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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 1, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaBy William t. Brannon Sously saw the officer and broke into a run. Tipton raced alter him following him into an Alley. But the fugitive had vanished. Tipton took a Quick look in other nearby alleys then came out onto Bay Street. There at the Corner of Bay and Ocean stood the red haired Man. Tipton gave Chase and again lust his Man in dark alleys. A second time the officer re turned to Ocean and and found the fugitive stand ing there. Another Chase ensued and this time Tipton got his Man taking away his re Volver after the trigger had clicked on an empty chamber. The prisoner gave his name As Frank Rawlins but refused . His pock Els contained in cur Rency neatly done up in Palace theater wrappers. The officer marched Rawlins Back to the theater where there was a lot of excitement. After the fourth act the treasurer k s. Harrison had brought the Day s receipts to the office of the Man Ager George Hickman. He had hardly placed the Money on the manager s desk when the door was pushed open and a Man with a revolver announced a stick up. As Harrison turned around a blow on the head sent him reeling. Hickman reached for a gun in his drawer but the Bandit struck him too and when the manager tried to fight Back a shot put an end to his his life. As Tipton entered with his prisoner Harrison cried hysterically that s the Man. That s the Rawlins was taken to the office of Duval county Sher Iff r. E. Merrill. He was questioned for several hours bul All the officers Learned was that he had t been in Jacksonville Long before that he had lived in Atlanta. After Rawlins was led to a cell. Sheriff Merrill said he did l think up this robbery by himself. Somebody else is Back of the sheriff explained raw Lins was a comparative Stran Ger yet he knew the exact time the theater treasurer would bring the Money into the manager s office. Some body obviously had told him. Recti Vespere detailed Lofils Patrick s Home to watch his actions. But he did nothing suspicious and made no Florl to visit Rawlins in jail. Tipton recalled seeing a Brown touring car parked near Bay and Ocean the first time he spotted Rawlins. He had paid Little attention to it bul noticed thai in pulled away As he approached. Touring cars were popular at the Lime but very few were Brown so this one should be easy to find. It was t. Every officer was alerted but no Brown touring car was spotted on the streets of Jacksonville. Pope the socially prominent Altmey who had defended Rawlins was questioned. He said he defended him simply because he had come to the office seeking a lawyer. If he wants Pope added ill defend him again. But i can t Tell you anything about him. That comes under the heading of a privileged communication Between an at Torney and his sheriff Merrill ordered a quiet investigation of Pope. An extensive investigation revealed that Rawlins was a skid Row character. He lived in a cheap Rooming House and had no known friends. He had been tried for steal ing a suit of clothes Only a few Days before but a prominent criminal lawyer John h. Pope had defended him and won an acquittal. The sheriff ordered an investigation of All employees and former employees of the theater. The detectives quickly cleared All except one Karl Fitzpatrick a projectionist who had quarrelled bit Terly Wilh the manager and had been discharged. This was a motive perhaps but it was l evidence. De meanwhile the Brown tour ing car was in Fitzpatrick s garage. The pro or Elionise was questioned. Only someone familiar with the routine at the theater would have known when the Money was brought to the manager s the sheriff told him. And somebody in a Brown touring car like yours was wailing for Rawlins at Ocean and it was t me. I was at the theater watching the show and i can prove it Fitzpatrick did prove it re liable witnesses swore that Fitzpatrick was seated in the audience when Hickman was shot and that he remained in Side the theater until after Rawlins had been brought in. He could t have been the Driver of the Brown car. Then the reports came in on Pope. He led a Jekyll and Hyde existence. Though socially popular and presumably wealthy he was a heavy Gambler a frequent visitor to Speake Asies and a Philan Derer who spent lavishly on Many women. If he needed Money he could have engineered the theater robbery bul Pope a Brilliant lawyer could easily refute the charge. Investigating officers then found a woman who had seen Tipton chasing Rawlins and had noticed the touring car. Had she recognized the Driver yes he was John . Fitzpatrick was picked up again. Yes he said Pope had borrowed his car. But i never dreamed he was mixed up in a Fitzpatrick convinced the officers he was an innocent dupe. Pope was arrested and indicted. The hitherto silent Rawlins now was eager to talk. This was his Story the lawyer who had heavy gambling losses needed Money. When Rawlins was in trouble for stealing a suit Pope offered to defend him. After the acquittal the Law yer forced him to join a Rob Bery ring. Pope would set up each Case provide the get away car and if any member of the ring were caught would defend him. There was just one stipulation Pope s role must be kept secret Pope was a big lawyer and i figured he would help Rawlins concluded. That s Why i would t the lawyer had heard of Fitzpatrick s argument with the theater manager so he borrowed the projectionist s car knowing it might be seen and recognized. But Pope had t counted on Fitzpatrick attending the Heater that very evening giving him an Iron Clad Alibi on october 8, 1921, Pope and Rawlins were convicted of first degree murder and Given life sentences. Sheriff Merritt later was asked to explain Why he had suspected Pope. Pope was a society lawyer who worked for big Merritt replied. Why did he defend a bum like Rawlins who had no Money because he wanted to use him later for something but Why were you so sure another Man was the sheriff was asked. You had the actual killer and you could have convicted him without any suppose you were trying to run away from a police the sheriff said. After you had outdistanced him what would you do you d keep on going and get As far away As possible. But raw Lins did t do that he came Back to the Comer of Ocean and once but twice. There had to be a Good reason for that. I figured he was waiting for an accomplice to pick him Man in the Brown touring soothes away coughs fast. By relieving the cause fast effective Relief for coughs of colds 1. A cams in Foffi Mem cm0 3. Iii a 4. Cit at won Mother. Iou for those nag ring coughs that turn nights into night mares. More effective Relief too. Because new Vicks cough syrup relieves the of coughing. You my. Ceulah. 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