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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 30, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaDown into the sea Diann to Uruu sunday August 30, to r life aboard tektite ii is groovy editor s note he must go Down to the sea again Down to the without the ships. A newsman Eric Sharp had to dive to the source of his Story about the underwater Tek Tite project and loved bubbly minute of it. Every Kathleen is student at Radcliffe she s eldest of Robert Kennedy children Kathleen Kennedy keeps Faith in the system1 new York a Kathleen Kennedy 19, eldest of the 11 children of the late sen. Robert f. Kennedy says that by continuing to work in the she keeps Faith with the ideals of her slain father. How could i do the Radcliffe College freshman said in an interview published in the current seventeen Magazine. I can do otherwise and that s just saying forget it to everything that daddy Ever worked for. He had a ten times worse loss when his brother was she continued yet he went Back and tried. If i did t keep trying that would be forgetting everything i be lived her father was shot to death in los Angeles in while running june for 1968 the democratic presidential nomination less than five years after her Uncle president John f. Kennedy was assassinated in Pallas. Miss Kennedy interviewed at Radcliffe before the end of last Spring s semester spoke of her intention to work with eskimos this summer As she had with indians on a Western reservation two Summers ago. I think next year if i do live with friends in South Boston and help Start an arts project for the Community in our own House i la go to Italy and join an archaeological when she entered College she said i just wanted to be by myself for a while or do something terribly selfish like take pottery lessons. And then i did want to do something so i worked in a prison one night a week. The Cape every weekend. .1 was on the ski team. And sail ing. And i m working for Teddy in his run for the her other Uncle sen. Edward m. Ted Kennedy d-mass., is up for re election this fall. Asked to mention her personal interests and priorities from among current Public concerns she said. I want to get out of Vietnam. I want to get out of there pretty then she said i d much rather work with indians or eskimos with people than with ecology. We hear that within ten years we Are All going to be polluted to death and i just found out that the sea won t feed she said she was depressed by the thought that chains of life were being broken and slowly everything s dying but i think the people suffering and dying right now Are awfully she said. By Eric Sharp associated press writer St. Johns Virgin islands a there is Only one prob Lem with making a diving visit to tektite ii the manned under water habitat 50 feet beneath the surface of great Lamastur Bay in the Virgin islands. You Don t want to leave. When you slip into the water and head Down tektite ii looms ahead like an underwater skyscraper. The pretty yellow it was painted has been filtered by the water until it appears White and the is a lot More rugged and practical looking j than you expected. After a few months on the Bot of its shiny exterior has been mottled with patches of algae. The pretty entranceway depicted in sketches looks like a Hatch on a sunken freighter. As you stand in the Entrance Way and strip off your gear be fore climbing the ladder to the habitat a Small grouper fins Over and Peers into your mask. It looks like he s trying to figure out who this new character is. Climb up the ladder hauling your Aqualung behind you and you re in the wet room. As you Towel yourself dry before climb ing another ladder to the rest of the habitat you notice your voice has risen slightly in pitch and has a nasal Quality. That s caused by the breath ing mixture of approximately 93 per cent nitrogen and 7 per cent oxygen. You get used to it in a minute or two. The habitat is a lot More Plush than comfortable and neat. The hardest thing to believe is that you re 50 feet under water. How do you like a voice asks out of nowhere and you re member that every movement and word is being monitored by television circuits to the sur face. Groovy somehow seems to be an inadequate answer by it s the Best you can do. All too soon your escort tells you it s time to leave. You Are approaching the 100 minutes Al Lowed at that depth in order to surface without decompressing. The aquanauts who remained underwater after my Brief visit Are among 62 scientists and engineers who will spend 20 to 30 Days living on the Bottom in the most ambitious underwater habitat Experiment yet performed. Tektite ii which began in March and ends in october grew out of tektite i when four aquanauts lived in the habitat at he same location and depth for 60 Days last year. Until the tektite projects Marine scientists were limited o dropping traps and samplers rom the surface or making Short excursions with scuba Jear to explore the water world. With the development of saturation diving experts reasoned that the smartest thing to do would be to put the scientists into the underwater Mvi Rosment for Long periods of time. Saturation diving will open up a whole new world for said Ian Koblick a tektite ii aquanaut who Libed in the 30 oot habitat for 20 Days. Eventually we will be Able o explore right Down to the limits of the Continental at 600 feet or he shelf said. We won t have to come Back to the surface when we get cold or run out of breathing Well take our shelter with bends in their Mildest Are painful. In More saturation diving takes advantage of a Biophysical discovery made a few years ago. After a relatively Short Lime at a Given pressure the human body becomes totally saturated with nitrogen helium or any other Gas used with oxygen in a breathing mixture. The bends occur when the pressure on the diver is dropped too quickly and the dissolved nitrogen in his bloodstream is released in the form of bubbles in the blood vessels. The form severe cases they Are fatal. The tektite divers breathe a mixture of 93 per cent nitrogen and 7 per cent oxygen com pared to a mixture of approximately 80 per cent nitrogen and 18 per cent oxygen breathed by surface dwellers. The Lover volume of oxygen in the tektite habitat is compensated for by the increased pressure of the breathing mix Ture. After 36 hours in the habitat the divers bodies Are completely saturated with nitrogen. From that Point on it makes no difference whether they remain on the Bottom 48 hours or 48 Days the decompression time will remain the same. It s Koblick exulted on tektite ii we can stay As Long As we want and still have a decompression time of 20% hours. During decompression dives you can get More work done in 20 Days than you could in 20 weeks working from the the habitat the diver s name for an underwater House looks like two Railroad tank cars upended Side by Side on a Box. Each of the upright tanks houses two rooms. Each tank is i feet in diameter and 18 feet High and a four foot High cupola ringed with viewing rises from the top of one Ank. The two tanks Are joined at he top level by a Short Tunnel allowing the divers to move rom one part of their underwater Home to the other. The divers enter through a door Cut in the big Box on the Bottom protected by an anti shark screen. A ladder rises from the Box to the wet room where the divers can take warm showers and dry off after returning from an excursion outside. In the Shower in the wet had is fresh warm under one of the through which could be seen the Many fish that have made the habitat s superstructure their a sign in Case of fire break climb a ladder from the wet room and you re in the machine ment that controls the habitat s studying Many facets of Ocean air Supply air conditioning and science from water chemistry electrical Power is housed. I to blood chemistry to the habits to the monitoring room where a r0beri Helmreich the pay Bank of Small television screens j e n o 1 o g i s t studying tektite Olla if Friom a co Antiri Tiff room where the Complex equip tektite ii aquanauts Are this is the first time when from the machine room the d looter. But the Muslim divers crawl through the Tunnel to the monitoring room where a portent Sudy probably is that of the aquanauts themselves. Allows them to see activities throughout the habitat on the surface and in the water. Down another ladder is the last room of the habitat the Liv ing quarters with four Corn Crews is trying to learn what happens to men isolated for Long we be been Able to study s reaction to an isolated Environ ment for Long periods of he said. We Are finding that they do show definite territorial in a trailer perched on a Cliff. 100 feet above the Bay other scientists maintain a constant watch on the tektite aquanauts periods of time in a stress envy by television monitors Rosment. The sea floor is a love j in one room of the trailer evly fascinating place but it can i Ery word and action of the be hostile. Aquanauts is checked and by portable built in bunks along j Helmreich said he was learn j Ery six minutes the watching the Walls and a Small table in ing something about j scientists log on computer cards in Mirt or hint inc tint which what the Fli firs Arp the Middle of the room. Here also is a television set where the aquanauts can relax and View programs shown on local stations. A fold out from Playboy Magazine covered the television screen at the end of the fourth Mission. In every room of the habitat Are Aqualung and breathing diving regulators attached to Long hoses. These would be used to escape to safety if the habitat should flood. To in or that instinct which j what the divers Are doing causes an animal to stake out a where they Are and whom they Given area for itself. This is the first time when we be been Able to study s reaction to an isolated Environ ment for Long periods of he said. We Are finding that they do show definite Helmreich said he was learn ing something about territoriality in or that instinct which causes an animal o stake out a Given area for itself. Are tailing to. For the first time Well be Able to write actual formulae from a behavioural psychology Helmreich said. We Are getting More data about human reaction than has been gathered before. It s the most fantastic Opportunity for a study any behavioural Psychol has Ever been Able South Africa s White rulers face three front diplomatic attack Pretoria South Africa a the White rulers of Africa s Southern tip Are bracing against a three front diplomatic attack. Militant Black leaders Are moving to reinvigorate their Campaign against South Africa Rhodesia and Portugal s Afri can possessions. The aim is to focus world attention against apartheid and minority Rule in general and the proposed re sumption of British arms sales to South Africa. An opening Salvo is expected from the organization of Afri can Unity Summit meeting in Addis Ababa in september. It will consider a Resolution condemning weapons sales to South Africa. These views will be sent a few Days later to leaders of nonaligned nations meeting in Lusaka Zambia. That Confer ence in turn is expected to relay a Resolution to the United nations general Assembly. In the past South Africa has not been seriously troubled by condemnation in the United nations. This year s session be significant however because a number of Heads of state and Heads of government have indicated they will attend ceremonies to Mark the organizations 25th anniversary. As Many As 10 Heads of state be present from Africa but not South Afri Ca. Only the More flamboyant politicians in Black Africa seriously expect outside action which would alter Domestic policies the White ruled South. However most Are Likely to regard the Effort As worthwhile if Britain decides against resumption of limited arms sales. Until now Britain s conserve live government has tended to go along with Pretoria s Conten Tion that modern defensive weapons Are needed to protect Western interests in the sea route around the Bottom of Afri Ca. Opponents of the Deal see Little difference Between offensive and defensive weaponry. They say this country should not get any arms under any Circum stances which could be used against the Black majority neighbouring african states. Britain suspended weapons sales in 1964. Since then France has moved in As principal sup plier of sophisticated arms including Jet fighters helicopters the South african Navy s first three submarines and collaboration in building the Cactus mis Sile. South Africa is self sufficient in the manufacture of Small arms and ammunition. The military hardware itself some lobster Oscar Amero might Rushing it a bit with the and Fork Boford cooking this giant lobster but it is obvious that he is proud of the seven Pounder he caught while night fishing from a Drift boat off the Miami ma., Shoreline Tost week. He Felt a tug on his line and reeled in the spiny lobster that measured three feet in length. A is not the real Issue. South Afri Ca seeks commitment a prom ise from Britain to become More heavily involved militarily in the South Atlantic and Indian oceans. South Africa wants to entrench the role it envisions for itself As defender of the Cape of Good Hope route As an integral part of Over All Western strategy this country specifically wants to strengthen the Simons town agreement. This pact is named for a base that was Headquarters until 1955 for the now disbanded British South at Antic Fleet. The agreement provides for British South african cooperation for defense of the South at Antic the Security of sea lanes around the Cape and joint use o the Well equipped Simon town base. It also bound Britain to keep the South african Navy in trim by providing warships and other equipment. South Africa complained thai the former British prime Mims Ter Harold Wilson did not live up to the spirit or letter of the agreement. Britain officially rejected this charge last year Wilson s successor Edwan Heath now is trying to revise the commitment without Caus ing the breakup of the British Commonwealth. Zambia Tanzania and Uganda among others have Warna London that they won t stand for the resumption of Arm sales. Kenya s foreign minister Njoroge Mungai has offered an alternative formula. He suggests that Simon town be Madi an Independent base under direct control of the Western pow ers. Sea defense gear thereby could be installed without com ing under South african control there has been no commen from South african officials on the plan. I Jooi i ii i i Iii ii i 00 0000000 00 of of tool o of o pad Coq to oooo 0 0000 7 it says use a classified it s amazing How Many problems Are solved every Day with Florence morning news classified ads. 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