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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 25, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s saturday August our 50th year no. 236 daily 10sunday bomb explodes at Stock Exchange watched by a policeman an explosives expert carefully examines a device near the London Stock Exchange Friday. Two workers were injured when a bomb one of Many sent through the mails exploded. A London Leader Secretary wounded by letter bomb London map the arc lady Genera of the London Slock Exchange and his private Secretary we re wounded i riday by a ice scr bomb mailed to he chairman of the Exchange. Astronauts install gyroscopes Spack can Tiki. Houston Lap in a space walk lasting 44 hours Friday. Two skylab 2" astronauts loaded fresh film in solar Telescope cameras and in stalled a new set of gyroscopes to keep i hair ship sailing straight and True. Astronauts Jack h. Lousma and Owen k. Garriola. Muffled in while space suits and Bubble helmets worked outside their orbiting lab from . To . Kit. Officials called the space walk an unqualified Lousma plugged in four con a colors on a 23-fool-Long Gyro scope Cable and Mission control said i he new gyros look Garriola Marie Short work of the camera film resupply and then spent some Lime adjusting two doors on the solar Tele Scopes and retrieving a space Dusl collection Experiment. Commander Alan i. Mean remained inside the spacecraft ready to Lake action to control the spaceship during the switchover from old and failing gyros to he new stabilizing in serum cols. Installation of the new six pack of gyroscopes went real Lousma. The six pack is looking said Mission control minutes Afler completed the Job. The 86-ton space station was controls for. Nine minutes but drifted Only a few degrees out of attitude. However Vanling of oxygen from the suits of the space walking astronauts caused the orbiting lab to slowly turn. Bean commanded some cold Gas Jet Ihms lers to fire and the Craft stabilized. When the space walk work was completed said he did t want to get Back inside. It looks like we re forced to go in. Which we Don t want to he said. Then he asked Mission control sure you Don t have something else we could do out he War asked in gel Hack in and he Hatch closed 4 hours Ami 31 minutes the space walk Begaj the official. and Secretary Joanna Knight. 25. Became the first casualties in a series of 28 bomb incidents during the past six Days Here. Now believe the Irish lie publican army to be responsible for the acts of violence in said commander Robert la Untley. Scotland Yard s chief Del Clive. The Yard said thai in was Curlain the Ira intended bomb attacks a gains prime minister Edward Heath and other officials. La Untley told a news Confer ence that the materials and techniques used in the London bombings were similar to Bose used by Iha guerrillas fighting to drive the British out of Northern Ireland. The parcel that exploded on he 22nd floor of the Slock Exchange building blew up in miss Knight s face As she opened i for the chairman. George . Grind. Was Silling at his desk opposite her. Mass Knight works for both officials. The blast Tore a foot Long Hole in her heavy wooden desk. She suffered perforated eardrums bruised eyeballs cuts to the face neck and Chest and severe Shock. She was taken to a bus Pill and held for realm enl of diminished vision and hear Lirlind suffered slight hand in juries. He emerged from the Hospital holding up lingers slain cd with red Antiseptic and saying i was Lucky to escape with government lists 2nd Trade surplus Washington Lap the government reported Friday hint the in Ileal Stales had its second i Rade surplus of the year in july which brought official predictions thai the period of Trade deficits May be Over. Our Gands Are competitively Treasury Sec Elan George p. Said attributing the improvement in the to devaluations of the . Dollar plus the new system o floating Exchange Rales. The Commerce department said the country had a surplus of exports Over imports of Salofi. I million in july compared with a deficit of si5.f million in june. The country also had a surplus of si9s.3 million in april the first monthly Sii plus since september. 1971. Exports so far this year arei.1 per cell ahead of last year while imports Are up Only 20 per cent. Total exports in july were nearly ? billion a new record while imports totalled s5.76 billion Down slightly from total. The government estimates that each is billion in exports provides 72.000 jobs. The improved i Rade picture also should strengthen the . Dollar in world Money markets. A Large outflow of dollars abroad to cover Trade deficits and other International payments is believed responsible for the falling value of the currency Over the past two years. Rail strike crippling Canada s Economy Montreal. Quo. A Canada s nationwide rail strike went into its second Day a Randini hundreds of tourists shut Ting Down factories and re milling in tic layoffs of thousands of workers. Newsprint supplies already disrupted by paper Plant strikes in Ontario and Quebec were threatened a Uick by Plant closings by us rail shut Down. Already paper Mill workers Are on strike Over wage and other issues and another if talks fail. The Only main link in hit rail owned system untouched by the walkout of 5r.ooo non operating employees was the Canadian operates Between y a r in o u t i n. A. And Rar Harbor. Maine. It was feared that a shutdown of the Blu Ennic would hurl the u. S. Lour isl Trade. The Allan tip provinces appeared hardest hit by he strike. Canadian National ferries to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland were out. As was the Canadian Pacific rail ferry Between Digby. . And St. John. The Newfoundland ferry shutdown stranded about. tourists and the Island s minister of tourism suggested he Navy operate the ferry. Spokesmen for Auto manufacturers said the Industry might have to shut Down completely by the end of next week unless the strike ends. Trucking firms said they were not Able to handle the sudden surge of business since the strike began and called for a temporary removal of sunday trucking bans. The Nono Peraline Railroad employees clerks porters and others not directly involved in running trains and ferries want yearly increases of per cent Over a in Var contract or a total of 76 cents added to their current hourly wage of the last company offer was a 7 per cent increase the first year and li.5 per cent the second. The Abi Tibi paper co. With Headquarters in Toronto announced thai its Mill at smooth Rock Falls. Onl., shut Down Friday largely because of Supply shortages caused by the rail strike and Sot employees were Laid off. A second Mill Al Sirull sic. Marie is o close sunday affecting w10 workers. The paper Mill strikes combined Wilh bad weather in Forest regions and a heavy general demand for newsprint have caused shortages in the United states As Well As Canada. A number of papers have begun rationing advertising space and cutting Back on news. Members of the United a pc workers internal ional Union and the confederation of n Lional Trade unions already have shut Down four plants in Quebec belonging to Canadian International paper and Price co. Ltd. As Well As a Cip Mill in new Brunswick. Drug raid starting labor Day weekend . Court okays Gas Price boosts Alton. Iii. Api a Federal grand jury indicted 12 Law officers Friday accusing them of illegally breaking into six Homes during bungled drug raids. Some of the eight Federal narcotics agents and four local policemen arc accused of terrorising residents of the houses. Civil suits seeking some million in damages have Lien filed As a result of the raids. Six of Federal agents suspended without Nave pay and the drug abuse Law in Force Mcnol program has since been discontinued. The charges resumed Friday include depriving ii persons of Iligir rights. Conspiracy to obstruct a criminal inc ligation. Perjury and Loring a private dwelling Wilh Oul probable cause or search warrant the raids were conducted during a five Day in april in the Southern Illinois communities of Collinsville. Fast St. and Edwards Villa. Referring to Hie Collinsville raids. The Bead of the now defunct office for drug abuse enforcer Neil said May Ibal he break ins were the product of improper super vision and added thai Here is no Way the government can guarantee it Unn l happen again. The first raid according to the indictment was april i Al the Kast is. Irmis borne of Ito Erl Underwood and Pamela Dit to. Gas Stock up motorists lined up at the Gas pumps at this near downtown Indianapolis station in anticipation of a weekend shutdown by several Hundred stations in Central Indiana. The dealers Are protesting phase 4 regulations. A president supports Agnew As to outrageous leaks Steak Hock Tucson one Man has found a Waylo Lake advantage of rising beef prices he panned i rec Tbone Speaks for so. Sheriff s inc Antonilli said he noticed the Pawn receipts for the Scaks Al Arizona traders Pawn pro Kors while on a routine Check for stolen property. He said someone pawned them for s5 this Witk. And to preserve the Speaks the broker placed Ulicni in a Home. If he does t redeem them within 30 Days quite naturally. I m going local he . San Clem knt. Calif. Lai i president Nixon has personally old vice president Spiro t. Agnew of his outrage Over leaks in the investigation of allegations Agnew received kickbacks. While House officials said Friday. Deputy press Sec Clary Ger Ald i Warren disclosed Hal Nixon Agnew on wednesday following the presi Dent s news conference lie said the iwo had a Friendly conversation and Hal Nixon Reiter ated his Star men of Confidence in the vice president s integrity. Nixon Lold newsmen he had ordered ally. Gen Klebolt hic i Ardson to investigate the outrageous leak of information in the Maryland probe involving charges of kickbacks from government contractors aides said the Telephone Call wednesday was inc first conversation Between Nixon and Agnew since Early August shortly before the vice presi Dent denied the allegations As damned at a news briefing. Warren again described As totally false published reports Quot ing administration officials As saying some of the Agnew investigation leaks May have come irom the while House. Warren said Nixon and his chief of staff. Alexander Al. Laig or. Had received Oral briefings on the probe earlier. Hul. He said there is nol a procedure nor has there been a detailed reporting by officials in the Justice department to officials in the while i Louse on i he conduct or Progress of the human error blamed in Village bombing drop charges in Nixon threat Case . I a Lapi federa charges of threatening to kill president Nixon were dropped Friday against former new Orleans policeman Edwin m. Gaudot because a witness could nol positively identify him. Authorities said . Ally Gerald calling House said inc sole witness upon whose slate Mcnol the charges had been brought could not now positively Idun life Gaudet. Gaudel has been in custody in Albuquerque. . Since wednesday when he surren dered to his wife and Cousin ending a three Day manhunt in the rugged mountains of North Ern new Mexico. _ in Albuquerque officials said Gaudet had been removed from Federal custody and placed immediately in state custody on three counts of assault Wilh in Tell to kill a police officer. Those charges were filed wednesday in Taos before mag Istrate judge Norb Crl said he charges re laced to Shols Gaudet allegedly fired Al three local policemen during the manhunt. Gaudel remains lodged in the her Palillo county jail in Albuquerque. He is now being held in lieu of Bond. No hearing has been set on those charges. Until Friday s act pm. Gaul cd had Cen charged in a Federal warrant of knowingly will fully unlawfully making an Oral threat upon the life of president Nixon. Thai in real was allegedly made by Gaudel in a new Orleans drug store on aug. 15. Five Days before Nixon addressed a veers a of foreign wars convention in the City. The woman witness who had definitely Idun lifted Gaudet As the Man who made the in real stated under oath this morning thai she could not confirm her previous positive Ridenti said in dropping the Federal charges. Gaudel. Who was charged in new Orleans in Wilh throwing a burning Nix on scar did nol appear in court on Friday when he was switched from Federal to slate custody. The manhunt in the new Mexico mountains began on monday when Gaudel. M. Slipped away from an internal Revenue service agent who was All copling to serve the Federal warrant in the morning Star commune at Taos. Where Gaudel was known Only As Cal. Gaudel s wife has contended All week the her husband was Al inc commune where icy now live Wilh their three Chil Dren when he was alleged to have made die in real in new Orleans. Washington api the Pentagon said Friday a Lisi radar navigator s error caused he accidental bombing of a cambodian Village where about 100 persons were killed or wounded. Disciplinary action was fore cast for he aug. I incident Al Oncak Limo my. About 30 Miles from phenom penh. Pentagon spokesman Jerry w. Freidheim said an air Force investigation found Hal he radar Navi Galnor failed to Lurn on an important switch in the plane s aiming computer. This in turn caused the bombs to fall on the Villac about 7 j Miles from inc intended Largel. He said. Fried licit said he docs nol yet know whether the radar navigator or any of the other b52 crewmen will be court mar titled in he worst known Acci dental bombing of the Indochina War. But he said. This is always a lie refused to name inc radar navigator or any of the of her morn Bersoff he. Crew. A b52 Norm Illy Carrie s six men. Including Bolh a navigator and a radar navigator. The plane involved in inc Neak Guam. Tragedy is based on Washington api most of the nation s retail gasoline dealers can raise their prices Starling labor Day weekend according to a decision from a Federal judge Friday. . District court judge d. Parker ruled Oil a Suil brought against the Cost of living Council on behalf of dealers Selling gasoline under the Brandi names of major gasoline suppliers. Parker agreed Wilh the Deal ers All Calion Hal. Phase i i1 e i n i a i i o n s unfairly Dis Criminate against Ihm. An attorney for the plaintiffs said Hal since Independent gasoline dealers did nol enter in inc Suil. Inc decision would probably not affect them. Bui a spokesman for the Council said if be ruling wills lands governmental Appeal then it would Only reasonable for inc Council to allow Independent dealers to raise i hair prices too. The judge s decision came As some dealers planned weekend closings to proles phase i regulations. The american automobile association warned motorists that they would face problems gelling gasoline while Raveling interstate 70 through Indiana his weekend. The court ruling if it stands would lift controls Starling sept. I for the Rel Iii gasoline dealers pumping major Brand fuels. The Justice department is Ding an Appeal of the decision. Gasoline prices arc Frozen now. Phase controls on Gaso line prices were scheduled to go inn effect Al Midnight the night of Friday. Aug. 31. Retaining a Primo lid for Many dealers. The Suil was by Hughl by Deal ers Murray Anderson of Way Cross. A. And Joseph .1. Grish of Del Oil and supported by to National Congress of Petroleum Liel Ailers. An association of branded gasoline dealers. Parker said the Way the regulations were applied to the a claim Gasn me dealers is arbitrary and mortgage loan rates increased the government has increased the interest ceiling on Home loan guarantees to 8 and a half per cent. Page 6a. Are Long straight smooth roads the most dangerous Page 1b. A . Basketball team upset a soviet Union squad 75-67, in a revenge contest. Page 1c. Index comics deaths doctor editorials markets sports state area 78 i 7b 1b weather variable cloudiness with a Chance of thundershowers through sunday. Highs upper 80s, lows mid 60s. Details Page 3a, x

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