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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Aug 29 1973, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 29, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJhn Antn user Nina n you re a big help Black americans part ii John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager wednesday. August 29.1973 Rogers departure William p. Rogers departing after serving in the Nixon administration for nearly five years As Secretary of state will hardly be remembered for asserting a Strong personal leadership in foreign policy affairs. For reasons not entirely of his own making he was Over shadowed from the first by the More colourful and flamboyant Henry Kissinger the Man the president chose As his chief foreign policy adviser. Rogers reserved leadership As head of the department of state fits into the Nixon pattern of playing things close to his Chest. From the first he sur rounded himself with a handful _ of White House advisers who he obviously meant to keep on Short rein rather than relying too heavily on Cabinet chiefs who Are generally More removed from White House currents. In Oiler words Richard Nixon came on Strong As one determined to run a tight ship. But the watergate scandals suggest that somewhere along the Way the ship ran aground. Rogers subdued role in Shap ing and executing foreign policy should not be taken As a sign the shoes he was picked to fill were too big for him. He is an Able Man with a distinguished career in Public service behind him. He is also a perceptive and gentle Man with keen insights. Something he said the other Day. On the eve of the announce ment of his resignation bears x that out he said that it is very important for the United states not to become so obsessed with Security matters that Laws Are freely violated. I think one of the things that pro Vides Security for americans is the fact that we Are a Law abiding nation and that is Protection for All individuals and a Protection for individual these Are the words of a thoughtful and honorable Man. They should be pondered by a number of people in washing ton the president included. Or. Black to Sumter position announcement that Florence City manager Powell Black will become City manager for sum Ter october 1 is for or. Black a Happy ending to the unhappy experience of being requested by the Florence City Council to relocate. Besides being but a Short forty mile move from Florence it carries with it a salary in excess of is making at the end of 13 years in Florence. It also offers a City managerial position in a for Ward looking City. Sumter s mayor Richard p. Moses and members of cil preceded their Choice of or. With a thorough investigation both in Florence and else where. What they found con Vinced them that they would be fortunate to obtain the services of the Man who has been Flor ence City manager during a period of spectacular and dynamic growth. It is credit to or. Black s standing As a City manager that Sumter was but one of numerous cities seeking his services once it became known that he would be Leav ing Florence. A City manager s Job is not an easy one. He is the target of criticism for whatever goes wrong whether real or Imaginal in the management and operation of City government. Yet in most cases he is simply carrying out the policies and instructions of City Council. That or. Black survived for 13 years in so sensitive a Post and that even then both the fact and the method of Council s asking him to relocate Dis Turbed a great Many people these were enough to commend him to other cities seeking successfully proved professional management. We wish him Well when he goes to his new Post. Sum let is fortunate in obtaining his services. extend Best wishes to or. Douglas Watson who has been named acting City Man Ager pending Choice of a City manager at some undetermined time in the future. Or. Wat son has the educational credentials for City management. As we read the action taken by Council the acting manage ment assignment is to be a prov ing period for Elevation As or. Black s successor. During this period we sus. Pet he will also be putting Council to the test to determine whether they Are willing for him to be a City manager in fact As Well As in name. In that sense it s a two Way proving period and it should be. Unless City Council is willing to give reign to a City manager to manage City affairs within the Frame work of policy decisions and determinations made by coun cil neither or. Watson nor anyone else trained for professional management can be satisfied or productive. We Hope Council will Bear that in mind As they evaluate or. Watson s performance. And we Hope he will not fail to Safe guard by emphasis to Council the integrity of a City manager s role in a City manager system of government. Conversation for a Price out in Southern California where a Young couple in a place called Kensington near Berkeley has opened a service called conversation. For an hour half Price for students and persons Over anyone wanting someone to talk to can hire his personal conversationalist and talk about any thing on his mind. A client walking through the door at conversation is greeted by a Friendly smiling face which says hello would you like a or something similarly. Then the client May choose a conversationalist have a cup of Coffee or Tea and indulge his loneliness his curiosity and his Money in the confines of one of 14 sound proofed panelled Booths. Conversation in t exactly booming at conversation but clients Are reportedly Drifting in and 15 conversationalist chosen not because of experience in professional counselling but on the basis of their warmth and interest in people Are on a standby to service them. The act of paying to talk to someone meets a human need according to one of the proprietors of conversation who says people think they have to pay to get maybe so. In any Case it appears that people who say talk is free or cheap simply Haven t heard the latest. Times change used to be that the Only peo ple who worried about Telephone bugs were health fanatics. Anniston Iala Star Seymour Freidin was first Chotiner 7spy7 Washington we can now identify the mystery Man of the watergate investigation referred to in the Senate testimony As Chapman s who spied on the George Mcgovern Camp for president Nixon during the 1972 Campaign. Jack Anderson he. Is the respected foreign Corres. Pond enl Seymour Freidin who covered the Battle of Berlin and later became executive foreign editor for the new York Herald Tribune. He now Heads the Hearst newspapers London office. Lie was not employed by Hearst How Ever while he was a political spy but was a free Lance writer. Nor were he Hearst editors aware of his secret role until we notified them. Not even the Senate watergate investigators have been Able to identify the mysterious Chapman s they mistakenly thought columnist author Victor was the spy and sent two investigators to interview him. The code name or. Chapman was adopted during the 1972 Campaign by president Nixon s Veteran political aide Murray Chotiner. It was the same code name that the late gov. Tom Dewey used to identify himself in phone Calls to Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon during the 1952 Campaign. As the 1972 or. Chotiner. Submitted secret reports on the Mcgovern Campaign to the Nixon Mana Gers. These reports included political intelligence from two undercover correspondents who were identified Only As Chapman s Fine was Goldberg who divulged her Mala Hari role earlier this month. She travelled in the Mcgovern Campaign plane As a Book writer and free Lance contributor to North Ameri can newspaper Alliance and women s news service. The other press spy who had escaped identification until now was the More secretive Reidin. Each collected a week from Chotiner. Confronted with the results of our investigation Chotiner acknowledged thai Freidin was hired by him As a reporter during a portion of he democratic primaries and a portion of the time Afler the Mcgovern Nomina after three Days of overseas Calls we located Freidin in the Mediterranean. I was trying to he said was to pull a Joe Mcginnis worked for the Nixon advertising Campaign in 1968 and wrote an inside account called the Selling of the Freidin said he also had intended to write an inside vigorously denied that he was a spy. I never he said. I gave my unvarnished views which attorney general John Mitchell told Chotiner were Freidin said that he submitted Bolh verbal and written reports arid thai Mitchell complained to Chotiner that he had read the same information in the newspapers. Freidin said that for a Long Lime i look no his total take after he began collecting a salary he said amounted to or footnote apparently we were among those who were duped by Freidin during the 1972 Campaign. He frequently visited us and pumped us for Campaign information. He also pleaded with us to give his son Joshua a Chance to accompany us to Miami Beach for the democratic convention. We paid Joshua to be a Messer Ger and he had the run of our Miami Beach offices throughout the convention. Billy Graham my Mother certainly does t Fil the biblical image of her role. Her philosophy is Money rules seek in no matter who gets stepped she s never expressed love to my father but rather treats him cruelly. I find resent Mentlo her growing stronger daily. Will god understand these feelings d. J. 11 is one thing to say that god under stands it s another to say he approves. Certainly the Bible is Plain about the obligation of children to parents. Without limits of time or circumstance children Are always to Honor them. This does not imply that actions an attitudes Are condoned in fact honouring parents includes the obligation to share constructive criticism where appropriate. Christ often amplified the meaning of the Law. In Mark he i this Regar Ding a child s relationship to the parent.1 the word Honor there has meaning in addition to the usual significance of love reverence and obedience. It Means sup port As Well. Mother needs the support of your Christian example if she is Ever going to Correct her faults. It s understandable that you have indignant displeasure a conduct. But this is exactly where the love of Christ Given to us through Faith comes in. H can give you the stamina to carry on. Dial a Levolion 669-3273 quiz 1. What Gas is about four limes heavier than Iron 2. With what sport is each of these terms identified a let b Railroad c dormie c clip answers 1. Radon. 2. A Tennis b Bowling c base Ball d Eiolf e football. Negro Middle class grows dramatically by Sandra Stencel editorial research reports Washington at the turn of the Century the great Black historian . B. Dubois wrote an important essay entitled the talented tenth in which he argued that the future of the Black race in America depended upon the ability and determination of its educated members to Lead the masses of their people along the path of education to a position of productivity and respect in society. In Short he was describing the role of the Black Middle class. The Black Middle class has grown dramatically in the 70 years since Dubois wrote his essay. According to Ben Wallenberg and Richard Scammon the number of Middle class negroes reasonably be said to add up to. A majority of Black americans a slender majority but a majority nevertheless their definition of the lower limits of Middle class family income a year in the North and West and in the South May nol be everyone s idea of Middle class. But the general Rise in income occupational and educational Levels of Blacks signifies the emergence of a Large and growing Middle class. Approximately 65 per cent of All Blacks graduate from High school or from institutions of higher education. One third work in White Collar jobs and 30 per cent earn More than a year. The negro Middle class has been criticized in the past As being aloof from the problems of the ghetto and eager to adopt the mores and trappings of White society. The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy recently accused Middle class Blacks of nol giving adequate financial support to the civil rights movement. Most social scientists feel that the description of the Middle class negro As a Black Anglo Saxon no longer holds True. Black Pride and racial awareness have replaced attempts to imitate the White Man. Where rejections of the race and especially he masses May have been fashionable in previous decades it is definitely out of fashion wrote Sidney Kronus author of the Black Middle class. But while the Middle class Black Man is determined Cut his roots from the larger Black Community he is also deeply involved in his own struggle for economic and social Security. An increasingly dominant View among Middle class or. Kronus said is that the most effective contribution that they can make in advancing the race is to assure their own personal in that Way they show the Whites As Well As the Blacks that they Are every bit As competent and motivated As their White counterparts Many sociologists feel that the rift Between the Black Middle and lower classes has been greatly exaggerated. Historically they Point out Middle class negroes provided the Money leadership and initiative for the Black struggle. It was the predominantly Middle class a act that won the Legal Battles that gave Rise to the period of. Protest and sit ins. The greatest pro All Martin Luther King jr., was a product of the privileged Black Middle class of Atlanta. The Black Middle class today has shifted the protest movement from the Street to the ballot Box. The number of negroes in Public office has More than doubled in the past four years those holding elective office today exceed seventeen serve in Congress three More than last year. Eddie Williams president of the joint Center for political studies in Washington regards the increase in Black elected officials As reflecting the new consciousness among Black americans who have swiftly come to View the political process As a significant Means of liberating Middle class Blacks have not for the most part abandoned the goal of Inte Gration. But like other Blacks their primary concern is consolidating Black control Over economic educational political and social institutions. The Black Middle class in Atlanta was influential in bringing about that City s decision to adopt a Compromise school desegregation plan. It Calls for Only Token busing and leaves most of Atlanta s Black children in pre dominantly Black schools. In return the City will guarantee that Blacks occupy at least half of the key jobs in school administration. Less than half of the Black Community 47 per cent believed that integration is the Best method for overcoming racial inequities according to the poll conducted by Daniel Yankelovich for Ebony Magazine. But Only 16 per cent supported separatism As the solution to Black problems. A much larger group 36 per cent favored what might be called modified integration that of achieving Black Community control Over housing and education and then enc our. Aging integration among equals. The Call for Community control is fundamentally a demand for a change in the racial composition of the personnel who administer Community institutions. But local Black officials alone cannot solve the Complex problems of the Urban poor. They cannot create the jobs needed to end massive unemployment. They cannot Supply the funds needed to rebuild the slums. Whal is needed today is a political strategy thai offers the real possibility of economically uplifting millions of impoverished individuals Black and White. Someone is trying to destroy Agnew Washington a poisonous Miasma is hanging like a mushroom Cloud Over the Spiro Agnew affair and this May turn out to be a far nastier business than watergate Ever was. Wit William s. White the Only Clear and. Indisputable fact in a bottomless swamp of Para noid suspicion innuendo and Cland Estine backstabbing pervades Washington is this somebody some where is trying to destroy the vice president of the United states by convicting him through Media leaks whether or nol he is Ever charged with any crime what Ever before any court anywhere. Someone connected somehow with a Federal grand jury investigation which is under the direct responsibility of the department of Justice in Agnew s own administration has persistently indicted him without known evidence and persistently tried him on the to tube and in the press. The vice president s understandable protests to attorney general Elliot Richardson had at first been answered largely with soothing words that did t soothe much and seemed to accomplish even less. Now president Nixon himself has blown the whistle and demanded that Richardson turn the department of Justice upside Down and inside out to find out what the hell is going on Here and to put a Stop to it right now. The president has observed in sub stance that even a vice president is entitled to the minimal protections habitually and rightly Given in our system to accused1 rapists murderers and even traitors. Richardson says that he will indeed investigate All Over the place but he has really More or less prejudged the Case by strongly implying that nobody in his shop could possibly he involved anyhow. He goes farther and suggests that almost anybody not excluding Agnew s own people and not even excluding Richard Nixon s people in the White House May be at the Bottom of this Surpas singly ugly conspiracy. Then and again in another set of leaks some unidentified Justice department official is quoted As saying that the Only two people in the while House who know what is going on in the grand jury Are whom Well Richard Nixon and his lop assistant Alexander Haig. This is venom unlimited even by present Washington standards. If that Justice department official can Ever be Given a name and brought to surface he ought to be fired in stantly and forever barred from the company of decent men. Now no one supposes that Elliot Richardson himself would for. A moment condone this sort of thing. All the same As the responsible head of the department of Justice Elliot Rich Ardson has a great and indeed a Terri ble obligation to get going on this affair. When you take the kudos for being the Boss you have the duty to act As the Boss. Florence morning news put ilium daily and sunday . R of the associated Audil Bureau of circulation Southern newspaper publishers Aiso Clarion. Trie associated is entitled to use for put italian of All local Newi in Mil Nawl per. The Vorence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of ill reports. The Florence morning news will not be responsible for Advance payments made to. Newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to office of Tyvis newspaper subscription rates by mail. In depend. Ent distributors or Independent news paperboy Volt. A. A to. Yearly a m my circulation Telephone Newt he circulation manager Tom Mcm second cams Pottage paid at Florence s. C

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