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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 29, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaTage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Thursday morning August 20, Roscoe Drummond t Haiti 1 it 10.40 m.80 9.10 18.20 9.10 1b.w Publ bad h the Rio rum or nuns i Mipana John m. O Dowd James a. President and de lev try Florence morning news de Iii 10 be notified promptly it Erron to any of its Repurta. Entered u to end do bitter it the poet office it Florence . Under it of Mircol 3 tin. Cml or of the amt Elm Rte. Audit of and Southern newspaper Publ Lijin Awo cution. The inn be u the Nee for publication Al All the local news printed in Ihli newer apr. A Carrier Are Independent contractors and the Florence morning will out n to Noe payments fun less made at office of the Florence morning news. Bates 1 week 1 Hunta Woelki City delivery .40 by mail p. O. Box Section florenet.40 1.75 5.20 by Carrier delivery elsewhere .35 1.55 4.55 by mail elsewhere .35 1.56 4.55 for subscription on hural routes sunday by Carrier and six Dayi by Mill same As by mail in Rural area. Ddavid cad by the upper room Rijk daily devotional Guidt o living Christ thou Host appeared unto thy disciples in Many ways through the centuries. Help us to have sensitive hearts to recognize the ways in which thou Dost draw near to us. Help us to walk with thee. In thy name we Pray. Amen. Southern senators face difficult dilemma on the civil rights Bill the destiny of the civil rights Bill if now Back in the hands of the sen ate. A parliamentary move in the Senate by senator Thurmond to shunt the measure to its judiciary commit tee failed. It now appears quite cer Tain that the measure will come to a vote in the Senate unless a Southern filibuster talks it to death. If it comes to a vote evidence at the moment makes it quite certain the Bill will pass. While the South can claim a Victory in forcing a dilution of the original Bill the Compromise Bill is also Ana Thema to the South. The difference in Southern opposition to the original the Compromise version is Only one of degree. Southern senators now face a difficult dilemma whether on one hand to resort to the filibuster in an All out fight to the finish or on the other to resist Short of a filibuster then submit to what appears to be inevitable passage of the Bill. There Are both present and Long Range considerations in the decision they must make. Politically they will be pressured by a grounds Well of Southern sentiment in favor of n Fili Buster. From a parliamentary stand Point they face the danger of Clomire which would Cut off debate and place the South at the mercy of the major Ity. Majority Leader Johnson is in favor their fight is a fight for All Farmers the court hearing on blacklisted to Bacco varieties is in defense of a Prin Ciple. It is quite simple. It seeks to de Termine if the government can with hold from any Farmer the right to sell his produce on ils Merit in a free Market. The effect of requiring that Black listed varieties be tagged on the Ware House floor is to deny him that right if that right can be denied in the Case of tobacco it can be denied also in the Case of any other crop. The Protection of that right is Worth fighting for. Agriculture is indebted to three Farmers of Florence Dillon and Marion counties for carry ing to the courts a fight to preserve that right of All Farmers. Against stupidity the gods helpless if Thor Vii r of nor 1 j. A if this year of our lord 1957 fore bodes ruin despair and desolation for the future As some seem to think take heart and remember that in 1801, Wilberforce said i dare not marry the future is so unset in 1806, Pitt said there is scarce was right against stupidity the very gods them solves contend in cure for inflation Britain has been going through an inflation Cycle More costly even than by anything around us but ruin and ours Tlle government has appointed in 1848, lord Shaftesbury said nothing can save the British Empire from in 1849, Disraeli said in Industry Commerce and agriculture there is no in 1852, the dying Duke of Welling ton said i thank god i shall be spared from being the consummation of ruin that is gathering about in i860, president Buchanan said indeed All Hope seems to have deserted the minds of on May 13, 1904, in a speech he made in Birmingham Joseph Chamberlain said the Day of Small a Lions has passed away the Day of pm Pirug has Joan of arc the maid of Orleans the Charlotte news seeds of violence grow everywhere in accounts of fierce Public Dis missed the real significance of their orders in Levittown pa., the South deductions about the uni acc soon to already knew by versa Lily of a committee to advise on prices productivity and income in the Hope of halting inflation. But the cure is one which the whole British people must want. Or. George f. Fisher Arch Bishop of Canterbury and primate of the Church of England advised. Or. Fisher s Point is that inflation is not inevitable. Al can be cured if the British people will set their wills unitedly to the task. The remedy is a moral one. Honest work Chr if selfishness service to one another in Stead of strife will halt inflation and bring economic Well being. It is a remedy As old As religion and just As effective. An honest Day s work for an honest Day s has pulled communities out of heir financial trouble. It will do the for nations. Heart Dixie has no monopoly on racial violence. Prejudice Doos exist in the Nurah As Well As the South this is what happened in i Wii. Lii i Corr Iliff nil Vinci incr or Iii i Yorlli or hoi Illi in. Is Lii it. Then Are remedies for All Gondi Chr . Raul Vot Motif t Tinct Cuni i ii Tacui w i Fri nah Fibril for Vinlan i a t Litlerini e.-, Down South Many i Ali in Slisi Yommi Biily i i pm or t lit oh1 Hor Llort i novni1 Iho i oper. Oill Irr in L.R-. Kiln Van a. To a incl alias line. Hour Fri Linen ii Here was a made to order situation i lie rabble rouser. A or Jim. Family my no Flo Rizir by nil while . Manlis surrounded he intruders 3wel1inv, assaulted a Penlie a in who huh 10 of jct Exchange of Corres Pendents favored of submission to the watered Down version of the Bill rather than antagonize the opposition and face a worse Bill in 1958 which is election year lie is taking the Long Range View that it is better to take a lesser evil now than to run the risk of a greater evil in the future. Whether he is right or not Only the future can Tell. Some believe that win or lose Southern senators should not cease their opposition to the Bill Short of a finish fight with every parliamentary weapon available. But even those who favor a finish fight Are not optimistic about Success. This of course is not the last ditch stand. It is Only one of a Multi ple front defense. If the South loses on this front it can turn to others. But it is Only fair to say that if the South loses in Congress also As it has before the supreme court the effective fighting fronts will be sharply reduced. In the final analysis the answer will be found with the Southern White Man and the Southern negro working out their problems. Neither supreme court decisions nor Laws passed by Congress Are of Avail when it comes to settling the Basic issues. Their final solution will come Only when both White and negro agree that decency and Good sense applied patiently arid responsibly can find an answer Satis factory to All. Of his Long and Sticky delay in permitting american correspondents to go to red China Secretary Dulles has now tripped Over his slide laces to has fallen into a dilemma which would Jive been avoided and which lie himself created. Some months ago the piping government invited a group of american reporters to come to the Mainland to have a first hand look at what was going on. The american press was eager to accept in order that the Ameri can people could get full and More authentic news. But the slate department said no and kept on saying no. Then it began to say maybe and last week it said yes. the six month delay in saying yes has Given the chinese reds a convenient excuse to with draw their invitation and to insist As the government controlled peo ulc s daily now reports they will insist trial the admission of reporters must be reciprocal. This is or. Dulles new dilemma will the state department let chinese communist correspondents visit Pic United states in order that american correspondents May go to red China first let s look at How Unten Able Umlor Kably and undesirable was the stale department s ear Lier attempt to Mark off areas of world in did not Waul . Reporters to travel 1 by constitutional Guaran tee Congress is prevented from abridging the Freedom of the press. What is wrong for con Gress to do is wrong for the executive to do. Obviously and properly there Are limitations on he Freedom of the press. There Are boundaries to privacy which must be respected. There Are Laws of libel which must be observed. To contend thai the press is free to print the news but that the government should inhibit its reporters from going where Nec Essary to get the news is a pretty thin argument. I would contend that Freedom to travel should be open to correspondents even when in is not open to. All civilians. If reporters go to the front lines to cover a hot War though Civi lians Are not free to do so they ought to be Able logo to the front lines to cover the cold War. Thai s what us american press is proposing to do in seeking to go to lied China. 2 the Independent free press of the United states ought never in be used As a tool in he hands of the government. That was what the stale department was trying to do in refusing passports for american newsmen logo to communist China. 3 should the american peo ple have to rely on the news facilities of other nations including the chinese communists themselves in order to learn what is going on inside the regime thai s what has been happening. In t it Betler that american correspondents be on the spot to see and write the news As Busl they can or. Dulles now agrees. He says that it is desirable that addition Al information be made available to the american people respect ing current conditions within but that was equally True a year ago and the year before that. The Only thing that Lias changed is that Secretary Dulles has changed his mind. That is Good. How can the Public determine whal it wants its relations with red China to be without getting creditable news from China the advocates of recognition contend that the chinese communists Are firmly established on the Mainland. Arc they there arc recurring reports of Dissen Sion and repression. Lei s try to get More facts. The advocates of admitting Heel China to the . Contend that we Are driving China More firmly Inlo the arms of Moscow. Maybe non Reco Guilino is doing just Ilia Opp Silc that chinese dependence upon Xvi cow increased tiie strains Anil irritations Between them . S try to get More facts. U seems to me that on balance it would be advantageous to the United sales to let chinese communist reporters see what the american people and american life Are like. And it would tic to our Clear advantage to gel news or polls on whal is going on ins Clie lied China written on the spot by trained american correspondents. Billy Graham my answer question have 1 commell h d the unpardonable sin be cause i a Mac wild things Nga Insl the Lii la . Answer the apostle Paul in his Zeal for his Faith was even responsible for the death of christians and yet no Only was he forgiven but he became the great est Christian writer and Mission Ary the Church has Ever known. The Bible is the written word. Christ is the living word. We May sin against both and often do but True repentance brings sure forgiveness. It has been the experience of tens of thousands of peo ple thai once they ignored resented or even haled the Bible but after they accepted Christ As Saviour they found the Reading and studying of is word As the most enlightening and delightful experience of daily life. When you rend it there will be Many places which you do not understand oth ers which seem hard to explain hut As time goes on ils meaning becomes clearer and clearer and the difficulties disappear and new truths appear each Day. With he psalmist you will say i have chosen the Way of truth thy judgments Hove i Laid before you spend your own English lesson Man does t want to live by bread alone. He likes to get the Gravy. Whatever became of the Man who advertised Tor a Job and said salary no Drew Pearson Liy w. L. Gordon words often misused do hot of hrs his age. The boy has made remarkable say com pared with 0 f t k n Calk or caulk. Pronounce As Wilh the "1" silent. Often misspelled naphtha and diphtheria observe the a 1" in both of these words. Synonyms Progress Niini. Advance attainment development growth improvement increase progression. Word study use a word three limes and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day to Day s word inconsequential irrelevant unimportant. His contribution to the cause was in quiz by a. C. Cordon 1. What is the most popular1 hour of the Day for babies to be Horn 2. What Asiatic country has a circumference equal to thai of the Earth 3. About whal Pyrc Calape of american stockholders today Are women what game and cily in wis Consin have the same name answers 1. According to a recent study of More than births the hour of five . Is the most pop ular and when . Is the least popular. 2. China. 5l.fi per 4. Lacrosse. Maine lady senator shoves the brass around Washington senator mar Garet Chase Smith of Maine Only lady senator has now won her Battle with the air Force. She has blocked the promotion of air Force Glamor boy Jimmy slew not who played the part of Lindbergh in the spirit of St. Louis to be a brigadier general. She also blocked the promotion of John Montgomery vice president of general electric. How she did it is a Little known Story of one lady plus a determined assistant against the brass hats. The backstage Battle got rough at times. Air Force propagandists accused mrs. Smith s assistant Bill Lewis of holding up another promotions because he was not promoted himself. They also put out stores that mrs. Smith was irked because she wanted to be commander of the was in time of War and the air Foch turned her Down ii was also intimated that mrs. Smith wanted to extend her own Joseph Alsop Reserve commission As a colonel in tire was which expires automatically december 14 when she reaches the age of sixty first be cause she did t want her age known and second because she wanted continuing reservist . This was obviously erroneous be cause mrs. Smith has made no Sec ret about her age spells in out in who s who for everyone to read. Real fact is. That senator Smith is the author of the Reserve personnel act. Contends past wars have been won ninety per cent by the reserves that their training in peacetime must be thorough. So when the air Force recommended eleven officers for pro motion for brigadier or major generals. Mrs. Smith discovered they included big shot executives who had t handled an air plane for years. She and her assistant did what the Senate foreign relations committee has not done with ambassadors such As Maxwell Gluck. Sim dug Inlo the background of every officer. In doing so she caught the head of air Force personnel. It. Geu Emmett Rosie o Donnel in Many misstatements of fact and cracked Down on him for wanting to change forty three of the forty inc pages of testimony in answer to mrs. Smith five of six pages in answer to senator Stennis of Mississippi three out of three pages in answer to senator bar rett of Wyoming and two out of four pages in answer to chair Man Riis Seu of Georgia. Mrs. Smith sent the testimony Back telling o Donnell to confine himself to editing for grammar not change his answers. During the course of the Testi Mony general o Donnell bragged that he had kicked men out of the reserves because their training was t Good enough. In View of this queried senator Smith Why Are you promoting Brig. Gen. Robert l. Smith whose record in t Good enough she referred to the Good Friend of senator la Ndon Johnson of Texas who is president of Pion Eer air lines of Dallas. He had Only one 15-Day tour of duly in eight years mrs. Smith pointed out in direct violation of air Force Reserve requirements. Gen eral o Donnell however tried to show that mrs. Smith was wrong. Senator he flared up general Smith was on duly de Cember 10 to december 31, 105g." i Don l see that on the records supplied by the air commented Marg Rel. December 10 to december 31." emphasized o Donnell Wilh great vigor implying that the lady sen Ator did t know what she was talking about. She did. He did t. When the Iron script of o Donnell s testimony came Back he had deleted his answers. Mrs. Smith refused to allow the deletion. Mrs. Smith pressed o Donnell to explain the double Standard or reserves which fired reservists but promoted an airline executive despite his Lazy training record. He replied Well even though he has t so Many Points he is in the airline note As a Courtesy to Lyndon Johnson Smith s promotion was finally okayed for promotion. Not so another business executive j. B. Montgomery who re tired from the air Force As a temporary major general to Lake a Lush salary Wilh american airlines but who now wants in come Back into the air Force As a Reserve officer thereby drawing double . Mrs. Smith did some dig Ging. Found this would be a Bonanza to colonel Montgomery income tax Wise hat ibis was Why he had t Lakin his regular retire ment when he left the air Force. German recovery seen As Post War Miracle Bon Germany the cur Rency crisis in France and Brit Ain Wilh its resulting pressure on germans to revalue their Mark up wards. Is an amazing sign of the times. Serious As the crisis seems moreover in is far less Funda mentally significant than the development it has dramatized. This development is nothing More nor less than the re Emer gence of so Lally ruined Germany As a major Power in the world. The excessive so Rengh of the Gor Man Mark on the world , the increasing weakness of Bril. And Ihn French friini1 Are of a Radical change in All the pm or relationships on this Side of the allanic Ocean. To to. Udall of if. Viii i Lio tills in loiter when this in Milit five years tin rubble had been tidied. Pill tirling had begun a in. Chan Ellor Konrad had is a re Peclers Anvern men. Rul the or Rumion had nol Jet been Liquigli Ilid. Doc Clcil Gir Many was still in Bonds. The High commissioners of the victorious allies were still playing at being viceroys. A healthy Independent Ger Many then seemed possible and even highly Likely. But nothing seemed More absolutely beyond the hounds of Possi Hilly than Ger Many s re emergence is the real heavyweight in the world half Are of Power. The figures Tell Ilic Story in Ilii in Blunt. Bleak Way. Is irling will untiring the Germany trea sury now Hus Flohil reserves a have live million dollars of which More than three and to half billion Are in hard i urgency. Last year of Blizil i Juilia. I Lii s Clit look Lias or . Musi significant of All German fit eel output has null implied no most ten limes since the Post War Low. year in More Mian 3.1 million irin1-. And then fore Well Ohnor hip Hail us null ill. In production of All sorts. Germany ill lags behind Britain although the Gap is closing fast. But in the classical measure of Basic Malinn Al strength ibis new Germany is already ahead of Britain. The first questions one naturally asks is simply mow have the germans done the answer set is to lie in a combination of three factors. Tii Klit is the government of Konrad Adenauer Wilh its Lough by conservative economic policies. Then is hip German Railis Union leadership Hun cd by the ugly memory of info Alipour and aware Ilia living san Edards Meisl Only Rise As output rises. And then arc the exceptionally Able i Jedi k of Coli Lull is a lil1.- Ajili Zutl i Ili Clid. The to Irin Kaiui als the 01 the Krupp Empire Hal held Lucils and the exr Noral nary head of the Volkswagen Lac Lory or. A Heinrich n Ord of. I hrs hirer Jar Milf r a if fir Ninn people the i cd mint by i shared. Hut there is still another deeper question that one must also weight in the world balance. It is aks about Germany s regained weigh in the world balance. It is the question How will the Ger mans use this weight by throw ing it about for their onto temporary aggrandizement or for More permanent constructive Dii pos Wilh Germany Quile Likely to super Edee Brilain As the third Power in the world and the see end Power in the Wesl this last question has profound importance. As Yel curiously enough i in is not a quest Iii that any but n Liy minority of Gor inns have asked themselves. They have been fib sorbet in the reconstruction of Llu or own Robin try. Thay have Luul no Lii m to of their own growing Toj purity. Hut if Lis United sales Placid in plainly proves National weight and Nall Onul Power can never id main permanently uncommitted simply . Hit nation having Power would prefer not to com till in hit world Arena. Ave Lually weight and Power Are always made to count somehow or other. Kut How will the new Ger Many weight and Power be made to count the final answer in ibis reporter s opinion is the direct responsibility of the United slates. The new Germany is eur Ope minded and even minded to form an increasingly intimate partnership Wilh her traditional enemy France. If the United sales lakes the slips thai Are now needed to Siren Glen and restore hip Ulm Ern Alliance icon ibis now Kur apr minded Power will Ini Jiin firmly within the or Van n Alliance. And in will provide a great accession of Western Brail h and Elro Kielh but if the hulled states Fth Iccil Pon Nils the la become a in cry empty a fit this is Why the i almost wholly american tin new Germany will join Ilia Gener Al game of save yourself Ami the Devil Lake the Ami Dufler , almost anything pm happen

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