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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 6, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaSelection for Ballet concert Rick Nigels and Vicki Sprague make music by the sea they collaborate on Nigels composition to be performed by civic Ballet do it yourself craftsmen a Little lumber and Little Talent produces some remarkable things by Fred Meade morning news staff writer would you like a new dining room Hutch. A new boat. Or maybe you would like to have a new bedroom suit All it takes is a Little time some lumber and a Little imagination. Well maybe you la have to add a Little Talent too but that will come with time. Since time began Man has produced what he needs. And Over the years Man s rate of production has shifted from the craftsman s single endear or made with care and patience to achieve perfection to the mass production of the As Sembly line. Some people in the pee Dee have not been satisfied with the products that come rolling Stoff photo by Johnny Ellis John Owen put 300 hours into the carving of the clock Case the Case made of plywood is finished in an antique Bronze off the Assembly line and More and More of them have surrounded themselves w i t h things they have made them selves. My wife wanted a new to William d. Blanton said so i took some old lumber i had and made Blan ton s table is a solid Maho Gany dining room table the lines Are simple but the work is apparently flawless. Sitting in an obscure Cor Ner of the Blanton s living room is a Small table. It is of unusual drop Leaf design and is constructed of 26 Dif Ferent Woods. The legs Are made of layers of Wood each different glued together and then shaped and finished. The top is an intricate pattern of inlaid Woods. Blanton said it took him two years working off and on to make the table. Blanton who lives at 513 w. Cedar st., and he is always trying something new or finn ing new ways to do things and when i get tired of one thing i go on to an his new things have included furniture inlaid tables Kitchen cabinets cutting boards ceramics and wrought Iron to name just a few. I want to do a lot More work in he said Antici Pating the Day he retires and can spend All his time trying new things. Of it was fun. .1 always wanted to make a is the Way mrs. W. Ii. Jeffers of packet rd., explains Why she built a 10-foot, Flat Bottom fishing boat. The boat made especially for the Jeffers family s use on Black Creek is constructed of Inch Marine plywood with Copper tubing for reinforcing and fibreglass tape to cover the exterior seams. Mrs. Jeffers said the material in the boat Cost about and took a Little less than 40 hours to make. Mrs. Jeffers 92-year-Ojd father Samuel Hugh Ervin supervised the construction of the boat. Mrs. Jeffers said he was delighted when i said i wanted to make a or. Ervin who still lives in the old family Home on packet re. Is an old hand at boat building. In the 30s, during the heart of the depression he made boats similar to the one he he said the boats were made of Cypress and i loaded up three or four of them on a trailer and carried them to Columbia and sold them for a he went on to say that the boats supplemented the income he received from farming. Guitarist surprised that anyone would want to perform his work by Joellen Parham As the slender sensitive fingers of 17-year-old Fredrick Eugene Rick Nigels skim skilfully Over his g u i t a r strings producing the piquant and simultaneously poignant tones of his own t h e distinct impression is that music could As easily be a vocation As Well As an Avoca Tion. Young Nigels son of or. And mrs. Fred Nigels of Myrtle Beach will perform h i s original work for the first time before an audience during the Christmas concert of the Florence regional civic Ballet which opens f r i d a y. An equally original dance has been choreographed and will be performed to Nigel s theme by miss Vicki Sprague. Although Nigels insists that music is strictly a the basically self taught guitarist shows considerable ability and a definite understanding of the technical Side of music. Without formal training in guitar but utilizing musical essentials gleaned from a few years of piano lessons and a few months of cello instruction Nigels has through conscientious practice Learned to play the instrument Well Slu mtr item in Section d Page 1 sunday december 6, 1970 and even begun composing his own music. The dedicated theme is actually the first com position he has perfected Nigels said adding that he was frankly very surprised anyone asked me to perform it before an the theme which Nigels describes As a sort of composite of every thing i be Ever heard plus a modern Smith american started out As just a lot of i did t really Sil Down with the idea of i t i n g the Myrtle Beach High school senior modestly admits. Perhaps had it not been for the persistent prodding of two close friends who recognized the potential of dedicated theme the composition might never have been exposed to the Public. In fact Nigels claims he would have probably forgotten about the piece altogether had it not been for mrs. E. T. K. Sprague and her daughter. Vicki. But the spragus. Who were vacationing at Myrtle Beach last summer heard a ids play he Dur ing a get together. I had heard snatches of it. Miss Sprague said and just loved it. 1 was think ing at first of it in terms of an orchestration. 1 wanted to get someone to work an arrange ment and have it a Little later she began to consider the theme seriously As background for a modern Ballet composition of her own. It took some convincing miss Sprague quickly added. When i told him that i wanted to ask him some thing. I think he knew what it was before i asked because he said eventually f e m i n i n e Wiles won out and the two began to work out technical differences in their Media. Before the theme was sort of a personal Nigels explained. I had never played it the same Way. Now with the choreography the piece had to be exactly the san each performance. It was a Good experience that involved a lot of self Hick had Learned to play it beat by beat rather than phrase by m i s s Sprague interjected. But i m very pleased with the result. The dance is the first one that 1 have Ever Felt completely satisfied ii k k choreography la dedicated theme is essentially classic real Ballet with just a touch of modern dance such As an upturned Palm rather than an out turned miss Sprague said. The music told me what 1 wanted to do it s a Beautiful piece 1 think that could go she added. As far As a work of Art there is no doubt in my mind that it is. T am so pleased that i am Able to play a part in its although extremely interested in music like his physician father who played the French Horn with the Charleston symphony during his medical College Days Young Nigels is w o r k i n g toward a career in Medicine. He has been accepted by the College of Charleston for l971 72 and plans to go on to the see guitarist Page id staff photo by Johnny Ellis Smauel Hugh Ervin 92, instructs daughter in Art of boat building Ervin made boats similar to the one above during the depression hands and construct things As much today As they did when she was growing up. She feels this Early creativity teaches a person to think and be imaginative. Mrs. Jeffers next project is the construction of jogging boards for some of her friends. A jogging Board is a 16-foot Long Leaf heart Pine that is suspended Between two jogging posts about three feet off the ground. Or. Jeffers also inherited her knowledge of jogging boards from her father. Ervin said reminiscing by that the jogging boards were indu Sive to falling in love. Two people would get on the Board and Joggle up and Down and they would be drawn closer and closer he said i never would have gotten married if it had t been for the jogging people work with words for almost As Many reasons As there Are things to build some build to Burn up extra Energy for others to meet needs and for some it is the desire to create. For Kevin r. Humphries of 1225 King st., it is the de sire to create. And this Hob by has also served to fill his spare time Humphrey has built and still docs build Ham radio sets electric organs sail boats. The list is endless. Scalf Phon by Sonny a mlle weigh cupboard Hutch is one of Kevin r. Humphries first pieces of furniture he designed the dining room table with Lazy Susan Center in foreground mrs. Jeffers said she started working with Wood at a very Early age. She made her own doll furniture when she was a child and later made doll furniture for her children. She laments the fact teen agers Don t work with their Sec craftsmen 1 Igic Humphries says he built his first piece of real Furni Tunc 15 years ago. It was a stiff by Sonny Smith William d. Branton worked two years on this ornate table top the pattern effect achieved by using 28 different kinds of Wood

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