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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 9, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaHard Load to carry John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor wednesday morning december 9, 1970 charting growth philosophy South Carolina Industrial growth has been Down substantially during 1970 As compared with More recent years. Figures Given monday by j. Bon Ner Manly director of the state development Board listed 1970 As a year showing million plus in new Industrial development As compared with a whopping million in 1969 and million in 1968. The state slowdown is attributed in the main to a general National economic slowdown. Under these conditions it would be surprising and illogical for the state s economic growth to continue unabated. In summarizing the year s growth Bonner also projected a 10 Point plan for the 1970s which envisions a whole new concept of economic development. The plan Calls for a broader base for measuring economic Progress than Dollar investment in new Indus tries. It takes into account not Only the economics but the philosophy of economic growth. It reasons that re search computerization geography leadership Job training and Man Power development pollution control geology warehousing distribution Market expansion technical services and Agri processing All have a role to play in rounding out a picture of balanced growth. The plan summary capsules one of the most comprehensive and intelligent programs for economic advancement which has yet come to our attention. Among its More attractive features Are emphasis upon under developed areas facing what it terms employment education social Dilem stress upon developing Community leadership for getting communities ready for economic growth. Renewed emphasis upon re search. Tie ins with institutions of higher learning using Market re search to help smaller firms diversify and the implementation of data the importance of South Carolina crops both from land and sea for building a new Industrial base oriented to agriculture. The attention planned for under developed areas is especially Gratifying. There Are Large regions of the state which remained relatively untouched by the Industrial growth of the 1960s. This is especially True of a Large tier of counties in the state s lower Central Region and to a lesser extent in the pee Dee. The Overall economic health of the state can be Best served by spread ing Industrial growth and avoiding the Over concentration of Industry in any one Region or place. Other National regions Are today suffering from the ills of too much centralization of Industry in limited areas. In South Carolina and throughout the South we Are in a state of growth not too far advanced to avoid the debilitating disease called megalomania with All the so Cial municipal educational cultural transportation and environmental ills that go along with it. The economic potential of under developed Rural counties is one of the big opportunities for aggressive and intelligent leadership local and state level during the 1970s. The state development Board s 10 plan program correctly recognizes a shortage of local level leadership As one Factor in under development. But it promises programs of Leader ship development designed to encourage Community motivation in marshalling Energy and resources to support self development. It promises also to take a new look at the land and sea wealth at our disposal and to promote land and sea based industries for process ing and marketing More native products. We have often said that this is our most neglected resource especially in the land Rich regions cause set backers pulled out and coastal areas where agriculture All stops to ram the project and Marine life play a dominant dec nomic role. David Lawrence nation needed to hear Nixon Jack Anderson Dot flew two senators to Washington for vote Washington the 11-vote margin by which the supersonic transport plane was shot Down by the Senate the other Day was All the More remarkable be the 70s should be a decade for through. For example when it appeared that senators John Mcclell an d-ark., and Henry Belld Oil froth supporters balancing and equalizing growth for o the project could not get selectivity in the Choice of Industry Back from their Home states in for aggressive leadership develop time for the crucial vote the ment for structuring into the eco department of transportation nomic establishment those elements that make for social educational and cultural enrichment even As they strengthen our economic posture. Goldberg complicated the simple rare is the Man whose name be comes part of the language during his lifetime. But Rube Goldberg the comic and political cartoonist who died monday in new York was such a Man. A satirist of american folkways Goldberg s Best known creation was perhaps professor Lucifer Gor Gonzola Butts the inventor of tremendously complicated contraptions to accomplish marvellously simple tasks. Hence Rube Goldberg became a household term applied to Overly complicated mechanical devices As Well As to Overly complicated solutions to problems requiring Only Sim ple answers. Rube Goldberg is entered As an adjective in Webster s third inter National dictionary. It is defined As accomplishing by extremely com plex roundabout Means what actually or seemingly could be done Sim two weeks ago despite his illness Goldberg attended the formal open ing of an exhibition of his work at smithsonian institution in washing ton. The exhibit includes working models of some of his whimsical in one permits an operator to take his own color Polaroid Pic Ture. The device is accompanied with the following instructions As you sit on pneumatic Cushion you Force air through tube b which starts ice boat causing lighted Cigar butt d to explode balloon dictator hearing loud report. Decided to Rush them Back at the taxpayers expense. Dot s Federal aviation administration cooked up a special training Mission wherein a government plane was dispatch Dollar investment in new and exed to ferry the two senators handed industries is an important Backoo Washington measurement f o r determining by two Young democrats growth. But Dollar investment that showed special courage in disregards the philosophy of growth opposing the set a project can make the cure worse than the disease. In developing a growth Phi Warren Magnuson and Henry los Ophy the state development Board Jackson of Washington is serving the future Well. Shortly before the Vole mag Nuson led sen. Joseph Tydings into a Senate cloakroom and re minded the lame Duck Marylan Der that he Magnuson had helped keep open an important Maryland military installation thinks he s been shot and Falls Over when it appeared doomed last backward on bulb snapping Pic furthermore the set 6 would have meant a Mil Ture lion subcontract for a Fairchild certain How he would vote. But he had said earlier he did t believe in the project and he voted against it. Sen. Alan Cranston the fresh Man California Democrat was feeling the heat from several California aerospace compan ies which could have gotten lucrative subcontracts under the project. Also the powerful machinists Union which has supported him politically was urging Cranston to support the set. Cranston however thought other aircraft projects As Stol Short take off and Landing aircraft should have priority Over the set so he voted against it. The toughest vote i be had since i be been in the he told this column. Footnote a Dot spokesman insisted that the training mis Sion was not contrived to get Mcclellan and Bellmon Back to Washington. The spokesman said the two senators had asked for a ride and since the Pilot was. In their area he was told to pick them up. Texas populist who Heads the House banking committee engineered through the House a Tough Bill cracking Down on companies which own Banks. The purpose of the Patman Bill was to keep Banks from be coming economic tools of the big companies which own them. It would prevent for example an insurance company which owns a Bank from forcing the Bank s loan customers to buy All its insurance from the Par ent company. The Bill also sharply curtailed Banks sideline businesses such As insurance sales travel agencies and data processing. Washington president Nixon began his Friday night address to the National association of manufacturers his first major speech in several weeks by saying i would like to take this occasion to re port to the nation on this administration s economic Strate but did he talk to the a none of the National net works offered to carry the speech although they have sometimes done this. The news papers As is their custom printed lengthy articles about it. Economics is not an easy subject to explain to a wide Tele vision audience but in All communities there Are knowledge Able persons who do understand the significance of the state ments a president makes on inflation and wage and Price problems. If Ever there was a time when Public opinion needed to be informed about the meaning of the efforts to discourage the making of agreements Between labor unions and management that adversely affect other industries in prices and wages generally it is today. Or. Nixon s views were expressed in hopeful terms. He feels that the growth of inflation has been stopped. He says the Progress is not As fast As we want and we can expect some reverses along the Way. But the worst of inflation is Over. The lowered Rise in the con Sumer Price Index and the much lower Rise in wholesale prices and lower interest rates indicate that there will be a fur ther decline of the rate of inflation during the year ahead. Have we slowed inflation without a serious decline As pm plan called for we have but the nation has paid a Price for slowing Down the Rise in prices. The unemployment figures issued today while they reflect in part the temporary effects of the Auto strike underscore that fact. Unemployment is at the level of the first half of the 60s, before the Vietnam War buildup began. I believe we can and must do the president Points out that businessmen and investors Large and Small have Felt a pro fit squeeze As corporate profits Are Down 8 per cent from 1969. He emphasizes therefore what has to be done to re stimulate the he reviews the several Steps that have already been taken such As the grow ing Money Supply and easier credit policies. He believes that the stage is set for new expansion of housing and of state and local government construction. Or. Nixon frankly says that the Federal budget will not be balanced until there is full employment. This is Why the emphasis is on stimulating the Economy in order to increase Revenue collections. He adds As the Economy rises toward full employment More Money will be required to do the nation s business. The amount of business to be done will Rise steadily and we shall need a rate of expansion of the Supply of Money and credit to do the Job properly. I have been assured by or. Arthur Burns that the Independent Federal re serve system will provide fully for the increasing monetary needs of the Economy. I am confident that this commitment will be this is a definite pledge of lower interest rates and it will affect the borrowing and lend ing mechanism of the whole country. But the biggest unsettled fac Tor is the wage and Price pro Blem. While productivity is be ing stressed and the president is calling for restraint at the bargaining table it is hard for the Union leaders to convince the rank and file members that they should not seek such advances As were Given recently in wages in the Auto and construction trades. Or. Nixon does not say he will ask for any legis lation to set up wage and Price though he hints that indirect pressures May be applied so As to cause at least a postponement of some of the extremely High Scales being Dis cussed for new wage contracts. The value of a president s speech at a critical time in the condition of the Economy lies in what it can do to Foster Public Confidence. Or. Nixon s Appeal is to All groups to assume responsibility for sound policy making in the matter of wages and prices. He says it is time to end the Buck passing be cause As he declares fighting inflation is everybody s Busi letters to the editor curtailed Holiday scored on being told by a smithsonian official that crowds had been coming pressing for Tydings support to see the exhibit Goldberg asked even As Tydings took his seat Are they on the floor his staff was behind the closed doors of a House Senate conference deep in the recesses of the Capi Tol three senators Are making a last ditch Effort to cripple the Bank holding company Bill. They Are republicans John Tower the Dapper dim Unitive texan Wallace Bennett of Utah the Bankers Best Friend and Democrat John Sparkman of Al Obama the aging affable sen ate banking chairman. Their is simple. Last year Wright Patman the old to the editor i feel that it is certainly unfortunate that or. Sneed has found it necessary to cancel Christ Mas this year. At a time when everyone parents and children alike have been under Many social pressures the relaxing school vacation after Christ Mas is very necessary. It seems unfair that the children Are required to give up these holidays at this special season so that school officials May make up the time lost due to the delay in completion of West Florence High school Back in september. Really or. Scrooge i mean or. Sneed Are you going to do this to our kids Al b. Harley jr., . Florence Why not help pups also to the editor we have read in the paper letters from people expressing their gratitude for help received at the time of an Accident. It is very admirable of people to Stop and help people in time of an Accident. Now i ask Why can t people be that Nice and Burgos Spain a the Goldberg knew that laughter is Good Medicine indeed essential to the human spirit is meeting life s everyday strains. As Long As there Are those who insist on overlooking the obvious and complicating the simple which will probably be As Long As there Are people there will be trial of Tyoung basques to Liis someone around to bring laughter or Northern City has shaken the at least a smile with a reminder Spanish government More than any event since Gen. Francisco Franco gained control of Spain at the end of the civil War in 1939. Six Are charged with plotting the murder of a provincial chief of political police. The other 10 Are accused of terrorism and i. Earle Morris believes membership in the underground that the people should know More about government and that office holders should keep themselves in closer touch with Public opinion. News analysis Spain shaken by trial of basques that the Rube Goldberg technique is being applied. Keeping in touch accordingly he has followed his election with a travelling office into the several regions of the state to hear what people Are saying what their problems Are and what they expect of their elected officials. To Basque separatist organization Eta. What s happening in Spain the land of 23 million tourists a week ago. But the trial is pushing the government steadily toward a dilemma whose solution appears More difficult by the Day. The Basque Case has opened wounds which were closed for 31 years by the regime of Gen. Francisco Franco. I heard the same kind of arguments from the left and right obviously he does t expect have a solution for All their problems but he does believe that he will make nobody even mildly suggests another civil War is in sight. But one fact is obvious the Adall things to All people but it helps 1gc h 9 e v inability to run the country As in making decisions when one is not a better state official by this first hand Contact. No office Holder can be ignorant of the Public pulse. He would have 20 or oven 10 years ago. On his 78th birthday dec. 4, he was forced to declare a state of emergency in one of t h e Basque provinces and suspend the inhabitants civil rights. Everybody opposition and pro government seems to be inching Forward As the general retires from authority. Six Days ago most spaniards seemed More interested in mov ing further into the consumer society buying cars and apart ments and getting closer to Europe. There was Little interest in the Basque trial and Little knowledge about its participants. But the nation was stunned into awareness last tuesday night with the kidnapping in san Sebastian of the West German Consul by Eta the secret Bas que guerrilla organization. Eta threatened to kill Consul Eugene Beihl if death sentences come out if the military Irla. The prosecution is expected to ask death for six and prison terms totalling 752 years for the others. Two of the accused Are Scoman Catholic priests and three arc women. Most Are Eta members. The trial ignited demonstrations bloody clashes with police and strikes. Not in support of Basque separatism or Eta but As a protest that the trial is unfair. Only one spaniard in 50 is Basque. But the example of Basque activism against Madrid centralism appears to have caught imaginations elsewhere. If death sentences Are Given Basque retaliation is expected. If not what will the military do in the Middle Are most of Spain s 33 million people wait ing to see if the clock will move Forward or Back. The fact that a trial of this stature has been opened to pub Lic View already indicates times have changed. There Are other Waves of arrests in a Lipuzcoa province following the state of emergency. The previous time in August 1968, there were hundreds. Trial testimony permitted calling the Franco regime Las Cist and oppressive and de tailing torture by police. Billy Graham says helpful when a Puppy has been hit by a car and Hurt we had our Puppy for about nine months and had just built him his own Doghouse. Now it is empty. We raised our Puppy from 6 weeks of age even got up at night with him. On dec. 1, when the children got off the school bus and called pugs he did t run out to meet them. I told them he was gone. Needless to say All of us were out walking All Over and calling for him. Where he was we did not know but on Fri Day dec. 4, our neighbor came Over and told us they had found pugs. For just an instant we were Happy until they showed us where he was. He was in the Woods at the Corner of 2nd Loop Road and Damon or. Just two houses from us. He just could not make it any farther. When he was checked we were told he had not been dead Long and had he received help he might be Here now. We Hope whoever hit our pugs will read this and think. For just one minute if they would have stopped and read his identification tag and called we might not have had to Tell our Little 6 year old son his Puppy is dead. One More thing can you Tell me How you answer a child when they ask Why Don t people help puppies when they Are hit by a i could t answer him. Mrs. We. Mullholand Florence i am fifteen years old and i lost my Mother six months ago. At the funeral the minister said this we Kerful woman will never have to worry about dying second what did he mean a. C. The Bible teaches that the saved people die once and the unsaved experience two deaths. Someone has put it this Way if we Are born twice we die once and if we arc born Only once we die twice. At the sinner d judg ment Rev. The wicked dead ars raised judged and cast into hell together with death itself. This is the second or eternal separation from god Rev. The final state of the wicked. And death and hell were cast into the Lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the Book of life was cast into the Lake of obviously your Mother was a Good Christian woman and that is what the preacher meant when he said she would never have to die the second time. Florence morning news published Dolly and sunday 141 i. Irby it of Lonnet . Mimer a us associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern mews paper publishers association. The associated press is entitled exclusivity to the Ute for publication of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. The Florence morning news will not be Farsoon Sable for Advance payments made to newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to the office of this newspaper. Subscription rates by mail Independent distributors or Independent newspaper boys we. To. A to. A. Ii to. 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