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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 27, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather mostly fair today and Sun Joy slightly warmer today. High today 89, Low tonight 72. Details m Page 5 vol. 161 published in the heart of the pee Dee Section richest farm area in the Palmetto state Recti saturday header s tip nearly 47 per cent w thursday s Weed sales in the East Ern North Carolina markets went to stabilization. Story Page 5. Florence s. C., saturday morning August 27, 1955 daily 5c sunday Loc weekly 35c White and negro methodist officials yesterday pledged closer working relationships in the state after a dramatic appearance by Bishop W. E. Bowen of Atlanta before the Metho dist conference in Bishop Bowen left is seen with Bishop Costen Harrell of Charlotte n. C., and the Rev. J. W. Curry of Florence pastor of Cumberland methodist Church. Full Story and More pictures Page 2. Morning news photo negro Bishop s greetings make methodist history history was made yesterday at conference in South Carolina or. J. Carlisle Smiley Hill the South Carolina methodist con Georgia Florida or Alabama Ferince Here when Bishop W. E. Bowen of Atlanta extended Frater Nal greetings to the White Confer ence. Bishop Bowen of the Central the conference heard Bishop Costen Harrell of Charlotte who is presiding say we must not let anything cause us to lose our heart or our both negro and White officials negro jurisdiction urged while pledged closer working relation pastors to work More closely negro ministers in solving Scensi j last night four More clerical j live situations in race relations were named to the i and said that his appearance Juristic Rioual Confer Central methodist Church was therence As balloting continued. They first time the negro jurisdiction were or. Pierce e. Cook Orange Lead Given such greetings to White Burg or. J. M. Rast Columbia radio operator 14 said hero of floods and the Rev. J. Claude Vemis. Lumbia editor of the South Caro Lina methodist advocate. Editor asks i n 5 6 tobacco quota Cut Hurricane Edith slows Down has cold heart Weatherman Miami fla., aug. 26 w Hurricane Edith loitering in the Atlantic inched closer to the main land tonight but her winds were Only about 75 . In squalls. At 11 . Est the storm Center was near latitude 26.0 North Longi tude 63.7 West or about 92g Miles Southeast of Cape Hatteras n.c., and Miles due East of Miami. The storm was moving very slowly possibly 5 to 6 . To Ward the North Northwest the Miami weather Bureau reported. Highest winds were estimated at Bare Hurricane Force 75 in squalls near the Center and gales extended outward 150 Miles to the North and East and 75 Miles to the Southwest. Slow movement at 5 to 6 . Toward the North Northwest is indicated the next 12 to 24 hours Willi possibly some further development the weather Bureau added. Edith third storm this month and fifth of the year had slowed her Forward movement from 10 Vel Oppenl. But has remained in the . Earlier in the Day and had turned a Lille More toward the North Northwest. An air Force Hurricane Hunter Crew discovered Edith s Cool disposition. They dropped several rec ording instruments into her Eye. These instruments Send radio Sig nals giving temperature pressure and humidity. The Eye is cooler than we would expect to find said Gordon Dunn chief forecaster in the Wea ther Bureau s storm warning ser vice Here. This lends to inhibit the Hurricane s development Al though All other elements of a buildup Are by this Dunn said he meant there was no Lack of Energy on the Northeast Side and the Central Eye while bigger than Normal about 50 Miles in a dead Calm Center of its own. No two hurricanes Are said the forecaster. This one showed every Promise of Swift de Carpentersville aug. 26 Billy Kober has been b hero for almost a week. But his deeds were known Only to 400 residents of this flood j., i Burg High school Billy since Mon Day morning has been serving the people of a town where he does t oven live. The Lown was swept by flood last Friday and saturday Dulles offers Israel arabs pacts to end tension in area new York aug. 26 United states in a bold move to bring peace to the strife torn mid dle East today offered formal Security guarantees of the frontiers Between Isrnel and the Arab states. A proffered american treaty fully backed by president Eisenhower is aimed at quieting the explosive Middle Easl situation. Of top officials in Washington believed the proposal was partly inspired because Russia is paying increasing attention to the troubled area. The United states plan for the wrecked Delaware Valley commit a and i would t mind doing a Middle East was disclosed nity. My voice was 0. K., so they used he said today in thin Clear 14-year-old tones after a 17 hour stint As chief operator of a Mobile radio unit. For 17 hours a ., to 1 has been Manning when he took some equipment to the wrecked town for his dad municipal disaster control director. The Man who was to operate the equipment had an unsuitable voice and so Billy jumped into the Slot. The Only communications system Billy went Back to his Post this in the Village where 12 houses All he adds. Billy was tapped for i major policy speech Here by Secre the Job Lara Szalc Foster Dulles. Were destroyed. 22 extensively damaged and havoc spread every where. A freshman at nearby Phillips afternoon. He s there from ., until 7 Tomorrow. How do his parents feel about his work they re he says shyly. Dillon cafe Man meld in slaying , aug. 26 in an argue and fell dead. Meet Over a restaurant proprietor Dillon county sheriff Pete tog being called a to Nail is holding Rouse for a Coro or was Sho and killed Here jury inquest Date of which night. Has not yet been set. Pete Kirby. A-10-year-old Farmer n Deputy la major problem affecting any from nearby Little Itak. Ivc Civco ill major peace agreement three fatal Bullet wounds alter Kast. Argument with Jim Rouse Tor of Mary s Grill on Highway 301 in Dillon. Knew illnesses said when Kirby called r u e the restaurant Man of jelled. Kirby he emphasized thai he was speak ing with the full authority of presi Dent Eisenhower. Dulles said that the president has authorized me to say that Given a solution of the other rela cd problems affecting the area he would recommend thai the United states join in formal treaty engage ments to prevent or thwart any Effort by either Side to alter by Force the boundaries Between is Rael and its Arab Dulles recalled that the existing lines separating Israel and the Arab states were fixed by the armistice agreements of j949" and added they were not designed to be permanent frontiers in every re Spect in part at least they re-1 fleeced the status of the fighting at j the if there is to be a guarantee of the Secretary said ill Columbia aug. 26 gov. I i would be Normal that there should item Merman s office today an be prior agreement upon what thei bounced tic appointment of Clyde he described this As Barnes of Florence As a special member of the Florence memorial Middle stadium commission. The term ends april 8, Dulles said he hoped that other countries would be willing to join the United slates in the Security guarantee and that it would be sponsored by the United Dulles spokes Al a meeting of he Council on foreign relations a non profit nonpartisan Organiza lion to study import land problems of american foreign pol icy. Dulles said that the american of Fer comes As a result of deep and anxious thought Over the current situation in the Middle East and is As a Friend of both israelis and the Broad objective of inc 11. S. Proposal was thus graphically out lined by the Secretary by such collective Security Mea sures the area could be relieved of the acute fears which both sides now profess. The families located near the boundaries could relax from the Strain of fouling thai violent death May suddenly strike them the Peoples of the area whose stand Ards of living Are already too Low would no longer have to carry the Burden of what threatens to be come an armaments race if indeed it not become a War the Polit ical leadership of the area could devote itself to constructive the voice of America interrupting Normal operations immediately beamed special broadcasts if hebrew and arabic into the Middle Easl. The Speerli also was Broad cast by America s four major radio networks. Paving the Way for Dulles address the state department had previewed the american offer Wilh israeli and Arab ambassadors Al confidential meetings yesterday in Washington. Dulles did not spell Oul exactly what language would be in the treaty but presumably the United states would pledge to take any slops deemed necessary including the use of armed Force to prevent either Side from altering the per manent frontiers agreed upon. Bob Miller Dies Kyack n. A. Aug. 26 Urt Rob Miller who ran away from Home at the age of 11 to become a pianist and later achieved Fame As one of America s most prolific composers of hillbilly and Cowboy songs died today Al Nyack Hospital. He would have been 60 next month. The Memphis born composer author and publisher had his first song published at the age of ii. He his first orchestra at the age of 13. Or Matevc stage for two her cold heart in t bad How Ever. While there is no indication where her eventual course will Ake her the less she develops the Jeitler it will be for anyone Cross ing her path whether on land or shipping Al sea. Farmers unhappy Ezra Benson told kale1ch, n. C., aug. 2g Raleigh news and observer today called Oji Secretary of agriculture Benson to announce immediately that he will take Steps designed to Rallou Fine cured tobacco allotments for next year by More than 12 per cent. Jonathan Daniels editor of the news and observer sent a Tele Gram to Benson asking him to make such an announcement. Moroccan tribesmen Lay Down their arms Casablanca aug. 26 thousands of berber tribesmen to Day Laid Down the Hunting guns and old Flintlock used in last weekend s bloody uprising As French troops supported by tanks and planes pressed their moroccan cleanup to a Climax. Al. Khan Ira a mining town deep in the Atlas mountains French officers said Between and members were submitting to French authority. Khan Ira 122 Miles Southeast of Casablanca was the scene of a clash Between the mounted tribesmen and French paratroopers saturday. French authorities said Oiler berbers in the area of sued Zeni 78 Miles Southeast of Casi Blanca were ready to surrender. It was at sued Xem in the heart of a Rich phosphate mining area Hal 80 women my massacred by Ribe Smeu saturday. Unofficial estimates of the total killed in the weekend righting in the moroccan protectorate run to Well Over a thousand. The disorders broke out on the second anniversary of the forced exile of nationalist minded Sultan Mohammed Bei Youssef. Some White capped Frencl legionnaires senegalese moroccan and regular French troops closer off a wide area of Central Morocco this week and fanned out in a drive to bring the tribesmen to Heel. The troops used tanks and vehicles under support of Jet fighter planes. An associated press reporter who accompanied a military con Voy to Kheni Fra said the berbers were giving up i heir arms. A number of tribal lenders who agreed to cooperate with the Trench circulated through Moun Ain villages near Khan Ira seizing in cards from Hie tribesmen. The French commander said hat Small demonstrations in the City last Fri Lay a bus Load of Young n european clothing arrived in the Cambali. Native Quarter from the Arger he said. Mobs gathered in the mosque my came out shouting for Ben Youssef. They went to the Chica of District throwing stones on european houses. There was no Way to Stop them. I had Only 80 men with me the next morning some to berbers set their tent Camp on the hilltops around Khan Ira lie said. They tried to come Down on the City in assaults but were re polled by the foreign legion and by paratroopers who were dropped in on the City the evening in View of declining tobacco prices on auction markets and fact flue cured stabilization corp. Is forced to take upwards of 50 per cent of offerings in Many cases it appears a larger Cut than 12 per cent of grower quotas to needed for next Daniels wired. Increased tobacco stocks on Hancl by Domestic companies and stabilization Are having a Depres sing effect on auction markets. Much dissatisfaction among farm is. Announcement on your part thai Al Ion will be taken to further re Duce Quolas in 1956 would undoubtedly have great effect on Warkel this year. Hep. Cooley has said he will introduce necessary legislation if you request it. Would appreciate immediate statement of your views in this Nailer and whether you will seek such Daniels concluded. At Greensboro h. Flake Shaw executive vice president of the North Carolina farm Bureau com tin cd it looks like the Secretary vill have to take a new look at he tobacco situation unless Condi ions we must get the quota brought into line with the disappearance of he added. Shaw said however we still have some time he said the farm Bureau ii getting All kinds of Calls and let ters from Farmers about the situation. We re fully aware of the army loan machines for emergency work to o reportedly received three Imil Els from a 32-Ealibcr pistol in the left left . And shoulder Zambone s meditations by Allcy Texas schools state state opponents of p l of mixing cite heavy support Columbia aug. 26 response to a Resolution calling Lor continued racially Sci regaled pub Lic schools and preservation of i slate sovereignty has been tre one of the original sign ers announced today. I the spokesman said hint about 7.000 signed copies of the Resolution already have been mailed in since it was run As an advertise ment in last sunday s newspapers throughout the stale. Flip Resolution originally was signed by business agricultural civic and Lher leaders throughout new Haven. Conn., aug. 2fi of Commerce Sinclair weeks arrived in flood riddled Connecticut today and immediately re eased half a million pieces of Mav Chin cry held in Reserve in Case of in atom bomb attack. Jle said the machinery of every find was available to i Connecticut on a need basis for Iclea mip or other work. We want to get Pic plants Back in operation and Well worry about leases said weeks. Wicks also said the Commerce department will act As a Clearing House to help businessmen obtain All sorts of Federal Aid to rebuild. His visit came As Connecticut Industry still clogged Wilh dirt much of its machinery and build Ings damaged or washed away. Was Starling to clean up inc mess. The . Rubber co. In Nauru tuck called workers on a several thousand full Lime basis to help with the cleanup. The american brass co., which employs 6.000 people at Tong ton Waterbury and Ansonia in formed gov. Ribicoff that despite the company s 5 million Dollar loss it will rebuild and stay in Connecticut. With this spirit the economic life of our state will continue and become even said Ribi coff. Relief work continued. The red Cross fund for Connecticut lopped the half million Mark. And stale police said the toll from the disaster stood Al 54 dead 63 missing. Fads and Are keeping in close touch with he added. Shaw said a meeting of flue cured leaders from All Stales would be held in Raleigh in the near future to discuss factors affecting the tobacco program. He added the session probably would not be held until additional markets open and the Silva lion firms we need a Beller Export mar Ket program for Hal is More adaptable to current con the farm Bureau offi Cial said. Competition from the rest of the world is gelling stronger every year and we need to take full advantage of everything we be judge refuses new hearing aug. 26 m Federal judge Hobart Groom Loday refused to Grant the univer sity of Alabama a new trial of Iii Storic Case in which he ruled that the deep South school must Jpn its doors to qualified negro students. Judge grooms rejected All to ions filed by Hie University at tacking his ruling. He denied among these Hie Contention that the Case was not a class action that it applied Only to Fie two Voung negro women plaintiffs. Mass Lucy dome us me. V7hut do Bat i n rail. On our demand for additional resold big Spring. Tex. Aug. 2fi but the majority took no action it was above the stale Texas Public schools can pcs euro pending some Legal clarification. Laws. Immediately if Liu a want Ami Sullivan s ruling came in inc lie said Hig Spring s step inward the slate. Still collect slate Aid a District suit Lilc against the big ending segregation was a the spokesman said that every court held today. Spring Independent school District. Ate our and nothing More than county in Hie male is represented judge Charlie Sullivan refused it Spucci locally denied injunctions was required by the supreme court in the Resolution copies received an anti desegregation Texas Citi that would have decision. Council request to Slop the 1. Prevented the integration of of keeping it big Spring school District irom first six grades hen.-. Necks for some years. M school i ions have been pouring in from and Block use of state 2. I re vented slate cd nation districts in Texas have shown a persons interested in endorsing its i Money by districts thai do Keseg commissioner .1. W. Edgar and willingness in permitted to meet the he added. An Coli regale. U Empl Dollci Llo Herl irom problem As Jones said. Mated 10.000 additional copies the came in the first lost and paying slate funds Carllon Nui cd Hie supremo have been requested and mailed. Ill the complicated school financing Jan districts thai desegregated. Court did not i Ell anybody they of the w signers Laus which Call for stale Aid on a i Only Nhul 21 negro pupils Are Insl Only thai the i ruled the re Soullion Ilir Nugh the Hasis. In Spring s school Cli Strk a. Ii. Silva lion be Alicd. Mate s Public school segregation i a prompt Appeal to the Texas like the other Ilis Lii is Hull have tin lie said i number committee i to weeks Lor inc supreme court was promised by Juaiil will end next of school Ilis Riols had gum ahead Atli ilium of the Ali i general As j Idi. Carillon attorney Lor the cil Monelli Are in the Western Luo Doit a somehow Sembly. Ali inns of Texas. Hail Lomci talc the spokesman said tin i districts that had Al Kilisl Texas where the bulk of he confided school i Ual of the re million arc ready announced to dese Jire the stale s population is Natu Laws were like to delimited Al the response of the Gale can now go ahead if i hey located is solid for continued Seg of her sales and since they had people of South Carolina. Anil choose and Mil lose the Szalc funds relation. The citizens councils to never been tested constitutionally Hope they will continue to Send in on which the Public schools Are final in Caralion were first formed no supreme court decision in any their . In Hal Section. Omier Case could apply to them. I he pointed out our purpose in the ruling was Gilford Longs. Alli Rincy in the school classes Start generally in running the Reso Lul Ion was to Brint Gal opinion to guide Mic of the Mig Spring do dict. Argued Hinl inc. Texas sept. 6. Ii was doubtful an Home in the people the fuel Hal isl ate s 2.000 school . A s. Supreme court derision end Appeal of the today could be businessmen others Are vitally i handful of these Clis Lrichs Hal said ing in Public schools Pui the slate supreme com t be interested in inc matter o if ally they would not . Was the Law of inc he said Loic then. Imp our big army Derrick it Mothball storage Center at Marietta pal lifts cocoon from diesel locomotive yesterday is inc army announced it will lend 35 of the engines to Aid in it scoring rail service in inc flood disaster areas

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