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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 8, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather mostly fair today. Inc reming cloudiness tonight scattered show ers tomorrow. High today 66, Low 40. Details Page 12. Reader s tip the East edged out the last night in the fifth Enuol to Bacco bowl by a score of 13 to 6. For details see Page 9. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state vol. 263 Florence s. C., tuesday morning december 8, 1953 daily. 6c sunday Loc weekly teen Fatge Pamplico girl slain do vis gives s. C View in segregation fight arguments clash As Battle reopens Washington dec. 7 arguments of rival attorneys in the austere supreme court chamber to Day reopened the tremendous Legal Battle Over whether the Constitution outlaws separate Public schools for White and negro children. Lawyers for negro parents teed off with contentions the 14th amendment does just it makes no difference they said whether schools for negro pupils Are As Good As those for Whites. Thurgood Marshall counsel for the National association for the advancement of coloured people told the court you can t separate people and say that one should go there and one should got there if the facilities Are absolutely equal. Any segregation which is for the purpose of setting up class or caste distinctions is of itself in violation of the 14th attorneys for South Carolina and Virginia fired Back that segregated schools Are completely in keeping with the Constitution and the supreme court has no Power to Rule otherwise. If it does White maned 80-year old John w. Davis said he does t know what win happen but i do know if testimony is to be believed the result will not be his voice quavering with Emo Tili the Man who ran for presi Dent As a Democrat in 1924 said that South Carolina does no come Here in sackcloth and ashes it believes its legislation is non offensive to the Constitution of the United states. It is convinced that the Happi Ness the Progress and the welfare of these children is Best promoted in segregated a supreme court ruling that segregation in schools is illegal would affect millions of children in Al most a score of states mostly ii the South which have dual schoo systems. A decision either Way probably is months in the future in addition to South Carolina Anc Virginia Kansas Delaware and the District of Columbia Are directly involved in the cases now be fore the highest court of Justice. The White haired Davis read from his Brief what he said was the Crux of his argument the right to establish separate schools for White and coloured pupils the doctrine of separate but equal been so repeatedly approved by the supreme court by lower Federal courts and by the courts of last Restor of Many states and has been so continuously exercised by con Gressional and state legislation that it should be regarded As no longer open to equal in s. Under the separate but equal doctrine he said South Carolina has provided equal facilities equal pay for teachers equal transportation and other things. And he went on the naked question is whether separation of races in primary and secondary schools is of itself per be a violation of the 14th Amend but Davis said since both sides the segregation argument use the ame historical facts to support to views there must be fallacious reasoning somewhere. As a result he said the court has a reasonable Field for Selec Ion in deciding the intent of con Gress in framing the amendment. South Carolina he said contends that Congress did not intend the amendment to eliminate school segregation. Marshall argues the opposite he said and atty. Gen in Rownell says the framers indicated no intention one Way or the other. Davis characterized Browne its conclusions As lame and Imp Davis said Marshall and his co attorneys had assumed a fallacy in claiming that the abolitionist crusade at the time of the civil War was aimed also at segregation in schools. This crusade was directed a one thing and one thing Ward the abolition of the institution of Davis declared no radicals another fallacy Davis said i the Assumption that Radical re publicans controlled the 39th con Gress which enacted the 14t amendment. As a matter of fact he added flames of protestant passion wer still burning and it is difficult t ascertain from their debate wha the exact feeling nevertheless he said Cong res indicated clearly the scope it in tended the amendment to cover in the document itself. He said study showed there can be n question left that Congress intended to leave with the states tit question of school segregation. Davis argued that actions of con Gress after the 14th amendment was submitted and ratified Showe clearly it did not intend to abolish segregation in schools. He recite several measures including Bills i 1862 and 1866 making provision of segregated schools in the District of Columbia. Davis asked if it were conceivable that Congress would submit t the states an amendment destroy ing their rights to establish Seg regaled schools while at the Sam time enacting legislation providing for segregation in the District o Columbia neither Congress nor the state understood that the 14th Amend ment abolished segregated schools Davis declared. Noting that the Laws segregated schools in the state had been enforced for 75 years Davis said it is late in the Day t disturb this arrangement. If segregation were to be Abo shed in South Carolina Davi asked who then would allocate the White and negro students. For instance he said one schoo might have 27 negro and 3 Whit students enrolled. Youth 12, kills dad after Row in Latta Home Latta dec. 7 a 12 year old Latta by fed up with his father s constant nagging of his ailing and killed his father with a .22 Caliper Rifle Here this afternoon. The shooting which took place while the bedridden Mother looked on in horror took the life of j. Woodrow Johnson about 38, a local Carpenter. Victor Berry Deputy sheriff who helped investigate said Johnson was shot by his son Robert in the Johnsons living room bedroom. Inc of the shooting was placed t 5 p. M. Shortly afterwards officers sent s. Johnson to a Dillon Hospital. He Shock of the shooting was said have complicated her illness. Coroner b. F. Casque empanelled jury to View the body of Johnson to died instantly from the single Liot. Casque said an inquest will e held at 8 p. M. Thursday in Atta. Deputy Berry said the Bullet in cred Johnson s loft Temple. According to Berry the Mother Nad earlier sent a note to neighbors them to Call the police because her husband was causing ice trouble. But before the officers could arrive the Man had been shot. Berry described Johnson As a heavy Drinker and said neighbors reported he beat up his wife rather frequently. Bethea funeral Home of Lalta said funeral plans Are incomplete since the widow is in the Hospital. In addition to the widow and son survivors announced by the Funer Al Home included one daughter 3, and a sister mrs. Viola Jackson of Latta. Body put in Hole Date is missing by Bob Heikici and Joe Dabney morning news staff writers Pamplico dec. Decapitated body of a teen age girl identified from a ring and clothing As Betty Claire Cain 15, of Pamplico was found in a shallow grave about two Miles East of Here at 6 p. M. Today. Identification was made by relatives who had last seen the faces of hundreds of youngsters told the Story of the Success of the Florence Christmas Parade yesterday. While his arrival was somewhat delayed Santa Clau finally arrived on the local scene yesterday in the Parade. These tots give Forth with a wave and a cheer As the old gentleman in red moved past. A crowd estimated at per sons turned out for the Parade. Morning news photo by Strickland Best crowd Ever cheers in St. Nick a cheerful chuckling Santa Commerce sponsors of the event Claus undaunted by a forced de had previously announced that big 3 works late to finish conclave Tucker s town Bermuda tuesday dec. 8 my the big three Bermuda Parley went into its fifth Day with president Eisenhower prime minister Churchill and hah both meditations a Mlej lie 80ut a Elk of he. French foreign minister Georges Bidault still gathered around their Cedar table in the mid Ocean club in the Early hours this morning. They worked through the Day and evening yesterday winding up the secret talks which they Hope will Mark an important step to Ward lasting peace. The grueling session began at . Yesterday. The Day be Gan even earlier for president Eisenhower who started conferences with Secretary of state John Fos Ter Dulles and other aides shortly after g . In order to review and polish the speech he was to deliver before the United nations Assembly later today fun the Dan Gers of atomic War. Just before Midnight the big three sent out for refreshments Lay in his arrival crawled on the Back of a fire truck yesterday afternoon and then moved Between cheering thousands in downtown Florence As the City offered offi Cial Welcome to the Yule season. A crowd estimated by chief of police j. A. Price at Jam med Evans and Dargan streets for the event described by Many As the Best we be Ever rain caused postponement and almost cancellation or the annual Parade Friday officials harried by Telephone Calls from adults and youngsters alike worked feverishly Over the weekend lining up a Parade of some their efforts were not in vain. The spectacle offered yesterday was just about All that could be asked. A number of floats scheduled to appear Friday were ruined by rain. Others had Previ Ous commitments for yesterday and could not appear. However area High sympathetic schools and understanding. Sent their bands. The chamber of negro arrested in Dillon Case Billon dec. Conyers was arrested late lost night by Deputy sheriffs Victor Berry and Arley alien for investigation in the killing of James Willie Townsend at about 11 . Saturday on Cal Houn St. In Newton negro Section of dillo both men Are negroes. According to the officers. Con yers claims that the run fired accidentally. They Indrieri that town Send was killed with n .32 cell bar revolver an inquest will be held wednes Day no . In the Dillon county courthouse. 26 polygamists get suspended sentence Kingman ariz., dec. 7 we Twenty sex leaders of the uprooted Short polygamy Valony were Given suspended sentences today by u judge who said he ret used make martyrs of them by but Superior court judge Kobert funds were not available to return those bands whose expenses had been paid Friday. But they came anyway. Including three from Florence schools Mcclenaghan Junior High and Briggs there were 10 bands in the line of March. They came from Lake View Hartsville Timmonsville Darlington Lake City Latta and Marion. While they were few in number the floats varied from the Gaudy and colourful to the Serene and Sim ple carrying out All themes of the Christmas season. Of course there were the Usua number of Lovely girls. They Carne from every Corner of the pee Dee to compete in the tobacco Bow Beauty contest. They waved from open convertibles As they Rode Down the line of March. If there was any distracting Fea Ture it was the Lack of cooperation on the part of Auto owners asked not to Park along the line o March. Their actions Drew censure from chief Price. Our thought was for the he said. I certainly think Little of an adult who has so Little consideration for children we towed in 15 cars Many o which were parked in front of me ters covered with signs announcing the no parking Rule for the Day. Many More cars were ticketed. I want to see All of those peo Only those whose cars were towed As n sidelight to me Parade lit a. Tullai sternly warned he would a Christmas Light Lynx of to the i f on Send them they returned to the practice of plural Murrl nge. In Tut Tinl Vyff univ in this state judge Tuzar said. You ire n band of Furlum Nikii soon to i the 26 a landed guilty n week i ago to charges of conspiracy to to commit open and notorious co habitation at the same time ice cd and his death was Sli Inalcik similar charges against seven other Iby n Short ctr ult which blacked men and 82 women were dismissed out halt the City. Wuppkhtai., of Runny Dee. We a Hundred thousand people knew it tonight when a curious Ca transformer m reds say no Panmunjom tuesday dec. S. Envoy Arthur h. Dea Oday handed the communists final offer plan for a Korea each conference at Geneva by he Heads flatly rejected it. Policies stay As mail piles Washington dec. 7 my the White House today discounted any idea that president might be swayed in Eisenhower the waning hours of his Bermuda talks to change . Foreign policy As a result of protests stirred by sen. Mccarthy Snyder said however he had mentioned the outpouring of Mccarthy inspired telegrams and let ters in Telephone talks with Eisen Hower s press Secretary James c. Hagerty who is with the presi Dent in Bermuda. Snyder said that in addition to the t e 1 c g r s already checked in at the White House he understood a Euirn Union had a backlog of about yet to be delivered. The girl sunday night. The girl and her sunday night Date h. B. Allen 22 of Latta had Horn the Obj part an intensive search since Early morning. They were last seen about 7 p. Sunday at the Home of miss Cain a Sophomore at Pamplico High school. Relatives said the pair did not announce a destination when they left for the evening. No Trace of Allen was found when officers called off search efforts at Midnight monday. They will re sume their investigation at 8 a. M. Tomorrow. Allen s family started the Chain of events that led to the finding of the girl s body. He had not turned to his Home at 3 a. M. To Day. His family anxious because of his absence contacted sheriff Pete to Gers of Dillon county. Rog ers in turn contacted magistrate s. Lonnie Finklea and Constable j. D. Calcutt Here. Stains in car no intensive search was Starlet however until shortly after a. M. Today when Finklea was in formed that an automobile Hac been found abandoned behind the negro High school Here. Finklea seeing a possible leu Between the disappearance of the boy and girl searched the car. Found insurance papers made of to the Allen family. Sheriff John Hanna of Florenc county and state Law enforcement division Headquarters in Columbi were contacted and officers irom both rushed to the scene. Examination of the car showed an attempt had been made to wast out the trunk. It contained blood stains. There also were blood spot inside the car. Discovery of the body in the shallow grave apparently dug from a tree stump Hole on a Bluff Over looking the pee Dee River was almost by Accident. Officers had been checking known parking places of Datin couples when they discovered blood on a Patch of ground deep in a wooded area near the River a heavy club covered with blood was found in a dry Wash nearby searchers immediately recovered ground already tracked by nun dress of persons. The grave a found by Russell Gibbs and g. W Hicks who accidentally kicked a Pine Straw and gravel and uncovered part of the body. The head had been hacked from the body in a Clumsy fashion tha led St. Roy Williams of sled to believe it May have been Don with a shovel or a crude knife. A Small rent was discovered in the girl s slip and in her brassiere her unborn panties were Foum hanging from the right leg. Clothing found or. John r. Claussen Coroner physician who examined the Boyc refused to release his medical find Ings last night. Sheriff Hanna How Ever said there were no other Marks of violence on the body Hanna said i am convinced the girl was he said he Hai not seen the medical report. Further search revealed a Pai of undershirts identified As be longing to Allen beneath the fron seat of the car. A to shirt als worn by Allen was found by Deputy sheriff Ray shiite near a to Basco barn two Miles from the grave and about the same distance from where the car was Foum Williams said there were no stain whatever either on the shirt o shorts. The tobacco barn is locate on the Side of a Small fish Pont tracks of a car were foun about 12 feet from where lie Bloo was found in the Woods. Officer believe the girl May have Bee killed at that spot the body up in the trunk of the car and move some 400 Yards to the site of the grave. It was presumed also that the killer or killers attempted to con fuse searchers in the abandon Mer of the Auto and placing of the t shirt. Williams said searchers Tomo Row to Over All ground a ready Suu Rchrd for new clues. The Pond will be drained in the nun for the head and possibly the body of Allen. I flux in Jils Small Farmon Community was intense. A Crown a Tiki As High As 300 men Mille or ounce the police station and the Public Square As late As my nigh the headless body of a 15-year-old girl belly Cain was found in a shallow grave near pain Loco yesterday. She and a Dale h. B. Allan of Lalla had been of jocks of i intensive search since Early yesterday. Members of u Tausili parly Here examine the shallow recess dug from a tree slump Hole. Morning news photo by Dabney women congregated at the Horn of the dead girl s parents or. An mrs. Raleigh c. Cain. Miss Chin was described As by inn of blah character. She was member of the Junior homemaker of America Pamp Loo method is Church and the methodist Yout . Allen Fellowship. She was also a re Porter for the methodist youth paper. Allen discharged from the air Force a year ago is a son of or. And mrs. Rommie Allen of Latta. The father served As a game Warden until a year ago. Since that Lime he has been farming with Ais son s assistance. Young Allen was president of the Latta High school student body in 1950 before entered service. Friends of miss Cain said she and Allen met at Myrtle Beach in june and had been dating Stead ily since that time. The place where the body was found is in a wooded area known As the it is on a farm owned by n. B. Finklea and share cropped by Liston Hyman. Recent Rains had roads leading to the site covered with water. Six wooden slabs and a car floor cover were found alongside one of the water filled holes in the Road. Believe the car became mired in the Cue and that the slabs and cover were used to free it. The front floor covering was missing from the Allen car. Sheriff Hanna described the slay ing of miss Allen As one of the most brutal murders i have Ever just what Steps officers would take next was not known. Sgt. Williams said that our biggest Job tomorrow is to find the other body or the other Man. Then Well know what to three men two of them negroes were questioned in connection with the Case late tonight. They were released and officers would offer no information on the nature of the questioning. Funeral services for miss Cain will be held at 11 a. M. Wednes Day from the methodist Church Here with the Rev. R. A. Burry the Rev Paul Ketterman and the Rev. M. T. Gunner officiating. Survivors besides the parents include a sister Jenny Louise Cain of the Home and the maternal step grandmother mrs. Maggie Taylor of Florence

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