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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 27, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 2 the Florin cd morning news Florence s. C. Saturday morning August Church Leader urges closer acquaintance negro Bishop addresses methodist conference by Robbie Mclaughlin morning news Slaff writer isl episcopal Church and the Alch Odis we arc a member of the meth Odist Church in the Centra Juris diction of the conference. We Are just As much a part of this Church As the other five continued Mishop Iowen. It is important hat we do m a closer we arc All a member of one and the same Bishop j. E. Bowen told the annual con Ference of South Carolina methodist Church yesterday adding that it is important that a closer acquaintance among ministers and members be developed so As to be of great help in times when there is a racial crisis in our common Bishop Bowen presides Over the Central jurisdiction of lie methodist conference he makes Liis Home in Atlanta ii. Bisl iop Bowen Lias held his position with he method isl con Ference for the past 40 years. Recognition on local chinch i Levels of the fact the negro of Central jurisdiction and the people of the Southeastern jurisdiction Are a member of one and tiie same Church is very important in our growth in this kingdom of our work that has been done to help build a better race relation. Out of this feel confident that a lot when there is a racial crisis in our Community. Ministers arc often consulted on this problem and if Here is a close connection Between the ministers Here will be a Hie problem solved by hem on his knowing each other personally be a great value to our growl h. There Are opportunities for cooperation acquaintances and leadership in our work log la there is a big problem Amon negro people when they decide to join the methodist Church. We arc divided into four churches. We have the african methodist Episco pal Church african methodist episcopal Zion Christian method Sermon topics Central methodist a. A. Bishop Costen j. Harrell will deliver the morning Sermon followed by closing ses of Southeastern jurisdiction conference. No evening worship service. Immanuel Baptist a. A. Scriptural Stan Dards of conduct for Church Mem 8 p. M., did we deserve to escape Hazel Connie and of Good will conc. We have to grow together to understand Oach other and be Able to talk it is tip to members of the conference to encourage and pro mole work in the newly formed 1 committees on race relations. The conference has worked together to promote these committees in their work and duties As they continue to strive to bring a better and closer understanding Between the peo ple to the two in the conference of South car Olina of the Central jurisdiction there arc 45 and 50 thousand Mem Bers. With a close fraternal rela Tion Between the two conferences we will be Able to grow together in the kingdom of our heavenly father Here on this Bishop Bowen closed i am extending an invitation to be present for our Central conference to be held in card in on oct. 12." first presbyterian a. M., morning message by or. Robert Strong. No evening worship service is. Paul methodist a. Hi., service combined with conference closing session at Central methodist Church. 8 p. M., the Challenge and Comfort of Christ s the movements of Sec want ship must nut be allowed to Lay Leader pal Thompson told the 170111 session of be South Carolina annual conference of the methodist Church. Thompson is director of stewardship in the Texas conference. He makes his Home in Bay City Tex. The methodist Church began ils program in 1952 Gen eral Conle Renic. Since that Lime it Baptist Tabernacle a. M., How Jesus revealed 8 p. M., an infallible cure for heart first Baptist a. In., our besetting 8 p. M., Christian opposition is found racial mixing in schools accepted but churches by 3ierman Allen for George Cornell Washington aug. 20 is while most of the larger protes Tant denominations have accepted Jive principle of racial integration in Public schools a distinguished religious news editor finds that the move toward an interracial Church particularly at the Congre National level has sturdy sincere opposition one aspect of the segregation debate is heartening says Caspar Nannes of the Washington evening Star. There appears a conscious Effort in Church circles to probe the two methodist Bishops of different races meet Here during Southeastern conference left Bishop j. W. E. Bowen and Bishop Costen j. Harrell. Morning news photo by around the pee Dee i Florence Church guarantee. Statement of principle at the top level however is not the same As action at the congregational level and few if any protestant denominations have top level authority to impose such a principle As desegregation on local churches. A study of 405 churches by the National Council of churches shows that Only. 2.7 per cent of their total members Are nonwhite. However Only per sons have left their churches lie cause nonwhites Are admitted the Survey indicated. Darlington youth revival begins monday at 8p.m. Darlington aug. 26 the liver the message first youth revival to be held in i s up to 1011 111 cell Larcil Cunius ii Jet jul ult Vun. . A. Issue without impugning unworthy this Community win begin monday j the services _ will begin in ii motives speakers have been concentrating their fire on the subject rather than their opponents. Considering the tinder Box nature of the debate this is no mean night at 8 o clock in the Darling-1night with a fifteen minute song ton presbyterian Church. The revival which has As its theme i d rather have service led by a youth choir made up of Young people from All the churches of Darlington and Cliff vill last through thursday Jve Brown a Well known song Leader Ning. Jills Community. Ministerial students from of a scripture Reading for the scr or. Nannes Complete a Survey College presbyterian College j ices will be done by four Darling of the Church integration situation and Furnan University will be the ton teenagers diaries Howard in our Church life revival services will begin at others to participate on the inc Elim Baptist Viiu Kii Gram include Frances Iii Lelary. Monday night with the Rev. It 11. It. K. Anderson Crystal Hay Greg Mckinnon of Timi Onsville As evangelist. There will be morning services at ii a. And evening services it the Rev. R. Galloway Kaslor urges the attendance of the Niblic. Damn con newly elected officers of the youth Fellowship of t h i n i t y methodist Viiu Kii will be installed sunday Light in a Candle Light service. Miss belly to Marsh will again cad the youth group. She was re elected for the second consecutive ear. On sunday Al croon at Here will be an important Council Neeling of the Myk no the Church. All officers and adult advisors Are expected to attend. Timmonsv1u.f, on sunday Ory and Phyllis Morris. Young people i Ami intermediates will sing in the choir. Ushers for Hie service will be Louie Lawrence jr., Allen Lobbs and Don Morris. The Rev. Dean Clyde pastor says come and receive inspire dedication set saturday morn Florence seventh Day adventists will dedicate their Church located at g07 West Palmetto Street in a special service to be held saturday a eleven o clock. Ii. C. Brownlow pastor will be lion from these consecrated Young the service. Elder v. This summer lie noted that the methodist Church the american Northern Baptist convention the presbyterian Church . South and the 1 episcopal Church among others have taken stands favor of Church desegregation. Several Large denominations have refused to schedule National incl nos in cities which cannot guar Lee that hotels restaurants and he like will be open to All delo lates regardless of race. The episcopalians who had previously scheduled their triennial general convention for Houston. Tex., this people. The service begins at p. old fashioned honesty is the topic for the regular presentation Over television of this the the show plays each Fri Day at 10 p. In. Over a Bow Flor ence. Under the sponsorship of Hie lutheran Viiu Kii Souri Synod. Darlington a new sunday g. Anderson president of the. Southern Union conference of seventh Day adventists will be the guest speaker. Kucler c. Ii. Lauda president of the Carolina Confer mcc. Will carry out the act of dedication. A history of the Church will be read by mrs. Ben Kirvin one of the charter members. The Church was organized in 1931 in Timi Onsville. Moving to Flor ence in 1040. Pastor Brownlow has school building has been compleat Barge of i he i Orence Dis de at the Darlington free will will do the churches Baptist Church. consists Sumter and Orangeburg also Lias conducted a splendid ship promotion the stewardship program has declared itself very definitely in favor of tithing As minimum Stan Dard of giving. This principal has been accepted by Many hundreds of churches and thousands of Thompson added. As a result there has been a tremendous growth in corresponding in our capacity of carrying on work of the j what will we do movement of stewardship must not he permitted to die. It must be continued at an accelerated Pace o assure ils growth for it is necessary if we Are to fill our place and do our part in god s it should be taught to our people through our seminaries our literature especially our Church night the Young people of pen-1 five rooms. The evening worship service l c win preside youth rally set tonight the regular weekly Christian crusade rally will to held Toni lure. Since october. 1954. A Siruc preceding the dedication service. Is Between the i Sabbath school will be held Al Church building and under the superintendency of the pastor the . Coffee stated the new addition has been needed for some time As the school Lias seen much growth. Everard Hicks. Featured will be a Mission Story by v. G. Anderson from the Mission Fields he has visit continue through Al first Baptist Church. Jim Bealy. Morning. There will be m vouch Leader from Columbia will service s tuesday through Friday de recently. The Public has been invited to t1mmonsvi1jj- revival j attend the services. Services begin Al i Kuniki. T1st Viiu Kii monday night Malj be the speaker. The rally will Al ii clock. Hay Rogers will the Leader and special music will include at 11 o clock and evening services set by sif77 Oklahoma the . George Rogers of Elj Jirs. Roy Nyuli former pastor of the Church Assembly of god w will be inc visiting evangelist. A Lin of Hie ill leave monday to attend the Lith biennial solos by Arline Turner and Billy Given of Lac general Council of Davis accompanied by miss Smilie Akse Blics of i through sep Jean Taylor. Plans also have been made for Convene september asks cheaper russian Money Moscow. Aug. 26 Al Len .1. Ellender today asked soviet economist i. Mikoyan to revise the Ruble Exchange rate to encourage foreign visitors. Ellender told the Deputy Premier foreign Trade expert the current rate of four rubles to one u. S. Dollar was much too High. On a 12 to 1 might be nearer the right Ucli Bislimi ministry. As in churches All Over the country Mark. Youth Lor it is at this Lime they i win Hodges. son of or. Anil mrs sunday. Mikoyan replied to Ellender the matter of adjusting change rate would be As ii not harder than for itch Congress to change its fingerprint the movement should be a Spe ii Jal responsibility of leadership music will he furnished by the Loray Baptist Church. Icv. Philip Hogan. Former pastor the soviet Union and other a and direction of the Church. Held Cham children of Darlington. Lie is a graduate of Florence of the Florence Church and now word comes from Louisville. I in Oklahoma City. Okla. A big area wide Sci ugh rally thai when Huford Hodges or. Jhc meetings will be held in the i Ember 3. At thai time. To the Southern municipal auditorium of that City. School literature and stewardship cultivation Anil should he Marie speaker for the rally , Semi-1 a special Tang Chism 01 Parl of the annual Church pro summer will s continued Thompson. I his last time before inn 1 if i i ill Luijt i t in to Jav i n i Pyonk Lori Nav to will have a firmer if ring will be received it the local slurp Iii Loop resp of tin1 entire scope of the assembles of cod Church As Well tons have objected in the past to the Mccarran act s fingerprinting requirement for american visa. Issuance of an ministry never should be permit Ted to have Hie feeling that the not have a responsibility the speakers Lor the hour Long service. Wofford senior Jimmy Bailey a methodist ministerial student will open with Bobby Collins Ronnie Boston and Olin Salisbury. A special personal discussing period for teenagers will be held on tuesday night Billy Simpson studying for the presbyterian min ustery at presbyterian College will deliver he message my Stela Heyward Cooke. A Baptist ministerial student at Furnan Speaks wednesday evening on the subject where to closing the revival will be Bobby the revival monday night his Sermon night after the regular serv ices at which Lime Hie speaker for the evening As adult adviser Vance Hardin Leacher of inc first Bap Lisl Church s men s Bible class of Darlington will answer questions from the audience of Young people. Before the regular services each night teenagers will be invited to write their questions on a slip of paper which will be taken up and All. Moved it to Honolulu when Boston also a Baptist ministerial turned Over to the speaker and or. Louston could not make such student at Furnan. Who will de in Lardin for the night s discussion. Religion in action to. 98 the Shaw Field instrumental Mir High school he also attended director for the for do let. Jimmy Graham of Man before going to the Bap Lisl i ii n missions department will give mat and miss Smilie Iran Taylor Pia where to is in his Sec Wilho report to the delegates and j mini slurs Al this rally. And he said Wist be not that i must be about my father s Busi St. Luke morning news photo who shall in thy holy Hill adventist Hay advknt1s1. W Palm Nelto is. Chr her. H. C. pus Lor. Of Riffi slur Rifle 9.an to. Sah Halh school. Assembly or Al list asskmh1.y of cod. Xiv. Palm Rilo is. Nylon. Smor. In a Sunday school. 11 it. A. Mural of worship. P. Kavc nine worship. Lfi-00 p. time Hora cart. Baptist Baptist Tabernacle. 181 r. Pal Nittlo St., the Jimmy Pas Tor. 10 a. School. A. Won help. P. haj.tl.l trailing Moloo. T p. In Ifill tin outfit fishy Vaulton by Jln school a m to 11 3o 4. In. Dii Iri enl Bap i left. 714 Arlington Click the Kui Crl u. Vulvar i. D., Pailor. 10 a. School. win Phlp. 7 p. train unit Union. I p. Won help Hai Llesi Terv. O. 10 a 1 i. or i in Oft r no Al rpm Tronini t non p. Kef Ntoni worship ra.1t Milf. Uni t. . It Monn in .1. School. Ii 7 p. It p. Service. . Prayer Mart ing. Musi Baptist Corner of ind irly Lac he a. Dun re Iliyn. U., pastor. 3 a. A Mission sunday school Al 10 it. sunday school . I in worship. 5 p. Union Al West Side Mimun. Ti.4j p. Training Union. 6 p. Vitur Tilp. A to. Hoy i Aittia i0 in. Ufal Lekli c. I i a Sjol i cell Lii p. Huy Sivil hum it Ltd. Wil.1. Italy Psi. I Orr of hint incline mid Len mrs. Id Rhc. . W. A. La Elf a. Pastor 10 or lakh 11 a. we it up t a i p. Ilii put Kra Cue. 8 P. M., pin yrs a Fol in. If i k. Rim Ali in s in Man let worship p. Tronini to Nim. F. T p. In. I met link. I p. In. Pullim Hamisi i i is am tins . Liiv is rentier Sidnry i inn a Vars v. In Riv i w. A. Tolun. Uslin n.--. Melv incl p. Niu is .1 Ihns i s Dar St. I tie his. In Surpli r. Horn i. A. In. Mass. 1 11o1 .1c. Inc Irv. Alhindi or ihini1y i list. 13t u liar i i., tin .1. . In a. To. Sign Iliin . 8 p m 1 d n in in a Ninny a. A. In. Morri Iii in ship. I 7. No a. In. Holy . In s. Kempl i ,11 a. 1 Ami ser 7 p. i i m d p. o a. Sunday writ Imlay p. Novena. I i Hustion soil Lack i sri Mack sol Ollil v. Jih Sidh uni Hsi. Cole Kim invt l or Lulu Lon Llic hrs. To. 1 . in n Sis no in Sil mul ii a. In. Moi Nitu wit Islip. N of i m a . Thu . 1 Iii a. i my lit la Thiu if rail kill t l t Hlll i. A n swamp Lui Hal. Itch 3. V id h. St Lii ii m i ii in. Int Lilii j i p. Summ. Chi Latch or in Fin urn i inn. Imu ii a Tler los is Lily Liu in is. H d. To Man in a he . Join t. . N -1 we strip. If it. A Sim div school. L1 Tontti morn Iii worst it. service p. 1 Nunn. I 7 p Wrd Nedai mid work Karl 111. Worship. Tort Velnp. Hap1tst. R.10 f. Pflumm. Nir Imil or ii St. The . I Doln Cohnin i. Sunday sir vices a per led Liln Rini suit Nice inn los. , i la am. i. Iri Lapel. 618 inc Avi. N a. Lord s supper. Ii 1 i u. It. Bible hour. In m Sun Tkv or tip it r. Vor Nanc inn help. P. tial inc Unrein. Al p. Kin Long inn lip. Ii Hini mar nor . V f. in itch i Al Ivi p. Ricnins s . In w is talc . I1. H .-.iit. In i. In. Snip Iliin is Kong. 11 i. In. Moini Tik in Loitz. V in. A Milf arct Lufi. Kill Kim of Jehovah s w. St. 4 p. and Wai Chlow it Slu ily. V.10 p m., tii cloy study. 7 in p. N v Udave Servia meet inc 4nd theor Ratie u Loki Ian m it i Vas Al. I to 1 Khz so Kolni err. Cart ii Ami Uiti ii Var. . In .1 in. St Moi. ii. In. Mini Iii 6.30 1. . 1fi7 Coil St., Chr . J. W. Curry -4s a. is indy school. 11 is n. morning worship. 8 p. Kxrnlnj Contrat. Hunu Idest. Conf int by and tie Iti a. K. In run. H a. iv.-1 i i. I ii. in in cil Pisgah mkt Leodist. Fri 2. Blur i in a the . K. S. ohcs . In .1. school. 11 to. Morning worship. . Youth . A p. wednesday choir i inc lire. Soi Imkin Mitzi Mist. 417 tiny St. The Lolin i. Rurik Smurr. Liis . Id a. In. Suit Dikiy sch Oil 7 p. In. Lorili league. K 00 p. 7 30 p. M., wednesday prayer serv ice. 1m" w St the t. S. I ill i ill Lull it in. I i p. In. I in in Litif in. Lac Al a. In tiry l. Hears. Lur. I. In. Iii Indjid or Lionil. Kavc Tupi . i .1. Pistor. N .1. In. Murnion i Of Ficro p. In., i Iilah it inc Fhi it a. Mil he so a 1 la str ieu1an. Cir nor o 1 Kirk and Cherokee Rod 1-Osier. It. U., pastor a school. 11 a. Mnrninc worship. I. It in i Liviu i a. Senior x Csepi i i. P. Milf . .1 jul 111 a i Leno Pink Cmok mail insist. The hrs. H. S. Hutu a. I or. A. 11 k Mirhij sri Tel. 7 .10 p. Rini Frh 7 10 p m in Atli 1 h i in Ynami Mihn f. choir gift t. P. 7 .10 p. I. St linux til. . Worship. T i Inion of Tom rur it no s Uilah Irolina Dndr and Rev in Ilio m 11. Line pastor m j. In. or Mol. 11 it. i i p m m ship. 7 -1" p. i i Rayer Phil my Marion it . Wimm1nsi k l pmkm1yii i tum ii read if it a. in i j to a. ii a. In. Mornini Woi ship. I 7 p. A Milf l films soup. I a p. Worship. Sa1.vmimn a Flat l s Ammy. A. Si., 7 p. Vii Iii Al p. Sah lion mar Dpi

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