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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaPaces a the Florence morning news Florence s. Sunday morning december 13, 1953 Santa flying Pup by Lucricio Hudgins Beale synopsis while Santa tries to figure out How he can help the Rescue their Queen from the gremlins. Willie the Pup takes a look around Santa land. He sees Santa s Reindeer practising their flying and decides he will be a flying chapter eight Henrietta s search while Willie enjoyed himself in Santa land Henrietta searched the City for her lost Puppy. At the very moment that Willie decided to become a flying Pup. Henrietta put an advertisement in the newspaper. It said i gift Brown and White Puppy named and it gave Henrietta s address. But although the and ran for three Days no one Ever found Wille. Henrietta herself walked the streets and searched the alleys calling for Willie. When she was t Bunting for her dog she sat on the Steps of the Little House where she lived and just waited. Someday hell come she told herself. Someday hell come Back to me. I know each night Henrietta woke up screaming Willie for it was k Nightmare she had that Willie was run Over or sick or hungry somewhere. And after she was really awake she would lie Teere for a Long while and think about Wiliie. Meanwhile the family was heartbroken to see the Little girl i grieved. The father blamed himself. Finally he said i will buy her a new dog. A real Fine pedigreed dog the Best that Money can buy. Such a dog will make Henrietta forgot Sll about but. Where will you get the asked Hie Mother. The father was a Wood chopper and he said "1 will chop More Wood and earn More the uncles and aunts worked in a Cigar rolling cigars put of tobacco leaves. Now they said. We will help you. We will Roll More cigars and make More Money to help buy a grand expensive Champion of a the grand papa was a seller of shoelaces and he went from door to door Selling these things for pennies. He said from now on 1 shall go to twice As Many houses and make twice As much Money so that i too. Can help to buy this wonderful the father and grand papa and uncles aunts already worked til the Day Long hut now they worked at night too. Very very late when they had come Home it lift they would count the extra pennies they had earned. While Henrietta slept they Tat about the Kitchen table and whispered about their plans. Then when Henrietta woke up scream tap. Willie the old folks smiled and thought just Wail until fhe gels sight of n real Cham Pion dog. She won t be calling for Willie finally the Day came when they had enough Money and the father went to the finest pet store in tie town and asked to see their finest dog. The clerk showed him a grand aristocrat of a dog sitting like a King in the store window. He was big and sleek and Noble and Cost s100. The father had Only but he Taid. I be got to have this dog. I la pay you what i have and pay Algol Burcu roofing Supply company dial 7452 to i c f from flu s Jay you select a a Tel of a Beautiful to your which can tiling Ini Piralic cach Rock of Monument bean a zip Etc to you Chin Tad your the rest a Little each week. Besides that i will clean up your store Ever sunday for nothing. The clerk said nil right but that Way he would have to pay instead of si00 for the dog. The father promised to do that. Then he led the lordly dignified dog Homo the were All waiting eagerly m the Kitchen for him except Henrietta who was out searching for Willie As usual. What r Royal looking exclaimed the family. And indeed the dog was. He stared at them All proudly and there was never a quiver of his Tail to show if he liked them. The child is whispered the father. T1iev heard Henrietta s slow slops crowing the porch. The door opened and the Little girl came in. She sinned in astonishment at the kingly dog who stood before her. The whole family held its breath and waited. Suddenly Henrietta burst into tears. She turned and ran from the room. The father went after her. He s yours pleaded the father. We bought him for the finest dog in Henrietta threw herself in the father s arms. Take him away take him she sobbed. This is Willie s wept Henrietta. No one can Ever take Willie s monday wines for Willie France s Auriol May be elected through default Paris 12 of parliament meet next thursday to elect a new president of France but they May wind up with the Man who has held the Job for the past seven Auriol the same political weakness thai has forced Auriol to pick 16 new premiers since 19-16 could leave the senators and deputies Power less to agree on a new president. Though the presidency is regarded As above politics no less than six parties May be backing their favorite sons. Counting splinter groups More than a dozen Candi dates Are considered in the run Ning. Inability to agree among them selves May Force the parties to draft Auriol though the president now 69, has repeatedly insisted he does not want another term. Among the candidates Are 1. Marcel Naegelen who has the backing of the socialist party. Naegelen is a former governor general of Algeria. He opposes the european army plan. Communists have said they would support any one hostile la the european army. Naegelen is refusing to solicit votes nil this basis however and has publicly announced that he is a staunch anti communist. 2. Premier Joseph Laniel who just got Back from the Bermuda conference and has been Busy catching up on developments Dur ing his absence. At one time Laniel a wealthy Independent businessman looked like a cinch for the Job but during his six months As Premier he has loss much of his support. 3. Deputy Premier Henri que Ille 69-year-old country doctor who has twice been Premier and once lasted 13 months a record for cab inet longevity in postwar France. Que Ille s health is not too Good. He suffers from gout and some limes walks with difficulty. Fantastic weapons inhabit atomic chamber of horrors re Pinr. An Imarn Viva a Minn of tin inn met ref inn in. Don Whitehead Washington Doc. 12 1.11 president Eisenhower has Given the world a glimpse into the dark chamber of horrors of the atomic age a single atomic bomb packing he explosive Power of More than tons of int. A single Hydrogen Bonni encasing a destructive Force equal to millions of tons of int. Weapons capable of such Hor Rible Ileson Loii that Mankind would be condemned to begin All Over again the age. Old struggle upward from savagery toward decency Justice and right 1 unless this Energy is turned from War to peace. And the stockpile of potential de str Clinn is increasing daily. In this stockpile lies what the president called the awful Arith Metic of the atomic arithmetic which the world Only to sense after the atomic bombs blasted Hiroshima and Nagasaki eight Vears ago. What s in ci1amu1ch? what does the United states Lave today in this chamber of horrors that we did t have Back in 104s and 1040? a Little More than seven years ago 1 Rode in a 1123 which cruised just outside Bikini Lagoon in the Pacific. We were waiting to see what happened when the world s fifth atomic bomb exploded be Neath the Waters of the Lagoon. The Lagoon was Mirror smooth and the Coral Sand of the atoll gleamed on the Crescent Beach fringed with Coconut Palms. A Fleet of warships and smaller ves Sels Rode at Anchor the Guinea pig Fleet for testing the do Struc Lour. An improved version of the v2 but vast More destructive Lecause it. Can carry an atomic warhead. The Navy fat stubby Cigar shaped Jet. Aircraft with swept wings which can be Aunch cd from lands ships or specially equipped submarines. Flies at the Speed of sound and can be controlled in any kind of weather by radio from sea Shore or n Pilot plane. I Lui tucks Fici Hulsh air Force pilotless fighter designed to locate track and crash into an invading bomber All automatically. Said to be president asks help for Pusan Washington. Doc. 12 Eisenhower h a s appealed for pc porous support of the various v o 1 u n t e e r organizations providing Relief for victims of the recent fire in Pusan Korea Eisenhower issued a tinting Pusan recently suffered the greatest fire in its history in which More than 5.001 Homes were de s Troy re j e a v i n g thousands sparsely Clad mid Mal nourished refugees without shelter. I gilded today is we approach tin Christmas season 1 rail upon Al americans to generously i support the work of Mich group As the american korean found lion american Relief for Korea c .a.r.k, Church world ervice War Relief services of various re unions welfare organizations an the other of our Fine voluntary groups who now face this addition Al Challenge and respond Sibilio such Aid is particularly fitting do ing this Christmas period. Oil spot on floor causes him worry Pable of speeds Over 17500 Miles n hour. In addition the air Force As developed guided aircraft pockets. The army Nike a fully automatic antiaircraft weapon quipped with fins to control flight specially trained battalions have Eon organized for launching the Ike against invading aircraft. The army Corporal a Pencil shaped missile with a 100-mile Ange guided electronically. Also an artillery piece which ires an atomic Shell. And More than a billion dollars s being spent this year to improve in the Field of guided mis Siles. A few months ago j. H. Kindle Wager chairman of North Ameri can aviation corp., said inter missiles Are just Ovici he horizon and they will deliver ice rattly to any part of the Earth finite destruction in r few hours h was after looking into these Depths of potential destruction thai resident Eisenhower told the u. A so my country s purpose to help us move out of this dark chamber of horrors into the Light and find a Way by which the minds of men the Hopes of men he Louis of men everywhere can move Forward toward peace Anc happiness and Well this is All that was left of an ammunition truck that exploded after it sideswiped an other truck in background near Malvern la. Both Drivers were injured. Fragments of 105 Mil meter artillery shells Are scattered in fore ground. The army and Navy have banned the use of trucks operated by the company. An earlier ban following an explosion of one of the firm s trucks in Nebraska had been lifted nov. 27. Powerful farm Bureau May give Benson a boost in its convention this week by Ovid a. Martin Washington dec. 12 rotary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson May get a big boost from the powerful american farm Bureau federation next week in his drive to remodel farm Aid pro Grams. The Bureau will hold its 35th an Nual convention at Chicago to draft a platform of farm policies and to elect officers. Benson is now in the process of formulating new farm proposals which the Eisenhower administration plans to Lay before Congress soon after the lawmakers return to work next month. Farm legis lation is expected to be one of the big congressional issues of 1954. The gop farm chief has been saying that present programs inherited from the Turing High level Price supports and production unsatisfactory. He says they tend to Price Many crops out of markets Jile up surpluses and bring on undesirable farm controls. The g o v e r no e n t now sup i ports producer p r i c e s of major crops at 90 per cent of parity. Parity is a Standard or measuring farm prices declared by Law to be fair to Farmers n relation to prices they pay. Wak Uorn supports the 90 per cent supports were it up during the War to Spur food production they had been shed i cd to expire two years after the Var s end. But Congress has kept extending them the last time through the 1954 crop year. At annual conventions since 1948, the farm Bureau federation has endorsed a system whereby Price floors to ild be High in times of shortages to encourage production and Low in limes of surpluses to discourage production. When Benson opened fire earlier this year on the present programs Ris action Drew Sharp criticism from some farm leaders and con Gressmen. Some even demanded his resignation. Benson s views expressed at a time when farm prices and in comes wore going Down touched off a debate that reached millions of Farmers. The major farm organizations asked their members to express their views on Price supports crop controls and other farm Aid Meas ures at county and state conventions. Polls were to be used in helping the organizations write their National platforms plat forms which were to be Laid be fore Congress along with the Eisenhower administration proposals. Flexibility wanted these polls were taken at a time when the House agriculture com Mittee was touring farm areas and reporting it found a majority of Farmers favouring continuance of. The present supports. The National Grange oldest of the farm groups met in Conven Tion in Burlington vt., last month and urged Steps to broaden markets for agriculture s increased productive capacity. But it cautioned against any Quick shift away from present supports be fore such markets Are developed. A third organization the nation Al Farmers Union will hold its next convention Early in 1954, but its leaders Are conducting a Campaign for Price supports at full parity for All farm commodities. Officials of the National farm Bureau predicted today that their Chicago convention would stand irm in opposition to High rigid Price supports and would rcom need More flexibility. Their forecasts were supported y a Survey of actions taken by a number of state farm Bureau contentions. State conventions endors no flexible or lower supports than now prevail included South Caro Ina. The Only slate conventions Call no for continuation of present sup oorts on a permanent or Tempo Rary basis included Florida geor Gia Kentucky Mississippi. North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Tennessee Texas and Washington. States will vote in the National convention in proportion to the size columbian appointed Columbia dec. 12 Edward f. Mickle of Columbia Fri Day was appointed to a four year term on the state Board of dental examiners. Gov. Byrnes making the appoint ment said Mickle would succeed or. W. S. Casey of Columbia in the term beginning Jan. 2. Quick Loans Southern finance co. To dial 8434 288 w. Evans Street policy shifts not expected says Randolph Chicago dec. 12 Leader of the american farm Bureau federation said today he does not expect any major policy changes at the organization s convention next week. Walter Randolph president of the Alabama farm Bureau and chairman of the convention s re solutions committee told report ers i Don t contemplate any major changes in policies. In my opinion we will come out with something everybody will be Able to the Afi f has favored a flexible system of crop Price supports. Some St Ite farm bureaus have come out for the present program of High rigid supports. But Afif officials said a b i g majority of the slate units have endorsed flex Ible supports. Randolph said the Resolution his group Wil. Submit on International affairs probably will prove of prime interest. It will include suggestions about foreign Trade and handling u. S. Farm surpluses abroad. Randolph also said prospects Are Bright for Quick action by Congress to increase next year s Cotton acre age. Of their memberships. Elephants often live to be about Bureau officials said that on theyo years old. Basis of actions of stale Conven Lions the vote in Chicago would be better than 2-1 against present supports. The Bureau Wil go into its a ional convention with a member ship of farm families a reported increase of Over a year ago. It is recognized As the Argest of the farm groups. Christmas mantel decorations tally s Flowers 126 s. Dargan dial 9801 you be read about it in life. Synthetic rubber emulsion base no other Wall paint like it gallon quart Drill to it Mann let no odor l How k will Covin surf oct p h Tau Laiful Paluti and i mad Only by Glio Oen accept no suis Lulf Maxwell and Campbell phones 8205-4263 live Power of the bomb. It was like standing beside n quiet Pool and looking Down on a toy Fleet put there by some child. And then came the exp Losion a massive column of water perhaps a half mile wide shot suddenly in to the sky. The Lagi Xin was trans formed into a cauldron of flame and smoke and steam. Battleships and cruisers were pitched about _. Like playthings. . Pee. The water column Rose several so 111 basement floor of jo.1 thousand feel. Then the Lagoon. I Lounts Denver Home is causing erupted with Clouds of steam a i my nothing but pro and gases As though it were a janitor for the United boiling Over the fires of hell. States mint first noticed the spot the tool one fifth of the m ars ago when it was about of ships either sunk or dam k pc fret. Hie spot .-.god. Done with Model t yet that awesome sight produced by the Early Model to the Only finished bomb in the american stockpile at that time. Today it is believed j the United states has a stockpile of More than 1.000 mibs in the surprises Gahr for 54 of which produced the old the Estip puny thins. It is map-1 in think what an atomic times More Powei fill have done inside that la has widened since then to its pres ent diameter of More than 4 feet. In september of 1350 he dug a Hole in the Center of the stat and had a chunk of ground underneath the basement Analysed. A chemist Blount said that the Sample contained Oil in addition to several minerals. Lar s been Dehaini Ever since whether to sell his Home it Down and Drill an Oil Well or just i Aie time. A Bikini who ranks As a rom Nim by puny thins. It is 630 Drivers lose permits in month Claude Brown memorials Ira Lorn my n n ilk a w f of Vav. K map Ntim of the scientists and engineers ipod with the building new bombs. They also have Busy perfecting the Means those bombs to their s in plane rockets guided and the whole Range of new weapons. 1 Kirn Honor said in weapons have Vired conventional status services. In the s Maui or. The army air Foice and the to ail capable to of this to Mil itary much of the development in the Field of rockets and guided mis Siles lint Here n few of the known the Navy rocket coh Mia. Dec. 11 a a total of g30 South Carolina Drivers their licences in v v ing infractions the state Highway department suspensions accounted fur lil Tio the License withdrawals. Of these. 580 were for driving under the in fluence of alcohol. The department said operators in the year Ace group accounted for most of the withdraw als-217. That two years ago an of Ai ii of Miles an int Columbia Hospital. Had reached we joins Mcleod Darlington. Dec. 12 miss . Of Hill has accepted 11 position at Mel Eod infirmary in Florence. She received her education at St. David s Academy in society Hill Al Winthrop College and at Colum Bia Hospital. For the past several been a Kimer visor see the new Chevrolet at Dixie Chevrolet inn. West Evans at Mcqueen streets Florence South Carolina dial 5227

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