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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 28, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaI j. La to. B. A l m jtofnin0 7958 Palmetto politics Public std by the in Toni con Paay John h. O Odowd James a. Ito Cem president and Ruh Lettai Edick Florence morning news desires id be notified promptly of error in and of us Enlar Asj class matter at the i oat office at Florence s.c., under act of March 2 1897. Member of the a press audit Bureau of circulation and Southern newspaper publishers association. The Aew Iam entitled exclusively to the use for publication All the local news printed to this newspaper. A carriers arc contractors and the Florence morning Newi will ool be Psi Tuoc pay Roentz unless at Ute of the Florence news Kates 1 week t Monk i Malks hitts City Deriv by .40 by mail p. O. Box tier 1.75 5.20 10.40 by Carrier delivery elsewhere.35 1.55 4.55 fl.10 by mail elsewhere .35 4.55 9.10 rates Lor subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Dayi by Mill same is by Mill in Kuril area. Up App cred today suggested by the upper room no tack rom doily devotional guide o god we beseech thee to take away from us All that would hinder our worship of thee. We worship thee Ond magnify thy holy name for we know Thot thine is the kingdom and the Power and the glory. Fili our hearts with adoration for thy mercy and Bountiful goodness. Through Jesus Christ our lord we ask these things. Amen. 110.80 10.80 18.10 1s.m the acid test is people the intangibles Are primary in these columns we have stressed the importance of a Community s in tangibles in attracting Industry. We have pointed out that Industry is concerned with More than physical Sites. At monday s rotary luncheon an industrialist confirmed Al that we have said. There Are from 100 to 000 different Sites that meet the physical requirements for most industries seeking a new location he said. Sites Are important but Good Sites Are not hard to obtain life declared. While not minimizing the importance of the tangible Cost factors his major emphasis was upon the intangibles which he said Are equal to or of greater importance than the Dollar in discussing the intangibles he used Stich words As Unity Harmony cohesion cooperation in describing the character of the Community at Tractive to Industry. He stressed the importance of a Good Quality of labor and a healthy labor Atmos phere. He pointed out the importance of churches schools libraries recreational facilities housing. He Laid Large emphasis upon an appreciation for human values. Political and social history the degree of a Community s Solidarity on Public issues the tax and Finan Cial picture of the town and county the agricultural and Industrial makeup fhe Quality and stability of labor the history of labor management relations living conditions in the Community the churches hospitals schools hotels banking and recreational facilities the attitude of the people toward each other toward their Community and toward existing Industry these Are fundamental intangibles put under the magnifying Glass by any desirable Industry. Wining and dining Industrial prospects beyond the Normal courtesies is of no Avail. Free Industrial Sites and tax exemptions Are not of major concern. Beyond the conventional . Industry s primary interest concerns the climate and attitude within the stale and immediate area of its operation. Given maximum advantage in physical assets a Community then succeeds or fails in proportion to its Possession of intangible fac tors necessary for successful Indus trial operation. The acid test then is the charac Ter and Quality of people them selves. They make the climate of a Community. They form the attitude that makes a City desirable or undesirable to Industry. For All communities in this industrially under developed pee Dee these Are matters of primary con Corn. Ours is the state s great Industrial Frontier. We have the phys ical requirements sought by Indus try. We need to major on creating the kind of Industrial climate that will match in every particular the excellence of our physical attractions. Back to school go one in four or. Lawrence g. Derthick United states commissioner of education has taken a Long analytical look at the statistics turned in by schools colleges and universities both private and Public and come up with figures which once More reaffirm our com plete Devotion to Universal education. Be thick predicts total school and College enrolment when the Back to school movement reaches its Crest next month of that is precisely one in four americans Accord ing to the continuing population estimates maintained by the census Bureau. It is an increase of 1.769.000 Over last year. Most of the growth is in the kindergarten through the eighth Grade. There the total registration is expected to be nearly a million More than last year. High and secondary schools would enrol an increase of 000. Colleges and universities would total an increase of 000 these figures come alive in full Force for families with entering Chil Dren or for those who Are moving within the same City or to another City or state. They quickly learn the state of congestion if they apply at this late Day to Register their Chil Dren. Private and Church schools have had to require Entrance examinations to protect themselves from the influx. Most closed registrations at the end of the last school year. Public schools groan at the sight of each new Parent leading his child confidently by the hand. Primary and secondary education Cost the country twelve billion dollars last year roughly a student and it provided less than adequate facilities and teachers needed. Derthick expects the teacher shortage this year to reach because those who will leave due to death retirement marriage or for other jobs will exceed the newly qualified entering the Field. We Are on an educational tread Mill the More Money we pour out the less we have to show for it. Rank and file indifference appalling a condition is disturbing As the control of some unions by Ranji slurs is what the news and courier terms the almost local indifference of rank and file labor unions to this asterism. If labor Union members Don t care whether their dues Are stolen by Hood it s a shame. Thai a Honula l de Fer the. Forces or Noil in i he a Puli lir however. They should crack Down Oil Rule of unions. The. Evil a activities of some unions Are too Dan porous to let Union members handle the news and courier has spoken Well. Lulier unions have sustained a human values some months this newspaper proposed the formation of mayor s commission on human values. The. Purpose would to to enlist the citizens of the Mem Unity in behalf of pro Moling on a Brnad front the incan to a favourable climate for the Iii postal Merit thru. Nncy that it in of Merit now. Critical blow from labor gangsters. Indifference of some unions to conditions exposed by the Mcclellan com Mittee is a further blow to labor. Klec Tion of James Hoffa to the presidency of the teamsters despite his unsavoury record will be a still further blow. La Bor is inviting restrictive Lear isolation. The Honor and decency of the Republic must be protected. Cool Days the wine of october has to flow in August. Recent Cool Days have brought Relief Komi s Lemur . But Slimmer is still Sci a and september has a of riot 11.-i Turret. A tit 0.1 arc multiplying faster than people says a la mistician. Woas the auto.? Are off people. The a have Irlo. L. In to one must rns and play n j Tillar. A sri Olih a Kini up. U e Russell being pressured to run for governor Liy cd Ward ii. Sims though neither one of South Carolina s two . Senators will lie running for reelection next year All six congressmen will the slate will have a governor s race that now looks most interest ing. And because the governor in South Carolina so often stepped out of office after two years or at he cud of his term to run for the . Ornale that race interests the Palmetto slate s senators very much. Right now the lop leading candidates for governor or Possi Bly three Are Burnet Maybank or. . Governor Ernest Hollings and Bill Johnston of Anderson. Maybank Lias been covering the state has powerful friends is Strong upstate and is coming along with a Campaign supposed to reach its Peak Only next year. is highly popular handsome and blessed with a Fine personality Anil is known to be in til running. He is Strong in various parts of the slate. He has been lieutenant governor for a Long time and will poll a Good vote. Bill Anderson is said to be definitely in the race this Lime and will have some key support ers. The mayor of Anderson brother of senator Olin is better known upstate than Down but he in t unknown and the upstate Vole is what wins elections in this state. Up to the last few Days or weeks that has been the lineup with other names tossed into the hat off and on but with no other major Candi Date definitely in the race. It is generally accepted that had presidential assistant James p. Rich Ards of Lancaster been willing to run he would have been the Man to beat. But Richards has definitely taken himself Oul of the picture. The of tikk Man of consid Erable stature whose name was mentioned us a possible Candi Date is president Uii wild Russell of the University of South Caro Lina. Russill would not have run bad former congressman hich arts run it is believed but he is being urged to run by a num Ber of leading and influential South carolinians and the pressure is building up on him daily. Mussel is not tempted to run be cause of any Lack of Faith or re Gard for the younger candidates in the Field. But the reason he would not have run had someone like Richards that most of potential supporters would have sup ported Richards if he had not run and would have done so happily. But now these supporters who Are saying that an older More nationally known Man should be a candidate prefer either Rich Ards or Russell to anyone else. Around. Many of them think that some of the younger candidates can afford to wait four years. As a result Russell finds himself be seized with offers of support and is considering making the race. Of course he has had to refuse to enter political races before and he might land aside this time again but then it would appear As this is written thai he is closer to gelling into the 1958 gubernatorial race than he Ever has been in any race heretofore. And if he gets in the race it May be that one or More of the three candidates already mentioned would wait four years. May to and maybe nol. Ala Bank and Hollings have done a lot work and have been at it a Long time. They might prefer to run hoping to win. Of course and realizing that if they did not win. They might have lined themselves up for the 1sni2 race. The Unive Hsitu of s i u i a Carolina would lose a Good Man if Russell ran for governor. Many of the trustees have been or Yin to keep Russell Oul of the race. But some of them Are also Nawaro that he would be the Choice of a la of South carolinians for Gover nor. And a few of them Are of the opinion hint Russell is going to run senator Olin Johns Liin Anil sen Ator Strom Thurmond know that Russell might run for the i. S. Senate if lie runs and serves Lour years As governor. Russell could run against Thurmond in Xio or against Jonnston in if he is elected governor. I Horn will be pressure on him from that direction almost immediately. However Russell is the Type to Lake one race Al a Lime. He will definitely make up his mind about other questions in the years ahead. Billy Graham my answer question .1 am fill can years old. Since there Are no youth organizations in our Church i am interested in join ing an organization in another Church. What shall i do . Answer sly dear Lee Nagr although i can understand your wanting to be with other Young people. 1 fear that you May have the wrong idea about the Chris Tian Faith. Christianity in the High est definition of the word is not just another religion. It is a Way of life. It is concerned nol so much in getting but in giving. Jesus said if any Man would come after me let him deny himself and Lake up his Cross and follow the Christian Faith centers in a person and that person is Jesus Christ. The great Lack in every Denom Nalion is people who arc really committed to Christ. So my suggestion to you is to Stop thinking about what you can get out of the Church and to Slart thinking in terms of what you can contribute to it. There Are Young people in your group whom you could Lead into a Rich Christian experience if you would dedicate yourself wholly to Christ. Your need is not so much a new organization As it is a new. Total commitment to Christ and his Challenge. A denominational Diange does t necessarily make a spiritual transformation in our lives. What a your name i be fallen in love with you English Mexico s Oil resources were taken Over by the mexican govern ment in Llarch 1938. Drew Pearson by w. Gordon words often Jii Susud say. His Observance of rules is very nol. Vat10n of the 0 f t k n mispronounced variegated. Pronounce Vair i he Kail of with five syllables accent on first syllable not Vair i galled. Often misspelled Lla Lelu Ian observe the three "1 a and the synonyms obstinate. I Oler mined. Dogged firm fixed head Strong Heady indomitable inflexible Mullish opinionated Reso Lute stubborn. Word study use a word three times and in is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word garbage verb to Purlin pilfer. The boys cab based some apples As they walked past the fruit quiz by a. F. Gordon 1. Which is the softest heaviest melted of the common Metal ? most malleable and most easily 2. Who is generally Ralpd As the greatest Polo player of All time 3. In what body of water is the Isle of Man 4. What is Iho More popular name of the disease Polli Mosis answers 1. Lead. 2. Tommy Hitchcock or. Who first gained International Fame in 1921. He was killed in world War ii. 3. Irish Seal 4. Hay fever. Grassroots against Hoffa Washington despite All the headlines and the sure shot speculations that Jimmy Hoffa will be next head of the team inside fact is that Afl-c10 president George Meany has received thousands of Sellers from individual teamsters and locals pledging thai they will Bolt Hoffa in i tries to Lake them out of the Al Cio. Actually Meany thought be had a Promise from honest John eng Lish the teamster treasurer to Slart cleaning House sometime ago. Bui English was slow. Re sult Hoffa s Surprise acquittal bounced up against English and for Hoffa. Meanwhile another honest Stewart Alsop teamster. Congressman Jack Shelly. Democrat of san Francisco had been too modest about lolling his candidacy become known. Shelly fought Dave Beck s goons 20 years ago Al Long Beach and nearly lost his life. He opposed using baseball Bals and cargo honks to keep longshoremen from going on the docks. So teamster goons used those same weapons on him. They bashed in his Chest and nearly put out one Eye. Shelly is now serving in con Gress has a Fine record suffered from a heart attack but still con siders himself As physically fit As Eisenhower or Lyndon Johnson. He is willing to run but like Eisenhower wants to be . In his Case however the team sier machine is All on Hoffa s Side whereas in Eisenhower s Case he gop machine was on Ike s Side. Result despite grassroots senti ment against Hoffa it will be a Miracle if Shelly is drafted. An unusual thing happened the other Day among the Banks of the 48 slates which Don t usually agree unanimously. They All Tele graphed Eisenhower recommend ing the same Man for the Federal Deposit insurance corporation which guarantees Safe deposits to the american Public. This was the first time in 55 years there has been Complete unanimity among the association of stale Banks. Interpreting the news timed ballistics announcement politically by j. M. Roberts associated press news analyst there has never been any doubt since Russia began backing her diplomatic moves Wilh threats of atomic missiles thai she would produce the weapons. During the last year Russia has threatened Britain and France Wilh guided missiles in connection with the Suez episode and All countries which provide bases for american air Power. This indicated her Possession of missiles capable of operating in the european theater and her Confidence that she would have when necessary the inter Conli Enlal ral Islic missile. T ii e intercontinental Gaither to study nuclear defense have a crib in inking Liis for Washington president Eisenhower has called the head of the Ford foundation. H. Rowan Gaither jr., to Washington to do a Job ill i lie very highest importance. Gaither s Basic assignment is in study the possibility of employing new technological moans of defense against atomic attack. In Iho opinion of some exports Iheson new ice Nejues could save Liis Nihil by from Tola nuclear Dusl met inn in War . Gail her will have the help of top level Talent As Industrial isl Engineer Robert Sprague and or. James Killian of . The Gail or group is the last of at least live groups appointed in in Rirl years to study air atomic Ocul Majl Olid cull a both k Pujue and Al Ollun have life Jet to of their own. End to Liege have also been the Bull Kelly and be Desnoyer group.1., As Well As Iho pre Kison Hower Liu Toni project. This endless series of committees re Lleces a fact since Eisenhower became president Iho of actual destruction of i he United slates in Caso of Nuclo i War a i Nomad larger and Farmer on Al Olhorn problems Ai i him in in on Miller after Nui ther has Boon n was of with the problem. Yet in is also Hue Lylial As a result of the work of these Commilles the United slates has at least the Bare beginnings of a serious air Alomie defence where it had Vilu ally none at All in Iho Early Unwor years. The Distant Early warning line for example which opened for business in the sub Arelie urn month is one Roswill of the studies which have already been made. Rut we have no Mure than the Bare beginnings. The present american air defense is totally in adequate to prevent a devastating attack by the growing soviet air and missile furies. What we have done is to buy the Mie Iii i.l1 us an a Luik Faith unit buying the Rontani to re spa fed Ell i Lurly to hit . K. The cancello Lluisi of Conhain is Lur the id line incr the Lalive move in the Wilson program of Linik toral , which has left the Continental air Rio Inse command with hardly More Han a Skeleton Lorca. Wilh evidence mounting of in gift sure sos Wilh Iho Long Range ballistic missiles the Days of the Kouvo Lional plane Sain so Plano Aid clearly numbered in any Al Iho mine Lime cd lain Breakly roughs have opened the Way to a new. And infinitely More effective kind of defense even against missiles. Gaither s task is. Essentially to study the practical possibility of exploiting these new technical advances. The precise nature of the breakthroughs is secret. Hul they Are undoubtedly related to recent great advances in older sonics and id new weapons As the Anli missiles Wilh nuclear War Heads. New techniques of air atomic defense will also doubtless he considered by the group. Some technicians perhaps optimistically Bat a it Fine. Even ballistic Missik i Wilh. Nuclear our is u practical proposition As j of Midi Lochi Ileal advances. Ii is literally impossible to exaggerate the importance of Nodi moving a , in in can be achieved. For one thing. It could make Iho Between local Dov isl Alinn and continued existence for the i Pilod slalom. Nut hat is Mil All. I Jvon Short of All Mil War in 1 dancer of our situation is vory i Oal. As of Hie Giitl gel Dio tried Mure Bane for Buck doctrine the United states is com plemely committed to fight any War with nuclear weapons. And this local commit Lenl to nuclear War has happened at precisely the same Lime mat the soviets arc to overtake and sur pass the United slates in air atomic Power so dec Nelly an american monopoly. Meanwhile the soviets have also maintained their crush ing Lead in Convent tonal Power. As Long atomic War car Ries with in the threat of the destruction of american cities the soviets will have a standing inv Lulion to nibble the free world to death by limited aggression Wilh curve Lional weapons or by subvert Iii tin invitation they huvx1 already act filed id Iho mid dle fast fiut the kind of Uek Tise Sui Iii exports now believe Achieva ble would wholly transform the world situation restoring the up Sel Power balance. These fads suggest the extraordinary importance of Gaither s assignment flail her is. Reputed to be and courageous Man. Rut the kind of now defense the of Perls have in mind would Cor mainly he vory costly and in re Mains Loho soon Whol Hor any ii Iofi solid romps of Guglhor s As is Mimoni in Iho Prosol National mood of complacency. Weapon differs from others in that ils warhead is launched from its rocket propelling units its action is that of an artillery Shell initially guided hut flying free in ils final stages. Shorter Range weapons can be guided Shroi Ighut their flight which is More com parable to that of unmanned air planes. The More claim that Russia has successfully tested the icum lends to change the balance i Power perhaps not definitively but importantly. Whether she actually has an important Edge Over the Ifni cd Many think she does threat is the thing. The Apt phrase was applied by sen. Jack son lie called in bal Listic the russians carefully worded their announcement to give it full political emphasis. It was timed to appear just when the West was criticizing her arming of Syria and promotion of International communism hero. And just when she was rejecting the greatest concessions Ever made by the West in the Field of disarmament. Ii followed closely he recent threats by communist parly chief Khrushchev of what would happen if a War developed Over German reunification. The balance of Power in Loiz ical warfare is changed in lint nations under russian an Over Intro Visini Hrom in waver in appease and ultimately to collaborate. If Russia will soon have the a Pabi Lily of striking the United slates destructively from Range while Hie United slates relics Only on strategic air for retaliation the car Ifigeni i of arc Tea s allies in her ability will be shaken. This cd Iii produce All manner of Dilli chif a. The most important factors in Iho postwar world have been Liliu deterrent of american strength and Iho Assumption that Iho United Stales is capable of Deal Rosius Russia if the do Lorrol fails to proven War. Vlf Russia is first in the Froid with an operational will have a can dra.illy Aff clod

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