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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 7, 1970, Florence, South Carolina Fri a monday december 7, to 3-1 by or. George c. Thosteson. M. D. I dear or. Thosteson i read in or other special need might of the paper that people Are getting j cur. Negligent about polio shots and i to answer your specific ques the consequent possibility of an Tion. Mrs. 15. A dose of the epidemic. Oral vaccine for your daughter Slit i sometime in the next year or so i called the health department j before Sho starts school we and was told if we took Oral her the vaccine in the sugar cube pro j should Havo t Gram it was lifetime. But my i _ i daughter who is four has had a four four in one shots but has1 dear or. Thosteson i be not had the live vaccine and always heard that you should should receive it. Is it absolutely not breathe the fumes from dry Mary and Tony Dunkel meet at Oakland Airport armed forces personnel flown Home for Christmas Holiday Kathy Abe Oakland Raider cheerleader entertains troops at Airport operation reunion flies hundreds of servicemen to states for Christmas holidays Safe now mrs. B. The supposition is that the ice but recently a Friend placed a Large piece in a bowl of punch _ Oral vaccine at a. Please of us gives lifelong Protection. I say it i is mrs e is a supposition because we j dry ice is nothing but Carbon Haven t had this vaccine Long enough to know from experience. However blood tests show that Protection remains High year after year without any boosters. The other and earlier Type of vaccine which was injected is a killed than a periodic boosters Are needed to virus rather live virus and Christmas comes Early for troops from Vietnam by the associated press said mrs. Mary Dunkel spent at least four months in dc8 charter continued to Chica staff sgt. Harry said she was shocked Christmas came Early for whose husband air Force sgt Vietnam and not More than go and new York. The said his wife and daughter Inland overjoyed when she heard j recently have not been Bible about 200 soldiers and their Tony Dunkel was one of 198 sol eight to take two weeks arranged by the United Macfarlan a. Were unaware be news be extra leave keep immunity up to . So people quite reasonably ask then Why not use just the Oval vaccine and gain the Benefi of protracted the answer is prosaic ally simple some areas 11 n t i families reunited under a who arrived in Oakland military policy doubling leave time for gis in Vietnam and Al Calif., aboard a charter flight instead of one. The plan also j service club a nonprofit Organ permits him to return to Sheji nation. From Vietnam late saturday United states in con Many of the servicemen s them Lle said Trast to previous policy that re deluding mrs. In Chicago the gis in their of his arrival too. I m going to the ens or the flight brought a disappointment however for face-1 j and1 . Clark said he had spent 36 hours and travelled on three Dif lowing them to return to the inight. Trast to previous policy that re mrs. In Chicago the gis in pfc c Ark Eimira Continental United states. J the flight was the first of 10 i quire leaves be taken in the were taken by Surprise by the Short sleeved uniforms any time of the year is j scheduled during the next two far East or Hawaii. Ilo degree temperatures Ano f Vij t Christmas when you get two months under a new pol by per j after stopping at Oakland the mrs. Dunkel a d she did to High winds. To Sag for the Takeoff weeks at Home with your a Serviceman who has trans International airways learn until two Days ago her i Saigon or e take ii. Was on his Way Home Sald one Soldier i Haven when be at Kennedy to Roseville Calif. Seen cold weather for two i Airport he discovered Mohawk Newark looks funds Newark . A con fronted by the worst fiscal crisis in the Jii Story of Newark the City s first negro mayor has maj. Fred Nordin of Houston j tex., who arrived at Oakland an army air lines on which he planned private Fly to Elmira was on strike. Up Gibson s tax program Mon largest City with a population of for a connecting flight said i the weather in t much but at i m Here but i can t get a Day. But the mayor feels City is in dire need and can t i now he is struggling just to give another financial Inch. I maintain services at current launched an offensive against Gibson wan office on a plat Levels and has put aside the in i m not even sure knows i m my wife least it in t at Kennedy Airport in new the special flight meant one flight said Clark 20, who spent seven months in Viet where the flight touched Soldier would be Home in time the round trip fares for the the state for new taxes that one j form promising fiscal response notations that Many expected of Down Early sunday up. 4 Rob for the birth of his baby. Soldiers on the Charters flight legislator says has us inability and better use of vital him. Jet Mckeever 26, whose -1liam Wurst f. Clifton ., for Oakland. For against the Urban services like schools police Andl no amount of innovation a ancients live in Mifflin pa., said his wife Joy was expecting the Chicago and for new York. Fire Protection. And Public j produce Money and you can t do Kenneth a Gibson inaugural works in Newark new without Gibson said. De last july 1, has been working into the Early morning hours with his staff at City Hall seek ing a Way out of the fiscal instability that haunts Newark and other american cities. The mayor has initiated a quest for funds to meet and anticipated 1971 deficit of Mil lion on lion. Included is a million school fund shortage that a source close to the mayor says could Force Newark s schools to shut Down by april 1. And there is the Newark museum a cultural landmark in state usually funded by the City but already operating on state funds with no Relief sight. family has no idea i m baby tuesday. At port to Greet her husband Kennedy air regular round trip fare Between Osband mrs. Saigon and new York is get enough of the Oral vaccine this shortage so far As i Cai learn now seems to have been corrected. In the Early Days there was indication that use of the Oral vac Cine presented some risks ii adults but not in children. To Lay the risk to adults appears lie very Small if there is any. Here is the schedule for Ora vaccine for Young children three doses at six to eight week intervals before the Chile is a year old. A fourth dose at the age of i to 18 months. A Booster dose before starting school at the age of four or five after that no further doses Are advised or required unless sometime in the future the appearance of an epidemic reminiscences describe elimination of Beria in user new York a Lavrenti died in his country Dacha on Peters and living in the United the life p. Beria kissed the hand of a dying but conscious Joseph Sta Lin then spat in arrogance when a budget of ?161.4 Mil the dictator lapsed into final Unic o i i Kiihn consciousness and beamed radiantly when he died the reminiscences attributed to Nikita s. Khrushchev say this week. Published in life s dec. 11 is sue As Khrushchev remembers part they portray Gibson has proposed new taxes and seems to be forcing Dis Cussion of income tax Issue in new Jersey a state without such a tax. He s got us up against the Urban Wall and something s got of said the unhappy legis Lator recently i whether or not the legislature is up against the Wall re Mains to be seen when it takes water weight problem use Elim excess water in the body can be uncomfortable. Elim will help you lose excess water weight. We at. Eckerd s recommend it. Only March 5, 1953. Beria is scoundrel referred to As a arrogant t Eacher Ous a rapist and murderer. He was arrested during a meeting of the soviet leadership after Stalin s death and shot i december 1953. Describing the scene arum Stalin s death bed the Khrushchev reminiscences say the die states. I Khrushchev publication began soon say after in her Book Twenty letters Stalin s death to remove Beria to a Svetlana de and he sought to persuade Mai scribed her father s death. She Venkov that he was being led into wrote a trap. The reminiscences and one person was behaving in that Khrushchev proposed tha Khrushchev himself As the Lone Tator Lay alternately conscious instigator of the subsequent arrest and execution of Beria. Sta Lin s dreaded secret police chief. They contend Stalin himself feared Beria in his final years. After the War when Beria became a member of the Polit buro Stalin started to fear him. Stalin realized that if Beria could eliminate anyone at whom Stalin pointed his Finger then Beria could also eliminate someone of his own the reminiscences say Beria began to move toward a Takeo ver of Power in the soviet Union almost from the moment Stalin we buy pecans at Young Pecan company Darlington Highway Florence s. Expert grading Correct weights. Open All season every year. S. Oldest and largest Pecan buyer. Young Pecan co. Deal direct seller to Sheller and unconscious after being stricken by a cerebral Hemor rage. Beria had started spewing hatred against Stalin and mock ing Khrushchev is quote As saying. It was simply unbearable to listen to Beria. Bui As soon As Stalin showed these signs of consciousness am made us think he might recover Beria threw himself on his Knees seized Stalin s hand am started kissing it. When Stalin lost consciousness again ant closed his eyes Beria stood up and spat As soon As Stalin died Berio was Radiant. To put it crudely he had a housewarming Oyei Stalin s Corpse before it was in its coffin. Beria was that no Power on Earth even sure could hold him Back now. You could see these triumphant thoughts in his face As he drove off to the City leaving us at the this instalment makes no mention of the presence of Sta Lin s daughter Svetlana Allily now mrs. William Wesley Tea be ready. Join the Christmas club now. Collect from or. Culpepper this time next year. See action Bank Muht t to Irwim Watt Evani 810 South Irby strut 1995 Hoffmyer Road a Way that was very nearly Deal with Beria scene. That was Beria. He the communist party extremely agitated. His repulsive enough at the Best finally agreed. 1 times now was twisted by surprised and bit Ion cruelty cunning and is quoted As saying. Lust for Power. He was trying wrote the Agenda for the hard at this moment to presidium session Ami in exactly the right balance to some issues on which the cunning yet not too cunning. Supported us and Beria went up to the bed and spent Defeated. This pattern was Ong time gazing into the and Only then did Mal Man s face. From time to become confident that we my father opened his eyes. Use party methods against Ria stared fixedly at those de eyes anxious even now meeting took place in convince my father that he after Stalin s death. He most Loyal and devoted soon As Malenkos opened All. Unfortunately he had session he said let us Dis needed for too Long party questions. There Are the second it was Over matters which we must darted into the hallway ahead with right away every anybody else. The silence around the death bed was shattered by his loud voice the ring of Triumph unconcealed As he shouted khrustalyov1 agreed. As had been arranged in Advance i requested he floor and proposed that we discuss the matter of Beria. Beria was silting on my right. He gave a Start grabbed me by the car looked at me with a Star uhrus Palyov was Stalin s expression and said. Bodyguard. Georgi Malenkos took Over after Stalin s death but going on Nikita what s this you re mumbling Khrushchev reminiscences said just attention. Tray this As a plot by Beria. Find out soon cording to this third present then denounced Jalenko was nothing but Anastas i. Mikoyan than a typical office clerk old Friend of Beria claimed Aper Pusher who could could still be useful to the easily according to the reminds Beria s plan was to build then they add Thrush Malenkos and then proposed Beria s removal him the reminiscences official posts. They contend Beria s plan was still in a state panic. As i recall he did t Beria proposed to put my motion to a vote. That the older leaders of the soviet Union should have Dachau or country Homes built on the Black sea for the Day they retired. He Drew up plans for Dachau for Malenkos for himself and other leaders including Khrushchev. Beria proposed razing a whole Section of the coastal City of Sukhui. Pushed a secret Button which gave the signal to the generals who were waiting in the next room. Zhukov was the first to appear marshal Georgi k. Zhukov was the soviet Union s world War ii hero. Malenkos said in a faint voice to comrad Zhukov As Vas bound to the of Sukhui and when this six opened Beria had intended to Malenkos by Wear hat the idea was his alone. Way then would be Clear for Ria to take go by and see men s shop 999 Florence. S c. Chairman of the Council of ministers of the u.s.s.r., i Reques that you take Beria into Custod pending investigation of charge made against him hands up Zhukov commanded in another portion the reminiscences say that Alexei n. Kosygin came close to elimination by Stalin in 1949. Kosygin who succeeded Khrushchev As pre Mier in 1964. Was one of three Leningrad leaders regarded As Comers in the party. The others were identified As a. A. Kuznetsov and . Voznesensky. The old guard around Stalin at the eared their time apparently rapid Rise and charges were brought against hem. Kuznetsov and Voznesensky were eliminated. As for Kosygin his life a Langing by a the reminiscence say. Kosygin was on shaky ground from the begin Ning because he was related by marriage to Kuznetsov. I simply can t explain How he was saved vocation change Brive France a after 35 years As a dentist Maurice filial was not pleased with the Aro Speet of retirement. So he look up the Law studies he had abandoned for dentistry made of Marks at the University of Toulouse and at 73 soon will Slead his first Case As a lawyer. Powerful plunger clears clogged toilets never again that sick feeling when your toilet overflows to Laflex toilet Sam jul plunger unlike Ordinary plunders to Laflex does not permit compressed air or Messy water to splash Back or escape. With toil Llcy the full pressure plows through the clogging mass it Down. stops splash pack 4 centers itself can t skid around tapered Tail gives airtight fit git Thi menu let Tol Liln at hardware s1ork from being eliminated along with the others. Kosygin As they say must have drawn Lucky lottery life says the final of Khrushchev remembers will Deal with the cuban missile crisis of 1962 and Khrushchev s dealings with president John f. Kennedy. Little Brown and co. Will publish the reminiscences As a Book on dec. 21. Work. South s largest selection Vaughans pen air Market dioxide which has been com pressed until it is solid and very cold. Carbon dioxide is not poisonous. The bubbles i n carbonated drinks Are Carbon dioxide the dry ice is so cold that con tact with it can cause a lesion very much like a Burn. Breathing the cold fumes in any Quantity could conceivably freeze one s nose or Larynx with disastrous consequences. Dry ice is not a toy to play with it should be treated Vith respect. I d prefer a chunk Ordinary ice in the punch. Dear or. Thosteson my Niece is six months pregnant and threatened either with a miscarriage or birth of her baby at this time. At six months would it survive she wants this baby so badly. S. We have to face facts premature a baby is in danger but some have survived and grown up healthy. Every Day that the pregnancy can be continued gives the baby that much mors Chance. Also the care of premature infants Lias improved considerably so let s not be too pessimistic. Low blood sugar a puzzler until correctly identified is often the cause of faintness headaches visual and emotional disturbances. To learn How it can be identified and brought under control write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for a copy of this Booklet help for enclosing a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin to cover Cost of printing and Fandl ing. Honda mini trails and motorcycles Lay away now Cannon s Cycle Center ebb hair consultant in Florence s. C., wednesday will explain hair problems free Louisville by. Dec. what is actually causing your w. Yarbrough will be Back in hair loss even if baldness Florence s. Again wednesday dec 9. 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Free consultation just take a few minutes of your time on wednesday dec. 9, and go to the Holiday inn downtown in Florence s. Between 1 . And . And ask the desk clerk for w. Yarbrough room number. There is no charge or Obliga Tion All consultations Are private you will not be embarrassed in any Way. Frank Moron show hair. Did not Havi pattern Bald neti. Other nearby locations Myrtle Beach Howard Johnson mtr. Idg., thur., 10

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