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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 8, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news. Florence. S. Tuesday morning december 8, 1958 Here s on Odd one from Benson George Sokolsky Stewart Alsop dismissal pay in . Firings representative James p. Richards of South Carolina is handling a Tough Case for the United states in the United nations. It is a Case with worldwide implications As for As attitudes toward the . Are concerned. The cose deals with dismissal the tune of about one Hundred and eighty thousand for eleven Ameri can employees of the . They were fired for refusal to testify about alleged communist links before congressional investigating committees. The eleven appealed. The . S administrative tribunal then awarded the dam Ages. Aside from the fact that the United states will be paying thirty five per cent of the dismissal pay awarded by the tribunal there is an ethical problem involved. The Core of that is explained by representative Richards. Payment of the awards he says would give Rise to widespread and corrosive doubts about the integrity of the secretariat among the american people. Opposing this United states viewpoint Ore those who insist the tribunal was set up As a court whose judgments were to be final Ond without furthermore that the decision in this cose was Correct because an employee of a world organization should not be fired for political beliefs. There is at first glance Merit in the viewpoint of the opposition. The United slates Contention that anti United notions opinion among americans will be outraged if the awards arc paid is an obvious statement of fact. It seeks a rever Sal of the tribunal ruling. The Contention of the opposition is that the Law is established and should be carried out. It is obvious that when the . General Assembly first adopted its employment regu lations not All eventualities could be fore seen. Certainly it was not foreseen that american citizens of questionable loyally would be hired. Governor James f. Byrnes . Secretary of state when the first . Session opened in 1946, took the position that it was not his Job to advise the . On american citizens seeking employment with the world Organiza Tion. Secretary of state Marshall his Succes Sor look the same View. This attitude shifted when Dean ache son become Secretary of state. He agreed with Trygve lie that the state department should Check on any american , employee whose loyalty was questioned by lie. But now the question is whether the judgment of the tribunal can be reversed legally and the dismissal awards withheld. It is hoped that representative Richards can carry his Point that the . And the United states have been had in this particular Case. The Law governing firing of suspected subversives is going to be changed but right now there is the problem of covering up a Post mistake. All other considerations aside the Dis missed employees Are not entitled to dismissal pay. One who is disloyal to the United states because of communist links will be disloyal to the United nations also. Regard less of nationality one who pledges allegiance to the Kremlin has no other master. Santa came in Good style working under the hardship of postpone ment forced by a Friday downpour members of the chamber of Commerce Gove Florence a Christmas Parade that needed no apologies. Perhaps the greatest thanks to the Chomber should be based on its forthright courage in going ahead with washed out plans. That courage was Justin cd because chamber officials knew the spirit of Coop crot Veness among the area towns that were to portico pot. Without the Bonds from out of town who returned at their own expense the Parade would have been but a Token tribute to the season. And it would have acc i o somewhat Sam ugly Welcome to Santa Clous Santa though Rode the big red die truck Al the end of the Parade that was satisfying to the crowds Thot lined the route of March. There were leis floats then originally planned naturally because other engage ments had to be filled. But Cien with one band missing that would appeared could the Parade been Friday there were More bands tooling Thon last year. The Twenty Odd thousand who enjoyed when it comes to a thing being a political football there Are Many expert drop kickers. A Southern Man shot another Over o 50-Ccnt gambling debt. Money is certainly increasing in value. Words can t Hurt one. Ii they could Vishinsky Ond Lodge would be Blue from verbal he twi. The grand Entrance of Santa Claus owe thanks to the local participants and to the willing youngsters in the bands from the area. Thanks too arc in order for the police men who did an excellent Job of controlling the crowds and traffic. We have appropriately welcomed Santa on his pre Chris mos visit. Now we can set the Down and await the Jingle Bells of his december 25 visit. Social notes Oil and waver do not there is no telling what Oil and in tar have to do with it but that s what mrs. To to Lac Augusta said in disengaging he Isril from matrimonial intentions. Her intended was Jack darn pacy the former heavyweight boxing Champion and in the words of tie then enchanted mrs. Augusta a Reol he ordinarily we Don t pay much attention on this Page to who does t marry whom but the Auguste Dempsey match was int cresting. We heard a sigh hero and there from housewives who lived with mrs. Augusta the thrill of finding a real he Man. We heard also a mutter Here and there from just Plain men who lived with or. Dump Scy the thrill of finding a pretty blonde with forty five million dollars. Of Well this sudden disenchantment after sudden enchantment just proves again Thot one can t have everything. Or Dempsey still has his he manliness and mrs. Augi Islo still has her forty five million. Most Folk probably figure that with such assets As those they did t deserve each other anyway. Picket lines make contracts worthless it Musl be asked whether a la Bor contract is a contract at All. If a Union and an employer come to terms prepare a contract which represents a meeting of the minds and that contract provides for a period Siy one two or three years May that contract be violated be cause another Union establishes a picket line around the premises this it would seem is a fundamental in labor relations. John l. Lewis for instance has always taken the position that the miners will not work unless a contract exists Between the United mine workers and the employers. Most unions now adopt the same Posi Tion. But the unions maintain that a picket line is inviolable. Thus m an Enterprise involving 10 unions if one Union strikes and establishes a picket line the other nine unions refuse to work but without formally calling a strike. If the one Union s contract has terminated but the other nine have contracts still to run this device May be used by the other nine to strike without violating their contracts. They could even say that they want to go to work that they do not approve of the strike but that they cannot Cross a picket line by the traditions of Trade unionism. Thus they actually join the strike. Of Whyl value then is any con tract with any labor Union if a self imposed picket line ran lie used As a justification for the violation of a contract a con tract is viol ahle at he moment of self Ninf Ami therefore is Nulli fied from the moment of Signa Ture. The labor contract is then meaningless useless and can have no place in collective bar Cali Iii. In the instance of the newspaper strike in new York a Small Union of highly paid workers was called out on strike Over wage and fringe letter to editor to the editor from 1893, no the ago of 21 years to 19k 1 have cast my bal lots democratic. However in the National election i cast my ballot for Gen. Eisenhower due to the National Donio crafts sponsor ing non segregation As a National Law to which 1 am wholly opposed. 1 cast my ballot for Gen. Eisen Hower feeling that he would Spon Sor states rights 100 per cent. Not Only has ii not done this but he is at present fully in favor of National non segregation not from conviction but Only because of political greed and the Hope of elec Ting n Republican president in 30.v1. R. Ii. Mcclenaghan maj. Thomas m. Nial benefits. The real motive of the strike was an internal struggle for Power within the Union. No other Union went on strike because that would have been a violation of their contracts. Nevertheless All the workers refused to enter the premises of their employment be cause they would not Cross a picket line. Therefore All the daily newspapers were closed Down ostensibly because the Phot Engrav ers without whom any newspaper can exist struck. Thousands were put out of work. If All the unions agreed in and Vance upon such a procedure it could be a conspiracy to violate existing contracts and to damage property it would be an illegal strike. Such pre arrangement May or May not be demonstrable the likelihood is that no one will at tempt to get at that fact because business is chary of additional headaches and Public officials escape unpleasant tasks. Actually under the Taft Hart Ley act the cooperating unions could be sued for damages but their defense would undoubtedly be that they never struck at All but were prohibited from fulfilling their contractual obligations by the picket line. What the picket lire sacrosanct actually on the waterfront in new York the Picke line has been ignored by contending unions on the grounds that the strikers belonged to an outlawed Union which included men with criminal records. If a labor Union can ignore a picket line for any reason Why should workers Honor a picket line which is a Viola Tion of their contract this escape from responsibility destroys collective bargaining the object of which is to reach orderly contractual relationships Between employer and employee. Under our system of life the contract ought to be inviolate during its term As any other contract is. A contract is a Legal instrument expressing the actual or presumed intentions of the parties to it and applying Only to those concerned and not to the Public generally. If one party to a contract meets the stipulated terms the other party to it has neither a Legal nor a moral ground for breaking it except n Clear instances which might be termed acts of that is. Natural disasters wars Etc. Not even remotely May a Pic Ket line be regarded As an act of although it May produce a National disaster. Surely those who wish to revise the Taft Hartley Law need to revise the relationship of the picket line to the labor contract. If it is lawful to violate a contract be cause of a picket line of what Avail is a contract copyright 1953 part time classes open to veterans you korean veterans can use your go Bill education benefits to to school part time. You May choose any school that will accept you so Long As your course has been approved by the veterans administration. Thus you have a Chance to work full time on a Job and still go to school it government expense if you can find the time. The Nin mint of Money you make on your Job will have no effect in tin monthly education allow Ance paid in you by the govern ment to cover tuition other school fees books and perhaps some of your living cos. The allowance will be the same As though you weren t working at All. Your allowance will be scaled Dou a depending on the amount of a Hobohm you take however. The scale of monthly payments for part time students is amount of training three Quarter time vets with no de Pendents vet with one de pendent move than one dependent s120 half time so less than halftime the lesser of either a the established charges for tuition and fees by non veterans or b a prorated Anion based on the monthly allowance for a full tune course. For school work below College level in which classroom instruction takes up most of your time you re considered a three Quarter time student if you go to school be Woen is and 25 hours n week half time student if be tween k and is hours a less student if less than 1 j Houis. For undergraduate work in col lege you re considered a throw of try Ort m toy Iti Elm it a rond Multi t hip Poil Othic s. C., onem i Mirer. Hie Tim a ill Rii Eail of id Kouth frn or to Pri the it int Myril by id if Lor of n in Toff Pron Lurt in Alt ctr Loti nor Indr prudent and the floor nor mar Nln will not m in scr map it the Opict of the fun genre mar Nln subscription of tabs Tyty one wok. Csc. Mail Dkl Velvl dim Ink a i month 11.11, Itira moult Ili Mon Uii , ism

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