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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 26, 1973, Florence, South Carolina5 s. 3 August our Soth year 238 Florence s. C. Daily 10sunday 15 aides urge Nixon action on economic Issue san Clements Calif. A resident Nixon s lop aides Are urging him to quickly and publicly tackle he economic Issue which they contend is the top problem troubling americans today. One senior adviser indicated trial stall papers now before Nixon suggest presidential initiatives ranging from a written statement to a television speech to Public appearance following up on his vow to get on with the people s whatever approach is taken this aide added it probably will include a Call for a Clamp Down on Federal spending As necessary to Check inflation. The budget is the key said. The president has made no decision on what approach to take said he aide who called this the gestation Nixon s moves on the Economy will be part of his Campaign to mend the damage wrought by i he watergate scandal on Public Confidence in him and his . The first Steps came with a television speech a written statement and wednesday s news conference. The message Nixon intended to leave one White House offi Cial said was let s forget it. Let s go let s get on with the people s even before the three Steps were taken this official said the Public had lived of tic watergate hearings and Nixon had already turned the Comer toward putting the scandal him. The staff papers now before the president who is expected in remain at his California tto meal East another week also suggest approaches to spurring congressional action on pending administration legislation. Sources indicate Nixon is considering a Call for Congress to put aside partisanship and work out compromises on such measures As Trade Energy and Revenue sharing Bills. A Public education Effort Likely will be pail of the pack age of actions with cab incl members presidential coun Sellors and congressional supporters touring the country sounding the White House theme. The speakers would be armed with statistics and surveys showing most americans Are heating inflation ire cause their incomes arc rising faster than prices. The goal would be to overcome what one official called an increased feeling of discontent about the Economy. Our analysis shows thai people feel worse off than they should Herbert Stein chairman of the presi Lenl s Council of economic advisers said last week bombing injures Rio at Bank of England Sleeper seven month old Donald Atkinson May be involved in the action but Only in his dreams. Donnie snoozes in his stroller on a Midway of the Carbon county fair Lehighton pa., As his father runs the motor drome show. Donnie is used to the noise. Its the quiet that gets to him. A Canadian chief threatens railway strike crackdown Montreal. Que. Api minister John Munro threatened saturday to take action to end Canada s nationwide rail walkout that has resulted in layoffs Industrial shutdowns and disruption of passenger transportation. The strike involves some 000 workers and ii Canadian railroads. Unless during the weekend the parties come up with Realis tic proposals to Sci Lac this Dis Pute. To report to my cab incl colleagues Hal every human a Forl has been made to reach an Munro said. Government action against the crippling strike could in clude the convening parliament to invoke Federal Back to work Laws. Such measures were used Days to end the nation s last rail strike in 1966. Back to work legislation would probably affect All rail Road workers not just the 56.000 Hon operating employees. About craftsmen Are legally entitled to strike now and plan a strike vote for next month. In addition. entitled to walk Oul next week. Wages and Job Security the key elements in the no operal ing employees strike also cat Issue in the other workers contract ngot Balioas. The Federal mediator. Judge Alan b. Gold said Friday Afler a meeting with management and Union representatives of the non operating employees that any further mediation would be useless. The countrywide strike began thursday night after four weeks of selective walkouts called by the associated non operating railway unions to pressure a contract agreement. The effects of the walkout snowballed saturday. The Only train to move nver night was a Reighl loaded with perishable food. Supervisory personnel moved the train through Ontario to Montreal scattering pickets who Al Imp cd to Stop it by standing on the tracks. Business a and Industrial Lead ers Many of them forced to close plants or curtail production for Lack of rail service urged a end to the Dis Pute. General motors announced plans to close ils Assembly Plant Al is. The Csc. Just North of Montreal on monday of the so Rick. Wallace receives birthday Salute Montgomery. Ala. Api gov. George c. Wallace choked Back ears As several thousand supporters Sang Happy birthday to him sat urday. And he promised them he will remain involved in poli tics As Long As they want him to. It was Wallace s 54th birth Day and police Coli match he crowd Here Al Garrett coliseum at 10.000. To feed the crowd Here were -1.000 barbecued chickens. 12.000 ears of Corn plenty of Beans and a 1.200 Pound red while and Blue birth Day cake. Wallace who remains Paral Zed in both legs from wounds he received in an assassination attempt was rolled in his wheelchair up a ramp to the speaker s land. The crowd blood. Applauded and Sang Happy Wallace was obviously moved by the display. There is no Way to express my feelings of affection for he said. Prayers and thoughts of people like you is the main Rea son i am alive. I thank god i m there were Wallace hats. Wallace slickers. Wallace pins and country music. Ii had All the makings of a Wallace rally. Before the luncheon and speech by Wallace flier a were Square dancing and other events. Clowns roamed around the building giving Candy to children. London api a letter bomb at the link of England injured three men saturday and a second explosive went off in a women s shop. The blasts continued a week Long wave of explosions and imn scares blamed on Irish Republican army extremists. The bombings along with a Hosl of fraudulent threats have disrupted the lives of thousands of British shoppers Holiday travellers and sports fans. Derek Woodward a. Was seriously injured in the explosion of the letter in the mail room of the fortress like link of England. Woodward had a hand amputated and then underwent More surgery. Two of his colleagues suffered relatively minor injuries. Bomb scares that followed the blast stretched London s police Force to the limits. Police cleared major train stations packed with travellers Al the Start of a three Day and of sum Mer weekend Ihen checked out ism in threats. Thousands of shoppers were cleared Oul of mores on Oxford Street. London s department store Row. A Small incendiary device went off hero causing no injuries. A bigger bomb was defused. A bomb threat also was made against thousands of fans at a stadium on the opening Day of the soccer season. Of All the scares How Ever possibly the most Shock ing to the. British came Al lords seat of he National game Cricket. Police forced nearly fans to leave the grounds while a bomb threat was checked. It was an hour before they ice the fans Back in and Hie match be tween England and the West indies was resumed in the last week More than explosive devices have been uncovered Al various xxx inn landmarks. Intended targets have included prime minister Edward i Loath and the defense ministry. Most explosions have come from Small incendiary devices in stores. They have done Little damage. Most lethal letter bombs and bombs in shopping baskets have been defused. Sec bombs Page 2ai obscenity Laws under scrutiny i states and communities throughout the land Are taking a new look at obscenity Laws. T Pagelow. Index arts business All but one of the vast Western editorials i Forest and Range fires Are features a under control. Page 8a. A sports is Man s Best Friend getting women in the break he deserves Page 7a. 7b 6a 4a 1d 1b 1c in ii weather partly Cloudy and warm today with a Chance of afternoon and evening Thunder showers. Highs upper 80s. Lows Low 70s. Details v. Page 3a. Hijacker Calls it quits Hijacker gives up map shows flight area Kuwait Lal a North yemeni wielding a pistol and hand grenades surrendered to Kuwait authorities saturday night after hijacking a Yemen airways Doii on a flight from North Yemen to As Mai a. Kwh India. Kuwaiti authorities accepted five demands from i lie Man including guaranteeing his safely in Kuwait before to agreed to turn Over his arms Anil leave the plane which carried 17.pri sons. The Man identified As Nasser Ahmed Abu Hakr. Loft lie plane carrying his weapons and turned them Over to of Licals i Foro formally surrendering to the Kuwait foreign minister. Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed and the Deputy Interior minister. Gen. Abdul Lalif and Duwein the plane landed at this Liny persian Gulf stale after a mile flight across saudi Arabia from Djibouti in Kasl Africa. Where the for ii gained propel Ler driven aircraft slopped briefly Lor refuelling. Kuwait authorities permitted lie plane to Lan Rafter Abu Clakr threatened to crash land it into lie desert if refused permission lol Ancl. Afler aim liar s surrender Llie Airport resumed Normal operations. Saturday s hijacking was the fourth Middle Kasl air piracy in six weeks. Atler taking Over the Hijacker forced the Pilot to put Down at Djibouti capital of the French territory of Hie afar and the seas on Llie is Willicm lip of Llie lied sea. Afler refuelling Ihu plane look off again headed or Oil producing Kuwait on tin1 per Sian Gulf about 1.300 Miles Northeast on the other Side of he arabian Peninsula two airports under attack reds Shell Cambodia area i Lynom a knit. Cambodia Lapi fighting erupted at five Points within 47 Miles of Olmom penh on saturday in the heaviest Day of skirmishing since the end of the american bombing 10 Days ago. Communist led cum Rylian insurgents shelled iwo airports. Including Phlim penh s poem Wenlong military and inter National ail port. They Cut the country s Rice Road in Llie and hit government positions defending iwo Provin Cial capitals. Government officials Antici Pale the rebel forces will at tempt Anol her assault on pm Nam penh after regrouping and re supplying. Some govern ment sources say the insurgents have switched tactics in the meantime to concentrate on provincial capitals. The cambodian command re in Rod ils forces intercepted gunmen and four hostages locked up in Bank vault Stockholm. Sweden api police locked a gunman his accomplice and four hostages in the vault of a Bank where the gunman was holding out for the third straight Day saturday. Police spokesmen said they hoped thai by Locking in the entire group hey would later be Able to seize the gunmen Wilh Oul harm to the hostages. Ii Nusl slowly grow in the gunman s mind that his position is said police supt Kurt Lindroth there was no immediate word on what was going on in Side he locked vault or Hiil he next police move would be the vault measures i i by Foj feet and police said the sanitary problems for the six persons inside were growing serious. Police sent a chemical toilet food sweatsuits and mattresses into the vault Al the gunman s request. The swedish radio said he gunman reportedly had threat ened to hold Oul until next month s elections. The gunman look Over me main Kredi Banken office in downtown Stockholm on thurs Day Afler two policemen burst in As he was trying to hold up the Bank. One policeman was wounded during an Exchange of gunfire. Armed with a machine gun. The gunman held four Bank employees iroc women and one a n _ while police reinforce ments surrounded the Bank and tried to get him to surrender. Al the gunman s demand police released convict Clark on thursday and brought him to the Hank to join the gunman whom be apparently knew. I Licy turned Over Ransom and offered the gunman and Olofsson Safe Sage out of Sweden in return for release of the hostages. The gunman refused insist ing he must retain a hostage with him to guarantee his flight. Authorities negotiated fruitlessly fort Days. Then about armed police w f a ring Bullet proof vests inched heir Way inti the Bank Early saturday Ami closed the vault where they said to. Gun Man was sleeping. The police carried acetylene lurches and tools As they crepe inward the vault. Leading to the belief hey were going to Cut through the sled and seize the gunman and his accomplice. The Bank robber s identity was not firmly established. Rogers resigns his College Board Post Lames a. Rogers chairman of the state College Hoard of trustees has announced his resignation from the Board effective following ils next regular meeting on september 12 in Charleston. The Hoard is the governing body for Francis Marion College. College of Charleston and Lander College. Homers was named first chairman of the 15 member Hoard at its organizational meeting in september 1069. In commenting on his decision. Rogers said Only reasons of health could per Suade Molo relinquish a position that has been so Rewar Ding in terms of College during his four year chair Manship both Francis Marion College and College of Charleston have been engaged i Multi million Dollar physical expansion programs. Under James a. Rogers resigns College Post College brought into the slate system last july i. Is preparing a similar expansion beginning initially with anew Library. Rebel infill razors six Miles North of to Chintong a few hours before three rockets fell near the Southern end of Llie runway. There were no casualties or damage and comm crucial flights went on uninterrupted. The command also reported fighting in pack Llo. Six Miles South of pm Nam penh in tween ilighways2and.10. Another Battle was reported Al he provincial capital of Tran Uhnar. 2-1 Miles Southwest of penh on Highway details of the action were run immediately available. Commercial airlines reported they cancelled flights to Kom Prog Cham. Cambodia s third largest City because of rebel pressure on the Airport with heavy weapons fire was reported Easl and North of Kampong Cham a commercial can scr on the West pm Side of the Mekong River. Two miners found dead Casa go amok. Arizona a miners i rapped 1.200 feel under the desert in a cop per mine for eight Days were found dead saturday a Fecla mine co. Spokesman said. It was not immediately Dis closed How the men died. The announcement was made by Jerry turn Lam. A company spokesman Rescue workers used Earth moving machines to Burrow through mud. Rock and debris that blocked the 500-foot Long chamber where the bodies were found. A six Inch communications shall was drilled from the sur face to where the men were trapped but rescuers got no response from inside the Cham Ber. Rescuers were turned Back repeatedly earlier in the week by lingering fire and smoke from inside the Suhnel. Although the men had been without food since Llie Cave in aug. 17. Company officials had remained optimistic they would be found alive

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