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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 8, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaTuesday morning december the Florence morning news Florence s. C. F act ii Santa flying Pup by Luck tech Hudgins Beale synopsis Henrietta k father gives Willie the Pup away be cause there is not enough food in the House to feed him. When her father tells Henrietta Why he had to give Willie away she runs but returns later and says she s sorry. The father decides to get Willie Back but Willie can t be found anywhere. Chapter four an adventure the Way Willie figured it if he was just going to be handed around from one person to another he would As soon Start out on his own. That Way he would at least have some say in his own affairs and certainly would t be shut up in a Furnace room for maybe the rest of his life. He might even have a great adventure. He sneezed four times in a Row. Phew Furnace he thought with disgust. Ever since he had escaped from that awful apartment House he had been sneezing Coal dust out of his nose. Of course it is too bad about he thought As he resumed his run away journey. I m afraid she will miss me very much when she finds out what her father did with me. As far As that goes i shall miss her he began to be distracted by the wonderful smells that sur rounded him. On the other he told himself i feel that a great adventure awaits he paused to explore the inside of an old Tomato soup can. When he had licked it clean he amused himself by Lushing it ahead of him Down the Street. It made a Lovely noise. Some boys saw the fun and joined in. Willie chased the can and the boys chased Willie. Pretty soon Willie found himself chased right out of town. He lost the can and he lost the boys. He did t know where he was. He was t scared exactly. But he was tired and he was hungry. He found something he thought was a Good Tbone but when he bit into it he found it was Only a piece of tree limb. Then he thought he had gotten hold of a hunk of Stew but it was Only a pile of Moss and no Good to eat at All. Of. Thought Willie. I shall find something to eat Tomor he curled himself up on some dead leaves and went peacefully to sleep. Early next morning while Willie Israel Premier out sub raps us. Deal two Deer in Finnup Park Garden cily Kansas stand motion Eis in knee deep Snow giving the appearance of statues in a wintry setting. Winds drifted a three Inch fall at Gar Den cily on the fringe of a midwestern Bliz Zard. Nine inches of Snow fell in some Sec Lions of Kansas Nebraska and Colorado Leav ing drifts in spots 10 feet deep. I believe it is a Dinosaur. Our very lives Are in scratched his ear and moved absently in the direction of the two creatures who were shivering in and hit under a mushroom. Slept there came into that part of the Woods two tiny creatures named or. Not much and or. Very Little. They were named like that because of their sense. Or. Not much did not have much sense and or. Very Little had even less. They were travelling along at a great Speed on a very important errand when suddenly or. Not much who was in front halted and called Back to or. Very Little. Alas there is a Mountain in front of us and i am too tired to climb or. Very Little came up and stared at the Mountain. We must be very he said importantly. This is a Volcano Mountain. I can hear it rumbling inside. It May erupt any just As he spoke the Mountain Shook itself and turned Over. Or. Not much and or. Very Little hurled themselves backward and hid under a mushroom. The Mountain stood up on four legs and yawned. Why it s not a Mountain at whispered or. Very Little. It s an animal. In fact i believe it is a Dinosaur and our very lives Are in the Dinosaur stretched itself Normal scene fast returning to Italy yugoslav Frontier gor1z1a, italian yugoslav Bor Between the two Adriatic Powers just As the Dinosaur was to step on the mushroom or. Not much screamed and or. Very Little screeched Stop the Dinosaur nearly fainted with Surprise and fright lie stared Down at the two tiny things dancing around his toes. He was t sure whether he should run away or whether he should just stand there and holler. Of. Or. Cried or. Not much. Have mercy on of or. Begged or. Very Little. Spare Why i am not a said Willie. I am a Puppy a Puppy explained the two creatures. They were ashamed and embarrassed. My name is Willie and i am looking for a great Why said or. Not much eagerly you must come with yes. said or. Very Little for we Are on a very important errand and i am sure it will Lead to a great next trip to Santa land Der dec. 7 conditions were fast returning to the italian yugoslav Frontier tonight after two months of explosive tension Over disputed Trieste. On both sides of the Border Long convoys of men guns and tanks rumbled Back toward their Perma nent bivouac in a mass withdraw Al expected to require 15 Days. The withdrawal was announced by both Italy and Yugoslavia. It dramatized the easing of relations red regiment files assault after try at Vietnam lines hich for eight years have been barrelling Over division of the ree territory of Trieste. The number of troops involved in in Border withdrawal is unofficial estimated at italians and bout yugoslavs mostly rack units sent to the Border when in Trieste crisis grew acute. Nor Lal Frontier garrisons will remain. Equally significant was italian rentier Giuseppe Pella s disco ire that Italy again is permitting port of strategic materials to Yugoslavia this had been forbid in. A question Mark remained when five Power conference take place to seek a Perma enl solution to the Trieste Issue. Western diplomatic sources in ionic said that until the big three Bermuda conference the situations this France Britain and the United tales had suggested a five nation on Ferenec. Italy and Isis cd Ilie permitted to Lake Over Allied a cupid zone a of the free Ter with French forces at Gia Loc Northern Indochina dec. 7 of the communist led vie Minh s Best fighting regi ments fled southward today under heavy French artillery fire and air bombing after losing nearly 700 men in a desperate attempt to take this strategic Post. Gia Loc is in sight of the vital Highway Over which flows much of the american arms equipment for French Union forces. Amid the ruins of this Little fort which was demolished by vie Minh mortar fire and in Savage hand to hand fighting Gen. Rene corny commander in North Indochina red China minister blames . For korean situation Tokyo tuesday dec. 8.hi red China s foreign minister last night messaged the United nations that the korean crisis is foment ing consequences of a serious a blamed the United states and prodded the . To do something about it. Chou in Lai who also is Premier of red China a nation the . Has refused to admit said it the United nations general Assembly should evade its responsibilities toward this situation and condone the wilful actions of the United states government these Riou Ness the korean situation would be increased and the United nations would become even More a tool of the United Stales govern ment in creating International ten Chou was asking the in effect general Assembly to help set up a korean peace conference and re sume stalled explanations to anti red prisoners resisting repatriation both on red China s terms. Chou s veiled Appeal for . Action followed by less than 24 hours a statement he made belittling the worldwide influence of the . General Assembly. In the ear Lier statement Chou said a Reso Lution passed 42-5 by the general Assembly dec. 3 expressing grave concern Over reports of communist atrocities in Korea would do red China Little harm. Chou s . Message broadcast by piping radio and monitored Here was addressed to Sweden s Dag Hammarskjold Secretary Gen eral of the . And to India s president of the . General As Sembly. Told 70 survivors of the Trench moroccan company you have achieved a great Suc Cess. You have beaten the Viet Minh s regiment no. 42." it was the moroccans who out numbered at times 30-1, fought the vie Minh inside and outside the fort for hours before a French to bile Rescue column arrived and forced the attacking vie Minh to flee. The Rescue column had to an ambush in route. Brig. Gen. Pierre Agoslino who sent the Mobile column from the town of Hai Duong four Miles away said his soldiers counted 327 vie Minh dead in and around the Post. But he said intensive napalm bombings and air strafing had accounted for a minimum of around Coo vie Minh filled or seriously wounded. Both Agostini and corny were jubilant in proclaiming the Viet Minh regiment out of action for a Long the rebel regiment Long had been the most troublesome of 000 vie Minh troops roaming about the red River Delta. The regi ment has specialized in attacking isolated defense posts trying to disrupt rail and Highway communications Between Hanoi and the seaport of Haiphong where ships Are daily unloading american War material. Their objective in assaulting mud caked red Brick High walled it. Gia Loc apparently was to seize it As a base for commando raids. Earlier some of the rebels of regiment no. 42 attacked a near by Village called Coxa. There vietnamese militiamen commanded by a roman Catholic priest re pulsed them killing 47 of the at tackers. While american supplied Mobile artillery Ami planes plastered the vie Minh today As they retreated toward Hung yen 30 Miles South East of Hanoi French army Engi neers started building new con Crete fortifications to restore Gia Loc and protect the vital Highway to Haiphong. Lucky is Merlin Lee Haines 10, who can smile happily in Oklahoma City. He accidentally hanged himself from a Sec Ond Story window while play ing with a rope. An unidentified Motorist passing the scene saw the youth and Cut him Down. Doctors said Merlin suffered Only slight neck in juries. Channel chatter Jerusalem dec. 7 a David in Gurion first and Only Premier he new state of Israel has had signed today. Foreign minister Moshe Sharett lamed acting Premier to take Over he governmental reins promptly accused the United states in a speech to the israeli Knesset Par lament of a tendency to a particular attention to Arab sensitivity at the expense of Sharett said this tendency s growing considerably and add we regard this As dangerous missing the Mark and not contrib iting to peace in the Middle Mitory before such a conference Romisch that its officials coup begin learning the Job before the on Ferenec even if the italian Ould not yet occupy zone a offi rally. Italy agreed to meet. Then Yugoslavia declined to participate if italian officials were to x. Already present in zone a the informants said. At Bermuda the big three hit on a new proposal Italy to go to the five nation conference first and her officials to begin moving into the zone shortly after. Dempsey loses marriage bout in fast count West Palm Beach fla., dec. 7 we mrs. Est Lac aug piste said Odny her invitation to movie Star Kirk Douglas which led to a break n her engagement to Jack Demp sey still stands. The Rich. 42-year-old Florida widow returned Home today and declared firmly that there is no Cliance of a reconciliation be tween her and the former world heavyweight Champion. Mrs. Auguste said the argumen1 which led to the break started when she told Dempsey she was inviting Douglas to visit them Al Palm Beach for the Christmas hoi Idenys after their marriage. Dempsey became she said and she Why. Loulyn t understand after receiving b e a Gurion i written resignation delivered 24 hours ahead of the schedule indicated yesterday president Izhak 3en-Zvi, invited All party leaders n successive interviews tomorrow. After the talks the president is expect cd to invite Sharett to form i Cabinet. Ben Gurion has been Premier since 1948. During these last five years Israel has faced Many Cri ses including the Palestine War which the new country fought at the Start with Arab countries which opposed creation of the jewish state. In the fighting Israel Success fully defended its right to exist. When Ben Gurion announced Sev eral weeks ago he intended to Lay Down the burdens of office he insisted he was too tired to carry on. Now like the jewish prophets of old who went into the wilderness to mediate the retired Premier is looking Forward to his sparse new Home at a cooperative settlement in Israel s Southern Negev desert. He will live there with his wife Pola in a nearly Bare four room House write a Book on his experiences and help the other settlers with their agricultural work. New Safe for children s head cold sniffles sneezes St Joseph Nobo drops for children fast Safe effective. Made especially to Check children s hand cold sneeze sniffles watery misery. Contain Neo sync phranc other go nolo medication in pure water base. A Ceroua bottle c9cf twice As much Only 89c. Get St. Joseph nose drops fur children. Btl love your child s cough due 1o colds with now Ploos ant hosting it. J01eph of ouch it Hup Fob Chiloro we furnish Beautiful savings gift certificates South Carolina National Bank former president Herbert Hoover and rep. Chociej j. Kersten right chairman of the Houm probing red occupation of the Baltic nations look at map during former appearance before the . In new York. Map from German foreign office Al is dated sep. 28 1939, and purportedly has signatures of Stalin and Joachim von Ribbe mop then German foreign minister. It to be agreement putting the Baltic in the russian sphere. Or Hoover Aid that Only a could bring Freedom to the Baltic nation. I violent quake shudders Chile , Chile dec. 7 violent earthquake rocked two of Northern Chile s provinces last night and again today Caus ing considerable material dam Ages and injuring at least 14 per sons. Up to noon today quakes still were being Felt in Antofagasta and Tarabaca provinces. The City of Calama in Antofagasta was hard hit. Officials estimated 60 per cent of its dwellings were seriously damaged. About per sons left homeless have been put up at the City stadium. Calama is near the Copper mines of Chu qui Camala. The population is about troops and Rescue squads were Busy Clearing debris from streets and trying to reestablish broken communications. Some Interior towns Are entirely isolated and no reports arc available from them. Well that Christmas Parade a been finally marked up on the books thanks to a hard Workin. Chamber of Commerce committe and a cooperative Weot Hermar Santa clans has made his Arriva and hundreds of Florence Young sters Are happier. Now they can have pleasant dreams instead of nightmares. For a while it looked As if old Kris was going to by pass Florence the younger set had visions of a present less Yule tide. Here s tonight s log for c t v of Community Tele vision Florence. Program director Arthur Clark gels things started at 7 o clock with news As it at. The Mcclenaghan High Schohl Chora leers will of Fer a festival of song which promises to be entertaining and enlightening. The lads and lassies of Mhz always turn out some Fine musical groups. The Chora leers Are no exception. An appetite provoking motion picture for All will be offered at it s the Story of ice Cream and How it is made. Cammie Broad Way makes with the classical selections via piano at 8 o clock in Cammie of of a motion picture on the life of America s great air hero Eddie Rickenbacker will be shown at entitled immortal the picture of fers a look into the background o Rickenbacker. His heartaches thrills and achievements in helping the United slates become the world s air Power. The log is rounded out with Dan sch ii Man and his daughter 1 oggy Annap Pearing in a musical program Dan does things with la musical saw while Peggy Ann tickles the keyboard of the Phino. Both Are popular around the Flor ence area and the program promises to be Fine . Almost these Days Are the Crews of Jerry m1eldaz1s. They Are still making connections and every Day a few More favourites Are Able to boast of that Clear est picture in Florence. Each Day Community to systems gets More satisfied patrons. The Cable has become the topic of the hour in television circles of this area. 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