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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 31, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaJack Anderson who am John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor monday morning August 31, 1970 with other editors Watson Way off base gubernatorial candidate Albert Watson is getting Way off base when he accuses the state democratic administration of fiscal irresponsibility. Watson should know but apparently does not that South Carolina is one of the few Southern states whose Bonds Are rated triple a. He also should know but apparently does not that if there was any fiscal irresponsibility in the democratic state administration the state s Bonds would not be Given this top rating. As a matter of fact South Carolina has been blessed with excellent conservative government fiscally and otherwise under democratic administrations for the last Twenty five years. Last year the per capita income in South Carolina had the greatest increase of any state in the nation. The Industrial growth has been among the highest in the United states. Industries have not located in South Carolina because of fiscal irresponsibility. The exact opposite is True. Watson is not serving the Best interests of the state when h e broadcasts statements such As his fiscal irresponsibility charge. Sumter daily item the Range is As vital As the Vine the Home vegetable Patch has come Back into Vogue this summer. The trend has at least three causes tighter family budgets leaving less for food a Back to the land longing among the City pent and an awareness that the Best strains of fruits and vegetables Are usually not those commercially grown. Like a Man we read the other Day that some editors were taking the women s liberation More to heart than most. In fact a couple of them sent memos to their staffs saying in effect beware of words like blonde cute dimpled pert Etc. Shucks what have women got to complain about How Many have been described in stories As Bald grizzled Paunchy Skinny bulbous nosed or phlegmatic we eagerly await the Day some reporter describes a crusty old con Gressional chairman As a vivacious homemaker. The Charlotte observer there is a refinement of the Garden ing trend however which is dawning on those who think and act on such matters. It is suggested by the title of a new Book by a Seattle English pro Fessor and immigrant Gardener an Gelo food lovers his theme is that the Art of growing things must synthesize with the Art of cooking them. This is the time of year in the North when Squash accumulate on the Vine Gigant izing beyond use. Salad greens have bolted to seed. And tomatoes and Corn come on in intemperate pro fusion. There s a skill a chef s Genius in converting the Rush of Harvest into an abundant table or storing some for the Snow Days ahead. And Many who started gardens last Spring out of nostalgia for the Impact of Home grown things ate now having to rediscover the old ways of cooking. In other words the lesson in gardening As the mornings get cooler into fall is that the Kitchen Range is at least As vital As the Christian science Monitor taxpayers Highway users Flap the debate Over the Highway Trust fund might make More sense if some of the language could be straightened out. Take for instance the argument Over who pays for the fund. According to supporters of the present setup it is no Burden on the general taxpayer since All of the funds come from taxes on Highway users. That s True enough As far As it goes but it does t go nearly far enough. Rush to judgement it seems that people would learn to Check their facts before they make accusations but probably never will. A plane took off from Flornece for Georgetown during the night of aug. 2. It never got there. On Board were the Pilot or. Clarence Funnye of new York and miss Betty Rawls also of new York. For two weeks that followed some 600 persons participated in a search along a 60-mile corridor. Planes of the civil air patrol flew 300 sorties. No Trace of the Craft was found. The failure of the search in the dense swamp country led some of the friends of the missing pair in new York to pop off with statements that efforts were not being made to locate the air Craft because its occupants were Black. Fortunately or. Funnye s parents live in Georgetown. They knew what was being done. His father a minister was embarrassed by what had been said. He promptly issued his apologies for the regretted unauthorized damage was done the cause of race relations however be Case Many who saw the original Story will never see the apology. The people of the South Are getting More than a Little bit tired of every Tom Dick and Harry assuming that some thing is not what it should be regarding a school or other race matter simply because it happens in the area. The Anderson Independent prison abuse part of pattern own 1970 be angles times s Washington eyewitnesses accounts assembled by this column make it Clear that the inhuman prison conditions uncovered at con son Island Are Only part of a pattern of brutality overcrowding and torture in jails throughout South Vietnam. The most shocking report comes from a former Vietnam Christian service Volunteer who worked inside the provincial prison at. Tarn by in Quang tin province for More than two years. The Volunteer Douglas Hostetter 26, taught a sewing class inside the prison located about 40 Miles South of Danang. He was there from november 1966, to june 1969. Officials of the Central committee and of Church world services who sponsor Vietnam Christian services described Hosteller As dedicated and truthful. From the detailed journals which Hosteller kept of his experiences in South Vietnam Here is his description of life in the prison at Tarn by their would be from 50 to 100 prisoners kept in Large rooms with Concrete platforms to sleep on but since there were far too Many people to lie Down most of the prisoners had to sit or stand throughout the night. All the torturing was clone William 5. White leading democrats ease from left at the moment there Are Well Over 100 million motor vehicles registered in the ., and die household that does t have at least one car is a relative rarity. Even rarer would be the car less family that did to ride buses and indirectly also do its bit for the Highway Trust fund. Highway users and general tax payers thus Are just about one and the same. Before the Trust fund was set up in 1956 the gasoline and other motor vehicle taxes went into general revenues to be dispensed by Congress in Accord with its View the nation s total needs. That still seems like a Good idea. And no one is going to prove it in t merely by arguing that the Bill is paid by some group called Highway users and hence is no Burden on the rest of us. The Wall Street journal Day there ought to be a Law or at least a custom that anyone who has spent As much As a week on vacation should have an extra Day of Grace out of his regular work week of course in which to get adjusted to the idea of going Back to work again. The time should be spent in a restful position preferably lying Down to hasten recovery from the Strain of a week s frenzied diversions. The mind should be occupied with inspiring thoughts of expenses civil and Domestic and the rising Cost of raising children. A Day and an evening of this preparation ought to be sufficient to restore the vacationer s proper perspective filling him with the Joy of honest labor and a sense of daily destiny. If it does t do that at least he has Only wasted a Day at Home. That s probably better than wasting it pretending to be doing a Day s work which is the usual Case on the weary monday after the vacation is gone forever. Ashville n. A citizen. Washington very slowly and very softly but also quite visibly now the principal democratic presidential con tenders for 1972 Are moving away from the markedly leftist position they had occupied almost from the monent of president Nixon s Victory in 1072. This process of disengagement from far autism is paralleling a progressive decline in the Power of the extreme anti Vietnam War and ant military group in the Senate. It is losing Roll Call after Roll Call and erstwhile adherents on its every attempt to restrict the president s constitutional Powers As commander in chief and its every Effort to shackle weapons development at the Pentagon. This immensely important change in atmosphere has been scarcely noticeable because its movement has been More that of a Glacier than of an Earth quake. There was a time and not too Long ago when or. Nixon s ability even to develop an anti ballistic missile system against undeniable soviet advances in that Field was plainly in question because the More headlined democratic senators were plunging headlong into Neo pacifism. There was a time when student demonstrations and other Antiwar manifestations of a violently irrational nature were condoned. There was a when the leading liberals of the Senate showed Little sympathy with labor s hard hats and great sympathy in deed for the pacifist Section of the academic Community. And there was a time when All the democratic presidential possibilities seemed to accept a rubbish concept of elitist politics in which Only the chosen few were entitled to be heard. But All this was yesterday. The anti ballistic missile system has survived every Challenge. Ill considered and premature proposals to end the draft have been thrown Down the Drain. On a single Day Ultra Liberal efforts to Stop the army from using herbicides in Vietnam an absolutely necessary troop Protection in some circumstances Are smashed Down along with attempts to shackle cargo Jet development. The most extreme project of them All an amendment by Sens. Mark Hatfield of Oregon and George Mcgovern of South Dakota simply to end the War by congressional is being softened again and again by its authors in a Panicky search for More votes. It used to be that such differences As existed Between former vice president Hubert Humphrey sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine and sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts were hardly discernible to the naked Eye. All three were Way Over on the left and All three Ace now moving perceptibly toward the right. Humphrey the titular Leader of the party As its most recent presidential nominee is fighting to come Back to the Senate from Minnesota. But he is also fighting to reclaim the hard hats whose desertions from the party have been wholesale precisely because of the stamp of peace Nikish and permissiveness that had been put upon it by its leaders. Kennedy and Muskie Are doing the same sort of thing. They Are All getting tie message Kennedy in truth got it some weeks ago that the democratic party is in deep trouble because its More articulate spokesmen have so Long and so assiduously courted the College faculties and other intellectuals real or Only self nominated and the kids at the expense of organized labor. Kennedy now admonishes the kids not to suppose that they can get away with everything. Humphrey now appeals plaintively to the Bill Baileys of organized labor please to come Back Home. Muskie who is the most Likely nominee David Lawrence for 1972 As matters now stand says plainly that Campus uproar has been hurting the democrats. And he even puts in a Good word for vice president Agnew As an honest Man the causes for these great alterations in mood and manner Are so easily identifiable that it is difficult to see Why top democrats look so Long to spot the obvious. The people Are tired of political love ins with the they Are in general support of the president s War policies. They understand that the Senate cannot conduct a War or make a peace. They May not be just wild about or. Nixon. But millions of traditional democrats Are Damn sore at seeing an Ultra Liberal Tail drag the party dog leftward so far and so Long. Agnew s key assignment is to soothe Allies Washington there is something More than a Cour Tesy visit in vice president Agnew s conferences with the leaders of South Korea Formosa Thailand and Vietnam. He was sent by president Nixon to Calm the apprehensions of America s allies who Are beginning to feel nervous about America s withdrawal of forces from their regions. In the first place american newspapers reach Southeast Asia promptly and they have been telling about the out spoken opposition of Many democrats and certain republicans to the maintenance of Large bodies of troops in the area. The belief is growing that May be the Small countries of Asia Are about to face a crisis. Or. Agnew has been interrogated Many times on his tour As to what the different senators mean by their comments about involvement abroad. There is an understanding of course of the Guam. Doc Trine which president Nixon enunciated but these countries Are not Strong enough in an economic sense As yet to support a military apparatus to defend themselves and Cope with the acts of subversion in which the communists Are so Well trained. The big question or. Agnew is being asked is Wea ther the Small nations will really be Given enough financial support to pay for the kind of military Protection they will have to provide if the United states withdraws from their countries or whether the Nixon administration will actually sup ply enough arms and trainee advisers to maintain an adequate Force for defense. South Korea is really under the Protection of the United nations which initiated an armistice in 1953, and the u. N. Security Council presumably should furnish whatever is Nec Essary to deter any resumption of the War in that country. If american troops Are withdrawn it is up to the United nations to replace them with armed forces from other . Members. Certainly South Korea does t feel Strong enough to do the Job alone if another invasion conies. There have been plenty of incidents in recent years manifesting North Korea s aggressive intent and if the impress Ion develops that the United states is abandoning South Korea the North koreans might take Advance of such a Situa Tion to try to take Over the area below the armistice line. Certainly a Large sum of Money will continue to be required to sustain South Korea military and economic programs. The problem in Thailand is somewhat analogous to that in Vietnam. There is grave concern that the United states is not Only withdrawing its troops but is pulling out of Southeast Asia As a matter of policy. It is recognized that a presidential term lasts Only a few years in the United states and the fear prevails that maybe the trend Here will become isolationist and turn away from the Southeast asian treaty obligations that America agreed to Honor. There is deep Confidence in president Nixon s sincerity but the worry is that he does t have enough support in con Gress and that the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam was forced upon him by his political critics. Billy Graham says i read your answer to a cigarette smoker. I would like to pass my testimony on to you with the Hope that you will use it in your column for All who suffer from nicotine addiction. . From one who found release from the in 1957 when you and your team held a crusade in Madison Square Garden i attended several nights. On youth night i was deeply stirred by the testimonies Given by Young people. Though i had been a Christian i had no testimony As those Young peo ple had. I gave up All night parties drinking and night clubbing. I began to habitually read my Bible Pray and meditate. However i was alarmed by the realization that i could not Stop smoking. I tried in vain to quit. I would throw a pack away Only to buy another before the Day was through. I cried and i prayed for weeks. One morning i awoke and reached for my cigarette Only to find that it tasted terrible. All Day Long i borrowed cigarettes but they All tasted As bad As the others. I suddenly realized that god through Christ had taken my appetite for nicotine away. That was eight years ago and i have not tasted a cigarette since. God in his quiet strength had alive real me through prayer and meditation. My conclusion is that when to Are completely surrendered to the lord miracles happen in our lives. I am sure this is a spiritual problem. I recommend that every one who wants to quit smoking surrender his life to the lord. They will experience Miracle Atter Miracle. In the interrogation Center across the Street. In the interrogation Center there was the usual electrical Shock beatings sticking with pins burning with cigarettes and at times water torture. Of the prisoners i talked with personally in the prison none had Ever had a trial and Many had never even had a hearing and none knew How Long their sentence was. Another tragic aspect of the prison situation is the children. It seems that being a pc is an hereditary problem in Vietnam. When i did a Survey on May 17, 1969, i discovered that there were 60 pc under the age of 10 being held by the prison at that time. Nine mothers with 10 children were being kept in one Small room with no Beds or toilet facilities. In another Large room 31 mothers were being kept along with their 50 children. I complained often to the american Agency for International development officials in Tarn by and also to the Public safety advisor also an Aid but no one did anything about the situation except once a week an american doctor would Stop in to see the children. Most of the prisoners were allowed into the courtyard at least part of the Day. The food consisted of Rice in adequate amounts and a Small fish about the size of two in addition to his journals hos letter compiled succinct Case histories on a number of prisoners. Here Are a few examples Ngugen Thi Mai 18, 10 months in prison. She was arrested when she came from her country Village to visit her Mother who had been picked up in a military operation and put in Voung Lai refugee Camp. Lethi Kimii 30 years of age in prison 10 months. She had children s and 11 years old at Home. She lives in a country Village and was arrested for suspicion of being a a report similar to Hosteller s comes from or. Marjorie Nelson of new Haven conn., who worked for the american friends service committee in Quang Ngai province from october 1967 to october 1969. Her description of conditions in the Quang Ngai prison is recorded in a letter to rep. William a n d e r s o n the Tennessee Democrat w h o helped uncover the con son scandal. According to or. Nelson the prison at Quang Ngai was built. To House approximately 500 prisoners. During the time i worked there the prison population ranged from 800 to in addition to treating the common ailments and the infectious diseases and malnutrition occasioned b y these conditions i also regularly examined and treated prisoners who had been tortured. This seems not to have been done in the prison itself but in the province interrogation Center. I saw dozens of patients with bruises of varying severity. I also examined patients who had coughed up vomited or urinated blood after being beaten about the Chest Back and Sto Mach. Prisoners also told me of being tortured by electricity. Of being forced to drink concoctions containing powdered Lime. And of being tied up and suspended by ropes often upside Down from the rafters for hours. In August of 1969. .1 examined a woman seven months pregnant who had been badly beaten the previous there Are american Public safety advisors working with vietnamese officials in every province. However both Hostetter and or. Nelson report that their complaints to these advisors about the prison conditions produced no action. 3flnmtrc Jan mtg if Uia Florence morning news published Dolly and sunday 141 s. Irby St. Florence . M501 member of inc associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern news paper publishers association. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of All local news in this nows pop a. The Florence morning nows desires to he notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. The Florence morning news will not be responsible for Advance payments made to newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless Mode directly to the office of this newspaper. 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