allty of from the meeting. Joseph Aesop ugliest Choice May await u. S. Beirut Lebanon the Krem Lin Lias already secretly promised to Champion the Arab cause against Israel. If the soviets keep this Promise inc american policy makers will be automatically faced with just about the ugliest Choice in the history of american foreign relations. For the Long run these Are even Graver facts than the crisis of Confidence in the Western Alliance. The Choice that probably lies ahead is so ugly because years of recklessness and flab Biness have left the Western Powers squarely Over a barrel in the Middle East. If the soviets propose the effective destruction of the state of Israel and we oppose Israel s destruction the main result will almost surely be the progressive destruction of every Western Villa interest in the Arab lands. The trouble is that the Kremlin s Man Euver will catch All the Friendly Arab governments be tween their own pro Western policy and the incandescent anti israeli passions of their Peoples. These governments in Jordan Iraq saudi Arabia and elsewhere May accept the Kremlin s championship. Indeed the saudis already Are pre paring to do so. Yet their Western associations will still tend to impair their positions in a fatal Way if the West is defending Israel White the Kremlin attacks it. This of course is the Kremlin s real purpose. The promised championship of the arabs against is Rael is Only a lever As it were. The lever is not intended to bring Down Israel. It is intended to bring Down the Arab govern ments Friendly to the West and to replace them with new govern ments on the syrian Model. This crisis that looms ahead will be All the More dangerous moreover because it will arise in a Way that will enormously encourage casuistry and self delusion. To understand Why this is so past history must be shortly recapitulated. In Brief the frontiers Laid Down in the United nations Palestine Resolution of 1947 seem to have been traced in a Lunatic Asylum. They partitioned Palestine into Little Arab bits and Little jewish pieces. The arabs went to War to prevent partition. They were badly beaten. And the War ended with the israelis holding most of the bits of Palestine that the u. N. Had allotted to the arabs. Since then a return to the . Frontiers of 1947" has become the prime Arab demand. It is just this demand that the soviets have promised to support. This May seem Legal and reasonable since what appears to be involved is merely the enforcement of the original u. N. Resolution setting up z jewish state. But in the first place something like a million and a half jewish immigrants have poured into pal. Estine since 1948. Every Inch of the territory Israel now holds is already filled to overflowing. Thus a return to the 1947 frontiers will Only Aid the million tragic Arab refugees from Palestine at the sex. Pense of creating a million or More equally tragic jewish refugees. In the second place a return to those Lunatic frontiers will mean the effective end of Israel As a state. This is really Why the arabs want it. In these grim practical circumstances a very Large majority of the american diplomats in Arab lands favor a Compromise policy. They recognize that an actual return to the 1947 frontiers is not feasible. But they still would like to pacify the arabs by of Fering them fairly Large chunks of what is now israeli territory. This is the sort of thing that Secretary of state Dulles and sir Anthony Eden had in mind a couple of years ago when they tried Long and fruitlessly to negotiate a settlement of the Palestine question with Egypt s Garmil Abdul Nasser. It did not work then. It is even less Likely to work now for a transparently obvious reason. If we offer the arabs one Pound of israeli flesh the soviets will offer them two pounds. If we offer two the soviets will offer Throe. And to it will go. Unless we Are in fact prepared to join with the soviets in advocating the effective elimination of the state of Israel from the world map we cannot Hope to win this kind of bidding Competition for Arab favor. Since we cannot conceivably go so far it will be better not to enter the bidding Competition at All. This does not mean there Are no measures which can be taken and should be taken to soften the injustice that has been done to the palestinian arabs. There should be local piecemeal territorial readjustments to reunite the cruelly divided Arab Frontier Vil Lages. There should be a bold pro Gram for the refugees including an offer of repatriation ample compensation and opportunities in find new Homes. There should be a hard and fast guarantee to All the arabs that the israelis will not be permitted to extend their Borders by another Inch. Tit there is no supposing that these tilings which can be done and should be done will in any Way satisfy the arabs there is no Way to satisfy the arabs except by Israel s effective destruction. So the alternative of Compromise is ruled out and the question still remains whether anything can be done to safeguard Western vital interests in the mid dle East. Letter to editor South Carolina teachers not disloyal selfish to the editor i Loo land on the Side of the schools and the overworked Lille thanked teachers of South Caro Lina. For More than Twenty sum mers i was privileged to work with Many Many hundreds of Tea Chers from various sections of this stale while teaching summer classes at Coker College Winthrop col lege and the College of Charles inn. Never did i find one in efficient disloyal selfish Lazy teacher. I would say that and any number with whom i have come in Contact since my re turn to South a conscientious dedicated group work ing diligently to give the Best in them to the children of their communities. My hat is off to them no the teachers of South Caro Lina can nol be held responsible for the problems of our schools. Rather Low salaries crowded conditions and last but nol least the method of certification of teachers Are to blame not Only for school problems but also for teacher shortages. If i May be allowed to become personal i would like to Tell some thing of my own experience. Afler years of successful leaching in South Carolina 1 left to study at Columbia University. While working for my masters de Gree Here i. Taught at Horace Mann school in new York cily. The following Twenty five years with no examination necessary and with half the number of pupils in the South Carolina classrooms i taught in Scarsdale n.y., and received More than twice the salary of the South Carolina teachers. Yel on my retirement when i returned to South Carolina and wished to help my beloved state through working with ils children i was told i would be required to stand i examination. I mood it but february and am now a Quali fied teacher. 1 wonder if inc voters of South Carolina Many of whom Are the parents of the children of your mate know 1 thai South Carolinn is the Only Stiltn in tha United Tinl thl. 3 that Lection of the examination is up of Many questions which the teachers have to answer by a Check on a sep Arate Sheet in a limited amount of time 103 questions in 75 minutes for 3 that the teachers Are graded on this test and their salaries depend on their grades surely a Sheet of paper with a number of checks on it is no Cri Teria for evaluating the potentialities of a teacher How can one decide from this checked paper whether or nol a teacher is Loyal cooperative persevering patient and healthy two attributes a recce sary for a successful teacher Are personality and love of children. A teacher with a Low rating on the checked Sheet May have All these aforementioned attributes and yet receive the lower salary. Is this fair Small wonder that Many Young graduates As Well As experienced teachers Are turning their backs on their own state and going far afield where no examinations Are required and where higher salaries Are being paid. Lillian Gentry Florence English lesson by w. Gordon words often misused do not say i think her father i3 going on say "1 think her father is approaching few often mispronounced Persona non grate an unacceptable pronounce purr Soli nah Nahn Gray Tah accent second and fifth syllables often misspelled Chagrin shagreen fish synonyms rectitude honestly uprightness integrity. W 0 r d study use. A wont Ihrcke limes and it is let us increase our vocabulary by one word each Day. To Day s word Mono mania men Ial derangement restricted to one idea or group of ideas. Proof unto principal accent on third he has a on hit a eject of

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