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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 29, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaThursday morning August 20. 1957 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Painter Dies in fall msgr. Francis j. Lumen administers the last rites of the Catholic Church to Lawrence a. Bauer covered with Sheet after the 67-year-old Erie pa., Painter fell from a scaffold while painting a House yesterday. Kneeling is a fireman George Pulakos o Volunteer who tried itt vain to revive Bauer. The county Coroner said Bauer May have suffered a heart Pho Max off to Washington Proxmire continues his whirlwind Pace Page us witness says producer Mike Todd gave material to smut Magazine Ells and the Alan the mag Story about her and payment of by Bob Thomas los an Celivs aug. 28 w producer Mike Todd supplied Pho graphs of himself information and a lag line for a confidential Magazine Story in the belief it would help promote his i Jovie a witness at the scandal Lublic lion s incl trial said today. Azine said the p cd he added that the Lead for the Slov came from Aline Mosby. Was when miss Dan United i Ress writer. Hiss Mosby Del be and her attorn by held press declined comment. De Stufano inferences announce the five de Scaffa. Former he said the the Stock Market key issues irregular named miss wife of actor Bruce Cabot As the source for stories about Mitchum Magazine refused to print an apology demanded return of the the Law suit. The witness also said confident and miss calve a do Stefano for of Ial Drew Story material about an dared that a Lii suit brought by alleged Romance Between against confidential had Allyson and Alan Ladd from dismissed voluntarily and sip columns. And he named a that miss Calvet said in a to in Toms the morning news Ress Francesca do Scaffa As the Iourtc of lips that led to articles about Robert Ali chum and co inne Calvel. Todd husband of actress Eliza Ieth Taylor said after his name ame up in testimony last Mon Day that he had talked to a writer or confidential but that the con Essaion could not be construed As Todd said the Magazine apparently had All the facts from some be else. Jiu said he talked the Ter View that the confidential Story flattered miss de Scaffa. Named by Sev j eral witnesses As a prime Souyee j of confidential stories was ordered yesterday to leave Mexico where she has lived within 72 hours. The prosecution says thai if she enters this country site will be arrested. She was indicted on. Libel j charges along with the Magazine. And other individuals by the los j Angeles county grand jury. Milwaukee aug. 28 uv-w11 e. Proxmire Wisconsin s democratic u. S. Senator elect Board a plane for Washington to night less than 24 hours after he scored a smashing upset Victory nver former Republican gov. Wal Ler .1. Kohler in a special election to fill the vacancy created by the dentil of Joseph Mccarthy. The energetic prox mire continued the whirlwind Pace which he outdistanced his 53 year old opponent and lost Little time in assuming the obligations handed him by voters of this traditionally Republican state. In rapid fire order today he 1. Arose at the crack of Dawn and appeared at Milwaukee fac tory Gates where he thanked the workers for their support and assured them he would seek elec Tion to a full term next year. 2. Prevailed upon the slate Board of canvassers to certify him As the Winner of the special elec Tion on the basis of unofficial turns without waiting for the official ballot count from the slate s 71 county clerks. 3. Arranged to Fly to Washington with his attractive wife and Campaign manager Ellen with the understanding he would be worn in As soon As possible after arrival in the capital tonight. 1 p morning after Only a hours sleep. Proxmire was factory Gates shaking hands with workers t h a n t i n g them and Wellins them that he would seek i kit inn to the full six year term next year. Meanwhile his lieutenants prevailed upon the slate Board of canvassers to certify to the san Aie i hat Proxmire was the Winner. The Board composed of three slate officials normally Only certifies the winning candidate after receiving the official vote tally from county clerks. It Ever Alier conferences with u. S. Ronnie lenders to Send a wire to the Senate slating that. Proxmire William Proxmire on the run lakes office in january 1959. Proxmire s Victory particularly by such a wide margin surprised Bolh republicans Ami democrats and there were Many explanations for it. No one Factor however was the new senator elect on the voting reversals in a state that is basis of unofficial returns. I traditionally Republican and has the Liming was important he-1not sen a Democrat to the Senate cause Congress is incl. Lluc Lias Jonii rement. Proxmire said he Hopes to be sworn in immediately so that he can act on important pending legislation. To be sealed that fast however Proxmire will need unanimous consent of the Senate plus approval of vice president Nixon. J Nix Mir said ii believed lie would gel it. Proxmire inn by about Voles which is considered a con Quesi of landslide proportions in n Wisconsin Clion that saw less hum Voles Casl. This was Only Alinne .10. Per real of the pos sible Oll vol. The final unofficial Vole Wilh Only four precincts Mats inf Kul Ilir jut a total of is than Voles them i will ill Oul the. Lair sen. Joseph Mccarthy s unexpired Erm of if Mon lev lie will had Only two democrats in i lie Senate since the turn of the Cen Tury. Theories included old guard republicans who had backed former rep. Glenn r., Davis for the gop nomination in the primary last month were Hitler Over Kohl or s Victory and did not turn out to vote. Kohler is one of the modern republicans who compose the Kison Hewer Wing on the parly. The Wisconsin old guard never has been Overly Friendly to president Kison Hower. Proxmire s six years of Dawn to mini Gill paid off by gelling him known to of people who were impressed by his sincerity and . I bar helped through a Well or unit him this Ihry did. In populous Lintus Livial enl us Milwaukee. Unions Din forbid Jen to contribute to political Cam in Wisconsin Hal there u lot Hlaj to prevent individual Mem from working Lor air Force lists facilities closing Washington aug. 28 air Force announced today that seven of its facilities have been scheduled for closing. It said they have been declared a excess of future needs. The facilities Are Wendover air Force base Utah scheduled for closing in the fall of 1958 Foster fab , Spring 1959 Savan Lah storage station. Ga., fall j959 Ardmore fab okla., summer 950 Philadelphia storage station i 3a., Spring i960 Cheli air Force Dupol. Maywood calif., Spring 961 and Reading storage 5a. During the coming year. Friter out of using the name of a i j movie ingot vol do a Lofano discussed at length i the March 19v, confidential a which confidential posed production. The producer hurriedly signed the actress to a contract then Todd told him he lad cancelled the production. New York attorney Albert Dellofano told the criminal libel trial tiry thai one of the photos Todd applied was printed. He said that Todd Felt the Story needed a better ending and wrote after advising hat the movie Mogul had told him lot to repeat the Story and Michael never be tire you keep this confidential it would s import land for him to have the Lory de Stefano Tesla cd since the Magazine would ome Oul at the same time As the pening of his Pic lure around the i orld in 80 Days he though the no licit would help the defense introduced news clippings and a fan Magazine Lory of which de Stefano said helped apply material for an article ailed How Long can Dick pow ii take the attorney declared the stories substantiated a Romance that existed Between miss Allyson and Ludd while each was married to another person. The news clip pointed out the problems Between the Dick pow yes sir some t Fellows have both feet firmly planted in mid air but the Fellows with their feet on solid ground have their Homes and farms equipped with electricity. 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Federal savings loan association his writ k Aklil Street for lilt my Stii Ith Carolym where you save does make a difference lock linux ils recovery from monday s big break into a second session tripped on late profit taking today the Market was nicely higher on reduced turnover for of isl of the Day but Selling in the final hour pared or cancelled Many of the Early gains. The Nel result was irregularity among the key issues. Their gains and losses ran generally from fractions to around a Point. Wall Street observers still looked fur a test of the year s lows be fore a Strong Advance can be mounted. They noted that during the general decline of the past six weeks the Market has bounded upon occasions. The associated press average of 60 stocks edged Down 10 cents to with the industrials unchanged the rails Down 60 cents and the utilities up 20 cells. Stand Ard poor s 500-Stock Index closed at 4-1.04. Plus .03. Of the issues traded gains outnumbered advances by 497 to there were 63 new lows for the year and 5 new highs. V volume slipped to shares for yesterday. Of the 16 most Active stocks. 10 Rose. 4 fell and 2 were unchanged. Bethlehem steel was the most Active Stock. Alloch corp 8v5 Lorillard p a Jim Al Dju to Ewnin i s 17 cd mtg 2 Mckiss i 51 Airl 17y Mont Ward financial news markets at a . New Vonk 23 Siolis Mii cd Laic Philil filing mixed Rorn Rales in Rev irregular liquid Liun state Market and cot Mia. Aus. N Llna Market news service reports today Columbia stale Farmers shul Sale mar Ket Mendy Supply Light demand Good. Apples 2.00-2.30. Lima Beans 4.50. Cabbage 2.00. Corn 5. Ohm no. 1 3.00, 2 13u graded peae hcs 200-3.00. 1 manuli 1505.00. I cars l.do-1.75. Field peas 200. 1 Eppers Bell 2.50. Hot 2.so. Mustard Sunli d 1.50 swot potatoes Good 275-3.2j, 1.75-2.00. Fir apes 4.00-5.00. Ungraded if Anneis co Lumbia area Market Itinger. Bailey am ple Supply Good demand. Larse Colum Liin -16-49, Hartsville 43, Greenville 4s. 33-40. Hartsville 3 a Greenville 37. Small Columbia 2527. Harts Ille 25, Greenville 29. Graded wholesale 53-5b, 53. Greenville 5.1. Medium Columbia a Hartsville 47, Greenville 44 34-33. Harts the 33, in Renville 33. Poultry farm Columbia Broil 255 207 i Era and fryers steady Supply ample 1132 1150 Maud fair 19. Greenville 19. Columbia 5 3 heavy hens steady Supply ample demand 63 138 air in Good 17. Choice no. 1 hogs Columbia local buy Oatt few Corfi steady at 20.2o. Florence and Kingi i i rec Cash buying stations steady at 20.25. New York aug. 28 tuesday auction sales 20.00 _ Holly nil tuesday auction Salai futures closed of cells a Bale Low Chicago near contracts lower. Hedge Selling. Corn. Profit taking. top 21.50. Top 23.525. What Thi stocks did a in v011k, aug. 28 Al had. Incs .4 declines i Nch Aneed total issues 1957 highs new 1357 lows . 407 711 80 231 i am can am am Toh not Lils 507 n Nat Cash Reg in i hairy am Tesitel 173% Nat i Anaconda corp n it inn 13mi Arm a co 1 new ens elec 15 c l w by cent All her 4w no am Avia Avo Alft. In no Hancock Wil 8ti Olin math 58h a Litwin l 12vi c fib 50 51 1 Aram plot 3m Bendic ave Bolh Stel in Crim Al rpm Bordon co bore warn Budd co Burl Mills 11 Pullman i Bur add men 4fl pure Oil Cannon Mills 50 radio corp car p k 2h St Case j i 161-1 Reynolds b Ca Terpil trac 85 Niece paper celanese corp 14h Scab Al by Penney j c stink 4h pen or i4mi i Psi cola 60 Phillips Pel h 7h Pitt sin 7% k i proct i Gam so c 40 24 i clips o coca Coin come credit come Sylv cons i Joftis i cent can Corn ind cynic St Curt Wright Curt Wal but 185 Sears Hob i Simmons co 8ai Storony vac 4 i Sou car Kag 20n soul ii in co. Sou Nat Gas Attu Pic son by .78 i std brands 8 std Oil Cal if Sid Oil no Stevens up Stewart War a co 397fe Tex co 14 i to tron corp c Fox 51 or hide Len unit airline unit air 47vn unit corp l2vi unil fruit 35 unit Caa Imp us flu birr or to 20 cents higher today with Distant new crop months showing the gains. Trade and commission House buying bolstered the Market at the Start with gains Al one time extending to 60 cents a Bale. The Advance however was reversed when Selling in current crop months broadened paced by Sals of about Bales in nearby december by a commission House. Traders were not certain whether this concentrated pres sure represented liquidation or Trade hedging operations. Hedging for Texas interests was noted in some deliveries. The . Reported that Cotton Loans in the week ended aug. 24 increased sharply to Bales compared with Only 98 Bales entered in the preceding week. The of Cotton As of aug. 24 was Bales. Futures eloped 50 Rei cattle tuesday auction sales Cluro Hia Good Choice veal calves 20.00-25.25. 14.00-20.00, butchers steers heifers 20.00-23.40. Utu come. Butcher steers heifers 16.00-20.00. Commercial cows 13.50-15.70. Canners cutlers 10.0013.50. Good Choice steers 4 heifers 18.50-22.75. Medium Stocker Stern it heifers 16.008.50. Choice veal calves 21.00-26.00. Util Coful veal calves 18.00-21.00. Pood Choice Butcher steers pc heifers 18.00-22.00. L til come. Bulcher sleeps t heifers 14.00-19.00. Come rows 13.50-i6.50. Canners 4 cutters 10.00 13.50. Good Choice Stocker ulcers heifers 18.00-21.50. Medium Stocker steers to heifers Holly veal calves 15.00-18.50. Utu come. Butcher steers t heifers 1.00-16.0.0 commercial cows 12.oo-l4.no. Canners cutters 8.50 11.50. Medium Stocker steers pc Hei Fri livestock Chicago aug. M a Bulcher hogs were Down 25 cents in Active dealings today. Sows sold mostly steady. The cattle Market Strong to 25 cents higher on Butcher hogs grading mostly no. 2 and 3 and scaling 200 to to -20 cells higher than Brouelli close oct. Dec. Mar. Hay oct. Dec. Middling of the same weights i and 2 and the bulk of 33.68 33.71 33. W 33.55 8 2 and 3 butchers from 230 to 280 33.90 33.91 33.80 .1.1.81 Cal from s9i in 33.p1 3.i.m 33.80 33 Bob _ 101 p v1- 0. 3269 32.75 32.67 32.67n 4. 41 the practical top. Mixed Grade sows from 325 to 400 Pound brought to higher .32.64 32.6b 32.64 spot 5.00n off 5 a Numen a a bid Orleans aug. 28 fun lures advanced i Arlo Here today but1 gradually weight sows sold at prime ulcers told Elji Don chem of Pont Hast Airl Eastman Kod Krie Firestone rub Florida pm Ford Frueh t a Gen Gen foods it a Mot Glidden co. Goodrich bub Goodyear rub 8u Krevh bus Gulf 23 Gulf nil 1291 int Harv .14 int min t cd 2b in paper 9 in t i t v Johns Man 41 Kenne Colt corp a West l n Kressie is 2fi West lib me lib lips sew m Lise a Winn Dixie Lockheed a Wool f w Loews inc la. Vonne Kiviat Stock Kim Gas comp lord Luj the press 30 15 15 60 ind. Bails ulily. Stocks -.6 -t.2 -.1 257.3 114.8 115.4 2c2.2 i it .9 274.4 127.9 2f.5 4 133.8 2m1.0 240 i 114.1 244.0 126.2 ions Choice and mostly from s25.00 to with so cents of woo for some to j j.300 Pound prime Type. Choice 900 1 in 10 cents higher. .33.68 33.72 33.m 3imr i i Pound Leors brought 524.50 and grades to and prime heifers brought to 33.51 33.91 33.7811 3.91 33.04 33.84 33.7911 33.58 33.-h 33.42r .32.73 32.73 32.68 32 67r .32.01 32.61 32.61 3j.60b h la old. Of Nuutt i a. R Onu pm. Aug. 28 l s Mcl Elhel 4 i steady. 25 cents a Bale us steel m i 6alcs middling 26.50, i Jiniv Leaf Tob us tobacco i s tobacco 1714 Vick chem a car chem 21 Wes on 27 Liti Rood middling seipts 13.581, Slock 241.416. Grain Chicago aug. 28 w Mist wheat Grain contracts and ail other futures declined on the Board of Trade today As a last new , aus. 28 fail the average Price of one Inch spot Elton it 14 designated Southern spot Maikis minute wave of Selling and hedge to 33.51 month Ako 33.63 year Ailo com showed talc greatest walk averse Ness with Lac september delivery declining cents a Bushel to 32.14 sales new yoj1k. Aug. 28 fail to Mesic sit per futures no. I doped unchanged to 5 lower. Sales 45 contracts. L. A Banc wednesday Prev. Day week Ako month ago year Aso High 1936 Low 7 Lar 5. 14 5311 2.5 173. 727 177 2 i a bid 74.4 1h5.1 i 74.2 182.9 j Auh. 28 tap 77.5 Selling 72.1 5.60 5.10 5.6on 5.48b 5.65n 171.6 Bonds new seasonal Low. Liquidation of september Corn was based on Trade expectations of heavy deliveries against the spot Market Fri in first delivery Day. Only the More Distant deliveries of wheat ended higher with the ii for most of the Busi july contract up More than a cent. 0? pm or nearby do ii sep Lemerer december and March contracts were off fractionally at a slight pick up in orders Lor fall 11. Woolens and worsted was Nolt a in the 1-Tosc. Wool Roods Market. In the women s Wear Field particular interest can tried in Wool in tweeds. Business in Rayon goods entered on fill in buying Lor the third Quarter. In Terest in fourth Quarter delivery was not evident. You 1c, aug .28 Prule Bonds moved irregularly higher today while government liens declined for the first time this week. Gains outnumbered losses about two to one in the corporate list. Closed investment Quality issues rails sales 117 contracts and convertibles generally made i Sopt. Aie headway while utilities on average. Among the governments the play 3s of 1978-83 and 3s of 19s5 All were bid Down 8-32, and the of 1963 were off 4-32. Corporate Bond transactions on i in new York Stock Exchange to laced value com pared with yesterday s Anu Rii an machine foundry 4s Roic 4-5p to 121. General dynamic s a up 3 at one Lime closed ahead 1 j at 115. Ameri can Telephone gained 1% at 75. I p a Point or so were Atchi son 4 us 1-Ackowanna 4s, s if. New York. Aug. 28 a Bulter Meady. Receipts b2.000. Kufis steady 200. Live poultry go Cralli Ilc Ady. New Yolk aus. 28 Low close 11.82 14.70 14 828 14. Kab 14.79 14.88 15.00 14.91 15. B bid no new crop wheat closed to lower to l higher Corn in to 2 4 lower nals to lower Rye to 3i lower soybeans unchanged to lower and lard unchanged to cents a Hundred pounds higher. Wheat iolii1 St a 2. 2 Ifilio 2 15 2.22t 2.2h 2.19 May 2.2534 2.21n 2.20h 2.17 2.151. 2.15 i 222% 2.2hi 2.24t-j 2.25 2.21h j.2ipi 2.51 2.05 2.04h .15.00 14.95 15.05b sep. Mar May sen mar Cleveland a Lecleric Llumi Nalini skidded 6 to 80 on a couple of Tauisii clings. Others losers in to Iliili to i Nili d Liis Cuit 2vi.s. Off 4 to at Krie .1 i. Off 2 at 05 find i Lii Lnda ill Iii electric of 2 at 79. Foreign Bonds were a Shade lower in Dull trading. Italian pub Lic lil Lily 3? of 1977 added v4 at and Tokyo electric of 1903 were steady. Citation notice the slate of South Carolina county of Florence. By c. Kenneth Grimsley probate judge whereas. Lurleen n. Wall made suit to me Grant her looters of administration of the estate and effects of e. Ii. Nance deceased triese Are therefore to cite and admonish All and singular the Kin dred and creditors of the said e. J mar. Nance deceased that they be an and appear before me. In the court sep. Oct. 1.33 i 1.23 1.23u 1.23 1 28li 1 31h sep Dee mar May miv1i1jan5 7 71u ,68- i .1.31 .1.36 .1.w i.39vi 1.39t. .38u 1.3iu i 1.361-, 1.34h 2.3s .2.42 .2.45 o probate to be held at Flor ence. S.c., on september 5th next Afler publication Hereof at ii o j Cluck in the Forenoon to show i 2.421i 2.45 2.47 .12.60 .12.75 13 25 13.25 1.1.41 13.35 14.38h, 2.4h1 2.1114 2.40 2.43 2.43v4 2.45 12.50 12 55 12.75 .2.75 12.s5 12.70 13.17 13.u 13.15 notice of citation bum Axi it i 1 or Ai. ?0 10 mails ind. i 1 d of 8n 9 Day 10 10 Fen. . Week of Atli 9 Al .1 73.8 to. Fly t m i no. N 90 ii ilri.1 79.8 Chicago. Ann. 21 him fluid to i Sibirt i. A twt., w it c Lau 1.1c . I inn i Kien i Viii lie simple Hie us Inlo old mini High com in cause it any they have Why of administration should not of Given under Niy hand this 2lrflby c Day of August. Anno Domini 1957. C. Kenneth Grimsley aug. 22-29 probate judge. To Spass notify n Olive is hereby Given thai the lands Tif the undersigned known As the Abr Man and Perry Intel situated in flip Itiat Parish the Knight incl situated in Florence Parish and Oiler lands of the Nril in floor Are Junly so Ile of sni Illi find duly Posard according to Law. And enry thereon is prolix cited for any persons enter in these Tut on of n Marr a Olorf Gimli Fri of m l la ill l lit i in i Lull of of South Carol Lilii. Santek Kivit us Imsoon Romi inv s-1.vj2-m. Probate judge whereas Elizabeth h. I Eclen Don made suit to me Grant Doro thy ii. Jackson and e. L. Hubs Ler letters of administration of the estate and effects of Irene m. Hufler deceased. These arc therefore to Cilc and admonish All and singular the Kindred and creditors of the said Irene m. Hubs or deceased that they being appear before me. In Ino court of porn Lime. In be hold Al Hornier. S.c., on Sepler Nhor i next Eller publication Hei cof. At 11 o clock in Tho Forenoon to show cause if any they have Why the said administration slain ill Mil be j a Nopil. In Lei my . This Sill tit , Iii i i l aug. Rypl. I

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