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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 341 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., monday morning december 7, 1970 daily inc sunday 15e sabotage suspected in explosion store windows shattered in Linden n. J., blast workers hear clean up debris after saturday night explosion flames Light night sky in new Jersey Industrial area saturday firemen battled through night after explosion started series of refinery fires explosions brought frantic reaction to area Newark . A peo ple ran out into the streets. Motorists took cover. Crowds fled from movie houses As paint and ceiling tiles fell. The Humble Oil refinery was exploding in one of the nation s most populous police switchboards from Sta ten Island and lower manhat Tan South and West in Central new Jersey were jammed with people asking pinned. What had Hap the answer was this an ex-1 Motorist in neighbouring Eliza Losion at the refinery that caused shocks that could a Felt 40 Miles away sent flames shooting feet into the air blew out windows and Walls and knocked Over lamp posts. Twenty nine persons were injured none seriously. Beth said. Highways were jammed with the curious trying to reach the sprawling Oil refinery. Ambulances lined up outside the Gate. More were closer to the fire but had to be turned away because i they slowed the movement of i it was like a fireball in thei sky. Civil defense officials say that when there s a Flash of Light followed by a Shock wave you re fighting equipment. A Humble spokesman said most company employees were trained in the techniques of can expect a nuclear a fighting Oil cd Vencial foam but volunteers also pulled shards of broken Glass littered j streets More than 100 feet from hoses. One Man his face wrapped in bandages continued to hold Down a Hose. Another repeatedly splashed his face with the Muddy mixture of foam and dirt to protect himself from the searing heat which Felt As far away As the Center of an a mile and a i where plate Glass windows stood moments earlier. Whole sides of buildings were demolished with window frames masses of tangled steel. Walter Grote of scotch Plains a computer analyst returned to Linden half Distant. Covered with broken Glass. He said the Plant s computer was offices throughout the refi apparently undamaged although Nery area were in Cie in Metal doors leading to it were blown off their hinges. He said that one unit a reactor disappeared. Maybe it went into he said. In nearby business centers Linden Elizabeth and sections of Staten guarded against looters. Scattered disorders were reported in the three areas As shops were left de senseless their windows and merchandise scattered on the Street and showroom floors. The Oil company set up a service Homes for and persons whose businesses were damaged by the blast and adjusters were dispatched to make assessments. But the area affected by the blast could make the counting a Long difficult task. There Are 13 million people in the area in which the Shock was Felt. There was a spectacular fire Here about two years a company official said. But that was Token compared to Over Cambodia u. S. Bombers attack supplies Saigon a the u. S. I South vietnamese Headquarters said its air and ground forces scored kills on both sides of the u Minh Forest of dark Ness in action saturday. On the Western Edge of the swampland 30 Viet Cong were reported killed by air strikes. South vietnamese foot soldiers claimed 12 enemy dead on the other Side. It was the largest number re strategic air command sent some of its b52 bombers Over Cambodia sunday to Block North vietnamese War supplies from units currently pressing a major offensive on Cambodia s embattled Northern front. Other b52s hammered the to Chi Minh rail in Laos again beginning the third month of the Indochina War s most intensive bombing of the Jungle Supply route. In ground action South Viet namese infantrymen reported killing 36 enemy soldiers with out suffering any casualties in a clash near an Khe in the Central Highlands some 250 Miles North East of Saigon. The . Command said the Only fighting sunday involving american troops was an encounter near Quang Ngai City that left nine enemy soldiers slain and one Soldier of the . Americal division wounded. There were no reports of significant action sunday in the Southern tip of the Mekong Delta where South Viet namese troops pushed deeper into the u Minh Forest in their seven Day old Campaign to de ported slain in a single a since the South vietnamese be Gan the u Minh Campaign last tuesday. The Saigon Headquarters claims the 21st South Viet namese division has killed 133 Viet Cong captured eight and uncovered several caches of arms and ammunition in the drive. South vietnamese casual ties were four killed and 44 wounded Headquarters said. Messiah7 signals Yule with Joyful dignity and grand eur the 86-member pee Dee chorus the Florence symphony orchestra and four Fine soloists appropriately signalled the be ginning of the Christmas season in the pee Dee sunday by per forming Handel s most out standing oratorio the Mes As past years the which is underwritten annually by the Aiken foundation was attended by an audience which filled nearly every seat in the Sanctuary o f Florence s first Baptist Church. There. Stroy the Viet Cong Sanctuary for fee time since the in. Caption of the annual production j Here the Messiah featured i three male soloists and Only one female soloist. The soloists were sue Butler Mills Soprano Wil Liam d. Thomas jr., Tenor or. Adrian Ketcham Bass and James Weldon Norris counter Tenor. Norris chairman of the Divi Sion of humanities and acting Dean of the College of Liberal arts at Morris College in Sumter possesses unusual voice capabilities which allowed him to per form both counter Tenor parts and the slightly higher Alto sections with equal ease and Superior tonal Quality. In the Days of Handel male singers frequently Sang All solos of the but such a production is somewhat of a Pearl to see quiet Day Pearl Harbor a the 29th anniversary of the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor will be observed quietly Here monday. No ceremony is but representatives of several Pearl Harbor veterans associations will place wreaths at the Arizona memorial. A Navy spokesman said Cere monies arc held at the Arizona Only on memorial Day. The memorial is normally closed on mondays but will be open for the anniversary of. Scr acc. Shuttle boats each year take thousands of visit ors to the memorial Over the Minken battleship where More than men Are still entombed. Rarity today. See Messiah Page the South vietnamese also revealed that vietnamese Navy frogman recovered arms from the wreckage of a gun running ship that was intercepted and sunk by Allied naval vessels on nov. 22 off South Vietnam s Southeastern coast. About machine gun rounds 12 rocket launchers two assault riffles and a soviet made military Field radio were among the supplies extricated and the search for More sup a plies is continuing Saigon head quarters said. The . Command reported no significant ground fighting it said a swampy area of the air base at Cam Ranh Bay was hit by a few mortar rounds Sun Day morning. The second Shell ing against the base in a week caused no casualties or damage the command said. Muhammed All faces Bonavena on monday former heavyweight Champion my he timed All takes an Oscar Bona Vena monday night in a fight he sex peas to be the last toward a shot at his old title. Page 2-b. Reminiscences credited to Nikita Khrushchev Tell of the ouster of Lav anti Beria in Russia. Page 3-b. Sen. Edward Kennedy believes he has the votes to remain Senate majority whip. Page 7-a. Index classified 4b comics farm service men sports women 7b 5a 3a in 6a Howard Hughes in fighting Tough weather sunny and colder monday Clear and cold monday night. Tuesday sunny and warmer. High 50. Low 25. Details Page 2-a. The cambodian military com Mand reported in phenom penh that North vietnamese and Viet Cong forces hit a government outpost near Kampong Cham with a mortar attack followed by a ground assault. The com Mand said air support was called in but did not say whether the defenders gave up the outpost 47 Miles Northeast of i phenom penh. Police studying Hughes Las vegas Nev. A sheriff s deputies searched Howard Hughes Penthouse for possible clues to foul play sunday As in fighting got Tough for control of the billionaire re Cluse s Nevada Empire. A 10-Man Force of sheriff s deputies used a special key to get on to the ninth floor of the desert inn hotel where Hughes had lived in secrecy for four years. He left last month. Undersheriff Lloyd Bell said the search was prompted by continuing reports that foul play May have been involved in Hughes departure. The District attorney and others Here branded his foul play statement i the deputies searched most of the ninth floor and Bell said they found no Trace of Hughes nor any indication of where he might be. They did t have a warrant and the search ended at the locked doors of Hughes person Al room. On the basis of what we Bell said we have As much reason to believe foul play was involved As that it was Hughes who will be 65 Christ Mas eve left the Penthouse re treat the Day before thanksgiving. H. Oil refinery damaged Linden . A City officials said sunday they thought saboteurs touched off the giant Oil refinery explosion that injured 29 persons and caused damage in the millions in a crowded Urban area Satur Day night. An Anonymous Telephone caller told police beforehand that the refinery would Burn. Baby and afterwards a caller told a new York radio station that a revolutionary group was responsible. The Fri and slate police entered the Case and the investigation was proceeding under the Assumption that sabotage was involved at the huge refinery that had been the Cornerstone of the Standard Oil Empire founded by the late John d. Rockefeller. In the opinion of the com Manders of the police depart ment and in my own opinion we feel this was a deliberate act of mayor John Grego Rio said. The mayor said police were investigating reports from four or five residents that they saw a Light plane or helicopter directly Over the refinery about the time of the blast. He said however the witnesses disagreed b n whether they spotted the air Craft before or after the blast. Gregorio said it was possible an aircraft could have dropped something onto the refinery causing the blast. The Complex is located mid Way Between Newark Airport and a local air strip in Linden. 1 officials of Humble Oil he fining co., the Standard Succes Sor which operates the Esso re finery said equipment malfunction was also a possibility. Workmen apparently had no indication of trouble prior to the. Explosion in a Basic refining unit which feeds other parts of the Plant. Hydrogen under High pressure reportedly was Amons the volatile substances in that unit. A Spok Csan said it would take someone with some knowl Edge of refining to sabotage the Plant effectively unless he was very police said several leads were being checked. Six refinery employees were hospitalized but it was believed that most of the others injured were not Hurt seriously. Residents of the area Wen jolted severely. One Mike Sweeney 22. Said he Felt heat a mile and a half away from the acre refinery and de scribed the sight As a great fireball in the flames shot feet in the air. Windows were broken in Linden Elizabeth Slaten Island and dozens of nearby communities and the Shock was Felt with in a 40-mile radius. Three Humble office build continuing reports since have placed him in the Bahamas where some say he is vacation ing and others say he went on Mew tax proposal would boost american railroads Washington a american trains Are on a tax track which could give them a smoother financial they can get rolling. Heeding the Railroad lobby s plea that the carriers have been discriminated against for years the Senate nearly a year ago voted a tax Relief ticket with the Nixon administration s Blessing. But the carriers Haven t been Able to Start the final leg of the congressional journey and it s unclear whether or when they will. Now while the congressional work schedule centers on other legislative projects the House Commerce committee remains mum on whether the Bill should be sent on its Way to the White House Over the objections of Many local govern ments. Who else does t favor the idea Ralph Nader for one. The Busy consumer advocate claims it could deprive local communities of hundreds of Mil Lions of dollars in real estate taxes. And he asserts it would mean the Small taxpayer and Homeowner would be subsidizing trains and other regulated common carriers such As bus firms and the Oil pipeline Indus try. The tax agencies of 27 Stales which have jurisdiction Over assessment of Railroad property Are on record in opposition to the it is unnecessary and would restrict the Power of state Legislatures to classify property for arsement and taxation. Generally the Bill would make it an unlawful Burden on interstate Commerce for a state or locality to assess collect or impose a higher rate of properly tax on interstate carriers than other taxpayers. And it would allow an aggrieved interstate Carrier to bring suit in a Federal District court to Challenge the. Excessive portion of a state or local transportation property tax. In addition it would allow Stales three years after enact ment to adjust their practices and Laws. Thus argue the Bill s backers there would be no change in a stale s Freedom to tax its tax payers As Long As interstate carriers got equal treatment with everyone else. In the majority of states now granting equal treatment of All taxpayers contend the Bill s supporters state property tax assessments and rate would he touched in no Way by the Meas lire. And they argue even at the end of that three year adjust ment period no change would be required unless a Carrier proves in court that state discriminatory tax practices exist. However there could be a serious Revenue loss to some governmental units. And other problems could arise because stale compliance might in effect mandate either raising the assessment the taxes or both on other property. The railroads contend they have been assessed More than million in discriminatory taxes during the past nine years. Adding unfair state and local taxation of the transportation property of Oil pipelines motor carriers bus companies and the like brings the total to More than Al billion the Bill s backers say. Ings including the refinery Headquarters were heavily damaged. Linden mayor Gregorio said that refinery Security offi cers were notified at once after a Call was received at police Headquarters. The caller said listen Good. I m going to Tell you once. Esso was Lucky last week. Get it right the first time the refinery is Gonna Burn baby Burn. This time they re Gonna get it Good. Get that pig.1 the Call was received at . The explosion came at . After the blast a caller told station wins in new York that a group called the United socialist revolutionary front had set off three incendiary devices the refinery one of the larg est in the United states. Humble officials said the explosion occurred in a primary refining unit where crude Oil is first separated into gasoline Oil and other Basic components. These Basic products move on to other unite for further refining into finished products

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