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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaFk1day morning december 13, 1957 Page 1-b head Winthrop club officers of the Winthrop College association of childhood Are from left Janet Hayes of Cowpens Secretary Isla Jean Cox of Florence Secretary Sara Hague of Bowling Green treasurer and Barbara Jeter of Union vice president. The association of childhood education is an organization of Winthrop College students major ing in elementary education. Winthrop news service of too Peoples Federal sets 3.5 per cent dividend the Peoples Federal savings states savings and loan league and loan Assn. Board of directors has authorized a per. Cent dividend payable dec. 31 on All savings accounts. The dividend was declared at the Board s Semi annual meeting. According to c. W. Stikeleather executive vice president this Semi annual dividend is at the rate of three and one half per cent per annul. The dividends will be distributed to More than 4800 Mem Bers and total Over Foi the six months period ending dec. 31. Total dividends paid members for the year totalling Over 000. The association is Florence s oldest and largest savings institution. It was organized in 1909, and was federalized in 1937 and has never missed a dividend period. All savings accounts Are insured by the Federal savings and loan insurance corp. It is a member of the Federal Home loan Bank system United states society of residential appraisers and the South Carolina state building savings and loan league. The association owns and occupies its Home at 218 West Evans St. And has total assets of Over thirteen million dollars and re serves Over one million dollars. It contributes to and serves an enlarged growing Florence As Well As the pee Dee Section. Officers and directors Are j. C. Kendall president x. B. Baroody vice president c. W. Stikeleather executive vice presi Dent Charles e. Haselden treasurer Everette l. Moody assist ant treasurer mrs. Lee w. Salley Secretary assistant secretaries Are mrs. Roy Lee Stokes mrs. Barbara Hyman mrs. Athea Mae Cox and mrs. Lean Byrd. Directors in addition to officers Are Claude w. Brown Henry f. Dar Gan jr., a. L. Hardee Robert p. Schofield jr., and Hugh l. Willcox. Indonesian head headed for rest in nearby nation Washington dec. 12 done Sian ambassador Moe Karto Notowidigdo said today president Sukarno is leaving Indonesia for a rest in a neighbouring country and the speaker of the parliament Sarto no is taking Over As acting president. Moe Karto said a formal state ment announcing this action is be ing prepared by the embassy. He said Sukarno is tired and needs a and will go to a neighbouring Friendly the ambassador said he did not know where that would be. The statement will say that Sar Tono is prepared to assume the Post of acting president Moe Karto added. I think this is an indication the government has Confidence the situation is in Moe Karto declared. Otherwise president Sukarno would not leave the coun space flight Agency draws clamor from us scientists proposals Call for such unit by John a. Barbour a science reporter new York dec. 12 w there appeared to Bei growing scientific clamor today for a Federal space flight 1 Agency that can take aim at the Moon and have enough Money to get there. J two reports made Public this latest to i for such an Agency. Both proposals run counter however to the indicated direct Ion the defense department will Ake in a space program. The latest report revealed by a imminent scientist who declined identification suggests creation of the National space flight slab it would have a 10 year budget of some 10 billion dollars and be run by civilians under the exec Ive Branch of government. Eight Days ago the american locket society s space flight committee released a similar re port. It called for an astronaut ical research and development responsible enly to the president and Congress. This Agency it was estimated would need 100 million dollars a and More than 200 million dollars a year later to act in a management capacity hand ing out government research con tracts. The society said the Agency should be run by rocket experts with government representatives sitting in on an advisory basis. The disclosure of the latest re port was followed shortly by an announcement that the defense department was asking the air Force to delay its projected directorate of astronautics in favor of a unified Central Agency. The american rocket society s earlier report was sent to presi Dent Eisenhower oct. 17. It had been drafted two Days before sputnik i was launched. The defense department asked the air Force today to delay set Ting up its announced directorate of astronautics apparently in favor o defense department Plains for an Over All Advance research project Agency. The scientific report disclosed today was. Drawn up by 27 top level scientists of the rocket and satellite research an Independent group including such men As or. Wernher von Braun former German missile expert now director of development operation for the army ballistic missile Agency Huntsville Ala. Or. Joseph Kaplan. University of California physicist sen ing As chairman of the . Committee for the inter National geophysical year or. William h. Pickering director of California Institute of technology s Jel propulsion Laboratory. All of these men Are members As Well of the rocket society s space flight division and von Braun is a member of the rocket society committee which prepared the earlier report. So Are other members of the group malting the latest report. Both groups apparently would men like to dissociate space travel and space flight development from the military. This is something neither the air Force nor the defense i department apparently plans t do. But both reports Are equally Strong in saying that the essential grim toll across nation necessity to yet the United states into an Active program to conquer space. The latest report states fewer pecans for Christmas cake seen at Florence shelling Plant by Robert Raymond morning news roving reporter there might be fewer pecans in the Christmas cake this year. The succulent nut is scarcer and higher priced this year according to re polls. Givens Young owner of the . Young and co. Pecan shelling Plant in Florence says that he is now shelling Oklahoma and Texas imports almost exclusively. Usually we get All of our nuts from the two Carolinas hardly Ever out of the Southeastern states. Due to the acute shortage this year we had had to go farther or. Young explains. The Pecan Plant executive asserts that while the demand for his product is strongest in the fall there is still a big year round demand for pecans. In the summer our nuts Are used largely in the manufacture of ice he explains. The Chain store demand for packaged nuts continues steady throughout the year he added. Young brought the fact that there have been Many changes in the marketing of mils past several decades. The this business was started by my father t. B. Young sr., 30 years explained Young. When he started 80 to 90 per cent of All pecans sold were sold in the Shell. Now the same percentage is sold he pointed out that the shelling Plant was added to the original business in lil-15. Last year we rebuilt our entire Plant. Now we have what i believe to be the most modern Pecan shelling Plant in the country. It might not be the largest but it is i think the most completely mechanized Young explained that his Plant features a production line on which nuts Are completely processed without hardly being touched by human hands. We have to be continually on however he declares the Pecan i doubled without any reduction in Industry estimates that it can mar Ket two or three times the size of the present crop. Production would be the average Price w the explained Young providing we can get the present production Cycle ironed Federal agents raid Horry still arrests 2 boys a giant whisky still at the Edge of play card swamp near Loris was discovered by Federal officers wednesday morning Federal authorities reported yesterday. The still had a capacity of 400 Gallons and the vats could hold up to 4000 Gallons of Mash offi cers r. R. Briggs and a. L. Posy reported. The four Mash vats were connected to the still. 36 Gallons of deficiency. It appears that after tie Trees rest one year they come Back the next year. For instance in 1954 there was a Short crop. In 1955 the Trees budded out and by Tiik associated Fross an outbreak of House fires took a grim toll of c h i 1 d r e n s and adults lives across the United states in the past 24 hours. The fires particularly hit the South land in the midst of a cold wave. The fires wednesday night and committee okays Cyprian rights United nations n.y., dec. 12 up the . Political committee approved today a controversial Reso Lution affirming the right of the people of Cyprus to Chart their own political future. The 33-20 vote was a Victory for Greece but was not enough to assure a two thirds majority when the Issue comes before the general Assembly. Twenty five nations including the United states abstained. Four were absent. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge thursday deaths. Caused at least 29 he referred to the apparent ten i a Freak freeze killed All of the buds. The frees had rested for two years when they produced a bumper crop of nuts in 1956. This year there is practically no in Dency of Pecan Trees in the South East to return a big crop one year to be followed by a Short crop the follow Irie Vear. This condition is believed to be due to a chemical and Mineral his brother Grange official says a girl died a heroine in a Flam ing Philadelphia dwelling. Olivia Collins 17, had reached safety but then saw a 5-year-old Cousin standing at a second floor window afraid to jump Fiss Collins ran Back into the House dropped the child to a bystander but then could not save herself. A family of eight including six children perished As a fire lev eled a Rural tenant House at Ella-1 Bellga. Explained that in the . View Cyprus is not the kind of prob Lem that can be solved by . Deliberations in the absence of the agreement of the parties in the action Here May have reverberations at the coming ses Sions of the North Atlantic treaty organization in Paris. Greece Britain and Turkey the three nations principally involved in the Cyprus dispute Are members of the Atlantic Alliance. Britain is the ruling colonial authority in the Eastern Mediterranean Island of Cyprus whose popu lation of about is 80 per cent greek speaking and 18 per cent turkish speaking. The strategic Island has been a hot spot of unrest with greek cypriots demanding Independence and eventual Union with Greece and the turkish cypriots bitterly opposed. The key action in the 82-nation political committee was on a de Mand by Greece that the . Go on record As expressing Earnest Hope that further negotiations will be undertaken in a spirit of co operation with a View to have tie right of self determination applied in the Case of the people of by in the four years the Issue has been before the ., this is the first time the principle of self determination for Cyprus has been approved in the political commit tee. But on the basis of 20 negative votes it will take at least 40 affirmative ballots to win approval in the full general Assembly. Prospects for such a margin appear doubtful. Greek foreign minister Evan Gelos Averoff toss Izza who will go to the nato meeting from new York pleaded with the com Mittee to go on record As expressing the wish that cypriots be Given the Chance of determining their future by the application of the right of self determination Britain s minister of state for foreign affairs. Cmdr. Allan no ble Riel rated that his country believed there is room for a com Promise. Britain1 has offered to take up self government in private talks among the three Powers concerned and then turn later to the Issue of self determination. Noble said that Britain approves the right of self determination but not in its application to Cyprus. Demands of the greek cypriot for Union with Greece he declared has made the Issue an International one. Turkish ambassador Selim Sar per argued that application of self determination would the rights of the turkish minority on is Prus. Action reversed Inis three burned to death Flor Orp snip Jin a lire that swept through i Home in a Remote area near Young Farmers gather today at Columbia Columbia dec. 12 Young Farmers from throughout South Carolina Are arriving in Columbia tomorrow morning for the 10th annual convention of the South Carolina association of Young Farmers. The convention gets underway at 9 o clock this morning with registration at the convention site in the hotel Wade Hampton Columbia. Or. Jesse t. Anderson s t a t superintendent of education will Welcome the some 250 delegates at this morning at the open convention highlights today will include a banquet and Dancs tonight and talks this afternoon on screw worm control and stand Ard livestock health and production and marketing of meat Type South Carolina commissioner of agriculture William l. Harrelson will speak at the banquet session which starts at-7 o clock tonight. Wives accompanying the Young Farmers to the convention will at tend a special program for the ladies at this afternoon at the hotel. The convention will end Early saturday afternoon with the elec Tion of new officers. Officers who will Presinto during the two Day convention in that ing the Plant operator asserted South adults died j i clude a Lucius Poth lexin3 in a fire in the Nelson county in on president Robert l. Wickham ind Effort to encourage farm in this area to produce More Greenwood the chairman dec. 12 of the state our toes in this he said i whisky and 3400 Gallons of Mash Grange s agricultural committee said it was his brother and not he who expressed himself at the South Carolina congressional Dele gation hearing in Columbia Mon Day. H. T. Warner said he was Quot it is a highly competitive Field in both the purchasing and the sales he asserted that since he entered the business in 1s45 Over half of his competitors had dropped from the scene. That pecans. This practice is in line with the county agent s program of encouraging More diversified Agri culture. Furthermore pecans pro vide a Farmer with a Cash crop he can sell at a Lime when All other crops have been marketed. At a time when he needs some extra Cash during the Christmas Oisiu a inv Gai Iuna i Niaomi confiscated they said. As opposing the soil Bank pro 1 season. Actually he said the speak 1 in order to promote the Cultivar was his brother e. C. Warner j lion of pecans locally the Plant i a in v As representing j has been buying Young Trees from h. T. Warner said he did not nurseries and Selling them to farm charged with running the illegal distillery were Arthur h. Fowler. 17, and Clifton Fowler 19, from near Loris. They were arrested while operate at the session. And my j ers at Little More than Cost. Said and feeling on the soil Bank program to Oiler Section of the country to in until is belter suited to the raising of fir Mary near Bardstown by. Flames raging through a dwell ing at Ono cock. Va., killed a Mother and her three children. A similar fire at Dante va., caused the deaths of a Coal Miner and his two children. Two persons died in other Vir Ginia fires. At fort Pierce fla., two of a Appeal from a award to a Florence woman for injuries suffered after slipping on some Green Beans in one of the Chain s super markets. The stale supreme court ruled that there was no evidence to show that the store operators had any actual knowledge thai Beans were in the aisle where mrs. Mattie Lee Hunter was walk couple s four children perished in i a House fire while the Mother was Tlle Accident took place in Dixie s Florence store dec. 6, 1954. In reversing the lower court action the court said mrs. Hunter failed to prove that the Appel and driving the father to work. One of 32 guests was killed in an explosion and fire in the three Story Pckham Ville Tex. Nine Iii rims leaped from Sec j submission of this Case to the Ond Sunj v Windous to escape a a Fraler Ity 1 the High court ordered the Case Lio Isif on the i Imi i ii of alis Rema Milosl for entry of judgment in favor of file Chain. Hotel in Green was guilty of any acts of neg i j gence which would warrant the pecans than Ricail Licup in our own Plant owner Givens Young owner Ond operator of the t. B. Young and co. Pc can shelling Plant stands to Sida a Batch of Hellod pecans packaged for shipping inspection line some of the 80 employees of t. B. Young and co. Pecan shelling Plant Ore shown Here inspecting shelled nuts As they travel along the stainless steel conveyor Belt. Morning news photo nut Cracker Foreman Robert Blackmon checks on the big Pecan rocking machine in the shelling Plant olt b. Young and co., Florence. Of Clinton vice president j. Rut Conner of Holly Hill Secretary Tom by Cunningham of Darlington treasurer Emory Bishop of Inman reporter and g. Everett Thompson of Chesnee past members of convention commit tees include nominating committee James h. Campbell of Pendleton Ever Ett Thompson of Chesnee Billy Dent of St. Matthews c. To. Millan of Ehrhardt Edward l. Young of Timmonsville and Joseph Cook of Loris. Alternates include de Cope land of Clinton l. B. Cole of Chesnee Armond sense of Lexing ton a. D. Wactor of Elloree. In Virt Law of Darlington and w. H. Cox of kingship. Hot makam of work commit tee Dick Bolt of Ford. Billy mar tin of Chapman Everette Kirte of Gilbert Robert Connolly of Ai Lendale Fairfax Leonard g. J e f Fords of Florence j. P. Tanner of pleasant Hill. Auer Miti s in clude George Rogers of Pendle ton. T. Bonner of c Chesnee Robert Hancock of Camdon. J. D. Clark of Holly Hill and e. C. Burgess of Minim arc. Lii coca lion committee Lin Herf Tinsley of Gray Butler Kelly of Jon Millo. Louis Harmon of Lexington l. F. Fer of Frank Flowers of Darlington Anri Milton c 1 e m on of arct ii sea. Alu in Lars in clude Hilly pills Iii cling in. Lames of Longville. I aul Shir Ley of Ivi ilm ill. M. 0. Scicli of Khz rom ill. And n. .1. Barnhill of pleasant Hill. Publ deity t Cnnon 0. Jones of Taylors Ali link or of Chapi Ikin Gilm ii of l. Shuli i of kilo rce Jeff of Al ii nue and Anderson Han Noii of floyds. Alternates a. K. Pirc of Gill to Jimini so Roll Rol Hain and ii. 1-1. Lului of Cun and Kii c commit r a. King of Walli Alla Hobby of silvers Locc Oan i w. Poolo of Pelion Murray have land of Holly Hill. K. K. Weaver of Hinnah find Orvin Smalt of incl in w. H. Who Lsalone of a Moi on Tod Hho ilm of , and d. M. Powell of Green son

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