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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 27, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence 8. C. Saturday morning harness race George e. Sokosky Stewart Alsop sorry conclusion to vaccine mess the department of health Wel fare education at least had the courage to admit that it erred Over the sulk , that is All the credit that this Federal depart ment can take. Summed up the report on the Cutter vaccine which i proved in Jurious or fatal to scores of Young sters Means that the department at that time headed by mrs. Oveta gulp Hobby did t take enough care to insure that its standards of safety for the Salk vaccine were enough. Because of this a lot of american youngsters some adults who came in Contact them Are either dead or. Crippled. It is easy to say that there have been other disastrous exp Rienets other vaccines inoculations inthe past that every new Forward step there is a risk. But this is All the More reason Why the department should have made sure that its standards were such that no Sloppy manufacturer would be allowed to endanger the lives of our youngsters by just getting by minimum testing procedures. While the admission of error by the department will no doubt tend to help the Cutter laboratories defend the dozens of damage suits which followed the use of disastrous Salk vaccine the company must still examine its conscience. No other vaccine put out by other companies has been suspect. Furthermore the a Ernie which Doc Tor Salk himself used in the experimental stages of his program has never produced a single known Case of polio. He has said Over Over again that the vaccine was triple tested before it was used to make sure that no dangerously live polio virus remained. It seems reasonable to assume that if half a dozen other sources can make Safe vaccine there is no reason Why Cutter could t have done the same. However the Mailer of negligence will have to be decided in the civil courts. Meanwhile mrs. Oveta gulp Hobby conveniently resigned while the heat was on her for her poor handling of the entire vaccine pro Gram. The whole program was bungled from Start to finish a sorry Reward for the Polon Lipil Benefit which or. Salk s discovery conferred on Mankind. We re glad we re not mrs. Hobby either. We wonder How she slept thursday night. I United states United disaster strikes the Christian science Monitor these Are the United states of America. There Are americans who tend to forget this when tax Money collected on the Atlantic Seaboard is used to irrigate desert land in the great Basin. Or when a government chosen by citizens of All the nations backs rights of citizens in a part. But it is not forgotten when a great disaster striker., whether that disaster be a Volley of tornadoes across the Plains flood Waters Down the Mississippi system or Hurricane winds torrents from the Caro Linas to the berkshires. Then official unofficial comes from All of the nation to Purl of tin1 nation. And whatever part Hal May in thanks for thai Inse of Lii lint Iii which prompts Unlue Sil int . The Phenonia icon of tropical hurricanes in something new strange to the no tropical latitudes. And a Hurricane which loses its tempest winds Lull sweeps into its giant orbit of ruin Laden atmosphere is stranger still. Almost As some even More been Many of the organizations devices for Rescue Relief rehabilitation. There is the experience Confidence now reposed in the National Cross. There is the new machinery of civil defense which has rendered invaluable service incidentally reaped invaluable experience. There Are the Federal funds used at the discretion of the. Presi Dent some to make possible Loans for needs beyond Normal insurance credit resources. In the Field of devices helicopters amphibious vehicles Mobile Bridges have All been brought Inlo the work of Rescue. Much has yet to be Learned in the Way of prediction pc Van Linn. I has Lle etl Able in predict behaviour of Hurricane winds but tin Walrer. And when it conies to i Luud wave How is must still depend upon recorded experience. Yet if if be Kirtio hat i lip. Violence of went her is finding even More men in its path it is equally Irmo. Hint the intelligence of men is Ever at work to counter in. Floods Cut Down to right size Noah built himself an Ark but i sat up on my Hill near Otis watching sheets of rain fall upon the peaceful berkshires. We had two advantages Over Noah one that our Telephone continued to function secondly that we had a portable radio which kept us informed of the disaster by moment to moment blows. We lost our roads Early in the situation so that we could not get to the Village of Otis. Many of our friends live in new Boston which is at the Bottom of our Hill we could not help wondering what had become of them. We soon heard that new Boston was wiped out so was Winsted. From what we were hearing on the radio everything was wiped out except our Hill. When we plucked up enough courage to use the Telephone it was soon enough quite Clear that a very Large part of the Earth remained. That is one of the advantages of 8 disaster it reduces us our Circle to a proper proportion in the Cosmos. A Man May be whatever he chooses to think of himself. He May even be a celebrity making unmaking presidents catered to by head waiters pointed Oul by signature demanding fans. But along comes a a talc rain really amounting to nothing in he sum total of Rains where is tic nig Man he is floating about wailing for a Little Guy in helicopter to Rescue him. There were some old folks in a House in new Boston who would not be saved by the helicopter. No sir they had t never been in one of Thote things they weren t going. And they did not go the Waters receded the ancient ones survived not because they bad lived virtuous lives but probably because of the roughness of their hides the fullness of consumption of fire water in its Mulli parlous forms. This has icon a Tough summer in these parts first come a drought a month or More out any rain speaking about which i burned the crop browned Hie grass dried he Voll turned the Road into dust. Letter to the editor North Africa May be new Indochina then came the rain flood. A Friend of mine had managed some How to get a crop of Corn for his silo now there is no Corn no silo. But he will manage some How Over the Winter probably earning a living by reconstruction work. And he will build a new silo. Then he will Plant a new crop. Al so his wife will have another baby Sooh. The Genius of Man is his Abil Ity to take what times in his Illde to Start All Over again when disaster overtake him. It is not necessary to have a Hydrogen bomb to make Dis Aster. Man Hai been Good at that during All the centuries we know about nature does ill part All the time. It is the amazing agility which Man restores not Only himself but his material environment. In a free society men women pitch in to do their share if anyone wants to see what Good natured operation natural born leadership can be he ought to be in these parts during the flood. As soon As the rain let up a couple of my neighbors were at work voluntarily without direction without compensation filling in holes in one Road so that it might great care slow driving be used to get bread milk for the children. It reminded me of the 1923 earthquake in Tokyo when even while the Earth was quaking the City was encircled by fires volunteers were moving debris were searching for bodies were be ginning to set up structures for dwelling purposes. It was at first each Man for himself then somehow everything became organized the world was moving again. No one wailed for orders from on when they did come much of the preliminary work had somehow been done so i sat on top of my newspapers no mail no Light not much telephoning Little on the radio Worth hearing. Tell me is that horror of sound that raucous atonality thai misery of voice called Western Hill Billy out new York Sung by male female authentic american music a act declares charges false the editor 11 is not the first time nor is it surprising to have the National association for the advancement of coloured people linked the k.k.k., it will not be the last Lime. Thiol is the right of any person official or Layman there will be no quarrel when thai is done. The National association for the advancement of coloured people is an american legitimate organization not once has it been even thought of by right thinking people As a subversive organization. It has never Dune More than go into the courts fight the issues nut before White judges using while men s Laws. It has lost Yel never has become Hitler. Ii has won Many cases yet never it become Over hearing. It has taken the losses the winnings in their strides. Lesson in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say that statement you have written should he in closed parenthesis " soy by pare the 0 f t e n mispronounced Llars de combat. Pronounce or de Kon in. First o As in or e As in me unstressed second o As in on a As in ii principal accent on syllable. Often misspelled Escala Tor observe the or. Synonyms tempter temp Tross seducer enchantress Siren circe. Lorelei. Study use a word three limes it is Lei us increase our vocabulary by mastering one wind each Day. To Day s word Etc entitle deviating Irum usual practice or established forms Odd. Anne is an eccentric the South Carolina state con Ference denies that it has been guilty of any improper conduct in any petition or Case stands ready to be investigated along Thos lines. It docs hot go further than the local citizens have asked. We stand on those grounds rights will not Retreat from those constitutional rights. All of the cases that have been filed in South Carolina in the fed eral District courts have been filed under Federal procedure have been tried under the rules set Forth by the Federal courts. All other cases will be filed under the set rules. We will have no quarrel any District judge who May throw the Case out or Rule adversely knowing we have redress to higher Nurst under fed eral procedures. Time is not in Porlant once we go to court. We know All Legal changes Are slow must be fought every step of the Way usually thru Many courts. If we lose we will not be bitter bul will plan to go again. We arc pleased that at least the District judge acknowledged the right of the a act to advise peo ple who May request advice. A act officials have been threatened some abused yet god Lias been them. Whatever he future holds a act will remain in South Carolina the fight will go on. Justice right will succeed. Is James m. Hinton. President the South in ruling stale Confer ence of a act branches. Columbia . Crime does t pay unless you arc a private Eye actor on to. There is so much going on in the world that we can t keep up Frank Sinatra s love life. A rugged is the one who uses a toothpick in Public. Billy Graham language is Golden silence is priceless i have in Rincon truck lilt Iii Iii Insil 1 know it. Ii b lust my in Lull ii Liulin is my h a , Anil 1 like in Ovi i coiiu1 it. Bluit Viiu lil you Hick kill Luil would Lii up i .i.h. As swill your to Slop tic step Mill Here arc n Lew Micko Slinns i1 Akk the in rive you a love for Ami n Ken inc interest in other people i2 develop hip nil it licit a Rood. Listener nol Only will you become a Ini it to hurl no ii Iiri Callic l . Noll will it ill i lot. Cuil in you simply a ivc in . Lit a Mil a live , Liillnoliim-., Jiuu h Siux. it Nii to in Lii it l. Solum Uii Iii hit nine tiluili1 of wonks Lii it Wanli the it Lii is been wisely sail. To be Nolc to Converse ill several valuable to be air to Solil your Lonique in out is the pm talkers lire Seldom nor in con , bores. Casablanca either the French will somehow get rid of the built in paralysis of their system of government or All North Africa will go the Way of indo China. That is the main lesson of the trag Edy which has been unfolding Here. Consider what has happened. Two years ago a French Mili tary clique acting More or less in Dependently of the government succeeded in getting rid of moroc can Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef who had displayed a Dis quieting tendency to think for him self. Ben Youssef was replaced As Sultan by an elderly agreeable fellow called Sidi Mohammed Ben Moulay Arafa. Ben Moulay Arafa s relationship the French is Best conveyed by the famous Story of the menu. Shortly after bin Moulay Arafa was installed As Sultan Gen. Guillaumo then resident general gave him an official luncheon. When the guests sat Down Guillaune politely offered the menu for the Sultan s inspection. Bin Moulay Afara immediately reached under his Robes for an official Seal stamped the menu. The conveniences of this sort of relationship Are obvious. But it de. Vol oped that there were disadvantages As Well. The deposed Hen Youssef actually a a Alicr wordly Type became precisely what Morocco had hither to lacked of nationality acknowledged by All moroccans. In Short the deposition of Ben yous Sef was precisely what was required to make moroccan nationalism the formidable Force it has now become. Ever since Ben Youssef was de posed the situation has deteriorated steadily. Months ago it be came obvious thai something had to be done in june French Premier Edgar Faure sent Gilbert Grandval in Morocco As resident general instructions to work Oul a plan of action. Grandval is a Brilliant forceful Man. He spent several weeks sounding out All shades of Drew Pearson the views of the nationalist leaders who had been jailed or exiled by the previous re Gime. He soon concluded that two policies were possible. One was a policy of absolutely ruthless brutal repression. But this he warned the French government while it might work for awhile would Lead to another indo chinese situation in the Enil. The second alternative was a policy of compromising the nationalists while safeguarding French interests. Grandval advocated this Choice. But for such a policy to he warned the thing must be done decision a certain dash. Bin Youssef Nusl immediately be brought Back from his Dusty boarding House in Madagascar to France installed there in com fort Honor. Ben Moulay Arafa mus be replaced by a Regency Council approved by Ben Youssef. And real not fake reforms giving genuine Power in internal affairs to Bali lied moroccan nationalists must immediately thereafter be put into effect. Above All Grandval warned these things must be done before aug. 20, the second anniversary of the deposition of Ben Youssef. Otherwise there was sure to be bloodshed which would make fur ther rational negotiation difficult or impossible. Premier Faure agreed he As much As said so to american ambassador Douglas Dillon. But at precisely this Point the built in paralysis of the French political system began to operate. Powerful economic political interests Here in Morocco threw their full weight against the Grandval plan. Equally powerful military Policay leaders in France like Gen. Juin former foreign minister Georges Bidault brought great pressure to Bear against the Grandval policy. They were joined by members of Faure s own Cabinet like defense minister Pierre Koenig to a lesser extent foreign minister i nay. The French political system is such that this Wai enough absolutely to inhabit any decisive action at All. So transparent substitutes for real action were adopted. First bin Moulay Arafa was asked to form a representative govern ment which everyone knew the unfortunate old Man could nol pos Sibly do. Then the nationalist Lead ers other moroccans were invited to Aix los Bains to Confer French Cabinet equally futile gesture since the views of All concerned have been known for months. Meanwhile aug. To has come gone what grand Val foresaw has occurred. Although the responsible moroccan a Titan lists succeeded in preventing serious trouble in the big cities where their authority is great there was the most terrible Vio Lence in the Countryside where they have Little Power. The result is already obvious. The extremists on both sides bid fair to Lake Over. The responsible moderate nationalists like Bou Abid bin Barka Are in serious danger of losing the leadership of the nationalist movement to the most brutal terrorists no doubt ultimately to the communists. At the same time both Here in France the hands of the French advocates of drowning moroccan nationalism in a sea of blood have been greatly strength ened. In Short since aug. 20, French North Africa has moved a Long Way toward becoming another in do China. Perhaps the situation May still be saved but no one Here thinks it Likely. And the pity of it is that decisive action by the French government Only a few Days ago would almost certainly have averted the danger. It might even have stabilized the situation Here for a generation. Obviously the paralysis which is built into the French political system is a costly luxury. Copyright 1955, new York Herald Tribune inc Republican Power commission make Lush giveaways to pals Washington to understand the hitter Battle Over hydroelectric Power the lobbying pressures behind it you have to go Back to the Days when any Utility could Slep up to any River build a dam wherever it wanted regard less of the effect on people Down Stream or elsewhere. Finally in 1920, Congress Slop Ped this citing the Constitution which provides that navigable streams Are under the jurisdiction of the United plates not of a single state. Congress required that the Federal government must regulate the leasing of water Power dam Sites established a Federal Power commission to Issue these leases. Congress further specified that they could be for 5 years Only Afler which the Utility would have amortized ils investment made a profit the dam Sile would be available for Public use. However believe it or not the new Eisenhower Federal Power commissioners Are now in Hie process of issuing leases Dor 99 Yrnes nol 50 years. To show How they Are issuing these extra licenses to Illus trate the Power of certain big corporations Lake a look at the Case of aluminium corporation of Amer Ica the Mellon controlled giant which once had a Complete Mono poly on aluminium was the object of a Justice department suit to break that monopoly. Adamant Alcoa Alcoa was so Adamant in its refusal to have ils hydroelectric Power lenses regulated by the fed eral government thai in 1341 it re fused to build a Power plan in the Little Tennessee River approaching world War the urgent need of aluminium for the air plane Industry. Alcoa on oct. 1. 1940. Hud filed a declaration of intent to build the Power Plant but finally Crew it. Rather than submit to fed eral regulation. Hit. Caused the Federal Power Lien under Moose veil. In in March ii 1841 notwithstanding the Public in i Crest Alcoa. Pro Iirth ils subsidiaries in effect demonstrated that in ils National defense Effort it was unwilling to accept the reasonable tin unearned inn ruin it in Mil us il.-. Iju Uit porn Jill Man aril Liy i Xiros in Fri i Ial i Litti Radi. Tin i Viilu alien in Mil tin Only instance in which Alcoa Ami ils subsidiaries have shown Complete unwillingness to accept provisions of the Federal Law regardless of the consequences to the National defense Lor the Public which i hey the fit Ron Lin . The Rcd sul of subsidiary to construct the Fon Tana project when required to obtain a License indicates thai not even the urgent demand of National defense ran alter ils apparent determination never willingly to submit any of its Hydro projects to the duly enacted requirement of Federal 13 years litigation meanwhile Alcoa continued to Buck Hie pc re girding the Licen sing of three Power plants already built on the Little Tennessee Cheoah Rivers near the Tennes see North Carolina Border. When Andy Mellon was Secretary of the Treasury one of the most potent Industrial figures in America his aluminium company Gol away this. Rut in 1041, the pc under Roosevelt took Steps to com Pel a License. Thirteen years of bitter litigation followed. Finally almost a year ago. Oct. 25, 1954. new gop commissioners on the pc Alcoa applied for a License. But in doing so it devised a new package plan. 11 lumped the three old. Unlicensed pro cols into a package a new tall develop ment. So the obliging new Pov Vrr commission did nut Issue a License retroactively to cover the Hack years aim nil been operating without a License. Instead on March 17, 1953, it handed Alcoa a Lush Bonanza. It granted a License for hip entire package which will not expire until . Another big company to get in on the package License Bonanza is Montana Power organized by the giant Eli Eric bund share. Sidney a. Mitchell a Irmer offi Cial of Al citric Bond share son of its founder. Sidney z. Mitchell has been Herbert Hoover s right hand Man on the government reorganization commis Sion was responsible for much of its anti Public Timoi recommendations. Montana Power bad eight Power plants on the Missouri River built Between 1906 1930 which were never licensed. The pc in 1943 brought suit to require licenses did not win until after almost ten years of battling. Finally in 1952 Montana Power applied for eight licenses on february 3, 1953, was Given one of the eight retroactively to expire in 1979. Helpful delay this did not please Montana Power at All. However this was Only 13 Days Afler Eisenhower took office the old Truman of com missioners were still acting. So Montana Power asked for a re hearing put a package plan before the new Eisenhower com missioners. It lumped eight old dam Siles a single new proposal on june 14, 1955, applied for a single License to cover the nine dams. If the pc continues ils present procedure As it seems sure to do. The License will now expire in 2005 . Since one dam was built in 1906 this would make a total Inse of 99 years. Third company to stretch out ils leases is Pacific Gas elec tric whose president James Black attends Ike s Stag dinners is a member of Secretary Sinclair weeks business advisory Council. Black has two dams the Caribou Al Mauor developments in California due to expire in 1908. So on Jan. 19. 1955, the new fed eral Power commission gave Paci fic Gas. electric a new License for a package covering these to old projects plus two proposed new pro cols called by Loti Caribou no. 2" obligingly extended a License until 2004 . In addition. Packaged ils Strawberry Relief dams on the stanislaus River near san Francisco due to expire in its melones Reservoir Power due to expire in 1977. The pc Ihnn came through a Brand new package License extending up to 2005 . John m o dowry Jack o Dowd editor publisher executive editor the Florence morning desires to notified promptly of of any i Lynli As m Elan matter .11 the Post mice at Florence. S c., inter in1 of March 3. Member of tar aug coated i Ress audit Antl Southern Tulili Shorf . The associated Prem u pm i Sim la to the use fur of All the local primed in Ihbe All Calleri arc Anil ice Hor mice Mii Ilni Nawi us Lui my Vinci itans Iliili ult Leil to Trade at Ulrici violence mar Liik Tion Kal Lis 1 Lount i 3 noun Len 6 Monalu 1 Wick City delivery .5 Liy mail x Ron . Florence .33 by mall Elf where .30 1 Reu 118.20 w 9" rules of Lubsch Letlon on hum i touts do livery by Carrier und Yiyi by Mill tit the m bar Mill in a urn utter

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