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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaTruia monday i combw 7, to Flintstones i Coulp tuers or comes hers every. Other Here comes is Andy Capps then nou Don t i would if i was t vholdin1 discuss things Ami Casus future Dick Tracy Well How do i look As another Little Abner move along or ill arrest you All for Are. Tougher Thani though crowd applying for Mold Fjor Caricu Peck in a i Rufuse off re As one us Aufu with 0cstoh Charlie i is Happe Niwa to you too often 1-atel.y t Mary Worth a orrery will get yep had to Hook a about my being a walking testimonial pop. My recipes fat 15 Small 5he Arr gtd the Ujj w food editor member. Of unlimited from a Young neighbor s rib rival 5hower. Beatle Baile ivs a us known two Mutt Jeff youre sitting Julius you can Waith for Jeff in the by thank1 living a i Carroll Richter s from the Cir Oil Righter Institute general tendencies dramatic changes or opportunities can arise during the daytime so be Alert for them. The Everling finds you under excellent influences for better health and More Energy. Also Good for contacting someone of influence and getting him to Aid you a some new pet project that Means a great Deal to you. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 associates Are in an. Uncompromising mood so get out and find persons who will Back your projects willingly. Avoid arguments. Listen to what others have to say though and then use your own judgment. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 a co worker could be quite irritating and work does not go As you wanted it to so get Busy on financial affairs and All is Fine. Do nothing that can spoil your health. Evetus no can be a most romantic one. Gemini May 21 to june 21 associates and pals can assist you to gain whatever is closest to your heart but Don t later go off on some Tangent that is bad for you. Avoid persons Vjio Are superficial. I fake your life More successful. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Don t make that sarcastic remark to one who is a close tie or you gel in real dutch. Do that work that is of a detailed nature and important. Push new venture with close pals co workers. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 you have every Opportunity to have a Good time particularly if you do not annoy an associate during routine work. You have magnetism now and can get into new ventures with much Success following. Show that you Are adroit. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 know what it is that your family needs before you release funds Don t Cater to any wild extravagances. Teach others How to help themselves also. Have a heart for yourself As Well As other persons. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 looking to associates for the information and answers you need is Wise since your own judgment is not very Good at the moment. Make the changes that Are necessary. Improve your appearance Charm. Scorpio oct. 23 to.n7ov. 21 instead of feeling imposed upon do some Liing constructive about your situation. Stand up for your rights. Keep rooted to Job at hand and forget fun and friends for the time being Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 you can have an Ideal Day at social and recreational pursuits but be sure to avoid one who impedes your Progress. Try to please mate More. Handle Only those business matters that Are important. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan 20 talking Over with Kin just where you Are headed can bring excellent results today. Sidestep higher up who always appears to have duties for you to perform. Think in terms of earning More Money in he future. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 forget any impractical ideas you May have and spend time with Good friends relatives who have their feet on the ground. Study news and you can. Judge better what to do in the . Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 avoid that individual wha imposes on you and you never seem Able to please but go to that bigwig who can be a help to you. Build up assets. You have not been paying enough attention to that lately. If your child is born today. He or she will be a born Pioneer and will know what to do and How to profit from certain conditions that come up while others seem helpless to do anything about them. Your progeny will be one of those Independent people who Early must learn to cooperate More with fellow Man if the Fine Promise in this Chart is to be realized to the full. The personality Here is excellent. There will be great popularity and profit once Jha lesson of cooperation is Learned. The stars impel they do not what you mate of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for january is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and is to Carroll Righter forecast Florence morning Kows Box 629, Hollywood Calif. S0028. Syndicate inc crossword Puzzle across 3. Few Erica 5. Grampus ? Athena 12.associat9 13. Obsolete 14. Principal Rola 33. Military shop 35.chose italian River 38. Difficulty 40.condescend .45. Thriller 49. Wild 50. Promissory Rote Stead 51. Deception 52. Birds beaks sting pit 20. Bone 22. Defeats 3j. Butler tree 53. Demand payment 54. Stab Isle 55. Egress Down 2. Ii pc Genus solution of saturday s Puzzle 3. Shakespearean 8. Record King 4. Pedestal part 5. Harvest ask Andy Gor a question for Andy Ivnic it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning mows p. O. Box 511, Florence s. C. 29501. Andy sends a Complete go volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Randy Slan Fer age 12, of London Ken Tucky for his question Why has every Snowflake a different design several years ago researchers probed deep into the secrets of snowflakes. The Laboratory conditions precisely duplicated those in which snowflakes form in the Weathery atmosphere. The results were astonishing because the procedure did not follow the usual rules of ice and water. Scientists had to fathom a Brand new set of rules to solve the mysteries of How snowflakes Are formed and Why they look like they do. Feathery snowflakes Are created from minuscule crystals of ice interlaced around minuscule pockets of air. We take it for granted that water freezes to ice at 0 degrees centigrade. Hence we would expect moisture in the air to form the Basic ice crystals at this temperature. Then the Snowflake building begin. But the Laboratory Experiment revealed this is not the Way it happens at All. The moisture in the air is reluctant to become solid fragments of ice until the temperature Falls several degrees below the Normal freezing Point of water. The tiny crystals needed to construct snowflakes May be no bigger than molecules and they Are formed in different shapes. All of them however build the six sided or hexagonal Structure dictated by the shape of the Basic ice molecule. Ordinary bricks Are cubic Oblong so they fit naturally together for building Walls. The Odd shape of the water molecule forms hexagonal crystals of solid ice. And these miniature building blocks naturally arrange themselves in Hexagon Pat terns. The shapes and sizes of the ice fragments vary As the temperature Falls. At 3 degrees centigrade below freezing the moisture in the air tends to form Flat six sided plates of ice. At minus 5 degrees centigrade it tends to form shared like jagged at minus 8 degrees centigrade hollow crystals Are formed in six sided columns. Hie air is super dry the creation of this assortment of miniature ice crystals requires a lower temperature Range a Low hanging Snow Cloud is a turbulent mixture of air masses Cool and cold moist and dry. This situation creates a wide variety of floating flying ice crystals. When the temperature drops to around minus 12 degrees centigrade these minuscule building blocks begin to team together and construct snowflakes. The construction work goes faster when the assorted particles can assemble around floating dust fragments of Salt and Silica Mica and other minerals. Snowflakes use a variety of ice crystals As they Are wafted Between different weather conditions in the Cloud. This creates variety in the hexagonal Assembly of crystals and air pockets. Countless crystals of assorted sizes Are assembled while the growing Snowflake is shifted from Here to there. It is now Likely that two flakes Are build under identical conditions. It is not Likely that two identical snowflakes fall even in a huge blizzard. Snowflake Assembly also varies with temperature. Lab experiments showed that tic growth of a perfect six sided Flake needs Calm gently Cooling air and plenty of time. Sudden cold drafts cause lopsided structures. In the atmosphere a growing Snowflake wafts through countless drafts and selects its crystals from a countless assortment. Identical twins Are not impossible but so far nobody has found a pair. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Dale Williams age 10, of Skyland North Carolina for his question can a Snake Back out of a Hole Iii Eort of a motto comes croat a into Conro Lover a i 2. 26 27 28 17 u 19 measure 10. Beverage 16. Visitor is. Dicle ii 21. Dry 23. Pro Ciri 2-i. Pipe fitting 25. F Steen 26. 45. Okie addressed 47. Day Star As. Standing contract Bridge b y b Jay Becker top in waiters individual championship play South dealer. Neither Side vulnerable. North k q 3 9 famous hand the nce. Aq752 eas1 v 9 5 4 2 j53 South a 10 3 pass pass West 61 10 3 4.a109g2 k109s 4kq8 j6 the bidding Softli West sort la pass 2 j. 2 it pass s it 3 it pass 6 it opening Lead ten of hearts. This celebrated hand occurred in the spingold National team of four championship played in Miami Beach in 1958. It is no table chiefly because of a Brilliant defensive play made by Sidney Hazard of new Orleans which contributed greatly to his team s Victory that year. At the first table where Ard s teammates were is Orth South. They arrived at six no cashed three wore hearts led a Spade to the Jack and then played a Diamond to the King which lost to the Ace. Declarer later took a. Club Jcsse. A which Vron. And Lio thus brought Home the Slamal iqra score of 990 Points at the second table where Law card sat West the bidding went South West North East pass 2 4, 3 it pass 6 it at this table also. West led a heart. Declarer wort with tha Ace. Came to his hand with a. Heart returned to Dummy with a Spade and played a

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