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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 26, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather mostly fair and mild today tonight. High 89 Low 68. Details Page 10. Vol. Reader s tip Aga Khan Ivas religious Leader of the moslem Ismail is performed his first marriage in London Over the weekend. Set names in the news Page 10. Florence s. C., monday morning August 26, 1957 daily 5c sunday Loc go Girard denies luring scavenger baby no. 19 mrs. Juanita holds her 19th child a seven Pound ounce girl. She admitted she and her 48, might need help in selecting a name. I be run out of she said. Fifteen of the Biack Burns 19 children Ore alive. The father operates an automobile repair business in Dayton by. A photo fax Syria s president vows nation will stand firm Syria aug. 25 m1 Shukri pm vastly flew Home from Egypt today vowing Syria will grand firm despite pressures and plots of Imperial ism the West and Kwan Fly met for two hours with president Nasser in Cairo. He was warmly greeted on his arrival in Damascus by top ranking army offi cers and Cabinet ministers. Kuwait by return called hopeful by West viewers Beirut Lebanon. Aug. 25 tie return to Damascus Loday of president Shukri Kuwait by Sug gets Syria has nol yet slipped irretrievably into the soviet orbit. If this were not say Arab leaders who know Kuwait by Well. The syrian president would not have resumed. A Wally a moderate conserva Tive fun to Cairo last sunday in he Wake of a takeover of the syrian army by pro soviet officers. He walked Wilh president Nasser the syrian crisis. He also underwent medical treatment in Alexandria ostensibly the reason for his trip. Commenting on Kwan try s return the anti communist Beirut news paper l Orient said it appears Moscow is less in a hurry than Al first believed to install a truly communist regime in nevertheless the leftist Leader ship has become stronger than Ever. It already has de Syria s economic and military future virtually exclusively to the soviet Union and its satellites. Perhaps More important the leftist regime has launched a new and More vicious Campaign against the United slates and the West. Two new syrian leaders have emerged. Don. Afif Biry. New army chief of staff was described by a Leb anese newsman following a 2 i Flur int View As cordially de testing americans and Pas innately bitter Wilh the and disgusted Ham Bonts meditation is by Alley Kuwait by went to Cairo on a Sud Den flight a week ago amid reports he was about to resign because leftist officers led toy Gen. Afif Biry a communist. Look control us inc army. The reports were denied Here. Biry. Now chief of staff was among the High officers greeting Kuwait by on his return. Kuwait by repeated to newsmen Al the Damascus Airport his dec caration that Syria will resist All pressure from imperialists. He said Egypt was equally determined to resist and said the situation in Egypt was Good and Strong. The same As in i a Wally has been considered the Force keeping Syria from be coming a full fledged soviet Satel Lite. He signed the decrees pulling Biry at the head of the syrian army but some observers say pressure May have been put on Dat of pc a1n run Mim so Case she she jes aim1 6wine.te.r couple rejects offer of child Baltimore. Aug. 25 Ifni or. And mrs. Frank h. Frantum. Who lost their Foster child in court to Day turned Down a Young couple s offer of a 2-year-old son. Edward Carlisle. 24-year-old unemployed truck Driver said yes verday he and his wife would per Mil the for alums to adopt Ronnie one of their four children. Sure we d miss Carlisle said hut we d feel we were doing Sood for somebody. I think mrs. Frantum got a raw Deal. We be got four and fran urn does l have any. If had Only one and somebody took in away. I d just about but mrs. Frantum rejected the saying she was inner sled Only in the Osier child. Denied permission to adopt the child in Maryland court.--, the fran us plan to ask i s. Supreme court to review the Case. The for alums look the sickly infant and nursed him to health. When they attempted to adopt him however they were turned Down lie cause the child s unwed Mother had asked that he be raised a Catholic. The for alums Are Luth Erans. The slate department of Wel fare in a decision upheld by the highest court also refused because of the fran j turn s age. He is 5.1 and his wife 47. The child was Given to a Catho Lic couple last week for adoption. Carlisle said he had been out of work Lor about to weeks but ibis had ii Phinx to do Wilh his Ufa i a. There s always room Lor one he said. Carlisle said be and his Wile were just deeply concerned about inc final we. Him week in Hospital he arrived in Cairo earlier ii the Day from Alexandria where he spent a week in a Hospital Foi medical treatment. A Wally first made his state ment on resisting outside pressure in a talk Wilh newsmen before leaving Alexandria. All Arab nations unite in Lime of danger thereby giving us con Fidance we never will be Defeated or he said. Damascus radio meanwhile broadcast an interview by Biry Wilh lebanese newsmen. The army Leader said zionism rather than communism poses the big Gest Threal to Syria. Syria s position he said is one of non Alliance Wilh either capital ism or communism. Communism does nol threaten our safety but zionism he. Said. Our Mission is to defend Syria and stand against the imperialists. My belief is that we should eliminate the threat of imperialism and zionism and when get rid of them we will have Lime to think of other he denied once More the army is running Syria and said the army does not interfere Wilh government affairs. Inside comics deaths and funerals editorials or. Molner. Sports to Heaters weather facts y to 4 9 6-7 7 10 Dulles refuses any negotiation by John m. Washington aug. 25 Fri communist China made a bid today to fret its own reporters into the united1 states under a Deal american newsmen Toi the chinese Mainland. State department officials prompt-1 by rejected the idea. The move from piping was the first reaction of consequence in that Quarter since Secretary of state Dulles announced thursday Leaf 24 u. S. New gatherers would be granted passports valid for travel Inlo red China for a six month trial period. The american government s statement on the subject was emphatic at the time in barring an Exchange with the chinese communists saying it is to be understood that the United Stales will not Accord reciprocal visas to chinese bearing passports is found it necessary to do. Dulles attitude on the whole sued by the chinese communist i problem was described As coming Down to this he would have pre the question of whether they should be permitted logo has been a matter of argument within the slate department off and on for Many months. Dulles himself had said at a news conference earlier this year that he would prefer to hold the line against travel by americans there without any exceptions bul that sometimes it was necessary to Compromise what he would like to do Wilh that he Ler Rcd to maintain his Iron Clad policy against americans travel ing to red China. But pressures from news Media and from con Gress Nad become very heavy and As he told a news conference recently he was willing some Compromise. To make slate department officials said today thai this u. S. Policy will stand and thai they Are not inter ested in any negotiation on the subject looking to a Deal with peking. Dulles evidently Anniti pals a bargaining comeback on the part of the red chinese leadership. The firm stand he took against an agreement for an Exchange of newsmen indicates thai he fore saw an Exchange would be pro posed by the reds. Today s piping broadcast suggests that the reds May be an noyed by the generally Tough Lone of the thursday statement and that their reaction apart from the Exchange bid May be influenced by their annoyance. First hand the statement for example said that american reporters might be Able to get some first hand information on the condition of six . Citizens still held in red chinese the rescuers who toiled hazardous prisons. Stale department officials a him Lac also suggested that the reporters might be Able to get racier and bring him by Stretcher acts on reports of food shortages Down a 45-Dogree Trail so danger Side China natural disasters it is attempted Only by expert production failures As Well As Al any time. On Way to trial army specialist William Girard draws on cigarette of he leaves Camp Drew in Japan for drive to Maebashi District court and the beginning of his trial by japanese authorities for firing Range death of Jolo Csc woman. A photo fax after 12-hour ordeal Mountain climber rescued from Crevasse of Glacier Longmire. Wash., Auer. 25 in a Tiniou Kitain climber Wilh a shattered leg who spent 12 hours in an icy Crevasse of Kauz planer on Jit. Rainier was rescued today in a harrowing. 7-hour operation. George Sainsbury. 32, Bremerton. Wash., boy scout executive was pronounced in surprisingly Good shape after the near exhaustion however were Bloomer quickly leaped to another ledge As he saw Sainsburg fall. That tightened the Slack in the rope and helped break the 12-foot political Impact of the hungarian revolt on the chinese people. Or. ,1. T. Turpin. Of Bremerton met the Rescue party along the s trying to do now is to Send people Inlo our country to search my opportunities to create Iron the wrecking activities be. Off the . Government will come i apparently taking cognizance of Hose remarks he red broadcast Trail and accompanied Salisbury said what the stale department to a Hospital Al Bremerton. He prepared to operate immediately on the climber s shattered left leg saying he was certain it could be saved o nothing and will never be Toler it really surprised me to see a dec him in such Good said the reds said fundamentally he . Government is not con Diering the principle of Equality my reciprocity at All but wants o collect intelligence in China through its correspondents carry it subversive activities and pm Hitler feelings Between the Chi Csc and american Bride of week Dies in wreck Groom injured by a news staff writer Bishopville. Aug. 25 mrs. Mary Dales Thomas. 22. Married Turpin. He has lost a Lille blood sunday to Delbert 0. Thomas but otherwise is i or. Of Timmonsville. Died this Sainsbury never lost conscious a morning in a local Hospital from i injuries she received last night in two vehicle Accident near Here. Her 2fi-year-old husband is Ness. He expressed amazement j that the Rescue party arrived soon As it did. Fall onto the jagged ice on the Crevasse. Bloomer slaved at the scene. Barker started for help. He covered 10 Miles a an hour and 40 of them slip Ping and scrambling town icy rugged precipices and five More running most of the Way to reach Longmire Ranger Headquarters. It look the first Rescue parly eight hours on the return trip. Covering part of the distance by car to Christine Falls. Barker led the Way. Meanwhile Bloomer lowered Lini self into the Crevasse packed a sleeping bag around be Sliver no Sainsbury and propped a make shift shelter Over his head to pro eel him from water dripping off was mishap Soldier tells Japan judges Maebashi Japan a it. 26 William s. Girard denied before three Black Roberl japanese judges today that he lured closer a women Shell scavenger shot to death on a u. S. Fire nor Range last Jan. 30. He sail it was an Accident acid i m sorry it the Center of a dispute that raised tempers in both Inpyn and the United states Girard was turned Over to the japanese by . Military police for the Siart of his manslaughter trial. The Jap anese Are to return him to Amer ican custody at inc end of the daily sessions. With his denial lawyers asked the court to throw out the Case reopening the monumental .-Japan jurisdictional question that raged on both sides of the Pacific until the . Supreme court gave Japan inc nod last month. Ask ruling they moved that inc Maebashi Dis Ricl court Rule that the court or courts of Japan Are without jurisdiction to try this Case on grounds the shooting occurred while Girard was carrying out his guard duties. The prosecution announced it would contest the motion. Presiding judge Yuzo Kawachi deferred arguments on this and turned to other matters. Warned that anything he Sari might be used against him Girard replied that be had nothing to say. But then cued by his attorney Itsuro Hayashi he told the judges the facts in the indictment Are not Correct i did not throw brass or lure anyone. "1 did nol intend to hit anybody. 1 was doing my Job of Prelec Ting a machine gun. I fire Over heir Heads in scare people. Not to Hurt defense lawyer Itsuro Hayashi 64. Rated As one of Japan s top trial attorneys said it was obvious Girardi was performing offi Cial duly when mrs. N aka Sakal 4c, was fatally injured. Detroit papers Back on streets Detroit aug. 25 three major daily Detroit newspaper were on the Street Loday for the first Lime since a labor dispute overhanging ice. There was food interrupted publication eight a Little fuel and n tiny Camp Slove. Ago. Ported still hospitalized Here with the Lucky thins was that i and bruises. American officials said that in no difficulty keeping my body Tern-1 the Young couple were return area deaths mrs. Effie Rainier Mullins. Mrs. W. Llano is Al Singh no. Referring to the continued Impi. Ozment of americans and the pos Sib Lily of obtaining f Els about them and Aboul a variety of Enn editions on the China Mainland the stale department was primarily interested in pointing out Dulles reasons Lor deciding to Nermit a Drayton Florence. Group of new men in in to two Arnold Bloomer. I gov. Stanley silent to mixing accusation per lure because otherwise a Guy ing from Columbia where they had j Richmond a Uig 15 if can get really he said in to live explosive Fie Public Sainsbury had slipped Over the a nos car we Joe she taught school1 lip of the Crevasse above the her husband attended the uni fool Elevation on Ramer s South varsity of a null Carolina. Dates was an Honor Grade swung into space like a pendulum from the rope thai held him t his ale this year from Coker College. She died in Lee co univ memorial details. Page id red China on Yurii h. Pc it at 102, she feels in Best of health mcmkciikn1 . Aug. 25 if italia cons lilo has Only streaks of Sony in her Brown hair. Her health i Good except for Shouni Alisa in her Knees and weapon stir pics Lyhl. Nril . So c plan in eel Phrai her Hill Day a Lillor Rioin Shell Ion. I Hospital of internal bleeding i disc Lars said Afler having been thrown Mil of the car her Iii band had been driving. She also suf 1 Ivil a broken leg. Also killed in the two oar eol Ion was Isaac of Phila Clohia. A passenger in the second vehicle. His Nephew. James Knack. Of Philadelphia was Hospital with Hack injuries. Ilic Hway i Lam. Can claim that Here has been race mixing in Page county schools brought a Crisp no com ment from Virginia s gov. Slan Ley Loday. 1 he at the same Lime the Sale de i Virginia s Public schools. People will Back up what i his statement came in the mid dle of a healed debate Between stale sen. Ted Dallon the Republican candidate for governor and ally. Gen. J. Lindsay Almond jr., the democratic candidate on the Ivl Way to prevent integral Ion in part Cal of of Deucalion denied j any knowledge that negroes have gone to school with White students in the Shon Amirali Valley county where there Are Only about 125 i children of school age. Goof morning we swished around a curve in up and saw thai the i 1 i Randolph Dove of Luray the Sllyn of Myrtl Rmon vhf Dis Ricl gop chairman Lold he Republican Central commit tee in Burg yesterday there has been some mixing of races in he Page Public schools during the John c Garrison the Accident no Glasl 20 years purred saltire a Nicht at the in or defiantly. Dovel said gov. Stan eel Ion of Garrison i Jiu avs to and .141. Or ran Chi off Pace county said his in Seslija Ion. Funds if he wants under a bowed thai the Isaac i Law do a special general a panel truck was a Obj North session last year the inward n Shn Pville on Highway governor can deny slate Money Anil him it ran a lop sign. Al collided Uilah the Thomas car Eal on Highway till lie vehicles inlay losses. Lei mod Nili film nil i n tymm Irum Chapel mesh Nisi chinch in Lark Villa. Conducted by Len i v n. Ii half Hill and the Ili v. 1 Hian Pazillo. Murial will follow in inc Church com Elev. And incl it in which Public a Linn arc Lutc graded. Or. S. Paschall. Slate .superinlcnilen1 of Public Insl Ruc 4 hair s How actress Helen Hayes and her son 19-year-old James Mac Artilur have trouble to ionizing each other it los Angeles International Airport where the actress arrived Row Mexico City in Arlhur wears n Delaware Crusy Cut Lor his current movie role while miss Hayes has dyed her grown tresses Snow while for her forthcoming Broadway role in time in Euni Irenn funeral a Lineni liar Ivy Liam Nulph a vol. Hmm a. Aid a photo Fixl Villa charge Ril arrant mints. Today thai literally hundreds of Linn said the claim that negroes have attended school with Whites in Page coun was new1 to him. I am nol aware of any such condition p certainly has nol mine in Theill Linn of the do liar mini of said Pas sumac is include her s p i her pain is. Or. And mrs. Lynn i member of the Page count i p. Oales of Oats. And her t n in grandparents. Or. And mrs c., Dovel said there is in him in is k. A Lamrick n . 1 know of in the. There Aie so Many of the Andy will be Al the lather i county in in try in Vorne Home alter 11 a in. Bim Viv u Liti behind a Mountain Peak. This caused a Golden glow on the underside of a Fleecy Cloud High above. Rible. A frs Donci that came from the Back seat. Instantly 1 started to , just in show How smart 1 am and then suddenly 1 Realia d the quotation i had in mind was from Shakespeare remaining silent. I remembered a very old Man who never has Learned to his prize Possession is a thick honk in extremely Fine print. Iven if he could read his eyes would not focus in the Small Typo. This does to bother him. M must 00 years old he Sils and turns the paces and and agree ment. Who am 1 Ihal 1 should i is. Who read quest inns in our minds rather Mian n Ica Duic. Tor sir cd Planck

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