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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 26, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaMonday morning August 20, 1957 to your Good health by or. Joseph g. Molner m. D. The Florence morning news. Florence. S. C. Across . Amer. Rodent 6. Likely 8. Small Nail j2. British novelist 34. Sheep 35. Not Sharp 37. Ridiculed dear or. Molner i no a Man in my 83rd year. Doctors agree that j have a heart failure. 1 do Mil have an ache or pain hut the Cay there is to cure what is you advice the term heart failure does not mean precisely the same thing to a doctor Hal it Means to most people. We All have heard the com Mon expression "1 was so scared i almost died of heart the idea of course is that heart failure Means that he heart just stops. In medical parlance however heart failure does t mean that. It menus rather that the heart is not pumping enough a loud to meet the full require ments of the body. Medicines sometime help de pending of course on what is causing the failure. Surgery some times helps although in has not yet developed to the Success that i fully expect in the future. In some cases the difficulty tends to Correct itself naturally. A with very interesting exp Crimer children showed that the would cat Loo much starch if give the Chance but if they in a Chance to eat All t he pc they walled they would sin when they had enough. So Fror mat and my own observation never worry about anyone Gellin Loo much protein. I know Unap icily. That Large numbers of people Don t gel enough however. Is to the diabetic aspect i be harm at All. Assuming o course that your total intake is no excessive. Count your calories the easy Way to receive n copy of my pamphlet the caloric virile me in care of this news paper enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope and 5 cents in Coin to cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the Rome Nous volume received daily corporate in his column whenever possible. This most certainly is True in la s unable to answer ind Vidur heart attacks or coronary readers questions Are in tacks when the trouble is caused by an embolism or blood clot clog Ging an artery which feeds Wood in the heart muscle itself. Once the patient pulls through the acute stack other blood vessels gradually expand and take Over the work that used to be performed by the clogged passageway. Realtors elect 1957 officers Myrtle b e a c ii aug. 25 w. A spartan Birg realtor. Jack Harris was elected president of the South Carolina Assn. Of Kcal Harris was chosen at the organization s annual convention Here to succeed Romaine Barnes. Nihof Rnic at the age of 83, one does rot regard such trouble in boards yesterday same Way that one would regard in if he were Only and had some children to put through school and Al mortgage to pay off. At 83. The Mil Linn is not to Hunt for a drastic cure. Rather. I would look for ways to keep the heart from having to carry any unnecessary Load. Look for the easy Way to do things. Learn to give the heart All the rest that in can get Between periods of relative exertion. For what Ever reason the heart and the resultant circulation Are weakened. But remember that this is. To some extent at least a relative thing. A weak motor with a Light task can keep on going. A weak motor with a heavy Load Breaks Down. So the thing to look for. As age creeps up on us. Is a Way to keep going will what we have Avail Able. That in fact is one of the secrets of meeting Ige happily Anil successfully. Done or. Molnrr t have n grandson 10 cais old who weighs 1 in pounds. Could you Send a diet he should follow generally speaking a reducing diet in t governed by age. But with a child it must be certain to include plenty of milk it can he skim milk and adequate pro fein loan meat fish eggs cheese.1 include vegetables and fruits hit limit sugar starch fat. How Ever. I d a link it very Wise indeed to acc whether a physician prefer ably an endocrinologist expert on glands thinks some dist Ranee is involved. 14. Tribe of Israel in. Pert to books 17. English school 8. Fashion 39. Renowned 21.finial 23. Finish i 24. Causes 28. Rocky Mountain Range 31. Aged certain 49. Fetid 50. Manage 52. Siouan Indian 53. Individual 54. Paradise 65. Small body of water 56. Steep 57. Location Down 1. Companions 2, in trance solution of saturday s Puzzle 3. Municipal Ity 4. White poplars garment 6. Peel 7. Seasoning Plant Rosr 75t 7 Par time 2t min. 8-26 8. Sphalerite 9. Tried again 10. English River 11. Force 16. Newspaper employee 20. Attract 22. Anglo Saxon King 24.steal 25. House Wing 26. Act of burning 27. Unhappy be under obligation 30. Boy s nickname 33. Emblem of morning 36. Required 38. Hardens 40. Black Snake 42. Fold of thread 43. Singing voice 44. Theater Box 46. Pleasure Jaunt 47. Ipecac Plant 48. Lease 51.negative family Friend atom treated foods deign Tel by Kiplinger Washington service q. I be heard a great Deal Abou reserving foods by a process Call i irradiation. Is this being done of and is it True that these oods Don t have to be kept in in Refrigeri Alzir a. S. Green a Wisconsin. A. Preservation of food by in ideation is no longer a dream. It s eing done in Many places rough out the country. The army Larter master Beneal is co donating the bulk of this work dear or. Molnar can a per take too much protein in his would i be harmful for n diabetic who is not taking insulin in Lake Nnoli Ivorid Gelatin each purpose to be to keep fingernails from Chipping and breaking Dennis the menace and by next week the army plans i to have working at Stockton. Calif j a Pilot Plant capable of irradiating tons food per within live years scientists say. You will be buy irradiated foods in your super Market. Fry1. That s my kind of a House Tseytl do it every time by Jimmy Halo p4frry we had did t get Home till what a time it tx5kes till next week end for them Guys to recover Knock them selves out on their own we cure Thev la Send their time talk1h6 about vvw4t they la 1 week t4lk 48out a four Day work those three worked four Days so race prohibition two holes saturday Down Shore took us six hours to out Home traffic was terrible about the Rover boys pm h4ngover Roll 0 j a Jolo tip. I m4x Kyj Fumju no shut stunt. I radiation it basically a sle Rili Zavion process. Food is exposed to atomic rays. This is. Of course one of the peaceful uses of atomic Energy. The rays kill off the bacteria in the foods and since it is the Bac Teria that spoilage the foods can last almost indefinitely if protected against new infestation. When you do buy irradiated foods in the Market you will have plenty of empty space in your refrigerator. Here Are Tome of the foods that because they have been wrapped and irradiated will no longer need refrigeration asparagus Bacon Green Beans beef liver Seq. Broccoli Nissels sprouts carrots chickens pork pork sausage waffles Corn sea foods. Others such As bread. Jamb chops peas spinach applesauce hot dogs Tomato juice lettuce Lima Beans and cheese can be preserved by irradiation but so far the resulting products Don t taste so Good. After partial radiation some foods particularly meats will remain edible five times longer than they now do in tiie refrigerator. For the Packer this will moan Rast in freezing and refrigeration. And for you lower priced meals because of lower pro bossing costs. I quietly two men scale the Fence pulling a list weight aluminium Lapper Over after them up Rou so. Just toss in Bowie a lower it away to the Bottom. A couple of nights Tater. That s the Hutchins Plant Seney and i be got the night Wato Man s movements 0 perfectly that area All ri6h1, Kewpie let s 6o take a lock through the Glass chief. The broken piece of butt plate found at the murder scene f this Shotgun was h1ddeh in that recess chief. This Board with the clothes Hooks on it covered a recessed k space in her mow one eve returns to the t1pi of rainm4ns Sunrise i am very in tired i must find place to hide and Here i be like i promi5ed reap to marry up we be wider woman a flaw that the first time it Ever started on the very first pull yes Knobby. He asked me to help him decide but his Mother wants him to stay in the baking business Why does want to i fighter real artist search me. He can make plenty of dough As a Baker and these Are for you. I m mighty proud of my 8akin6.eut i d rather be a great Boxer Al Boskee Amateur list heavyweight Champ wants t fight professional see what Al shows How Abol t the effect of a Diavion from Hydrogen bomb fall out on future generations Only the most Brilliant scientist could talk on that vol d require the help or the keenest minds in the world today Well i la help in the future you la be Able Loet certain fresh fruits and vege even when they Are out o season. Transporting these highly perishable items won t be so much of a problem. And this will mean a greater variety of food for your diet every Day throughout the year. Tomorrow h Lial to do after an Auto Accident. Put Ymir food Forward when changing your Job. Write to the family Friend in care of this newspaper for a free copy of looking for a Lynh How to Grilc yourself u Luz. Seq a neighbors we turned upside we top Duck summer hurricane.1? look Momma i m floating no hands and we under Duck russians slam smut Magazine Moscow aug. liter by newspaper us Sovie writers said today then Are two americas one is made up of Plain people and the Oiler of such per sons As the publishers of Contd in i Lial it said the represent that part of America which Adisi s is abominations Over the la. O a Fol Stem pint r let me Cut How a3ouf 6enemn Over a fail. A corned i wonder a that s ksepin5 that hoodlum Voth the Cornea beef Amo i the oust Hep be hrs if uoioyou1 never read incredible everybody reads by abcs come with me ill make

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