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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 5, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 6-a the Florence. Morning news. Florence. S. C. Thursday morning december 5, 1967 Indonesia s War games set to begin today Jakarta Indonesia dec. 4 it unions seized a big dutch firm today and picketed dutch Banks despite government warnings of a crackdown. Their activity around the Banks set off a Rush of withdrawals that Cut Money in circulation. Their action was denounced by a High government official As a threat to Indonesia s Economy. Premier Djuanda information minister Sudibyo and the Jakarta military commander it. Col. In Dang Dach Jar All warned the government would take drastic action against those who violate decrees prohibiting the takeover of dutch firms without official Sanction. President Sukarno who escaped assassins hand grenades Only saturday appeared at a govern ment conference to discuss tie crisis. Some political quarters expressed the View the situation was getting out of hand. Dutch nationals were reported undergoing grave hardships in some areas. At the Hague a government spokesman said the Netherlands had alerted ships for the evacuation of Dulch nationals from in lukewarm reaction to the Boycott Donesia if the situation gels out of some political quarters in a hand. Three dutch warships Areika hta accused the government of known to be in or near Southeast etting the dutch Boycott plunge asian the governor of the Bank of in Donesia. Sea Ruddin Prawira Ega a looked with grave concern on the Rush on the Banks. I am not going to protect dutch interests Here but let us think and act properly in order not to jeopardize Indonesia s icon he said. Heavy guards lined around the conference Tause Sukarno was attending. Under cover of this Republic s pressure Campaign for Possession of dutch West new Guinea the communist sobs trades Union seized the third largest dutch firm to Indonesia the big Inco Hsen Van Den Berg trading co. Then its Pic dutch branches throughout the nation. Sobs s red Flag also flew Over Simian Toothache 4-year-old Chimp at the rare Bird farm Miami is afflicted with one of Man s most common Toothache left. A veterinarian checks on the sore tooth Center and the extraction is completed and the ache removed right. A photo fax Over yesterday. The indonesian government launched its anti dutch Campaign monday calling on indonesians to strike for 24 hours against dutch enterprises. Reports from major cities in Java said the situation for the dutch there is extremely difficult. Many of their Homes were without phone service. They were being refused service in restaurants. But other areas reported Only a new York Federal judge named Deputy u. S. Attorney general clean baby Hydrogen bombs being developed for Battle Washington dec. 4 Fol Lawrence e. Walsh 45, a . District court judge for Southern Washington. Dec. 4 Gnu Clear weapon designers Are work ing at development of midget h bombs relatively clean of radioactivity for use in Battlefield warfare. The primary objective is not so much to use the powerful kick of Hydrogen ample Power for tactical use can be pack aged in an Ordinary atomic expo to reduce the fallout of radioactivity. The problem has been to pro vide a trigger for the fusion proc Ess of thermonuclear explosion without using fission explosion to produce the multimillion degree heat needed. Fission produces huge amounts of radioactive material fusion Mudi less. How such a trigger is designed to work is an official secret. But there has been speculation about possible methods. Produce the heat needed to set off fusion reaction there could be a combination of chemical explosion and compression. Using the shaped charge principle in which the Force of explosion can be directed such chemical charges might be aimed inward in an a bomb to produce the re verse of an explosion an implosion. This terrific compression boosted by the heat of the Chemi Cal explosion might be enough to trigger Hie fusion charge of the bomb. Fusion explosion is not completely clean of All radioactivity. Hydrogen Carbon and trivium elements Are radioactive but so diluted by the action of air and moisture before they can get into a human body that they Are harmless. This clean bomb effect applies when the explosion occurs High enough so dust and debris Are not drawn up by the bomb Cloud. When this does happen fusion As Well As fission explosions result in radioactive fallout. In the nonmilitary aspect of thermonuclear study nuclear re searchers Are considering the possibility of detonating an a bomb sealed in a deep Tunnel. An Experiment with a Low Power fission bomb yielding Only about two Itil tons of Kiloton is equivalent to the Energy re leased from tons of conventional int was made by us atomic Energy commission last that Experiment was designed in explore the possibility of storing up heat in a sealed Cavern then lapping off the heat and usable by products of explosion later. The Tunnel was bored about 800 feet under a Mesa in the Nevada nuclear testing grounds. The bomb sealed itself in the course of the explosion. Workmen Are now drilling to reach the explosion area. There is the possibility that when the drilling reaches the Center scientists May find a great glob of molten Rock still in the melted stage because of the stored up heat from the explosion. While the dec scientists Are looking into the possibility of Fol lowing up uie Tunnel lest with the vastly More powerful and hotter fusion explosion they Are proceeding cautiously with detailed studies of test Rainier before making an actual Experiment with an a bomb. Highway completion Mexico City dec. 4 i Mexico expects to Complete Iti Gulf circuit Highway from Mala Moros on the Texas Border to the september. Called test Yucatan Peninsula by Eddie sic and i worked Ogeth Dewey when Dewey was Gover. New York was named today to feared with Eisenhower this morn ing and were in Hagerty s office formal nomination will be sent to when the made. Walsh is married and has two the Senate when Congress recon out of control. The government de Enes next month. As no. 2 Man in the Justice department Walsh succeeds Wil the indonesian Cabinet from sex Home is in new City Rockland Liam p. Rogers who was sworn tre mists to nationalize All dutch in As attorney general nov. 8 to interests Here and throw Mil All born at port Maitland Nova Scotia Walsh was graduated from Columbia University in 1932 and replace Herbert Brownell who re however he is doing his utmost to carry out the receipts of inter about a year when both were on National Law in the Campaign to the staff of Thomas e. Dewey York. This was during a 1938-41 emergency session in three Days. Period when Walsh was a Deputy civil War or the ouster of the regime seemed unlikely. Reliable Rogers was an assistant to Dew new 1958 Bentru sources said the situation is Seri Mission in 1951-53 and then be Ous but not desperate. They Point came general counsel and exec out that the political division in named assistant counsel to Dew and in 1950 he was named counsel gain enough Power to seize control us pickets went up around big James c. Hagerly. Who notified 17 jewel Watche now even values because. Grandpa was rugged. He slapped acquired a Little dough. They Are newmen of Walsh s selection to mosquitoes. There were no smog the offices of the Dulch pm ship then interested in acquiring a coat the Federal Post said it gave him machines to try to Exler Melnate the Ping lines and the go where great personal pleasure because we will give you at jewel shop Trade in allowance on any old watch no Money Down Only 50f a week 9 powerful sep Rhet Choice of 4 antique while flame red Tantha Pawn pm Reg. Handsome cowhide tarrying Reg. Hear ing Aid earphone for private listening Bulova clock radio automat colty turns Ili etl off you in eel automatically Wake you Louiie or Tje Nila Buzzer Bui imn Antenna easy of read Cofek selective Tuper Uttaro Tyni circuit Bulova table radio Friday Nite until 9 p. M. Friday Nite until 9pm. 60 stores no Money Dom Sou your Telephone shopper phone 9003 Broad si.i154 w. Eve Cut St. 34 s. Main of Florence i Sumter 154 w is 134 1 main is Florence Sumter

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