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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 26, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaAndy Capps you be been seen Wun o to or if Evert ii50aveto choose a but Oon Tsee of it to be her intend be completely Dick Tracy Vera signed a million Dollar contract last tuesday Rappy. You mean he s got to paint it on All v them autos he landed a big comic strip with the biggest Syndicate. The whole world Wilu read the invisible 7 Little Abner now you mention it my a j Ain Taw my Pas 1 was Ain Taw Hunan pos my gum axons with 1hat affo Thuc powmstair5 Maib an Usta bestir cafe att66tin i was who s human an who Ain t an 1sotta aoamt.thatthi5 Sloup win minus two in Imago into try that a. Arg Owenton Boss i never spent i already know the dad i have a dollars date.ton16h.t can Voo spare Teh dollars a80dt ten cents dated you la. Have to learn the value of Dollar Mary Worth actually i had t do everything to Well spite of of it.1 i be had to years to learn to live with my Handicap mrs. Han5en if i pick. Up a few Basic skills in that time i d consider myself stupid a shall beget 5tartedomthe please Don t be 50 miss All having one Arm my 15 somewhat better i really than havin i two had to i m 50rryi Heads beatleba1ly them who Falls asleep puss this have announce to Mutt Jeff make people Jeff we gotta be funny Glott Tutt Flam tool wion Day August 26, to in Carroll right or s from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies most everyone is Apt to be too emotional today and tonight. To put things in its proper perspective is Wise. By being very objective much can be achieved especially whatever applies to Home conditions and property matters. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 avoid doing anything that could spoil relations at Home which Are difficult enough now As it is. Stop being so belligerent. Try to get at the cause of things and quietly make Light changes. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 if you take unnecessary risks there is bound to be much trouble brewing. Think and act wisely. Put plan in operation to make work easier. Show you have Good sense. Gemini May 21 to june 21 showing allies that you Are very Wise where finances Are concerned will gain their Fuller cooperation in the future. Do More saving. Not a Good time so make new investment. Bide your time. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Don t be too self entered and you get along much better with others and get ahead faster. Don t rely on that social meeting to solve some problem you have. Us your own Good mind. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 you seem unable to express yourself As you want right now so wait before doing so ideally others come to you with their troubles so be sure to help them As much As you can. Don t go overboard though. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 you want Good pals to assist you with present Aims which is Fine provided you do not impose on them. You have one goal that is not to your Benefit so put it aside. Take no chances. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 wait for a better Day when the planets Are More favourable to have those talks with higher ups and then you have More Success. Keep steady and Don t make changes that could be disastrous now. Show True balance. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 you have Many Fine ideas but they need further study before putting them in operation. This is not a Good Day to deepen Friendship with a new Contact. Wait until later in the week. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 be your own worst taskmaster and get things done properly keep the promises you have made scrupulously. Do not push that creditor so much. Annoying mate who is in an irritable mood is not Good. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 try to understand what an associate has in mind and then you find that you can corns to agreements easily. Stop wracking your brain about How to solve some problem. The solution comes to you easily tomorrow. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 trying to throw own work off on the shoulders of others would Only make More trouble for you. Delve into it and get it done efficiently. Do whatever improves your health. Eliminate some bad habit that is ruining it. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 be careful not to get into some risky venture that you would later regret but keep Busy with whatever is of proven Worth. Instead of criticizing mate show consideration and love. Make life happier for both. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those very efficient Young people who is also very emotional which is Good provided it is checked at the right time. Teach Early to be More objective in dealing with others and thereby avoid trouble that could otherwise follow. Teach Early to understand the motives behind others actions and then dealing with them becomes easier and More effective. Homemaking psychology and psychiatry work is Fine. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for september is now ready. For a copy Send your birthrate and to Carrol highter morning news bos 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. Syndicate inc 475 ?9732 q94 62 4akj107 the bidding Nortu East South pass 2 pass 3 it opening two of hearts. No Trump contracts of ten Fea Ture a race for the establish ment of Long suits each Side trying to build up its necessary quota of tricks ahead of the other Side. Consider this Deal where West leads a heart in response to partner s Overall. South wins East s King with the Ace and let s say decides to work on his longest and strongest suit clubs. Accordingly a cashes the Ace of clubs enters Dummy with Cross would Puzzle across 3. Mister 4. Old dress 7. Vacation spot 11. Caviar 12. Fuel 13. So be it 14. Hostel 15. Social directory 17.sonnet 19. Endeavor 20. Prima Donna 22.shoshonean 23.windmilisail 26.sahdarabtre9 27. Denial 28. Survey 29.beoverfond 30. At horns 31.applause 32. Person 33. Vine 34. Dissension 35. Salutation 36. Dejection 37. Moonstone 41. Confronted 44. Adamant 45.sneaky 45. Hawaiian baking pit 47. Bills 48. Transit system 49.Young scout contract by b. Jay Becker dealer. Both Titi Vulnere bloc 4ak1073 852 63 South a j843 a Diu Ond and trim Nene. West wins with tie Queen and another heart a out Declarer s Queen Publ Tohong Theta heart tracks for East South must eventually go Down one for East still the Aco at Spades As an entry card for he hearts. In effect Sasu wins the race against be cause Hia heart tricks Beckma established before Declarer can build up his Spade tricks. Actually South can Maks tha contract it he plays properly. He should assume from the bid Ding that East has the Aca of Spades and he should take advantage of this reasonable Der duet on by directing his Atten Tion to Spades rather than clubs. He should Cross to Dummy with a Diamond at trick two and Lead the six of Spades. What can East do at this Point 1c he rises with the Ace South wins the race because he now has three Spade tricks two hearts two diamonds and two clubs to show for his efforts. And if East covers the six with the nine South will bunco again score nine tricks by win Ning the Spade with the Jack and playing the a a a of clubs. Either Way East is helpless against South s method of at s-5s-79 tack. O 1970, King features Syndicate inc tomorrow Assumption ask Igor a question Lor Andy write it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. 0. Box a Florence s. C. 2h01. Andy 51ution of yesterday s Puzzle Down title 2. Charged particle 3. Modernize 4. Garment 5. Afflict 6. Excessive indulgence 7. Infant Zodiac 16. Prior to 18. Attempt 20.pedestal pit 21. Inflexible 22. Cosmos 23. Scholarly 24. Magic Rod 25. Remnants 28.scat 33.yello i7tol8 35. Charity 26. Routes Wither 39. Vase 40.unfortimat9 42.hugehiroi 43. Butter Container there is quarrelling Between my parents All the time. The tension in my Home is sometimes More than i feel i can Bear. Nothing i do seems to and so a Young Man poured out Bis heart to me Asie asked How he might continue to live in his unhappy lome situation. Of course the easiest advice o give him was to get out and leave it and this May be necessary but St does nothing to help the strained Home situation which follows a familiar pattern where each member of the family seems to a looking for the thing which Are wrong. It is the same old picture of selfishness. The Home atmosphere is determined by members of the family too Many want what they want when they want it then when they Qon t set it there is Parcelin. Home atmosphere is determined by members of the family. It can be changed but one member of the family has to be willing to do something about it. Argument is a two Way proposition. The first step in Correct tog that Home atmosphere is to determine to avoid arguments. Then bring god into the Home by prayer. One determined manner of the family can change Home atmosphere. The Best defense is offence spirit Ual offence. Resolve to Over come the bad atmosphere with Good atmosphere. Cheerfulness is contagious and the smile of love is infectious. We advised the Young Man who poured his heart out to us in this conference to make a partnership with Bis lord Sod Andy sends a Complete set of the world Book encyclopedia to Douglas Verbrugge age 11, of Iowa for his question what is meant by humidity percentage in the month of August we know that the word humidity has something to do with the miserable muggy weather. The Weatherman reports the Day s humidity in a precis s percentage usually some Point Between 20 per cent and 100 per cent. From experience we know that higher humidity Means More moisture in the air. Naturally via wonder How the percentage is determined and also what it Means to the general weather picture. Humid Means moist and to a meteorologist humidity a the moisture Content of the air outdoors. This humidity is in the form of gaseous water vapor mingled with use other invisible gases of the air. Even the driest desert air contains a Small quota of vapor. But there is a limit to How much vapor the air can hold. The amount May Range from almost nothing to the full quota. Meteorologists measure the ratio of vapor in a Sample of the Day s airs. But the humidity percentage depends on the air s Tern. Pesature. This is because warm air can hold More vapor cooler air. There Are charts that show the ratio of that air can hold through a graded scale of changing temperatures. These charts reveal the percentages of relative humidity announced with the Day s weather report. This humidity is called relative because it is related to the full amount of moisture that air at a certain temperature can hold. When it reaches 100 per cent the air has its full quota and some of its gaseous vapor must change to liquid moisture. The ratio is As a Rule based on an air Sample of one cubic meter. Its vapor Content is measured in Grams. A graded scale of temperatures shows the humidity percen tages up to saturation Point which is 100 per cent. For example if the air is 32 degrees fahrenheit the relative humidity is 100 per cent when the Sample contains 4.85 Grams of vapor. Suppose this same air warms up to 43 fahrenheit. It can now hold More vapor. Its relative humidity is Only 67 per cent. At 43 degrees fahrenheit it does not reach 100 per cent unless its vapor Content is increased to 7.27 Grams. On a muggy Day of High humidity the warm air is loaded with vapor. Suppose the air is a scorching 86 degrees fahrenheit and contains 13.67 Grams of vapor per cubic meter. This is far below the limit at this temperature and the relative humidity is merely 45 per cent. Suppose a moist air mass Rolls in while the temperature remains the same. If the air gains another 3.12 Grams of vapor per cubic meter its relative humidity rises to 57 per cent. This is still below the limit. To reach its saturation Point of 100 per cent air at 86 degrees fahrenheit must have a vapor Content of 30.4 Grams per cubic meter. Hot moist weather brings High relative humidity because warm air can hold such a lot of water vapor. In frosty weather the percentage is Low because Cool air reaches saturation with a Omen lower Content of vapor. Meteorologists measure the Day s humidify with careful precision. An air Sample must be typical of the weather outdoors. Its vapor Content May be. Measured with a hydrometer a Psychrometer or some other delicate instrument. The temperature and vapor Content Are com pared and matched on a Chart that gives the grades of relative humidity in percentages. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Mabel the Man Clyl How Istar made _ this useful staff is not made by people at he if is. Created by our wonderful Earth and we dig it oat of the ground. The Earth uses oily Petroleum to make Tacky tangy smelling tar most of our Oil supplies Are buried underground and we have to Drill Down deep to get them. But in some places the Earth Baa Oil supplies just below the surface. The thick Petroleum oozes up and spreads Over the ground. It happens to be a mixture of a lot of very Complex chemicals. Some of the ingredients Are very Light materials that tend to evaporate in the air. When Oil oozes up and spreads Over the ground these Light in evaporate and disappear in the when this happens the heavier ingredients stay behind. The oily puddles become Thicke and gooey. In time. They become Tacky puddles of tar or Asphalt sometimes the tangy stuff gets quite dry and forms thick layers of almost solid Asphalt. We get All on tar from places where the Earth makes it from oozing Petroleum Oil ask his help to improve Bis Home situation. He is going to always be meeting people who have a disposition to quarrel find fault if he learns How to overcome this at Home he will be much better equipped to meet it in wider circles. The Good Book tells is that god is Ever ready to help us overcome evil about m with Good. What shall we then say to these things if god to for us who can be Agata so first m need to to my Flat god is for us. The Best Way to do that is to give our will and on life fully to Hun. Then we can say the lord is on my Side i will not fear what can Man do unto criticism and fault finding do not Hare to be met with the same things. True Praise affection a smiling countenance backed by communion with god and his conscious Power to our urn Are never failing a dote for quarrelling and

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