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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 26, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 238 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., wednesday morning August 26, 1970 daily Loc sunday is a. Women strike today for Equality by Henrietta Leith associated press writer marching to rallies smashing cosmetics in trash cans and in desk women from coast to the baby on the husband s office some cases perhaps plopping Coffee cups dumping bras and coast will demonstrate for liberation wednesday. Billed As women s strike for the nationwide demonstration will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution which gave women the right to vote. Leader of the National women s strike coalition is author Betty Friedan who has been contending for years that women have not come a Long Way baby since that historic Day on aug. 26, 1920. As the women of Many cities made their final plans for pro test in most cases stopping Short of actually striking politicians aware of the women s vote came to their support. Gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new. York proclaimed wednes Day women s right Day Ard have legislation for women s be trying to sex declared it is in the Best inter est of our whole society that the crusade for Equality and Justice for women continue and ultimately similar proclamations were i sired by mayor Peter Flaherty of Pittsburgh pa., and mayor James Tate of the latter after he was sur rounded by a group of women in the hallway of a City building. Sen. Charles Goodell r-., who like Rockefeller is running Friedan for re election held a news conference with miss Friedan and other women s liberation leaders at his office in new York City to announce plans to introduce new Federal Legisla Tion. Rights As women marching Down new York s fifth Avenue on wednes i Plain what our goals questionnaires on women s rights also Are being sent to Day for an evening rally at candidates for governor of Bryant Park on 42nd Street May i Georgia. Or May not abide by a City Rul i in Miami fla., ing that they can have Only one Bers we smash Lane of the Avenue. Now Mem their Coffee cups and throw the pieces in a angered at the City s refusal j trash can to dramatize our de to Block off the entire Avenue to sire to break away from the tra traffic during the March miss edition Al role allotted to women in politics. To give coffees said that suffragettes i and teas rather than take part had the whole Avenue when they in marched to celebrate the right e said it would embody the aspirations expressed by the strike including repeal of Laws against abortion 24-hour child care centers and equal Opportunity in jobs and education. Goodell said that As in the Case of negro civil rights even though there was a Constitution Al amendment we will have to the Florida women also will be asked to bring articles symbolizing oppression such As products advertised in ways they consider insulting and toss 1 them in the can. In St. Louis mo., women marchers will Wear exaggerated costumes depicting the Ster Tion i Trust that police will i a typed roles they believe Socie 1 to forces them Bride a cleaning woman and a sexpot. An outdoor skit will portray How some women Are mistreated see women Page 7a to vote 50 years ago and can have it again. This is our hour of history and we Are going to take j she said. She added however that i am not threatening violence merely expressing determine protect in Atlanta ga., where another rally is planned a spokes Man said members of the National organization for women liberated labourer this construction worker is a ditch Digger with a difference. It s a Conlan Strawberry Blond Mother of seven from mount Vernon n. Y. Is a labourer on a construction project in new Rochelle n. Y. This work May be Tough but it was even More difficult to get the Opportunity her admission to a local labor Union culminated a ten year fight. A Senate rejects no draft army peace talks Start quietly first students Ter at fac draft Extension now seems Likely United nations . A in an air of guarded optimism delegates from Israel and two Arab countries began separate discussions tuesday with . Envoy Gunnar v. Jar ring aimed at bringing peace to the Middle East. A 22-year enmity marked by three wars made the task a formidable one. But As the three delegates opened their talks under the . Cease fire plan they expressed Hope that peace is possible. Israeli ambassador Yosef Tekoah was the first to go to Jar ring s office on the 38th floor of the . Building overlooking new York City s East River. He met with jarring for 45 minutes and was followed by jordanian ambassador Abdel Hamid Sharaf who remained 25 minutes then egyptian ambassador Mohammed Hassen Al Zayyat and Faubus Rockefeller leaders in Arkansas Little Rock Ark. A Republica gov. Winthrop Rockefeller took a Strong Early Lead in his bid for renomination to a third term in the state primary tuesday while former gov. Or Val e. Faubus bolted to the front in the eight Man demo carnatic gubernatorial race. Faubus testing his political strength for the first time since retiring after six terms and 12 years in office polled votes with 175 of the democrats precincts reported. The former governor was expected to Lead the ticket but predictions were that he would not get enough votes to avoid a Runoff sept. 8. Faubus who retired in Janu Ary 1967, was receiving betwfti.1 40 to 45 per cent of the vote. Rockefeller three former challenged democrats by had votes with 47 of 478 gop precincts tabulated. The Rev. R. J. Hampton a negro Ter of the african methodist episcopal Church had 41 for Mer radio evangelist James k. Uncle Mac Mackrell 41, and former state tax collector Les Ter Gibbs 31. Hampton was the state s firs negro gubernatorial candidate in 50 years. A three Way fight developed among two term atty. Gen. Joe Purcell speaker Hayes me Clerkin of the Arkansas House and lawyer Dale bumpers of Charleston for the anticipated Runoff spot against Faubus. Purcell had votes Bunp ers and Mclerkin jarring talked for 35 minutes. There with jarring seated in a Large leather chair and the ambassador opposite him on a Pale Green divan the first Steps were taken to overcome the an Ger that exploded after the six Day War in 1967. The talks were the second stage of the .-sponsored peace move that achieved a 90 Day cease fire aug. 7 Between Israel Jordan and Egypt. The military Stan Down will end nov. 5 unless extended. The three delegates talked freely with newsmen after their i preliminary talks with jarring j jarring would Only say we have begun. So we the basis for the negotiations is the Resolution adopted unanimously by the . Security Council nov. 22, 1967. It created the Post of special representative held by jarring a swedish Diplomat and Calls for the withdrawal of israeli forces from Arab territory won in the june 1967 War and recognition of the right of Israel to exist within legally established boundaries. Tekoah told reporters if the 4rab governments prove Desir Ous of attaining genuine peace with Israel we Are confident that this will be but he said prospects would e better were it not for news about continuous violations of registration of special Prograis at the new Francis Marion College was held tuesday and president Walter Smith said indications were that fall enrollment1 would reach the highest estimates. Page 2-a. Vatican plans to publish interviews to show that Indian nuns Are Well adjusted despite scandal reports. See Page 8-a. The supreme court has agreed arguments on the 18-Yeor-Ola pc e oct. 19. See Page 13-a. Index classified i in comes 13b deaths 2a editorials 4a Horo scope markets Sgoras 13b 12a 10a a the Senate told that an All Volunteer army is an idea whose time had no come rejected tuesday a bid to implement it As the first step toward ending the draft. Rejection came on a 52-35 defeat of an amendment sponsored by Sens. Barry Goldwater r-ariz., and Mark Hatfield a Ore. The plan was supported and opposed by highly unusual blocs of Liberal and conservative senators. Cloudy today and tonight with Chance of thundershowers through tomorrow. Low to night around 70 High today and tomorrow Low 80s. Details on Page 3a. The amendment to a military procurement Bill had been disowned by the White House Anc Pentagon although presiden Nixon said he still has As his goal the forging of a Volunteer Force at the appropriate time. Hatfield said the action Proba he cease fire by in Jerusalem israeli foreign see Mideast Page 7a court rejects petitions to delay school orders Wahington a the cover any direction of the supreme court which has yet j court s ruling to Rule directly on school bus a the court had refused earlier ing told four Southern school j this summer to hold a special districts tuesday it will not hold j session to decide the Issue be off their desegregation orders until it does decide the Issue. Chief Justice Warren e. Bur Ger rejected petitions for a Story fore the Start of school. A number of Southern school boards have argued that they have achieved constitutional de segregation in that they no Long Mother out wrestles lion London a a Mother wrestled with a lioness tuesday to save her 5 year old daughter at the Duke of Bedford s Woburn Abbey animal Park. The beast grabbed Sian Symons Jones through the window of the car in which she was touring the Abbey s sprawling nature preserve. Sian s Mother mrs. Garland Symons Jones fought to free the girl s leg from the grip of the lioness jaws. Sian s leg was badly mauled. Surgeons operated at Luton Hospital and her condition was listed As satisfactory. Mrs. Symons Jones 30, was treated for rips and cuts on her arms and hands suffered in her Battle with the 3-year-old lioness named Twiggy. A Woburn Abbey spokesman said Sian was seen leaning out a window of the family Auto. A Warden shouted at the occupants to get the child Back inside the car and shut the windows but the windows were left open and Twiggy reached inside and bit the Little girl s he said. Mrs. Garland Erskine 28, the Driver of the car said suddenly this lioness bounded at us. It struck its in the open window and tried to get in. Its head was right inside the car. We had to have the windows open a Little because the traffic was moving so slowly and it was a terribly hot afternoon. We could t the Duke of Bedford s Home attracts thousands of visitors every week to its nature preserve stocked with animals from the african Bush. Item to their own race. The Southern districts contend the Constitution does not require them to bus students to achieve a racial balance beyond that of the neighbourhood population. By Tom English or. Morning news City editor Portland Ore. Two More cities from the Carolines Shelby and Lumberton n. C., from Charlotte and Mecklen-1 or confine pupils to schools Lim Burg county and Winston Salem and Forsyth county in North Carolina and Dade and Broward counties in Florida All under orders to bus pupils this fall to further integration. The school systems had asked Burger to delay the orders until she supreme court decides the busing Issue. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Case has been considered the potential test Case on this question. Burger s refusal Means the busing plans ordered by lower courts will go into effect be fore the next regular supreme court session opens oct. 5. Officials of the two North car Olina districts said later however that they would open schools on schedule despite opposition to the busing. Now that chief Justice War Ren Burger has denied the stay i think the thing to do is to get schools open and get the Chil Dren in school so that their Edu cation can said Allen Perry a member of the Winston Salem Forsyth Board of Educa Tion. Or. Chris up Lek assistant superintendent of the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools said the District had drawn up plans to the Nixon administration has voiced its support of the neigh boyhood school theory and atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell has commented unfavourably on court orders for busing to reach racial balance. The Charlotte Mecklenburg school system now must go ahead with a massive busing plan designed to eliminate racial imbalance in its elementary schools. Dade county fla., which includes Miami had asked a stay see school Page 7a Bly Means at least a two year Extension of the draft Law now scheduled to expire june 30, 1971. The continuing War in indo China doubts about the fiscal feasibility of raising enough volunteers and fears a Force of Volunteer professionals might become a politically dangerous element All were factors in the outcome. Sen. John Stennis d-miss., likened the proposal to an illegitimate child just wondering around the chamber with no one willing to claim fatherhood less when this War stops expect drive Lope we can do something about said Stennis As he promised he Senate armed services committee which he Heads will Lold hearings on the report if he Gates commission which recommended an All Volunteer the Hatfield Goldwater plan would have provided in creases of up to 50 per cent for first term enlistees and sharply see Senate. Page 7a phenom penh Cambodia a Battle battered cambo Dian troops dug into defensive positions tuesday at Prek to Meak in anticipation of another North vietnamese and Viet Ong attempt to drive through phenom penh s outer defense ing. The government also sent reinforcements to the Mekong River Village nine Miles North of Here the scene Early tuesday of the heaviest fighting of the War so close to the cambodian capital. In the Battle outnumbered government soldiers supported by cambodian and South Viet namese River gunboats drove Back a Savage attack by an Esti mated four to five enemy Batta Lions. Land based artillery and fighter bombers also came to the Aid of the defenders and . Reconnaissance planes swept Over the Battle area to spot North vietnamese and Viet Cong positions. No american bombers were seen in action. Until Prek Tameka was re captured earlier monday offi cers said government control of the East Bank of the Mekong River and been so seriously dented that North vietnamese and Viet Cong were within rocket and artillery Range of the capital. Other Carolina cities present cases presented citizen stories tuesday involvement before a National municipal league jury whose task now is to select 11 of 22 nominees As All America cities for 1970. The closing Day of presentations to the jury in this Northwestern Metropolis saw the two Small Southern towns claim moving Progress like it has never before been seen in their areas. Lumber tin and Shelby Wero the second and third Carolina communities making presentations. The first Carolina City on the stand was Florence a c., attempting to win its second All America City award. The South Carolina City which won the award in 1965 made its presentation monday based on citizen involvement for environmental control the clean up project called dirt Alert a Campaign to build a family Myca and organization of Little league baseball. Lumberton a town of about and located about 60 Miles North of Florence told or How its three races indians Blacks and whiles worked together to overcome what was described by spokesman h. E. Stacy jr., As a nowhere earlier. Just City few going years Stacy told of pollution problems sub Standard housing school segregation and the Lack of facilities for the mentally retarded before he outlined the Tri racial program for pro Gress. He said the three races have begun working together to eliminate Many of these problems but admitted that the town has not yet climbed the he said the pro Grams initiated however have made a Start on that journey. Shelby southwestern told of educational advances Community fund raising projects and improved race relations. Spokesman Richard Maxey called Shelby projects for 1970 the dawning of a new Day for All our the 76th annual National municipal leagues conference on government ends wednes Day morning with panel discussion sessions what located in North Carolina citizens can the session will include discussions on the mass medias role civic action and student action. The 16-Mcmber Florence delegation will leave earlier for an estimated 13 hour flight Back Home. The group was scheduled to leave about five . Wednesday with an estimated arrival time in Florence of 9 . Florence some members of the Florence group took advantage of some free time wednesday morning and went Salmon fishing in the Pacific Waters of Devoe Bay famous for such outings. The 12 malting the trip caught a total of seven Salmon ranging in size from nine to 14 pounds the largest caught by Charles Martin administrative assistant at City Hall

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