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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 11, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence. S. Friday morning december 11, really did t want to blow your be in Joseph Alsop Edward k. Sims v Porr Only one form of Justice our people Ore still deeply shocked by the cold ugly senseless brutality of the double slaying that took the lives of Young girl and her escort for the evening. They were Young Nice respected attractive they met with brutal violence that defies description at the hands of a killer who commands the cold hatred of the Community. Nothing could be said in defense of the one or ones responsible for this crime. The guilty should be made to pay the full est Price the Law can demand. But the Price should be paid Only by the guilty and Only after a court of Law has determined who is guilty. The Community is outraged. Every de cent Man knowing the conditions of the crime is filled with the desire to help find this brutal killer and exact Justice for society. The friends of the Young couple and their families must feel that Justice must be sure and Swift. But Justice is not a matter for group or individual determination. Justice is the Protection of the Community and the inno cent through the conviction of the the individuals found guilty by due process of Law. At present sentiment is running High in Florence county and properly so. Our people arc outraged. Evidently our youth cannot assume that the nights Are Safe and strangers arc friends. Until this killer is brought to Justice our people must walk in fear but none of our citizens must be allowed to act in haste or in the heat of passion. It would be natural for a group of our men to attempt to serve the cause of jus Tice in this Case but this lies not within the province of members of the Law enforce ment agencies the men of the Community friends of the family or those seeking to protect other Young people from a possible repetition of this horrible cause of Justice can be served Only by twelve men in a jury Box in a court of Law. Any thought of Home made Justice will earn our Section contempt from the rest of the nation and we will never know for sure whether or not the right Man paid the Price for this terrible crime. Not a question of morality the strongest argument for Stales rights in the matter of segregated schools came from a state that has Little to lose. The advocate for the stole of Kansas made a determined argument in the United slates supreme court tuesday. His argument was cold forceful and hard to answer. Attorneys for the a act in the Sev eral cases had made Strong pleas that included the question of morality in their arguments. No attorney for the Appellee attempted to answer or Stop this argument but the attorney from Kansas came close when he told the court that Kansas was not defending a policy but was of fending the constitutional right of that state to make its own decisions concerning internal school matters. South Carolina was not in court to de fend the moral suitability of segregation but the Legal Side. Indeed the impassioned Picas of Thurgood Marshall and spoils Wood Robinson would have been hard to off set but that was not of requirement. In was not incumbent on South Carolina to de fend the moral right to segregate or to Dis cuss Why segregation is desirable the Only major Point to be resolved was whether or not South Carolina is to continue As a Sov eign Slote empowered to make its own Ernal decisions. This question of Equality under the curl tenth amendment certainly should not be twisted to mean a loss of identity. There is a difference Between equal treatment under the Law and an assimilation of the component parts of the body politic into an average Thurgood Marshall the Able advocate of the Clarendon negro parents admitted that facilities were equal. He said that there was no longer a question of which race had the Best schools that the negro people had decided that segregation itself is a Brand of Iraq polity. To the a act the word segregation has become one with persecution the Brand to inequality the denial of respect the Ecol knit of Law. Authorities in this state uneventful patrol hot so pointless Kuala Bumpur. Malaya Only a couple of Miles out of Kuala , which is the capital of the fringe of rubber plantations merges into wild Jungle. The Domain of the communist terrorists of in Lay begins where the Jungle begins. Hero the 12 men of the Jungle patrol and their guest jump Clum Hily out of their truck heavily encumbered by their packs and weapons. Sgt. Roland Bellringer Tough and knowledgeable Young professional Soldier gives his commands quickly in a Low voice that is a premonition of the customary whisper of All conversation in the Jungle it self. The patrol moves off through a narrow Savannah enclosed by Steep Jungle covered Hills. The Short file of men with their carbines held at the ready moving through the rust Ling shoulder High elephant grass suggest an old new picture of the Pacific War. Then quite suddenly the Savannah ends the Jungle be gins and there is no picture. You can Only Sec the Back of the Man immediately ahead of you Dis appearing always almost disappearing through a Nightmare of vegetation. After an hour of Liis set. Bill a incur gives a Short Birdlike whistle. The patrol halts. The men cast themselves to the ground and unconcern edly pick off the leeches which arc the ii rime Jungle Jiust. The or tics is breathing like grampus near his last gasp. The first couple of times i went says the ser Geant helpfully it fairly creased Jne hut creased or not creased we must go on. After 10 minutes there is another whistle and the patrol moves Forward. This continues until an hour before the Early tropical dusk. Camp is on a High Jungle Peak. The last 200 years of ascent Are All but unbearable. Flimsy shelters Giro built of Sticks and rubber i mind sheets and rations Are opened. Small fires make the Strong scalding Tea which is the British soldiers life giver. There is whispered amiable a word about the hardness of the work just finished. Then comes the darkness. It will says the sergeant cheerfully As the patrol prepares to turn in. Rain it does coming Down in torrents All through the steaming tropical night covering the ground with running water so that anyone who sleeps at All sleeps in the Middle of a tepid but fast running Brook. Nonetheless the Dawn break fast is a cheerful meal. Camp is struck. The traces of the patrol Are tidied Awny. The is niggle through the Jungle is repeated. The truck is found again at a rendezvous at the Entrance of a a Airbed wired and guarded rubber Plantation. The patrol is Over. This unbelievably uncomfortable camping trip so unsuitable for a Middle aged reporter produced no sight or sound or Trace of the communist enemy. Yet it was not so pointless As it seemed in the Jungle that lies around Kuala Bumpur there is a Small but important band of communist George Sokosky terrorists led by Yang Kuo the second Man of the Malayan politburo. They have been there since 1948, when the Malayan communist party began the guerrilla War. They Are what might be called the overt sector of the party in this area. In Kuala Bumpur itself in the rubber estates and in the villages of the Jungle s fringes there Are Many More of the Ming Yun the people s who Are the men in the Jungle with food ammunition and All the other necessities the hostile Jungle does not provide. Hundreds of thousands of chinese squatters have been moved out of the Jungle into controlled protected new in order to break up this Supply system. For the same purpose a sort of interdicted zone has been established Between the Jungle and civilization. Yet members of the Ming Yun still slip through to carry Mes sages to Contact the Jungle terrorists to build up communist food and Supply dumps. The Somerset spend four or five Days each week on routine Jungle patrols alternating these with am Bushes. Because the enemy never knows where and when the Security forces will turn up the communist Supply system is cruelly hampered and restricted. Luckier patrols find food dumps or ammunition caches or even messages left in special hiding places or even catch members of the Ming Yun. Thus yank Kuo and his men and the others like them All Over Malaya have Al ready been reduced to the i Trumes of hardship and privation. Nor is this All. At All times throughout Malaya there Are larger operations simultaneously in pro Gress. For these areas of hundreds of Square Miles Are subjected to special food rationing so that the Ming Yun can find no surplus to take in to their friends in the Jungle. As the terrorists con sume their food dumps Large forces of perhaps two or three British battalions push deep into the Jungle on patrols that May last As Long As a couple of weeks. When they starving the terrorists must surrender or fight and so the groups Are weakened and broken up. Then Jungle forts Are established like our old time Indian posts to hold the Jungle and rally the wild aboriginal Jungle Peoples. In All there Are not More than terrorists in the Jungle. They Are being hunted by More than 20.000 British colonial and Malayan police and local militia. Yet such Are the advantages of the Jungle base that the communist terrorists actually had the upper hand Here until Gen. Sir Gerald Templer one of the most Brilliant military officers of the free world came out Here to Lead both the military and political struggle against communism in Malaya. Today by tempter s drive and Genius the situation has been brought under control. The Malayan Jungle War would have been won by now if it were not for the larger problems created by the asian situation. The effect of these must be examined in a later report. Copyright 1953 segregation May go because of trends Washington the supreme court has dodged the school segregation Issue several times in the last four years but this week it had to face the music. Two justices of that body already had As much As admitted that the Case was Side stepped in january 1952, when the majority of justices sent the Case Back to lower court because that court had not submitted any opinion on a report made by the defendants in their Effort to equalize school facilities for both races. Justices Hugo Black and William o. Douglas the two members generally considered to sit further est on the left of lie Bench said at that time the report really had nothing to do with the main ques Tion is segregation unconstitutional or in t it and that was t the Only time the High court dodged the Issue. Last december the highest court dodged again. After the five cases were heard the court decided not to come to a decision. Instead in what Many people thought was an astute political play by the then chief Justice Fred Vinson the court passed the Buck to the attorneys in the Case and the department of Justice. This was announced in the Spring of this year. The cases were ordered to be argued again this month and in the meantime Vinson has passed from the scene. Drew Pearson since 1896 the supreme court has not had to Rule on the Point Blank Issue of the separated school sys tem and the Constitution. The last time a supreme court ruled on the Issue in what is known As the Plessy is. Ferguson Case it decided that the Federal authority did not include any right of interference with the Way the various states operated their schools. This decision has stood for 57 years and lower courts have All come to likewise conclusions in the cases five up this week be fore the highest court. Fifty seven years is not a Long time in Legal history. In fact such a period is a rather Short one and the Plessy is. Ferguson decision is a relatively fresh Case in the ways of Legal precedent. But what has changed in the United states is the political mood and temper especially outside the South and thus the tremendous pressure just exerted to end the dual school system. The question being argued in most people s minds today is what they think should be done or what they think is right and wrong. What the High court should decide of course is what is Legal what is constitutional and what is not. And that is what the court will attempt to decide by next Spring. Whether any of the political and moral considerations which weight in every Justice s own mind will Overly affect the decision one can not say but that has happened Many times throughout the coun try s judicial history. It will be interesting to say the least if the supreme court in 1953 finds that the supreme court in 1896 was wrong in its interpretation of the Constitution. There were some famous justices on that old court. But the trend of disregarding the Constitution for what seems right to those in authority or what seems politically smart has continued steadily since Lincoln called out soldiers to invade Sov Ereign states and Force them to stay in the Union. Even today Many of the coun try s Best constitutional lawyers Are not sure the states did t have the right to secede. But might made right in 1861-05 and most people Are satisfied. Most people in the South today will not be satisfied if the highest court knocks Down the separate but equal facilities schools in 17 states and the District of Colum Bia. If the highest court does do that it will be flouting the constitutions of most of the Southern states which provide that separate schools for the races be maintained. If that is done several of the Southern states Are prepared to have their state Legislatures pass legislation ending the Public school system within their Borders. Reed getting gentle letters from Man in the White House if there were two which is Correct Sec segregation As the Protection of the minority and the majority. There Are cases in this state where the negro people Are segregated torn the White people and others where the White people Are segregated from the negro people. The segregation places cd Una restrictions on both races. This state can prove the impartial administration of its separate but equal pol icy it docs not have to defend itself against impassioned pleas of disc rim the denial of self these Are not questions before the bar of Justice. The question is whether or not South Caro Lina is to continue to run its internal affairs or whether the Federal court system is to assume the state duties of South Carolina. Assistant attorney general Paul e. Wil son of Kansas touched the truth of the matter when he told the nine justices tues Day we Are not Here to defend a policy but to defend the constitutional right of the state of Kansas to provide local determination. The Union is a Union of Sovereign states which Are Sovereign except where they have delegated Powers. Congress did not intend to abolish school segregation by the fourteenth amendment and the Power of do so has not been of course the strength of the arguments presented will be determined by the nine justices of the court the people have nothing to do but await the outcome of the decision. All Levels of government must be kept on the level. A Pessimist is the Man who thinks to world in t going to the dogs fast enough. A famous night spot is a place where Holf of the potions go to Sec and the other half go to be seen. The boys arc keeping an Eye on the Dove of peace. It s one Bird that they Don t to Sec trapped. We must be grateful that some Public officials keep diaries and arrange to have them published. Harold Ickes was a Strong minded Man who held Strong opinions tin Many subjects. Ickes s diary consists of about words n which Only a comparatively few have yet seen the Light of Day. There is a conflict in what i am about to quote Between the version in inv Bonk. The secret diary of Harold Ickes. And the version in look Magazine. The Book gives it this Way "1 had an interesting talk on sunday with Secretary Dern As we drove Down to Annapolis on our Way to Jefferson Island. I have a Fin to like Dern a Good Deal and to respect his Point of View. He is really a progressive but he is he quiet. Self contained sort that docs not express himself very Nuiji h. Ilie had principles and s Juuls by them. He feels about Kim Hun Tim As i in and thinks it is absurd to Lii by communists an of Xvi Unity to express themselves or to bavi a ticket on the ballot. I by ii be he would he As unhappy in a communistic state As i would in. Lie foes. Is 1 do that it is to it to Bend somewhat to the wish than to to torn from the trunk of the tree and dashed to the i look puts it this Way i bad an int crossing talk with fit teary of War Dern on our Way to Jefferson Island. He feels about kill Hunting just As 1 do Ami thinks in is absurd to deny communists an Opportunity to express them Siai a or to have a ticket on the la i t. He thinks As 1 do that to an working toward a society of modified communion although 1 to Lievow he would be As unhappy in a communistic state As i. He feels As 1 do that it is better to hand to the wind than be torn from the trunk of the tree and dashed to the the sentence he thinks As i do that we Are working toward a society of Modl lied common which in is omitted from the Book for what reason 1 do not know. Ickes disclosed an amazingly cynical Story that gives us an insight into the technique of the cover up which has Pla Kurt this country so in recent years. It appears that in 1935, the third International in mos cow had decided that the Ameri can communist party should sup port Roosevelt in 1930 unless More satisfactory candidate appeared. Ickes says that James w. Fawcett of the Washington Star Tele phoned to him to say that two copies of the minutes of ibis mos cow conference were in Unis coun try an incomplete one in the state department a Complete one in the hands of the Hearst newspapers. Ickes called Steve Early the presi Dent s Secretary and told him about it. Then Ickes has this to say significantly enough on Mon Day morning there appeared a big Story indicating the possibility of the Severance of diplomatic relations Between the United states and the Union of soviet socialist republics. A Sharp note has gone to the soviet government through our ambassador bullitt based upon supposed encouragement by the . Of communistic activities in this country in spite of the Assurance of that country at the time that we resumed diplomatic relations that nothing of this sort would be done. Our state department of Cours with the full encouragement of the president is apparently pressing this matter vigorously. This move ment to sever diplomatic relations is a very sudden one. At least there was no intimation of anything of the sort at the last Cabinet meeting or at any preceding one. My suspicion is that this is a shrewd counter attack to destroy the effect of the anticipated Hearst blast against the i wish Ickes were alive so that i might ask him what he meant by the phrase a society of Modi fied How do you modify communist i should also like to know whether he kept two diaries one for publication by Simon and schuster and the other for publication by look. Which is Correct which has been edited out and for what Rea son the omission of half a sentence the Content of which is the most significant in the Book cannot to explained by the ancient excuse of saving space. That half sentence was omitted for some other reason. Copyright 1953 Washington looks like trouble ahead in Congress. The White House has been asking Vari Ous congressional chairmen for a Complete Agenda of the legislation they expect to take up next year. The idea of the White House keep ing such a close Check on them has so rankled some chairmen that they have refused to answer the letter. Yet they re All members of the same party the White House is now treating new York s cantankerous rep. Dan heed All powerful chairman of the House ways and Means committee with kid gloves. Formerly Ike wrote letters to Reed proposing specific legislation. Now the letters courteously ask Reed what he has in mind but the 78-year-old new yorker seems to enjoy being Orn Ery. He even reversed his stand on the social Security tax apparently just to be obstructive. The White House has been trying to coax con Gress into postponing this tax in crease which will automatically contract the income tax decrease next month for most Low income families. Previously Reed has been against the social Security tax Rise. But now he s reversed himself and is fighting to keep it in order to hamstring the president if senator Mccarthy finds the crowd seems bored with what he is say ing he abruptly interrupts his speech and hauls his Lovely wife up on the platform to be introduced. Massachusetts grand Motherly congresswoman Edith Nourse Rogers noticed several servicemen wander ing around the Capitol building the other Day. She quietly rounded them up and invited All to lunch. Fast Money spender top congressman Carl Curtis of Nebraska is quietly setting a new record for spending the taxpayers Money. The gentleman from Minden neb., is chairman of a ways and Means subcommittee that is prob ing the social Security program. He was voted for this probe and Curtis could hardly dissipate it faster if he took a Bushel Basket of s10 Bills and scattered them to the capital winds. For a simple study of the old age pension system mostly confined to warmed Over actuarial testimony the congressman has lined up the Fol lowing fabulous payroll Robert Winn an attorney is be ing paid for serving As chief counsel of the subcommittee from september 21 to december 31 or at the rate of about a year the same scale paid to a Justice of the supreme court. George r. Leighton a Magazine writer formerly connected with the Senate gop policy committee is getting for research and investigative work for a six month period from july 1 to december 31 also at the rate of a year. The rest of the staff for this of. Scure Little subcommittee is com posed of actuaries research work ers and clerks including James e. Finke for six months Howard Friend for six months Howard Metz for three months w. R. William son for four months Rita Campbell a year Alice Hill a year George Shigekawa Curlis s payroll however is no less astounding than the procedure at subcommittee hearings which is carefully contrived to build up a deadly Case of damaging evidence against the social Security system. Witnesses who testified against the pension retirement program including a few from the department of health and welfare were Given Advance copies of loaded questions they were to be asked at hearings. In some cases the witnesses even rehearsed their answers with sub committee staff members before testifying. This May have been Why Arthur j. Altmeyer former social Security Boss who testified in defense of the pension program angrily re marked to counsel Winn outside of the chairman rep. You Are doing More to destroy the Confidence of the. American people in the social Security program than anybody in the Politico go round senator Kefauver will probably look twice before he accepts an other invitation from democratic governor elect Bob meyn6r to speak in new Jersey. Kefauver stuck his neck out went All the Way to new Jersey to make a crusading Lour of the state to elect Meyner. Then Meyner turned around held a press conference urging Adlai Stevenson for presi Dent Adlai did t venture into new Jersey senator Duff of Pennsylvania the Republican who first proposed Eisenhower for presi Dent has t yet been invited to the while House. He has gone to the White House but always on his own suggestion several democrats Are jockeying to run Lor Congress from Harry Truman is Home town. Margaret Truman has toyed with running but now it looks As if she probably won t. Merry go round Marty Lacey new York teams Ter Boss and a Power in tammany politics has pledged his cooperation to the new Al Union to clean up the waterfront but has t done much beyond that postmaster general Summerfield should take a look at what he s doing to the Good neighbor policy by upping Sec Ond class mail rates to latin America. In Mexico . Magazines Are sold per month most of them to mexicans. Some patriotic americans notably Albert croissant of Occidental College calif., Are collecting magazines to help build Goodwill in Europe. Meanwhile the mexicans buy them. But they won t if Summerfield s new rates for latin America go through books Are hit even harder than magazines by the next rates myer Goldman and Charles la Roche of Peterborough n.h., propose fares to Moscow one Way Riekels to Amer ican communists so they can travel to their holy land in Moscow. The National association of manufacturers got Hung up by the Mccarthy Book burning program. They offered one of their books very Safe and the state department finally got a reply that no one in the state department is in a position to take the responsibility of approving your copyright tb53j a look at yesterday Twenty five years ago today was Lucada a dec. 11, 1928. Florentine Reading their morning news review were told that Orville Wright who braved the of scoffers in the Early years of his flying experiments received the highest honors of Day ton Ohio a grateful City proud of the achieve ments of its first citizen. They also read that find out what you can do and then do it with All your was the advice babe Ruth gave his Youthful listeners Over the radio. For his work with Gall acids and Henri Bergson a French Phili Sopher who won the prize for literature. Home in Charleston. Or. And mrs. J. E. Wynn of great Falls spent the in the City with or. And m s. Al Bert Oakes. A Bill introduced by representative Hill democrate at Alabama was to make armistice Day nov. 11, a Public Holiday if the Bill was passed. The White Ocean liner celtic one time Queen of the Ocean was caught in a 75 mile per hour Gale near cob Ireland and was grounded on a huge pile of rocks there was a Hole in the Bottom Albert f. Myers of Washington d. C., former special assistant to the attorney general it the United states had been elected chairman mrs. Fitzgerald who had been Trade commission for one year. 1 he succeeded William e. Hump Hrey. Several colleges had to close Down because of an epidemic of flu. Two of these were the univer the Rev. Hagood and Stanley Coleman of Aynor were the of or. And mrs. George while attending the Myca con Ference. Of the ship and a big rent in the sity of the South seance of Sewanee Tenn. Tend the University of Missouri in Columbia to. Mrs. Fitzgerald who hda been visiting her daughter mrs. T. J. O Connor had returned to her famous last words the boat Over turned while the were changing a civilized nation it one where policy have to break up teen Nof girl s gang Side. All passengers of the Ocean liner were transferred safely to another ship. A Christmas Parade was scheduled for dec. 14 in Florence and completed plans told that Santa would bring along his wife this year. The awards for the window display contest were to be pre sen leu at that time. On Grussman a. H. Casque and been successful in securing sever no Etc nylons to the Rural mail de jiving routes in Florence county among the Nobel prize winners of 1828 were professor he i was awarded the chemistry prize mrs. F. Rowie had returned Home after spending several Days in Charleston with her sister mrs. D. H. Clarke. Or. And mrs. M. Z. Campbell and miss Aline Myers spent the week end in Darlington Wilh their brother d. H. Myers. Utopia must be the place where there is no difficulty in securing baby Sitters. Pm m. O Dowa editor of o Dowa in cutlet editor n to Tonto Mortin Newt Aei trn to m not Nea error of i tile rest 11 toil clip it the Post of face Florence. 8. A. Niter it 1. Member 01 Ano Chlea presi audit bunk at Cikut Toni Ikmet Lorn Auoe Lilloia the Amo Fonteil Irwi ii entitled 3 winners tin do or Publ Lintlop of til the Lorn Newi printed in Dili . Heinrich incl pendent ind tie Mornini Newi Willi not Ujj who itry prize ennui . Tire. It Lii Hijji. Etc h a of

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