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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 26, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage z the Florence morning news Florence. S. C. African Studen freed from Jai in bus incident Henderson. Tex., aug. 25 i african ministerial Studen who was hit with a Blackjack b a Henderson policeman after h refused to move to the rear of the bus was released from jail her last night when a College of Cir paid his tone. The student. Kussin Essin a fined by City judge Bart Giles yesterday after Pleadin guilty to charges of disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. He a placed in jail because he had on with him. The 30-year-old negro was re leased after an official of South Western College at Terrell Tex. Where Essin is a theological Stu Dent paid his Fine. Patrolman l. U Boatright said he received a Call from the Driver of a Continental trailways bus yesterday afternoon that there was negro aboard who refused to move to the rear of the bus. Boatwright said he found Essin fitting in the Middle of the bus next to a vacant seat. The police Man said that when Essin told him in a British accent he did not understand his order to move to the rear of the bus be grabbed the student by the Arm and took him to the Back of the vehicle. The negro refused to sit Down Boatright said. When he reached for his coat pocket. I had to tap him with a Boatright said. Essin he was reaching for his pass port to show the officer. The policeman said Essin sat Down but when he returned to the bus a Short time later he found the ministerial student in the Middle of the bus again. He then took Essin to the City Hall. In Dallas. Bill Murphy agent in charge of the Fri District officer Faid no report had been received of the incident and said the Fri would not enter the Case unless nil official complaint was received. Officials of the bus system which has Headquarters in Dallas were not immediately available for comment. 24 hours a Day in til kinds of weather we Are ready to respond to Mit Call Waters funeral Home heart victim Elizabeth Ann Whatley 6, looks at a picture of her army father inset who has agreed to sign papers allowing her to undergo delicate heart operation. The rather in the West does t want to see his daughter or family. A who Tolar to whisper publishers false affidavit claimed by Model London aug. 25 Sun a newspaper the people said Oday it had cabled the los Ange District attorney a statement a pretty London Model that in sold whisper Magazine a false Ory about film director John Uston and his blonde Secretary. The newspaper said the state Lent by the Model Pat Steele Light vitally affect the current criminal libel trial of confidential and whisper magazines. The people quoted the los an Eles District attorney As saying we Are terribly interested this girl has to say. Please ush All possible miss Steele was quoted Sayin lat last february she wore a false affidavit. She said confidential Paiter 40 her Story and printed it in this month s Issue f whisper. The whisper article was head Ned Secretary in the he newspaper said the article 3ld of Huston and a Beautiful Sec Carv named Laurie in a mid visit the perfect South sea Island err wanted of get away to Sun bathed Isle where Palm Trees fringe the Lagoon gentle surf caresses the Beach and grass skirted Maidens perform sensuous dances september Reader s digest takes you on a visit to a tiny Pacific atoll where a few Navy men did find the Paradise they d always dreamed of. Get the september Reader s digest at your newsstand to Day 39 articles of lasting in Terest. The Best from All mag Zines newspapers and books condensed to save your time. Get meeting at London s Clar Ige s hotel in 1954. The people quoted the 25-Ycar id Model As saying she went to Uston s hotel suite at that time and was introduced to a Beautiful Secretary but that she saw Noth no improper. Last year she said she men one the incident to a Man lend. Iss Steele was quoted As say g that the Way she spoke about e Secretary May have Given her lend a wrong impression. His eyes lit up. Suddenly lie leaned Forward and Aid How would you like to earn 100 pounds 1 was hard up at the Lime. I had not been gelling much work. My Friend knew that 100 pounds meant a lot to the Man told her. She said that All she had to do was to elaborate her Story of Huston and the Secretary so that it could be sold to 7 die in crash after fast Chase Bessemer. Ala. Aug. 25 in seven persons died today in a head on collision involving a car being chased by the Highway patrol. Six were killed outright and one died of injuries later. An eighth person identified by patrolmen As the Driver of the car being chased was listed in critical condition in a Birmingham Hospital. The collision occurred 3 i Miles South of the Bessemer City limit on Ala. Fit. 20. Formerly the Tusca Luosa Birmingham Highway. Its still not too late you can receive absolutely free a Blessing god by attending services mon., tues., wed. At 8 p. M. area interdenominational Christian crusade crowds Are getting larger every Nighti Back or St. Paul methodist Church come bring o l Pray confidential. I was miss Steele said. I agreed to the proposition. Before Long an affidavit was drawn up based on information supplied by she added that confidential paid her Only the 40 pounds but printed the Story substantially As she told it. The newspaper quoted her fur ther the whole thing is such a monstrous fabrication thai look ing Back on in All i can hardly believe i was responsible for it. Ever since thai Day i have tried to dismiss the thought that i was a sworn liar by treating the whole thing As a kind of wretched joke. But what i have read about the trial in the last few weeks Lias brought me to my senses. How Many stars might be suffering be cause of other the people said miss Steele had come Forward voluntarily and is ready to go to los Angeles and repeat her statement on the wit Ness stand. Average prices show improvement on Start markets i the associated pre5s most average prices for flue cured tobacco showed improve ment last week on Eastern North Carolina and Carolinas Border Bell markets. During the fourth week of sales on the South Carolina Border North Carolina Bolt deliveries to markets were the heaviest of the season with several markets re porting blocked sales the entire week. Gross sales for the week totalled pounds a Peak amount for the season. The average was previous High of the week before season sales total pounds an average of s58.72. The average Price increase landed from to 55 per Hundred with a Large number of grades remaining unchanged Over the previous week. A few were Down ?1 to the Hulk of Itie sales were poor to Fine lean fair lugs Low cutters and nondescript. Fair to Fine Leaf increased improving the general Quality of tobacco on the Belt. Percentages were less. Because of the increase in prices the turnover for tire week to stabilization corporation was less than 2 per cent of Gross sales. Family gone baby All set for operation Magnolia. . Aug. 25 b Little Elizabeth Ann who soon will undergo surgery on her heart now knows where her brother and sister Are. Mrs. Troy Home who with Hus band Are caring for 6-year-old Eli Zabeth Ann said today she had received a letter from Washington. D.c., from old friends who Are looking after the other children Johnny jr., 7, and Mary sue 8. Until the letter arrived no one apparently knew where the older children were. Mrs. Home said last week none of us have seen or heard from Johnny and Mary sue since june of 1956. We just Don t know where they mrs. Home said she thought the children were in Virginia. She re ported receiving a Telephone Call from mrs. I h. Dillenger the children s maternal grandmother who said she thought the children were with the father s relatives. The father. Johnny w. A Hulcy is in the army. The Mother is ill and unable to care for the Chil Dren. Mrs. Home is Whaley s Sis Ter. The Story came to Light when the Homes said Elizabeth Ann needed a heart operation to live. Doctors could not perform the operation until the father signed a oers agreeing to it. The Mother s condition does not permit her to sign. The fat Iier finally was located and mrs. Home said the signed apers arrived Friday. Whaley re used to disclose his whereabouts saying Only he is somewhere West of the the Homes were fearful of the financial Burden of the operation. But or. C. Hawes Eliza Belli Ann s physician said the girl s Case now is being processed by the Duplin county welfare department. Russ Friendly but washed student claims new York aug. 23 we a 25 year old Harvard Law graduate who read the . Report on Hun Gary from Lenin s lomb in mos cow s lied Square said today the russian people brainwashed. Are Friendly but George s. Abrams 25. Of new Tan mass., arrived Here by plane. He said he spoke for 15 Days to crowds of russian people some times numbering More than Abrams who was a guest at the recent Moscow youth festival said he was called a fascist and an instigator of the hungarian re Volt in russian newspapers. Hecklers followed him and an noyed him everywhere he said. Abrams said he was told he needed an exit visa to leave rus Sia and that in was approved one minute before his flight time on aug. 11. While awaiting the visa Abrams said he was very fright ened and beginning to gel a Little the Short prematurely balding Young Man spent 19 Days in mos cow beginning july 24. He said he spoke through self appointed interpreters who volunteered their serv ices in the Moscow streets. Of the american youths who Are visiting communist China against the state department s wishes Abrams said two to four of the 41 Are possibly communists. He added however this was Only a guess. Abrams son of George Abrams. A Boston attorney said the rus Sian people were eager to hear of american customs and asked All kinds of questions. He Conlin cd i feel strongly that the russian government is really separated from the russian people. The government has them in a vacuum and they feed them whatever they want. The russian people Are actually in a brain washed legislative Parley set by Ike Johnson Washington aug. 25 my tie White today that president Eisenhower and sen. Lyndon Johnson a text will get Logcher tomorrow for. Breakfast and a discussion of the legislative with Congress hoping to adjourn by the end of the week Eisen Hower s invitation to the Senate democratic Leader was fur lir evidence of the president s concern for key legislation in the closing Days of the session. The meeting will Mark John son s first Solo trip to the while House for a conference Wilh the president. Press Secretary James c. Hag Erly would say Only hot the ses Sion will Deal with the legislative situation. However specific items almost certain to be discussed in clude foreign Aid appropriations and the civil rights Bill. Eisenhower probably will also want to give his views on some other matters he d like Congress to act on before adjournment. Only last week Eisenhower broke precedent by having mouse speaker Rayburn a Texi in for a Lele a Tele breakfast conference their first. The president meets quite frequently Wilh the Republican Lead ers of Congress and has occasion ally summons democrats to bipartisan sessions dealing with major problems. Just last wednesday Al his news conference Eisenhower said he was tremendously disappointed because so Little of his legislative program had been passed by con Gress. The president declined assign any responsibility for this situation saying the blame should be shared by All members of the democratic controlled Congress who voted against what 1 Houghl was the right thing to Johnson commented at the Lime that Eisenhower s political advis ers have got him jumping the gun on campaigning for the 1958 elections which will determine control of Congress. He said these advisers must be feeling frantic about gop chances in the ballot ing. Johnson said Friday he Hopes the Senate will make a substantial increase in the billion dollars of new foreign Aid funds voted by the House. But he said he did t think the Senate would approve the full Eisenhower. Monday morning August 26, 1057 aluminium company gets big option near Spartanburg Spartanburg a u g. 23 the aluminium co. Of Amer Ica has disclosed Here that 11 has taken options Ori acres of land in this area in its search Lor Alumina bearing ores. Piedmont properties inc. A company organized by Alcoa has been doing the amelioration work and acquiring this options an announcement said. Maurice Bennett Piedmont s Sparla Buri said re sultry of explorations thus far have raised considerable doubt if there is sufficient Supply of usable material to warrant construction anal operation of a commercial Plant Here. Fine1n solder Pope plugs optimism to youth Vatican City. Aug. 25 a might become a hindrance and of Pope Pius Xii told Young Christian workers from 87 coun tries tonight they must combat materialism and class warfare. The 81-year-old pontiff spoke to a cheering shirt sleeved crowd of Young workers tourists and romans who jammed St. Peter s Square in an unusual evening Audi nce. The head of the roman Cath Olic Church seemed rested Ond relaxed after a month s stay at his summer residence in Castel Gan Dolfo in Thuc Alban Hills. He came Back especially for the youth rally and found Rome sweltering in heal. People sometimes imagine quite the pontiff told them that Young christians re Gard the world s future with suspicion Thol they Are saddened and discouraged when faced by scientific and technical advances which Stacle to their Faith thai in word they Are weak and Power less in the presence of poverty social injustice and All those forms of oppression which exist in contemporary society resigning themselves passively to accept a Fate which overwhelms them. Because you Are catholics Are much stronger than others you have the unfailing Assurance of final triumphs. Foul in motors no increase in Price Oil company asthma and Hay fever Relief comes in minutes and lasts for hours tiny Tablet now available without prescription Tori n. V. Spec us science has developed a new tiny Tablet that not Only stops is than spasms but brings Relief to those who Buffer from Hay fever attacks. Authoritative tests proved this remarkable compound brings Relief in minutes gives hours of Freedom from recurrence of pain Ful spasms. This formula is pre scribed by doctors for their private patients who suffer from asthma or Hay fever. And now sufferers ran obtain this formula without Prcz Cristion in tiny Casy to take tablets called Prim Tenc opens bronchial tubes loosens mucous congestion relieves taut nervous tension helps dry up nasal passages. All this without taking painful injections ind with out the inconvenience of Nebulizer. The secret com Bines 3 medicines in full prescription strength found most effective in combination for asthma and Hay fever distress. So look Forward to sleep at night and Freedom from asthma or Hay fever spasms Pel Pri Matene at any drugstore. Only Money Back guarantee. 1957 Whitehall Rabir Mirical comps no or. J. D. Young coughs Don t just happen by or. J. D. Young _ coughing is unnatural. It is evidence of some Dis orders affecting the respiratory Trad. And this cough and the disorder accompanying it does t just happen. Bock of this trouble is a cause to be corrected. Coughs produced by an inflamed irritated condition of the membrane lining the Throat bronchial tubes and lungs. This in turn is due to a failure of the nerve current governing this membrane hence the abnormal condition. The nerves feeding and regulating this membrane like All other nerves have their origin in the spine. They Branch off from the Spina Cord and Emit Between two movable Bones of the spine. This is where interference occurs. And there is where chiropractic adjustments Ore made to the cause. A Public education article written by or. J. D. Young whose clinic is located at 415 w. Palmetto St. In Florence. Telephone 2-2991. Lady attendant on duty Young chiropractic clinic 415 w. Palmetto St. Florence s. C. Phone 2-2991 _ can happen to George has it made he s Batching it tonight air Conzi cloned Den Good Book Good fight coming up on to Man this is living. Oops is minutes to fight time. Just time to Rustle of a Svacic and Coffee the of Raider into action hmm grilled cheese a few sardines Pickle onion 6gorge sets toe makings plu6s the Coffee make Pluss in h the Grill and r no lights no Al sets no no thin. George blames his appliances the go Ottric company the real cause old Homs and 4 out of 5 Homes from same trouble the solution 3 avs mod fun flt is Flor plus plenty or circuits and Mooc Mijic your most web Liq soon Call your inc Tricia contractor 0 Toht

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