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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 7, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaPage if the Florence morning news Florence s. A monday morning december 7, 1353 Santa flying Pup we Sci Hudgins Beau Sno Sis Henrietta s father lets her keep Willie the Little dog she found. Christmas is near and Henrietta is Happy with the Pup. But Willie cals so much and causes so much damage in the House Henrietta s father decides the family can t afford to keep him he takes him out of she House while Henrietta sleeps. Chapter three the Hunt for Willie when Henrietta woke the next morning the first thins she did was reach out her hand for we Iii. Willie Willie Here Willie but Willie did not come. Hen Rietta ran into the Kitchen where the Grandmamma was slicing stale bread for breakfast. Where ? Willie Graniri Myrna. Grandmamma said nothing. Hen Rietta ran to the grand papa who was trying to Start a fire to warm the Kitchen. Where s Willie. Have you seen grand papa said nothing. Henrietta s heart began to thump wildly. Her Viire trembled. Mother where is the Mother i id. Dot dressed dear. Breakfast is ready for Henrietta was filled with fear. "1 want my the father Ramr into the. Kitchen. He looked As though he had not slept that night. Here. he said tiredly. He Drew the Little girl to his Lap. I had to give Pic Don away child. He was eating All we had and chewing up our clothing Henrietta Tore herself away from the father s grasp. Tears ran Down her checks. He s All i Ever she "1 never have Good clothes or toys or any kind of Christmas or anything. All i Ever had was Willie and if there s no room Tor Willie in this House then there s no room for me with an awful Soli she rushed from the Kitchen. She put on her clothes and out of the House not even bothering to slam the door. Out in the Kitchen the old folks were sad. They could not eat the liitle food they had. The Mother began to weep. The father said. Shell be Back. Don t he dropped his head in hi.1 hands. What else could i or said heavily. I so a pour together they waited in the Kitchen Lor Henrietta to come Home. The morning passed Ami she did not return. The noon hour oame and no one ale. The after noon drilled by and no one left the House. Su11 Henna the did not come Home. At Twilight when they were about to despair the dour opened and Nanri there was Henrietta Whin end tired and strangely old laced she went to the father and said Jam sorry j so like so this morning father. I know you had to do what was Best or tears Camp to the father s eyes. He gathered Ilcyn Citta into his he s Oil i Ever she screamed. Or Sass Saufoi Burch roofing Supply company dial 7452 arms. Child he Whis iced. Suddenly he leaped irom is chair. Come with me we re going to get Willie Back. If there Oom in this House anyone guess there s room for All the family exclaimed will Xei tement and Relief. The Bright less and the wonderful Little Gir ook come Back into Henrietta s eyes. "1 gave Willie to or. Murphy the drugstore said the father i know he will give him hut when they went in the drug store or. Murphy Shook his head. The Pup chewed up my wife s Brand new marvelous Hal. After that slip could t stand the sight jewelled guest is mrs. Winston guest who scors Pear shaped Diamond Tiara and Diamond neck lace at the fan Ball for the children s memorial cancer fund in new York. Quick Loans Southern finance co. To dial 8434 288 w. Evans strict and no current Bate w o k r i open your insured sayings account in person or by Peoples Federal savings and loan association 44 tears of uninterrupted sen ice reserves Over six Hundred thousand dollars that we directed the funeral is to know it was one of impressive Beauty. Of him and i gave him to the Henrietta and the father rushed to the grocery store but the grocer Shook his head. That dog ate up Twenty dollars Worth of food from my shelves in one morning. 1 had to give him away to Tony the paper they found Tony and he said every time 1 threw a paper the Imp ran and brought it Back to me. I never could get my papers delivered. 1 save him to the Jani Tor in the apartment House on the they went to the janitor lie said. Sure you can have him Back. 1 have him locked in the Furru Ico but when the janitor opened the Furnace room tile Pup was gone. There was a broken window and anyone could plainly see Wil lie had run away from there and was gone forever. Marian year opens tuesday with Flowers to omit dec. Thou Sands of children Pope plus on tuesday will bring Flowers to the High columned Public statue of the Virgin Mary in Home s Spanish Square. He will thus begin Here the Marian year he proclaimed for the Homan Catholic world to Honor the Mother of Jesus upon the Cen Tenary of hip Dogma that pro claimed her immaculate Concep Tion. Hie famous Square at the foot of the ancient Stone Steps known to millions o tourists will be thronged with thousands As the pontiff approaches the White column topped by a in Mac statue of the Virgin Here Inch dec. 8, feast Day of the immaculate con caption. Rome s school children bring their offerings of Flowers. This year the Date begins n year Long crusade of prayers and pilgrimages at great and Little shrines dedicated to Mary through out the world to seek her spiritual Aid in today s problems. From the Brief ceremony in the Spanish Square the Pope will go to Home s most important ref More than 80 churches dedicated to the Basilica of St. Mary major known also As the Church of St. Mary of the snows. There again in the midst of thousands of children the 77-Vear old pontiff will recite for time the prayer he has composed for the Marian year. The Aims of the Marian year include prayers for in end of hatred an end of persecution of the Church in communist dominated lands an end of social and class strife and the be ginning of peace. Thus surrounded by the children of Lime the pontiff May give thought to his own Youthful years. It was in St. Mary major Basilica. Before an ancient painting of the Virgin that Eugenio Pacilli. Then a newly ordained priest said his first mass on april 3, .1890. He was then 23. Std Denoth funeral Home ski off wwhi5251 Florence Mexico looking up in Reform of land by Jamks m. Long Rome dec. 6 i Mexico Pio Neer in modern land Reform has Given evidence that subdivision of Large estates causes neither Rural poverty nor lowered crop production. Partly because1 of Mexico s rec Ord the 7th world conference of the . Food and agriculture organization voted last week to make Mexico City the permanent site of its latin american land re form research Center. Hamon Hestela. Ambassador to Home and head of Mexico s Dele gation said we have increased our Cotton production from Bales to fifty per cent of that is on lands subdivided in our Agra Rian Reform the ambassador explained in an interview that Mexico began land m foun in some sections after the 1si10 revolution and on a National after 1917. Ours is inc Only he said where land Reform is guaranteed under a constitutional upend Mcnol. Under our system land Reform also is perpetual. That is every new generation is guaranteed its share of our Morris e. Dodd retiring Fao general director told the Confer ence nov. 27 there was no Point in destroying an efficient estate through expropriation to create an agricultural slum. Dodd s revolutionary ideas on agrarian Reform were based on his Long service As . Undersecretary of agriculture and five years As Fao head. Dodd said the problem is making the new Small Farmers Strong economically technically and Intel nevertheless the entire mexican delegation was enthusiastic at the unanimous support Fao s Dele Gates from 70 countries have Given at the present conference for land Reform measures. The new latin american re search Center was agreed upon last Spring at a meeting of Fao nations in Central and South America held in Brazil. The mexican delegation explained that the Center would Deal not Only with syster. For the breaking Down of Large estates in land re division but with the broader aspects of the problem land tenure rents Extension of credits and educational Beteta said Mexico is steadily increasing her food production to assure an improved diet for her people and produce an increased exportable surplus. For years most of Mexico s Export Trade has gone to North Amer Uii because it is easier because North America has much of the wheat and manufactured products Mexico wants to buy and because South America offers a Small mar Ket since it produces virtually the same crops As Mexico. Corn is a major crop but there is no exportable surplus even though production has been greatly increased. That is because mex Ico is a Corn eating country and her population increasing at 3 per cent a year keeps abreast of her increasing Corn production. That 3 per cent is almost double the world s average population gain. Sale of gamblers Stamps has 3 spots As Safe bet Washington dec. G a rce ords made Public by the internal Revenue service on the Sale of gamblers occupation tax Stamps today would seem to indicate that two areas in tile United states and the hawaiian islands Are completely devoid of professional bling. Revenue districts where there were no sales at All in fiscal 1953 were lower Manhattan in new York City Honolulu and Augusta Maine. The Augusta District covers the whole state of Maine. All of the hawaiian islands Are included in the Honolulu office. On the other hand the record of gamblers stamp sales from july through june 30, 1953, indicated that the state of Washington and the territory of Alaska were the most openly gambling minded of the nation s 04 Revenue districts. The Revenue service re port on sales of the wagering Stamps said of the Stamps were sold in fiscal 1953 in the Seattle District which takes in the stale of Washington and alas a. Four other districts sold More Ohan 3.000 Stamps during the year. These Wen. Chicago including upper Illinois where of the Stamps were sold new Orleans including the stale of Louisiana where 1.088 were sold Springfield 111. Including lower Illinois where were sold Springfield 111., including lower Illinois where gambling Stamps were sold and Indianapolis including the stale of Indiana where sales amounted to 1.037. Congress first ordered professional gamblers to buy the Stamps two years ago mainly As a result of the Senate crime committee hearings which depicted organized gambling As being a main High Way to crime. All persons who make their living from gambling or engage in it for profit Are sup posed to buy the stamp giving the Revenue service their name address place of business and justness records. In addition to the occupation air Hort so Eltiy har old tin Lott Tylli senator in Washington that u. S. Supply o titanium a Lough new Lloil weight Metal used in building fatter than Ploney it woefully Tal boil Tett Ifird j a seat Interior Lub conv i Millne studying the Avaria i Billy of trill col malt Riali. Shaky Empire giving British leaders fits London. Dec. 6 Tel prime minister Churchill s government is fighting a Tough Home front scrap Over handling of the nationalist turmoil shaking Britain s colonial Empire. Ducking brickbats hurled by the party. Colonial Secretary Oliver Lyttelton declares he is sticking to his Law and order policy. The 60-year-old former business wizard believes the colonies can Prosper and win Independence within the Commonwealth Only by closely following the program Laid Down by in Inion. But labovites who Back Britain s basically Liberal colonial policy Are entering their attacks on Lyttel ton s methods. They accused him of alienating native Peoples through Clumsy and dictatorial handling of the rising Black rationalism in Africa and the Way he tackled the leftist government of South America s British Guiana. Conservative party rebels have joined the attack Liy lambasting the government for opening a Way in egyptian control of Britain s canal base and the Sudan. The latest barrage against centers on the ousting of the King of Uganda. A 211-year-old Cambridge educated n Tesiro chieftain who bucked Brit Ivlin plans to keep his to Iri Loiry is Jurt of the Kasl african Usunda Hie colonial Secretary acted while the Lobo iltis got ready to plunge monday into a full dress stuck in the House of cd Timons on suspension of the British Guiana Constitution. This was done when the med tinged was turd on charges of planning i coup. Purl to flick is he Only land in dry the u. S. Flag on which Columbus let stamp Congress also directed gamblers to pay an excise tax of 10 per cent of their total take. This amounted to Only in fiscal 1952 when the tax was operative Only part of the year. But the Revenue report said excise gambling collections More than doubled in fiscal 1953, amounting to there was no comparison with the year be fore for the number of gambling Stamps sold but the Dollar take from the gambling Stamps at Tor fiscal 1953 was virtually unchanged from fiscal 1952. There was no state and tax District breakdown Cor gambling excise tax collections. Butting into the act is highly groomed while Goat Mascot of the Royal Welch Fusiliers Honor guard for the arrival of French Premier Joseph Laniel at the Airport at Tucker s town Bermuda. The Goat receives a Pat on head from British prime minister sir Winston Churchill. Lan Iel Churchill and president Dwight Eisenhower Are participating in the big three conference. I i i i a radio photo self styled red spy unable to recall Pearson testimony Washington Der. G we Elizabeth Bentley self styled former soviet spy said today she was unable to recall whether she had Given Senate investigators any Tes Timony about Canadian foreign minister Lester b. Pearson. Statements recently have been made in Canada that the Senate internal Security subcommittee might name Pearson As one of several canadians accused of sup plying information to a red spy ring during world War ii. David Croll a member of parliament charged As did the Toron to Star that an attempt was being made to blackmail the Cana Dian government into agreeing to let the subcommittee question Igor Gou Zynko former soviet code in Ottawa. Robert Morris subcommittee counsel retorted that the naming of Pearson had never been contemplated by the Senate probes. He declined comment however formally engaged to marry Are Jack Dempsey for Mer world heavyweight boxing Champion known to fight fans As the Manassa mauler and his Bride to be mrs. Harmo spen cer Auguste of Palm Beach Fla. They Are at the Waldorf As Toria hotel in new York after announcing their engagement. Mrs Auguste is wearing an engagement Irish politician claims hell go to jail naked Belfast Northern Ireland. Dec. 6 political leader1 elected by the Northern Ireland parliament. William Kelly 32. Was in a Belfast jail tonight and his friends fear he May be naked. It s dully. Kelly elected to parliament by the mid Tyrone District was convicted Friday on charges of making editions speeches in his election Campaign. He is an ardent anti partition St wanting Brit ish authorities to get out of North Ern Ireland and demanding Union of the country within the Irish Republic. The court tried to make it easy for him by offering to drop proceedings on condition that Kelly agree to keep the peace for five years. He refused to make any premises telling the court you May hold me in your gaols but you will hold me Kelly was taken off to the Bel fast prison and friends tonight could not determine whether he had carried out his threat to undress and stay that Way. On published reports that the sub committee received closed door testimony from miss Bentley in 1951 naming Pearson As a War time source of information. Miss Bentley was asked today on Abc television program meet the if she had Given such testimony about Pearson. I m she replied i can t remember All the testimony i have Pearson. When asked about the matters recently said i need Only to Sav that insofar As it re fers to the department of external Bryan switches papers Cleveland dec. 6 Bryan editor of the Atlanta ga., journal and president of the Amer ican society of newspaper editors will become editor of the Cleve land Plain dealer on Jan. 1, the Plain dealer has announced. The 48-year-old Bryan editor of tile journal since 1945, will succeed Paul Bellamy retiring after 25 years As Plain dealer editor. James Saxon Childers now associate editor of the Courtial will replace Bryan. Bermuda is named for its Span ish discoverer Juan de Bermudez. In 1950 for the first time More than half of u. S. Citizens were women. Affairs or myself it is false to the Point of the subcommittee finally agreed last week to accept the Canadian government s terms for an inter View with and asked that a secret meeting be arranged. Chairman Jenner Rind has said the subcommittee wants to find out if Guzenko has any in formation that might Lead to uncovering a new spy ring in miss Bentley said she presumes there still Are soviet spies in the government but she said she has no personal knowledge of any. Miss Bentley first went to the Fri in november. 1945, to her espionage activities and since., has been a frequent witness before congressional investigators. She bristled when asked what led her to turn she said she did t like that term adding that she and other sex communists who had told of their activities were trying to help this government and were not just being the program was filmed in and Vance. This was done it was explained to allow miss Ben Llcy to return in time for her classes tomorrow at the College of the sacred heart in grand Coteau. La., where she teaches Romance languages and american govern ment. Free gifts sup South Irby Street Cannon Bath towels Loii pops Candy bars 288c 5 for join our club Al South Carolina National Bank member . Auto quiz for new car buyers which car has covered All 48 states at an operating Cost As Low As this less than one cent a mile Aero Willys of course Cox motors inc. 181 e. Chives St. Florence. S. 0. Dial 6381 vent Lite custom venetian blinds aluminium awnings Bir boo match Stark Ami Roll tips sales service Lynn Debriac special on cleaning dial 7024 Utsey s s polenta Florence we make Rea estate Loans it Tuttoi Marlon of that wow to item both Root for Littow m us tour Rion Timmy National finance corp. Ill Dargon do 71 s How much should a funeral Cost there we who a Straw that funeral based ability to pay. Is not Welcome an Opportunity to acquaint Yon with our funeral prices which Are plainly marked and within Range of All and services provided with a funeral. My Mowra of the National selected morticians in inter nation association of funeral directors of High ideals ethical and business integrity meet definite High standards of your inquiries Art we Coard. Dial Mil m Waters funeral Homi h years of service 490 9mnh emf fam

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