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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 26, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaNot having their cigarettes lit their doors opened and other things like that but that s not what they re really about. It s just a Way to get attention for other things astute physicians have for years known empirically that there is a connection Between nutrition and mood. Patients who complained of depression anxiety irritability or just general con fused thinking frequently Revea that they Are not getting enough of one or More Basic nutrients. When these nutrients Are restored to the diet com plaints of problematic moods vanish. If a nutritional deficiency exists the cells of the brain and the Central and peripheral nervous systems May function below capacity. Thus while it May not be literally True that we Are what we eat we Are undeniably affected by James Brolin libbers Aren t direct James Urchin costs of to s mar Cus Welby talks about women s lib somebody asked me what i thought of a women directing and 1 said i think it s fantastic if she can put out the product but in the meantime she May lose a lot of her femininity and the tiling that makes her attractive to in the end is what Many liberation lists Are after. They re after the attention of men in a sense. That May be a generalization but to Tell you the truth i think that women s lib is not a direct honesty. Sometimes the libbers have appeared very frivolous and expressed themselves in terms of food in mental As Well As physical from depression a Layman s guide to the symptoms and by Paul Gillette and Marie Hornbeck Outerbridge and Lazard anniversaries Bobby Fischer Defeated Boris Spassky for the world chess championship one year ago saturday. Birthdays All sunday Gen. Maxwell Taylor 72. Monday Martha Kaye 57. Tuesday Charles Boyer 74. Wednesday George Mont Gomery 57 Ingrid Bergman 56 Elliot Gould 35. Thursday Jean Claude by 30 Fred Macmurray 65 Hoy Wil Kins 72 Ted Williams 55 Shirley Booth 66. Friday Arthur Godfrey 70 William Saroyan 65 Frank Robinson 38. Saturday Yvonne de Carlo 49. "globt1k Tokyo Only tons dripping wet How big is big for the biggest ship Tanker is the biggest moving thing Ever in the world the Globnik big Means almost a Quarter of a mile Long and 79 Tennis courts would not be too much for this ship to accommodate. Constructed in Japan this monster built by Man. She weighs Only a Light tons dead weight and her deck area is Square Yards. She carries a Crew of 38 men and has a service Speed of 15 knot s. Birthday people Arthur Godfrey and Ingrid Bergman quips quotes Armour s armoury by Richard Armour to err is human but to realty foul things up requires a computer. Goodye Tir the experts say talking to your plants helps them grow. But what can you say to a radish that has t already been said Albright Chain letter our Bank has pens its patrons use on tables they Are found. The pens cannot be carried off for they with chains Are bound. Some filling out Deposit slips i note reveal disgust to think that chains should bind these pens arid show such Lack of Trust. But my reaction s different As i am glad to Tell i m glad the Bank s like this and Hope my Money s chained As Well. 21 m familywe6kly, August 26, 1973 through a child s eyes kids see life differently. Send original contributions to family weekly 641 Lexington aw., . 10022. If used none resumed. I was showing my nine year old son the bridesmaid s dress his sister was going to Wear in their Cousin s wedding. What do i have to do in the he asked. 1 replied. Well just sit together and he sighed. I thought i might have to be a pallbearer or mrs. Gene Waring Belleville Kara. Juvet Lowell s celebrity letters Juliet Lowell author of the All time Best seller dear collects unintentionally humorous letters to and from people in All walks of life. To or. Lawrence Welk i read in the papers that you Are looking for a Cou ple of Good wind instruments for your band. I think that you can ind More than you can use in Congress. Four Jerry a candidate for the worst watergate Jolce of the a Large reptile Slid up out of the Florida Everglades wanting nothing More to do with his former friends. What s the asked his swamp friends. Why do you spurn said the first i can t afford to be seen with water Kent i just beat up Charlie Heifer but relax a beat up his father too i

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