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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 5, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather fair Cool today. Fair and cold with freezing temperatures again tonight. High today 54 Low tonight about 28. Reader s tip Joe Brown held to his lightweight boxing Crown Tolt night. See Trory of fight a fat 8-a. Vol. 256 Florence s. C., thursday morning december 5. 1957 daily 6c sunday record snowstorm strikes mid a flan Fie safes s. Postpones firing of Moon Church mixing gains reported by George w. Cornell a religion writer , .mo., dec. 4 a Siow but steady Progress was reported today toward ending racial Segre gation in american churches. At present about 10 per cent of the nation s churches Are said to be times the percentage of 10 years ago. This changing1 picture was cited at the triennial general Assembly of the National Council of churches. According to the figures out of the country s total of churches of them include both White and coloured members. Most of these have become interracial in the last decade. Summing up the situation the Rev. Or. Listen Pope Dean of Yale divinity school new Haven conn., said slowly How slowly the mending of the breach proceeds but it does proceed and in will not Stop until the seamless Robe of the Church i whole we May be nearer a breakthrough on this Battle Field then we but from the South came a Dif Ferent View of the picture. Francis Pickens Miller a presbyterian Lay Leader of Charlottes Ville va., said thai in Virginia and half b dozen other Southern Stales racial relations Are Stead ily he said White massive resistance men Are Northern conservatives in a drive to stir up race emotion. Race prejudice All Over the deep South lines of communication that had been in the process of building for nearly a Century Are breaking he said if this trend continues., it could destroy could tear the people of this nation he said that despite big Church membership statistics genuine christians Are a minority in the South with a majority of roters siding with the extreme segregationists. Or. Reported that across the country generally segregation in the churches is on the de Cline. Nevertheless he added the Church still is probably the most racially segregated major institution in american in this aspect Many of our churches May not deserve the he said. They Are social clubs maintained by the Pride and prejudice of or. Pope s report was part of a full scale session on the race prob Lem. The Rev. Martin Luther King jr., negro minister who led the Montgomery ala., bus Boycott called uie problem America s greatest moral if we Are to remain True to the gospel of Jesus Christ we cannot rest until segregation and discrimination Are banished from every area of american All too Many ministers Are still silent while evil he added. Wreck locates St. John s station in South London England where two trains crashed in thick fog last night. At least 62 Pas sengers were killed. A photo tax London wreck takes lives of 62 persons London thursday dec. 5 Fri a freakish rail Way crash in a London pea soup fog wrecked two trains and an overpass Bridge at the Rush hour Peak last night and killed at least 62 commuters. Llano aboard the trains were Early Christmas shoppers carry ing gifts homeward. X More than 120 persons were injured seriously by the telescoping of the trains and by the Bridge girders tumbling Down on the mass of train wreckage. After 7i4 hours of toiling in Al most impenetrable gloom of night compounded by fog Rescue work ers called off their efforts until Daylight if the fog lifts for Light. A police spokesman said 50 bodies had been recovered and another 12 still were pinned in 4 launch Sites set for Bomarc missiles Washington dec. Air Force announced today it has ordered construction of four launching Sites for its Bomarc Long Range interceptor missile at i Cost of 46 million dollars. The Bomarc is designed to intercept and destroy enemy air. Craft. The Sites and their Cost Are Dow air Force base Maine to i million dollars. Mcguire air Force base . Million. Otis air Force base. 10 j million. Suffolk county air Force base Long Island million. The Sites will include launching and storage facilities missile operating and maintenance facilities and control equipment. And Protection the four locations announced to Tampone s meditations by alter Drouhi off too do does kit a some body hit s 3ln of some mounts to to n Pera Day Are understood to be the first of about 15 contemplated Sites on i a dozen both coasts and along the Northern Border. The Bomarc missile is produced by Boeing air plane co. The missile has a Range of about .300 Miles Speed. It is Eli ing devices to head it in on wreckage awaiting removal after Down. Gaily coloured parcels with Christmas wrappings littered the track along with shoes Coats and handbags near the station South of the thames River in the Lewisham area. An overhead Bridge was torn from its supports and crashed Down onto the debris of coaches. Another train about to Cross the Bridge was derailed. Rescue work Era scrambled in the wreckage for bodies and trapped survivors under uie eerie Glare of giant search lights that were nearly dimmed out by the swirling fog. Twenty bodies shrouded in Coats and blankets were counted lying beside the wreckage and Rescue Crews said Many others already had been removed. At that time were be still under the coaches or locked in the Bridge girders. The body of one Man Hung grotesquely from the wreckage. A senior ambulance official said winds bugs cause delay on project Cape canaveral fla., dec. 4 w mechanical bugs and cold Gusty winds spoiled the . Effort to shoot the satellite packing Vanguard rocket into space tonight. Hours of tense waiting for the Blastoff came to a disappointing end at . Est when word came thai the firing had been Zero hour for the shot originally was set for 4 . Then came one postponement after another and finally the decision to put off until another time the attempt to put an american Moon into the skies with the russian sputnik. John p. Hagen director of the satellite project said at washing ton it will be known by tomorrow when the test firing May be yield. Hagen said a series of minor technical adjustments had forced postponement. He said it was necessary to unload the liquid oxygen fuel and to unload and Load would require several hours. To unload and then reload the Uel tanks would push test Crews to a fatigue Point considered dangerous to the Success of the he defense department said. The Crew preparing the Vanguard for its journey into the world s thin outer atmosphere was plagued by mechanical difficulties and by 25-mile-an-hour kinds lashing the Florida beaches. Two hour delay it was Learned unofficially that replacement of one defective part n the rocket s intricate Mechan sni had taken up two hours of Ime. Then less than an hour be Ore Zero other troubles popped up. The wind also was a distressing actor because any blow Over 10 Miles an hour could have an effect an the Vanguard in its upward journey through the dense lower atmosphere. In an official statement the de Ense department said a series f minor technical adjustments Las resulted in the Extension of he preparations for firing to the Point where test Crews Are very ired. Additionally upper air winds ire becoming unfavourable. It will be known by tomorrow when the est will be the countdown toward Zero i. St us a two disheartened motorists stand beside their cars starting toward front of unmoving traffic Jam that plagued Drivers in the Philadelphia area. Line had not moved for half an hour when picture was made. Depth of the Snow increased later in the Day. A photo fax Hammarskjold ends dispute Over Israel Supply convoys Jerusalem dec. 4 w Dag Hann Havskjold settled dispute Over convoys to it. Scopus today and Israel will resume the dispatch of supplies to the isolated Ridge tomorrow. An israeli government spokesman said the next Convoy includes nine Drums of gasoline the ingredient which had threatened to blow up the peace and brought the . Secretary general Here on his trouble shooting Mission. In Amman the Jordan capital a government spokesman said the next Convoy would pass through Mandelbaum Gate into Jordan territory tomorrow and would be searched by Jordan military authorities. The Convoy will carry supplies approved by the Jordan authorities he said. He would not say whether such supplies would include gasoline. A joint communique announced the settlement after Hammarskjold had spent four Days shuttling Between Here and Amman. Arrangements have been made for a resumption of convoys to it. It said. Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion who first told news men of the settlement appeared pleased. Space flight program proposed by scientists Les m death toll was mounting at 5 scheduled for 11 quipped Horn-1 in i hours the count would have end a re. Cent address on defense said that a Bomarc used in a test against a target plane destroyed the plane at a distance of 45 Miles by colliding with it head on. In All instances except Suffolk county land already owned by air Force will be used. Some additional land will be acquired for the Suffolk county spokesman said. Project a the Bomarc missiles and Sites said the air Force Are to be integrated into the air defense sys tem of the United tills system now includes interceptor planes of the air Force and Navy and the Nike missile system of the linked to the expensive Distant and close in radar warning lines. The at Force is reported to believe that Complete coverage of both the . Coast lines and lie Northern Border could be obtained with about is Bonair launching Sites. The a narc is rated by the All Force As on Fra defense weapon. With its Loni Range. The missile system x Point defense setup for destroying Flor Graf up to or 100 Miles from a launching site. The Bomarc weighs Over four ions is Ibong i feet Long. Is launched from a Crl Lenl position to climb re Lilly to the Hes red Altitude and then level Mil Anri wad for t Distant enemy bomber. It is about four Miles South of rocket of St. Paul s Cathedral. Smoothly until 2 . Then the it was the second Day of the i first hold in the count was by John a. Harbour a science be Porcor new York dec. 4 a a top level scientific report predating Spulnik i by two Days proposed a Federal space flight program to and a . Scientific Mission on the Moon within the next 20 years. The american pocket society made the report Public today at its annual meeting. The report prepared by the big fog that has Buill up traffic jams on London s vast transport network. Tens of thousands of commuters were stranded in the Center of the City As the fog paralysed surface traffic. The crash came with a vivid Blue Flash that barely penetrated the Murk. School meetings will put focus on future needs Florence county school patrons called by the rocket Crew. Delay Ajmer delay thereafter one delay after an other was reported until finally the shooting became decidedly in definite. At 9 ., a Rumor that the shoot had been cancelled began to spread and the thousands of peo ple watching the test Center along Miles of this Island s beaches be Gan to head for Home. The countdown was still in Prog Ress then but it seemed no Parent i that there was Little Chance of a shooting. Ordinarily after a scr hour this at least w hours will space flight committee of the society was sent to president Eisenhower and other government figures in late october after the sputnik launching. The report called for an inde pendent government Agency responsible Only to the president and the Congress to pursue a Long Range space flight plan quite apart from established defense missile programs. Based on the slide of the Art when the report was. Written and barring any major breakthroughs in rocket science it foresaw this timetable of space accomplish ment 1. Satellites weighing thousands of pounds circling the Earth Wilh in five years on scientific communications. Winther and Politico military missions. I. Rockets up to several Hun dred pounds in weight on or around the Moon in 5-10 cars. 3. Rockets weighing several Hundred pounds probing interplanetary space As far is Venus or Mars in 5-10 years. Manned space Ili Ghl in 10 elapse Belnac firing preparations tonight will have the Chance to b 6 years. To tin be renew a. 5. Manned flight around Hie Brush up on the stains of Public school education in South Carolina. A series of meetings will be held Over the county dealing with teacher shortage financial Situa Tion and future needs of the Seitu of Liun system. Meetings Are set for 8 . To Nikii Al District 1, Eccl Cughan High. A Annire and Wallage Gix go. Dis Ricl 2. Pamplico Hannah nil Dis Ricl 3. cily Oln Nln and .1. Lynch District 4 Timmonsville. The Meoli ins jointly sponsored by the Pat and school hoards Assn. Are similar to those held Lail Roar the the . Living first was set Back to then then other followed in Iii ulva the a Nuvil was slopped for to hts last time it wits never Levi Uneit. The shut wins called off at . St Atler a de plume con Siil Tatami him Ween Ami the Deputy director of the , j. Paul u Nash. Slitti Mikeil in the Blockhouse no Cape canaveral. In open made the announcement of the postponement to reporters who had been keeping Long Walchli hour Afler hour in Washin Slon at the control Center or project guard. Moon in of years. 6. Manned landings on the Moon and return to ii Rah in 20 years. Commenting on the it Purl cml. Robert c. Truax of the Siwy Preslik ii of the american rocket society Salil Ilia Pinkmin could gel san Pleil on an Minimi of a Hiil Mil million inside comics .13-b Dhallu Ond 2-a or. Molnar .13-b to Thaler to 8-b weather facli.2-a Lars. Asked whether there had been and response from government quarters Truax said there had been no official comment but one source he refused to identify called it the most comprehensive program the government had received. Copies he said Are now in the hands of members of the presi Dent s scientific advisory com Mittee the National Security Council and other top govern mental agencies. The american rocket society is not a part of government. It is a professional society much life the american medical Assn. In the medical Field. It has a member ship of More than highly trained men. Still unclear was whether . Marine col. Byron Leary acting chief of . Truce observers in Palestine would keep his Job. Jor Dan had accused him of Bias in the iwo week crisis Over Alt. Scop us convoys and in other matters and had asked his removal. Hammarskjold had affirmed his Confidence in the colonel. It. Scopus a Small Hill adjoin ing old Jerusalem dominates the Road North to Nablus in the Center of a part of Palestine annexed by Jordan. Israel was left in posses Sion of the Hill by the 1949 Stice though it lies a mile beyond Jordan s lines. A caretaker Force of 85 police men and 30 civilians guard had assay Hospital hebrew University and a Library there All inoperative. For years Israel has been sending a Supply Convoy every two weeks under Jordan escort. Two weeks ago Jordan turned Back the regular Convoy on the grounds that 490 Gallons of Gaso line aboard was intended for Mili tary building of fortifications on Jit. Scopus in a demilitarized Rone. Israel contended the gasoline was a Normal Supply for lighting and Power. A blockade was on and if continued the it. Scopus Force was bound to be in Des Perate Straits. Jordanians said Hiat if the to relies tried to shoot their Way through anything could happen. Tired Mother ends final Lap in husband s pickup truck san juantex., dec. 4m mrs. Manuela Carrerow completed her 387-mile trip to the our lady of san Juan Catholic Church Here today arriving in her husband s pickup truck after walking the first 112 Miles of the Way to keep a vow. She her husband and their son Alp Lions. 27, arrived Here Al. ,1.111-. And went immediately to the for the Church to give thanks son s acquittal on a charge. The three stayed at the Church until alter 10 a.m., praying Ami talking to father Joseph Azpiazu mrs. Carr Cron and her husband went to a Hole to rest Afler their All night journey bul Church officials said Alp hums Jelu Nied to his Home admittedly weary of foul die Stocky. A your Oki Little Mother mopped walking late yesterday at the filth edf.i1 of Days and 112 Miles Down coastal highways from it Starling Peinl Al Oak a stoic last wed Rudny. Mrs Carreon Sel Forth shortly allot his eldest Sou Alphonso 27, a Longshoreman was acquitted of murder in n tavern san Yin Al Tex As City. She had if he was cleared she would make the Pil Grimage on foot and Jive thanks at our lady of san Juan Church. As the soles of her shoes wore thin word came that she had per Mission from father Joe to get Here by faster Means. He explained that mrs. Carreon was wanted at his Church for i religious Celebration in Honor of our lady of san Juan. It started to Day and will continue through i sunday. Murder 1irs Carreon taking pills for a heart condition also had resolved not in non for pilgrimage. Usual Sci the Al Sas station or someone s Home where night Lound her. She limited herself to one meal n any explaining that by eating lightly "1 can walk und politely refused offers of clothing ant Money. Area deaths Susini sin Alliry mini him. Willlim l in Nils Mallrs Marlon. Lames Figg Schiill. Dyrl Hiklan. Al elfin it. Pro Iris Marlboro county. Char Len Hoire Ken rent. Delilli a Etc 3-a. Heavy winds drive Snow like blizzard new York dec. 4 w a record snowstorm the earliest in years dropped a foot or More of Snow Over the East coast today from Virginia to Connecticut snarling traffic throughout the area. Twelve inches of Snow were re ported at new York City s Idle wild Airport Newark ., air port and Points in Maryland and Virginia. Loudon county va., reported 14 inches and a two foot Reading was reported in Northern Maryland. In mid evening the blinding storm tapered off in Many areas As it moved northeastward. It was expected to veer off to sea after a Brush with Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. The weather Bureau Here said the City had 25 hours and 15 min utes of continuous snowfall end ing at . The total depth of the accumulation in the City was not known immediately. The t . Weather Bureau figure figure 6.6 inches broke the record for the Date set in 1911, when 6.5 inches of Snow fell. It also was the earliest Snow storm Here since 1953. Commuter trains on the new York new Haven Pennsylvania and Long Island railroads All were jammed with extra passengers because of Highway hazards and All reported train delays. Some trains were As much As 45 min Ules late. One Pennsylvania Railroad commuter train was 3 hours and 20 minutes late. It stalled in t huge Drift at Freehold n. J., and the conductor walked be to get help while 12 passengers in the single car sat and waited. Thousands of motorists commuting from new York were stranded in colossal traffic jams on stale highways North of the City. One was 13 Miles Long. Another defied a three hour police Effort to crack it. Many of the motor Isle seemed destined to spend part or All of the night in cars immobilized when vehicles ahead skidded and blocked the highways. At least two persons died in Maryland traffic accidents caused by icy highways. Western Mary land had 10 inches of Snow. Winds of up to 40 . Drove the Snow almost horizontal As it fell giving the appearance of full midwinter blizzard. Tempera Tures of 31 and 32 degrees during the Day gave Way to readings in the 20s after dark. The storm moved northeastward along the coast toward Northern new England. Visibility in some areas of dense snowfall was less than a cily Block. Doctors were unable to answer their Calls in some places because of Road conditions. Tunnel and Bridge approaches were dangerous being kept open Only by repeated sanding. Schools closed in Many sections. New York s 6 . hour began an hour earlier As offices closed to give employees a shot at getting Home on time. In Washington Lens of thousands of government employees also were sent Home an hour earlier. Telephone lines were jammed As commuters sought to Contact i heir Homes. In Baltimore the phone company called it the greatest overload in its history. Lost of the great parkways thai lace Hie Middle Atlantic area were made perilous by ice. Speed limits on the new Jersey turn Pike and the new York slate thruway were Cut from tiie nor Mal 60 . O 35 . Connecticut officials warned to Lorils to stay off the Merrill Parkway. Pennsylvania completely rinsed sections of its Turnpike. Planes by the score grounded. Incoming ships were delayed and an Oil Tanker stood out to sea off Long Island unwilling to risk possible disaster by coming in to ils unloading Dock. Bus transportation was slowed. Trains were thrown off schedule by Over crowding. Pamlico Racetrack Al Baltimore Ank Tod by Snow cancelled racing today and tomorrow. It was lie first Lime in modern memory Hal weather had closed the to act. New York put ils Nutig Finicy Simkiw be Mortl program into died to try and keep no Racasi it storm. Thousands of men thrown into the Halloc hit mount ing blanked of while. The . Weather Bureau encountered Difili Reilly in the strength and duration of the storm. Shway Ami Lints n Porto Normal Sci let

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