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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 6, 1953, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather Cloudy today with ending to night. Fair cooler monday. High c6, Low 42. Details Page 4-b. Published in the heart of the pee Dee richest farm area in the Palmetto state Reader s tip preview of who of Florence basketball Given in Dtta ii by Coo i Richard Tavell. So 1-b. Vol. 261 Florence s. C., sunday morning december 6, 1953 daily 6c sunday Loe weekly it new dec. 5-m asked witness who described him self As a lithuanian Catholic priest and a victim of red terrorism in 1941, testifies before the House Baltic committee Here today. He declined o identify himself As he said he had relatives still in Lithuania. The committee is probing the soviet occupation of the Baltic states. A wire photo masked Man tells of Baltic terrors Mew York. Dec. 5 i was slammed against the Wall and House Baltic committee today produced a Man in a Black mask with a searing tale of terror at the hands the communist invaders of Lithuania. The dramatic mystery witness identified himself Only As a Catho Lic priest. To give even his pres ent address might jeopardize rela Tives still in Lithuania he said. The Man s eyes were hidden be Hind a Black mask. A Black Scarf covered his . A Black Trench coat completed his somber cos tume. His muffled voice matched his attire and the horror of his Story told to the congressional commit tee investigating the occupation of the Baltic states by soviet Russia. He was arrested he said in Jan uary 1941, charged with influencing his parishioners not to vote in an election to name lithuanian deputies to the soviet supreme Council. In the prison to which i was he said the other inmates and i were subjected to brutish and utterly inhuman treatment. We were pistol whipped slugged kicked and Eye gouged. My time after time under this treat ment i collapsed into unconscious Ness. My jailers alternated torture and interrogation sometimes when they themselves needed sleep they would throw me into solitary confinement in an under ground cell. One of these periods lasted for eight Days during which time they gave me neither food nor the witness said that once he was locked for eight hours in a wooden Box like a coffin so Small i could neither Kneel nor sit much less fall and on another i was stripped to my underwear and locked for 20 hours in a room half filled with be said the interrogation period lasted 18 Days and that about half Way through it his tormentors thrust five sheets of Blank in front of him and made him sign. I can now realize How they obtained the so called confession of Cardinal he said. Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty was sentenced to a life term in Hun Gary after conviction on treason sex cuban Leader shocked after revolt arrest Miami fla., dec. 5 iffy Cuba s exiled former president Carlos Prio Socarras declared himself shocked and surprised today by his arrest by United states officials on a charge of conspiring to Send to Cuba for a revolution he denied the charge but said he would have no further state ment until he and his attorney Robert l. Floyd a Florida Legisla Tor could read the indictment re turned by a Federal grand jury in new York. A copy is expected Here monday. James l. Guilmart u. S. At Sornev Here said the implication is quite Clear that these munitions were to be used for a revolution in arrested with Prio who is 50, was his former Interior minister Segundo Curti 43. They were taken into custody yesterday booked and fingerprinted at the Federal build ing and released on Bond of 000 and respectively. The charge against them was conspiring to Export and in states without a License. Maximum punishment upon conviction is five years imprisonment or a Fine or both. Prio and Curti must answer the charge in new York. It was expected they would make their appearance there tuesday unless there is a request for a postpone ment. French chief suddenly 111 As big 3 mull Over three twisters windstorm surge through three states Vicksburg miss., dec. 5 death dealing tornadoes bounced through Mississippi Louisiana and Arkansas tonight leaving death and destruction behind. The dead in the Wake of the multiple twisters numbered at least six and injured exceeded 100. Some reports placed deaths As 12, including 1c at Vicksburg. The worst of three reported twisters smashed downtown Vicks Burg demolishing a theater full of boys and girls enjoying a sat urday night movie. At least six persons were killed along its Nar Row path. Another Tornado struck at Mont Rose ark., and first reports said two children were missing. A third Tornado blasted the communities of ouachita City Rocky Branch and Spencer near Monroe in Northern Louisiana injuring 11 persons. No deaths were reported. A violent windstorm struck a farming Section 10 Miles West of the Vicksburg blow came out had been dreadfully still and hot Clarksdale persons. Miss., injuring seven air raid set today tests Goc South Carolina s ground observer corps will get its first major test today when the civil air Patro cooperates in a mock air raid on the state. Col. A. A. Pate of Florence com Mander of the South Carolina Cap Wing said last night that 20 planes would Fly sorties out of Columbia and Orangeburg from 1 . To 5 ., winging Over go ground observer posts now being manned. The planes will cover territory roughly bounded by Aiken Cam Den Orangeburg and Columbia to tile coast. Purpose of the mock attack is give ground observer personnel experience in spotting planes. Once a plane is sighted today observers will give a report to the air Force filter Center at Atlan a. Observers will be expected to offer information on the direction of flight Altitude and Type of plane. Each Post has a direct Telephone Ine to the filter Center. The Post at Florence has been authorized but is not manned at present. Col. Fate said ground observers Are expected to spot Low flying planes that May slip through the intricate radar network along the coast of the United Stales. The Cap will have approximate 60 men and women in action flying the planes operating Mobile and fixed radio Hook and pro general information. More Han 300 ground observers Are expected to participate. Washington dec. 5 we the White House with sen. Mccarthy a wis challenging its tally As far .00 Low today announced receipt of telegrams and letters n response to Mccarthy s write he president plea. Murray Snyder assistant presidential press Secretary gave out he figures As of 1.1 a.m., est and said Western Union reported a backlog of wires yet to a ele typed to the White House he said a Check of the telegrams showed supporting Mccar thy s demand for an end to u. S. Aid to allies which Trade with red Hina and backing Eisen Nower s stand that coercion would harm Western Unity. Snyder said there was no breakdown on the letters As yet. Of an eerie Early Nightfall silently and viciously so that residents of Vicksburg Only Short distances from its path did not realize what was happening. All 1 heard was a slight said mrs. Charles Faulk who lives my six blocks from the Lance like Swath Cut by the storm. I had noticed a queer glow in the sky but did t think anything of it. It All from downtown Vicksburg the twisting funnel roared up in a mighty hop and struck again wit i less Force in a residential District. It snapped All electric Power blanketing the City with darkness which was relieved Only by the flickering flames of a dozen fires started by the storm. White House has far too Low claims Joe nor he said had it been determined whether any mail came in As a result of an Appeal started yesterday by the Toledo Blade to voice support of Eisenhower s for eign policy. Up to Midnight Friday the Blade said it had received Calls from backing Eisenhower and 324 hacking Mccarthy. Dickenson in hurry big Stone Gap va., dec. 5 Iff Edward s. Dickenson the Soldier who first refused repatriation from a korean prison Camp and then changed his mind was married today to a girl he had never dated until a week ago. The Bride was miss Lottie Kate Laney 21. Immediately after the ceremony Dickenson 23, announced he would not reenlist in the . Skinny Tribune Lone edition of Goth mites new Zotik dec. 5 m a Skinny sunday edition of the her Ald Tribune went on the Street tonight and was quickly snap pc up by new yorkers who had gon without major newspapers sine last monday. An eight Page Nickel edition with no advertising started flow ing to the City s Long empty news stands shortly after 6 . The Herald Tribune planned to run upward of two million copes More than triple its Normal sunday circulation. This would Supply approximately one of every Bur potential buyers. I bar of secrecy covers decision on 4-Way talks Tucker s town Ber Miclon dec. 5 remier Laniel absented him because of a real h diplomatic Tom the second session of the Bermuda conference tonight. President Eisenhower and prime minister Churchill carried on in the presence of Laniel s stand in Voth arguments for French ratify of the european Reaty. A French spokesman said la lick and a chill and was under the Are of Churchill s personal phys Ian. But news photographers saw Imil Only five hours before the meeting looking Well and affable trolling outside the Gale of the of surely guarded mid Ocean club there the big three Are Confer ing. He was respected at tonight s session by foreign minister geor is Bidault. A bar of towered Over he proceedings As the conference aimed to the delicate european defense Community pact prevented newsmen from learning Whethe the big two and Bidault Hai affirmed a reported decision of the Western foreign ministers to accept a russian bid to a four Power of t Len ministers meeting in Berli in late january. This decision along with anole plan of the foreign ministers get Yugoslavia and Italy into five Power meeting to Settle the Trieste problem is the main re suit of the conference thus far. Lanicia who docs not speak eng wish let Bidault do All the talking for France at the first meeting yesterday. Labor chief plans the Law changes of plans pilotless bombers to Span oceans at Jet Speed Washington dec. 5 us the air Force is working on at least to pilotless bomber models As it lushes re scratch toward develop ment of guided missiles that can accurately Span an Ocean. But before tree guided missiles of Range can be ready Man Ned Long Range rocket bombers of ant attic speeds May be in use As an interim weapon. Latest of these experimental weapons is the Northrop xb62, called the snark after the myth Cal creature in the tale by Lewis Carroll and officially designated As bomber the air Force declined today to state school segregation Case in High court monday Columbia s.c., dec. 5 South Carolina will defend its constitutionally required segregated four states face court in 2nd heat Washington dec. 5 if supreme court on monday begins the second round of Oral arguments on the momentous Issue of whether it. Should declare the Sepa ration of negro and White pupils in Public schools unconstitutional. While directly involved Are Only four states and the District of Columbia Legal authorities assume that any final decision against segregation in those areas would mean the end of dual Public school systems throughout the country. The stale of Virginia one of the litigants in the cases to be argued monday tuesday and wednesday says the custom of segregation is followed in a third of nil the states. Thus the debate starting Mon Day nil croon it Likely to involve wore historic potentialities than that has Ukon piano before the High tribunal since former Gnu. Earl Warren of California mounted the Bench oct. S under n recess appointment As chief fus Public school system before the . Supreme court monday. Successful twice in the lower courts the state will argue for final reaffirmation of the High court s 57-year-old principle that segregated schools Are constitutional if facilities Are equal. Appealing the state s Victory he fore special three judge Federal courts in a Case arising in the Summerton school District of Clar Endon county is the National association for the advancement of coloured people. The a act contends the 14th amendment to the Federal Constitution adopted after the War be tween the states makes integrated schools necessary. The amendment promises equal Protection of the re arguments monday counters Law to All citizens. South Carolina joining with Vir Ginia in the first of five similar eases called up by the court for that framers of the amendment and most of the adopting Stales never contemplated its being used is the basis for abolishing Segre gated schools. The High court heard the Appeal last december then in june called for on the Point til what was intended by the 14th a amendment. It also asked for suggestions on How integration be handled if it orders White Nanri negro pupils mixed. The a act will ask that Isle Grallin if ordered be handled by special referee to take testimony and make a decision applicable to All five cases. The other cases Are from Kansas Delaware and the District of Columbia. South Carolina and Virginia will argue instead that if segregation is overthrown the cases should be referred to the originating courts for disposition according to local conditions. Relying on the equal but sep Arate facilities doctrine South Carolina has embarked on a 178 million Dollar construction pro Gram to equalize school facilities for negroes. The state also saw its voters in 1952 approve overwhelmingly a pending state constitutional Amend ment to eliminate a requirement that taif Slute must mint Iii free Public schools. The general Assembly must ratify this to make it effective. The lawmakers Are wailing on a decision from the court before act ing. The effect of ratification would be to give full school control to the legislature. It then could close the schools or arrange to hand the system Over to private interests that presumably would not be affected by an inter Nylon decision. The school equalization program has been completed in the sum Merlon District in compliance with the orders of two Peela Federal District courts. The Clarendon Case was initiated in by n petition from negro parents to the District trustees. The refused to comply with the demand that negro Stu dents be admitted to White schools even though negro facilities admittedly were inferior. J. Waties Waring then Federal District judge at Charleston tossed out an attempt to bring this mat tar into court. But in doing so he suggested that a correctly brought suit might directly at outlawing segregation. A suit with this was brought and heard in 1951 by Waring and two other judges. They decided 2-1, for segregation. Waring dissenting said segregation in the state s schools must be ended when this decision was appealed by the a act the supreme court promptly sent the Case Buck on the ground that the record was incomplete. So in 1952 the three judge re tired in the meantime was re placed by Armstead Doble of the fourth circuit court of appeals met again and unanimously sustained segregation and approved equalization Progress at summer ton to that time. H is this decision that was argued a year ago before the supreme court and that again will be heard monday. South Carolina s 1895 Constitution separate schools for Whites and negroes. In 1dg8, the male s reconstruction Constitution said schools should be free and open to All. Regardless of race or it did not ban separate schools. Give additional details. But there is speculation that the snark is a Jet powered Craft with Range de signed As something beyond that of tactical missiles. It Apper Antly car Ries its own navigational and Hom ing in systems operating without a Remote control Mother plane. The air Force for some time has been conducting extensive tests wit i another surface to surface weapon the Martin Jet powered and launched from a ramp these pilotless bombers Are being fired Over a Cross water test Range. Bubbling end trip to Windy City by a staff writer Columbia dec. 5 bubbling with accounts of their trip to Chi Cago South Carolina s top 4-h members arrived Home from the Windy City today. The group made up of 12 of the pee Dee s most outstanding 4-Hcrs, arrived at Columbia s picture Page of 4-h activities at National Congress on Page 11-b. Union station at . Pied Mont delegates got off earlier at Spartanburg. The delegates won their Way to the 32nd National 4-h Congress by excelling in various statewide projects of the farm youth Organiza Tion. J. T. Rogers District boys 4-h agent of Florence described the delegation As one of the finest and most cooperative groups Ever sent to the Congress from South Carolina. The Congress cited one pee Dee member Patricia Martin of Chesterfield As a National Winner in recreation and Rural arts. Other pee Dee delegates All state win ners included Gladys Wiggins and Waterman Anderson of Florence county Jac Kie Privette and Wilson Huntley of Darlington county Gwen Atkin son of Mullins Etna Mae Mccaskill of Bishopville Russell Mellette it Turbeville Vivian Ruthven of Hebron Shelby Jean Martin of Chesterfield Graham Pritchard Sarah Jones and Margaret Davis of Sumter county. Community Chest pushes to 69 per cent of goal despite delays in completing solicitation of several Large employee groups contributions to the Florence Community Chest continued to filter in during the last week. The total Coller led or pledged is or slightly Vire Tii Nii 63 per cent of the goal. Joining Sears hoc Buck and co. In the exclusive 100 per cent tin ploy participation the week were f. Group during w. Wool Ortli co., colonial stores Superior Auto insurance co., Stephenson finance co., j. Penney co., american bakeries co. And Mccown Smith co. Employees of these concerns contributed a total of exclusive of the amounts contributed by negro employees which appears in Tho final figures for the negro division of the drive. Final to polls also were Oban Lnch from the Public school division which totalled sfi.10 an increase of nearly Over lust your. The various schools contributed As Fol lows Briggs s23, Loyall Mcken 553, Junior High Harllee s155, and Mcclenaghan High with about 75 major gift cards still unreported and with no report from the negro division and with several employee groups still being solicited Chest officials were some what less downcast last night but weren t radiating optimism about the prospects of reaching the goal set for the drive. Headquarters for the Chest will be moved to the boy scout offices in Ilic courthouse. For the convenience of workers who still have funds to turn in reports May also in left at the office of Julian Wes ton of the Brooks Weston Agency or it the office of or. W. R. Mead 243 s. Irby St. The major gifts division of the drive has turned in Cash and pledges amounting to the women s division and the general men s division list your the women s division accounted Tor Parade to try again with fingers crossed members of the chamber of Commerce announced last night they had set 4 p. M. Monday for Florence s Christmas Parade an event almost marked off after a downpour of rain Friday. James a self said plans As to the units to be in the line of March were incomplete. However kiddies take heart. Santa clans will be there if he has to go it alone. Self said it still was Uncertain what bands could be obtained and what floats would be available. He and members of his committee continually harried by Telephone Calls from Young and old alike last night were working feverishly attempting to Complete plans. The Parade will of necessity be self said. However we Are going to do All possible for the Young sters. We will help Santa Glaus put in an there was further Good news. Self reported that Florence s new Christmas lighting would be turned on for the Parade. One final word if it Rains tomorrow that will be that. Or. Weatherman beware. Washington dec. 3 of labor James p. Mitchell s drafting proposed changes in which May differ Little from those made by former Secretary Martin Durkin. Mitchell is keeping mum on his views however and is preparing them As recommendations which he would like president Eisen Hower to adopt and Send along to Congress. The problem of revising the Law has become so complicated that Eisenhower probably will give Only Send up a later. Special labor message Mitchell a schooled in businessman Well labor management problems is known to be drafting recommendations on three main subjects Taft Hartley the fair labor standards act and the employment Security Laws. Tart Hartley fixes the ground rules for labor management relations and disputes. The standards act provides for a 75-cent hourly minimum wage for millions of workers and for overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 a week. Passing reference to it in his main the Security Laws govern the in mate of the Union message to i employment compensation system Congress in january and then run by the various states. Rocky mount n. A dec. 5-first flight at the controls ended with a damaged plane after Tony Hammond 13, right took Over As the Pilot was outside twirling the propeller. Ilane roared off by itself and Tony flew for 15 minutes before Landing safely. Nervous Richard Floyd left was aboard for his first plane ride. A wire photo Impromptu flight makes hero of 13-year-old lad Rocky mount n.c., dec. 5 we 13-year-old Schoolboy without voting experience today flew a runaway private plane while Doz is at fear Frozen spectators and an ambulance waited be w for a crash. But Tony Hammond put the Ane Down with Only minor Dame and no injury to himself or s horrified passenger Richard Loyd who was on his first plane de. As related by l. P. Broadfield Onsager of a Rocky mount air Ort Hammond was at the con ols of the Piper cub with his of on the brakes while the Pilot ill Lam Gail her was outside twirl g the propeller to Start the Enne. Suddenly the engine caught and the plane raced Down a run a and took to the air. Hammond made three passes by re Landing and come Down on the St Quarter of the Field at full i Rottle in a ported approach lie in deliberately ground looped to 10 Lett the left Wlna catching n May Light and then Cut the Witch. Brond fed investigation towed the plane s throttle Cable was broken in the full throttle to. Sit Ion and uncontrollable. The youngster circled the air port for a Quarter hour while 3 crowd gathered below and an ambulance was called. Then he pointed the nose Down for a Landing. The plane struck a Landing Light but settled safely on the i eau. Hammond s older brother works at the Airport and the two often talk flying but Broadfield said the youth had had no formal flight in. Striction. Hammond asked by a reporter if he wanted to Fly again re plied sure can you Floyd 22, the nervous Passen Ger commented i let the boy do All the flying. I did t know any thing about it at hot raps staff s books Indianapolis dec. 5 my kor mar president Harry s. Truman said today he s against the idea of former members of Liis staff writ ing books discussing ill male de tails of his Truman made his remarks in reference to n Book the or rect diary of Harold d. His one time Secretary of Interior

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