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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 3, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaMonday morning december 2, 1957 the Florence morning news. Florence. S. C. Pages manned space ship foreseen by John a. Harbour a science reporter new York dec. 2 w the nation s first manned space ship Tould be blasting off within five years a . Missile scientist said today. He listed this technically pos sible timetable for space accomplishments a manned space station in 6-7 years. First flight around the Moon in 8-10 years. Kraft a Ehricke one of the top scientists working on the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile said technically we Are capable of having manned Orbital gliders in five development of these space ships he said depends on such things As support and financing. Speaking of intermediate Range ballistic missiles and , he said there Are three stages of work tuesday a Bow Florence Channel 8 an Moon Bis in Volt Arlhur strike it Illch it vol cosmopolitan love of Lite Collet break Tea secret Sturm Kyce of no Cal weather Itti spaceship c-8 movie matinee by Oft beat tile clock Willil Bill ill lok House party Newi. Weather wuss Charleston Channel 2 due Edwards Newi his Honor Homer slim Maros Phil Sellven silent service Ticy t Desi 1w.ooo question ast Lanm t foreign in Arlene Francis treasure Hunt Jilch Abc theater Queen for a Day modern romances tie toe dough it could be you movie Lime matinee Bride and Groom Ozzie Harriett Wyatt Earp George Gobel meet Mccraw Nob Cumming a the californian i or. D. A. Weather it news tonight Csc Charleston Channel 5 truth or my Little Margie _ _ so Luckjr 2 risk Looney tune news 4 weather Jim Bowie Garry Moore Arthur Godfrey strike it Rich Hole cosmopolitan love of Lue search for tomorrow guiding on camera As the world Tumi beat the clock Housep Ariy big payoff the verdict is yours the brighter Day secret storm Edge of night sir Lancelot Mickey Mise Santa Glaus Popeye weather report sport scope wis Columbia Channel 10 Tombstone territory name that Phu silvers Harbor com anal Lucy Decsi question Parade of the Bone Woll news bulletin sign of Nec healer Ucen or a Day modern Romance truth or construe non Superman Arlene fran cell treasure Hunt Price i right tic tac dough it could be you first there is the design and sir Ray Arlene Francis treasure annl Price is Hight strike 1 filch news love of lift message for today guiding Light Tex and lax Howard Miner strike it hich no love f life general development stage. Then 2 is the missile must be thoroughly flight tested in parts As Well As in whole. Finally personnel must be trained to handle it. On the , he said it is obvious we Are in the flight test stage. Asked by newsmen if the production order on icbms meant they had successfully completed the night test stage he said he j is Raj. Moore could not comment directly since j he was t connected with programs. But. He added production or Ders usually meant you had reasonably Well demons rated that b missile was operable. Ehricke who worked on the German v2 with Wernher von technical director of astronautics Braun is now assistant to the technical Dir Clor of astronautics in general dynamic corp s con Vair division. At a news conference. Ehricke said the . Docs not now have a prototype of a manned space ship. On the general missile program j Ehricke said that no flight test is really a failure. Something is Learned even when missiles to achieve their ultimate goals i he said those missiles moving i As they do at tremendous speeds j and into areas Man has never i visited encounter Many problems i never supposed before. Part of the value of flight tests is to de i Termine these problems so scientists can find the answers to them. Broken Arrow George Gobe meet Mcgraw Golden playhouse Cactus suave Cheyenne Man behind the badge the weather today s weather late Newi sports spotlight tonight news sign off men of Annapolis ratty show and Groom Mfd Wilmington Channel 6 Bride and Groom matinee Tawter brighter Day secret storm Edre of night comedy time kiddie time Looney tune favorite Story Walher search for tomorrow guiding Light Betty Freer the world Turna Susie Art link Leller Herb 0. Anderson music in Mornice women to news 12 news Mulher Suai Mims Paul Harvey Pete Thornell voice of Clemmy news news Doue Edwards science fic Uoo Phil Wyatt Earp to Tell the truth Telephone time californians uncommon valor weather Academy theater a Btu Charlotte Channel 3 Southern hospitality Arthur Smith verdict is Brit Hier Day secret storm Edge of night my Lite Margie Jingle Keilei sky King news Weatherman Span Orania Wjmx-970 music for the Hoan a visit with a Star Jim Reeves show news club 970 new top thirty club 6-00 weather -.30 Frontier Phil silvers count of Monte Crista Lucy i Desi question mama Weatherman late Newi late show news l Matt. Sports Newi gospel train h. Weather words t music men. Griffin show by l Kemp after Honri National Church unit churchmen see space science important to religious Faith by George w. Cornell a religion writer St. Louis dec. 2 a Chris Ian leaders cast a wary look into the stratosphere today and saw possibilities that Man made space flights could either Blind or broaden people s religious Faith. So far As one key Church spokesman put it americans seem to be reacting to the rus Sian sputnik like spiritual ado implications of the world s fascination with space science be came a Strong undercurrent of discussions Here in the opening phases of the triennial general Assembly of the National Council of churches. More than Church officials Are taking part in the policy Mak ing meeting. The Council largest religious organization in the coun try represents 30 protestant and orthodox denominations with million members. Running like a thread through Many of the main speeches was this emphasis science with All its amazing discoveries cannot fashion Man s ultimate Fate but rather god Given spiritual resources deter mine Man s real destiny. The danger of the space mis Siles the Rev. Or. 0. Frederick n olde a lutheran of Philadelphia said lies not in fantastic scientific achievements but in fantastic human he and others said that distorted reactions could plunge this country into a frenzy of technological materialism Akin to the godless communist sys pm and sap the nation s moral and Spiri Tual sinews. In smoking to meet the legitimate demands of a scientific or. Nolde said we must keep uppermost the requirements of the spirit or otherwise we shall fall into the Iraq of those who by their own profession Are atheistic now playing train plunges thirty nine cars in the Center of a virginian railway train plunged from this trestle into cub Creek and Tore up the trestle in a derailment near i Pheonix a yesterday. Engine Crew on the front end of the train escaped As did four men in a caboose car which came within two car lengths from plunging Over the torn up wrestle. Jap Holtom Arthur o Cowell cartoon news features the Story of Barney Ross Ihl with tic Cioch Whu it with Cameron Mitchell Dianne Foster 2 comedies 2 Taylor Malone on a dead jockey in a lengthy analysis of the Rotile prepared for presentation Omorrow the Totev. Or. Roswell Barnes of new York a pres Terian says a warped response Britain cites nato Man Cut by Arthur Gashon London dec. 2 up Britain was reported today determined to lash her nato Force in West Germany to men next year despite objections from her allies. She now has men there. But government officials said Britain May make an Effort to lease her Atlantic pact part ers. In a Compromise plan this country is thinking of Basing a special unit of its a i Oral strategic Reserve in Ger Many. This would mean the Tien would he taken out of nato control and placed under British control. That would make Brit in s manpower in Germany num Ier informants said the deciding actor in the Compromise would e the amount of help West Ger Many is willing to give toward he support of the British army if the Rhine in the 1958-1959 Fis year. In Bonn the West German gov tement announced Britain had asked the government of Chancel or Konrad Adenauer for 140 Mil Ion dollars for support in the Oming year. Germany handed incr a similar amount for this the germans have publicly said Bey do not wish to extend any support after March when the support costs agreements expire n the past year West Germany As paid out about 300 million Dol ars in support Mutual id to allies with troops in Ger Nany. The germans contend their own k sense Cost Are rising rapidly. If Bonn gives no help then the British almost certainly will Cut Down their troops to 50.000. If Bonn gives what the British have sked then the number probably up be 55.000. The British foreign office said consultations Are continuing. British and West German for eign ministers Selwyn Lloyd Anc Elc Rich von Brentano meet Here wednesday and will try to resolve the Issue. Their conference substitutes for the talks now ill in bed with to have had with prime minister Macmillan. Vaju r monday tuesday big double feature program no. 1 the amazing colossal Man uld turn the nation into a Sci Iti fic engineering Barnes who becomes head of e american conference of the orld Council of churches Jan. 1, dded As a nation we could Stab ish superiority and come captive to the very mate Alistick dialectic we but the results also he says. Ould increase Man s spiritual Sion. Making him More aware our ultimate destiny is in hands of and bring new emphasis on the sovereignly of creator of the Sun Moon and ars. Charles Parlin a noted new Ork lawyer and methodist Lay an echoed a sentiment expressed earlier by Council Percsi ent or. Eugene Carson Blake Hen he voiced Hope the Council Oon would be Able to Send a dept Tion to Christian leaders in red Itna. Time Magazine refers of a poli Cian Light fingering from e state of Illinois. There was thing Light about the gent s fing s. Where did you what did you do today s kids have a world of their own like we had any of pm know How to play durably Peg smoke Corn bilk borrow lumber for clubhouses in december Reader s digest Robert Paul Smith Lov in Gly recalls f or y of How it used to the Days when you could do a lot of nothing with out being bored get the december Reader s digest at Newsstands today 36 articles to insure livelier Best from leading magazines and books condensed to save you time. Smooth new highways and thru buses with experienced courteous Drivers got railways specialists in Friendly travel trailways goes thru to most destinations from Florence Norfolk thru liner no change service Jacksonville express service via Short route new York. Express thru liner no change service Only trailways has thru liner no change service ask shippers to Send packages express to you by trailways. It s faster. Buses chartered for trips time. Union bus 187 n. Coit St. Terminal phone 2-4351 if rail w a is the to Vii coners no. 2 cat girl you Are cordially invited to hear the it Rev. Corse Henry Bishop of the diocese of Western North Carolina St John s episcopal Church 252 South Dargan Street Florence South Carolina six nights sunday through Friday december 1st through 6th, 1957 p. M. Theme Christian discipleship nuclear Power station Shippingport. A. Dec. 2 scientist today fired up the inic Furnace a the nation s first full scale civilian nuclear never station if to the Cluny she a Chr Crl a Clonin act Ion in Hie re Clor. s p 1 i 11 i 11 of uranium of Toms at the historic Fanpi Vejr the n of ten before production of in i Mercial of electricity. When Luis ulcer gone rated elect i cily begins flowing to Homes shops and factories in the i itts Hugh . It will in int the. Longest Forward stride yet in Anici Ica s peace time atomic in Ercy program. The target Date for full opera Tion is indefinite hut is expected sometime before the end of the year. The Shippingport reactor most powerful in the country is fuelled with 12 Ops of natural uranium u-2s8 and 1g.1 pounds of Lii Lily enriched uranium it was started up at . For in Lins in was generated. Before the reactor is allowed to reach its minimum operating capacity of kilo Watts of electricity exhaustive tests must he made for safety Hiki other factors. I no Quenn co. A Pitts i Burgh will operate 110-million-Dollar station unifier to the atomic Kner y commission. Corp. Ii tilt the reactor. Toof the Cost was Foo de by the air. I several Small Power reactors now Are operating in the United Stales but none is rated at More irian kilowatts i ii Ion he now 1st outdoor run in Little hut cinemascope color Ava bar Dnepr Stow not Gran re a doctor writes about new 8-Page Booklet by a physician describes new method for Caie of arthritis and rheumatism at Home As Well As in nationally known arthritis clinic. Some Plarl Ling fads Are revealed which describes care for sufferers As Well As a linings to avoid. Booklet will be sent on Willen request to arthritis Book Box a-13 morning news new trans portable. Tho car radio that goes where you enchantment to new Mas Ute or the Holiday Sedan the tunning Tram portable radio is Tran Fistor equipped a nil jew Cecil by Long life 160-hour Battery when used As a portable. For motoring use it automatically connect with the car a regular electrical Jim pull out i Lirlin Ilc Emlio will k la mlle unit you liner a compact Lingl Tuci Fhi Iulio to Ink Weir Turr you to. A Fily Flidr Buck into Lindl and for the Fol Protection. Get the features of the future. In a 58 Olds so new so practical and so convenient Oldra Obic s trans portals radio actually combines a car radio and a per tonal portable in one neat package and it s Juat one of the fresh ideas that make a totally new Way of going places and doing things. You enjoy sure footed a acty with own Mobil s new anti spin rear transmits Power to the wheel with the Best grip on the you new control in Snow or mud and on icel Brilliant new Mobile look styling is distinctive original in marked Good taste inside and out and to easy to see there l Clear vision safety plate Glass All Armel the famous rocket engine too is greater than Ever delivering All the performance you can use with or Taffy improved has Mil afr so enter the world of Olds Meijy at your dealer s now olosiv1obi Lee Forward from i into tile rocket Mil Witik Vouk lob Mobil Quality Valim

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