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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 25, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather rain this morning Orter Wise mostly Cloudy and Cool today and tonight. High 80. Low 65 details Page 2-a. Vol. Xxxiv no 155" Reader s tip South Carolina Foo Tun machinery built on proc won a Day Gett Cloter. Details pop 3 Florence s. C., sunday morning August 25, 1957 Sisters buried daily 5c sunday Ico by Quarry landslide by James a. Tick jews memory weaves a magic spell an old us Lualgia gripped us. An old. Man was saying you could always Tell an old Man from a Young Man. Young men look he said and old men look by Ilia Standard we were All old. The past intrigued us. For a Lillic while the present had Dis appeared. We weren t where we were at All. None of us was wrinkled and Bald and Gray Liy some Miracle of the mind we had Brok to through the Walls of the pres Cut and we were boys and girls again. Tali Rev rive Yeats ago we had finished High school together ii was t the Ordinary High school 11 Wasif really a High school Al All in the usual sense. It was c South Carolina Church school owned and operated by South Caro Lina baptists when High school of porn Unity had t been brought within easy reach of every Boj and girl. It was located in the san Hills of Aiken county whose the blackjacks formed a Blanket of Crimson Over the rolling Hills in autumn and occasional tall Pines stood like silent sentinels against wide and Blue horizons. Last thursday Afler 35 years we were Back again. The school caught up will by the for Ward March of Public school Opportunity had been abandoned 25 years. The blackjacks had taken Over the old Campus again. Only a few scattered Brick Lay where an old a dormitory had stood. Once familiar paths along which eager youngsters had faced the stars and dreamed u Ere gone. The wreckage of an old building alone remained to remind that among these surroundings once we had worked and studied and played together. But the. Memories How they trooped past some of us had made it Home for the entire per Iod of our High school during the school year when we studied in the classroom and work victims father directed dozers d1xon, 111. Auk. 2-1 three Little Sisters found dead in an abandoned Gunny today apparently were buried in a landslide started by a Bulldozer Crew headed by the father of the victims. An inquest jury returned a find ing of accidental in the death of the Gurnsey 10, Hughie 9, and Theresa 8. The crushed bodies of the girls huddled together under a buried tree were uncovered by rain drenched workers in the predawn hours. James e. Bales Lee county state s attorney said investigation of the vast slide and reports of workmen showed the Cascade of Earth started from a bulldo7.er filling the 70-Fnot deep pit. The girls apparently were playing by the tree Aboul Halfway Down the amid the Din of clanking excava Tor scoops. Thank god we found someone gasped. Involved sen. Margaret Chase Smith a me with Jomes Stewart in 1955, has accused air Force it. Gen. There had been speculation As i Donnell of false testimony in attempting to promote Stewart severed head of girl found baby found Hope Abraham a student nurse at the Dallas tex., Parkland memorial Hospital holds a Day old baby girl found by police in a vacant House Early yesterday morning. The baby now in Good condition had been stuffed in to a Brown paper bag. Police have no Lead to the Mother s photo tax filibuster threat Dies passage seen Washington. Aug. 2-1 the last visible threat o enactment of a Compromise civil rights Bill slope into the pit. He said. Ambulances carried the bodies Bales said the landslide proo i Axle deep mud and drive Ahly occurred wednesday the Day j eng rain bark into town the girls disappeared from their trailer Home about 3 Quarter mile away. T heir disappearance sparked a wide search by hundreds of lawmen and volunteers. John Gurnsey. 33. Father of the girls was Foreman of the Crews filling the huge pit. Bales said Gurnsey was working with a Crew Al another location when the slide occurred. One of his g u r n s e graders pushed the tree and dirt traders pushed the tree and Dir on lop of the Bales told the inquest jury. Bales said the Bull Dozer operator was unable to Sec let Hole police said or hear the girls from the place two Oral surgeons examined the where he was working. Head Gurnsey. Grief stricken returned to his Home in Boscobel to Day with his wife and five other children to make funeral arrange ments for the Sisters. Before he left he told authorities the girls most Likely were the digging progressed that the Reserve general. Old Quarry might shield Only six Small shoes and nothing else. I ilk Ikjin workmen gently lifted the three rur. J i teak i Small bodies from their Silling i positions. The girls hands were fixed in front of their faces As i Hough to Ward off death which enveloped them in their unintended Tomb. A photo lax sen. Smith blasts promotion attempt j _ Washington Auk. 24 w sen. Margaret Chase Smith a me Loday accused air Force Gen. Emmett o Dpi Ell jr., of misrepresentation and extensive false testimony in an Effort to promote movie Filar Jimmy Stewart to a Reserve brigadier of enral. Reserve brigadier Gener the Sharp blasts by the Only Chicago. Aug. 54 Sci woman senator appeared in the ered head of a female found to j congressional record. The Senate Day in a Oil can floating near Chi-1 j cil erday confirmed nine Reserve Cago s Lake Michigan Shoreline generals but not Stewart and was identified tonight from denial another Man. These two had been blocked in committee mostly through the efforts of mrs. Smith she said Gen. O Donnell. Chief the head contained a smile air Personne. Gave Laue wart As that of a missing 15- year old girl. Playing under a tree lit grader sent Earth found by a skin diver and i said they believed the girl to be Judith Mae Andersen a High school student last seen the night of aug. 16 at a girl Friend s House. The discovery of the head Fol Lowed by two Cloys the finding of a woman s dissected Torso the head an Oil can float ing in the same area of the Lake. Mon Rose Harbor on the North and debris crashing on top of Side. A pathologist reported Euthley Harry Bartels. 29, an Amateur. Noil and Theresa died instantly found the head i in a can and Theresa of j caught Between pilings at the har Bor. Bartels volunteered to help e after the Torso discovery. Torso Nad been was ability of a Southern filibuster vanished today. I a fractured neck. The pathologist Strauser reported probably lived a Short time in the air pocket where the girls were found. He said she died old. That testimony about the Reserve rec of Steward and j. B. Mon the two reservists denied committee approval and several others of the nominees. Later Gen. O Donnell sought to have stricken from the printed record this false testimony that he had she said. The worst two cases of the 11 nominations Are those of col. Montgomery and col. She said. The woman senator said o Don that Stewart was cd in the Fields and Home during the summer when More in the Fields helped to pay the Cost of a boarding school education. A saintly Man then Young in years and spirit had occupied the final role of president of the Aca Demy and father to boys and girls away from Home. No longer Young he. Too was Back for this reunion of old classmates. He his feet with Effort looked into faces that once he knew before the years had erased thu youth and said Young men look Forward and old men look Back. Which Are there was the Slig Lesl Ripple of laughter. The old Man blood there with drawn face and trembling voice. In Point far outdistanced this increased the chances the was Bill would pass next week and that congressional seemed to have j suffocation. Recovery of the bodies from compromised yesterday by dirt fill at the Quarry shortly be leaders was How we 3 . Confirmed fears thai 3 am con me ears n Congress could leave town before condemn county said he will offer a Bill to create a slate real csome commission that would be Emprow shoes were found some had Slock ered to Send agents North to quiet Ings neatly tucked inside Indi oat the original a i a property. J ing the girls look them Oil to play said this Ity of in North Central Illi Nois at Sundown yesterday. Workmen Manning heavy construction equipment shovels and Spades had unearthed x child s shoe while combing through Yard alter Yard of fresh dirt in the huge pit near the Medusa Portland Cement. . Plant two Miles North East of Dixon. The distraught parents Resi dents of the common try for Only fix weeks identified the shoe As belonging to one of their three girls missing since they left Home for a Carefree afternoon of play wednesday. A Short time later five Oiler he would not deliver thai speech. Al very attractive terms or sold heavy Rains pelted the diggings. And sen. Stenuis a miss said j to carefully screened worthy i turning fresh soil Inlo a Sticky that while he is against the com-1 and qualified citizens or former quagmire and adding hazards to Promise he t know of any citizens of Georgia. Plans to among Otsui things the Bill would Sel up a Federal commission to investigate civil rights prob lems and create a civil rights division in the Justice department it also would empower the at Torney general to apply to Federal courts for injunctions against Fowler an eight year member of the Georgia legislature and a the probing operation on the sharply inclined. 75-foot slope. Six hours and one Inch of rain later diggers slinging shovels of lations or threatened violations of i voting rights. The big fight which j happen to scientists Hunting the secret political Independent said he does Nind hit an air pocket beneath an not consider his plan As hate i uprooted Ricc. rather lie said it we found someone might show the residents of Good should up to the Ino or of Rescue White neighbourhoods in the n Orth workers and newsmen silhouetted that the very thing the South of by half a dozen floodlights on the rim of the Quarry. 1 muffled jobs could or heard competent to serve As Deputy director of operations of the strategic air command literally the no. 3 Job in Sac importance if with an a or saw police missing from the Torso were thei Nul qualified head the right and the left i Kllc Stewart Nom hand. One authority said the jinslcl1 Lor general has Palici butchering Job was done by in impetus us tin her h Columbia i River International symposium in the Lily Hio Chmisl who was one of Ige old mystery said the solution nine americans Al the symposium looked Al the Prog years away. But i do not theve can be lit said is Only a matter of years away. The week Long symposium of 40 Ross by Iii made scientists closed today i believe to will see lilo Cro the scientists sock to duplicate Atod a the in oratory our Jin one Ros Peol n Illi Laboratory whal they say to Snail. In vice Schlei thai. I would say lilt mulch la Luiu conditions is u Lew dutch years thief a i. Parm. The soviet Union s Foremost a Adomis Ian and chief Arranger of the symposium said e make Progress week by hut one California asked nol to or identified differed he forces of nature did Al Iho Br-1 annl Hor Ami ican Mohin fal of us to he Lippi would like All dial Only their sinning no Lime. Thoy win Illo tie Viii of who i pm Cisily o lie .1 Livi ivc Ihms in a lost lube in Berkeley Lud Ihu of poo l to m o n Lilloo Hoy i Many things Inlo Ripul. Univ Liou to Conpablo of creating i till few wreck claims victim in Lee of 11 sri Stafl Bis Iii . Auu m a so your Uli Man was killed Satin Day evening in a two car collision Al the intersection Tif High ways ,141 and 401. The victim was identified As Erno l Isaac. Three others per sons wore reported injured in the crash. A req Osl for blood was Send out for a sir severely in mod in Iho wreck. Tilo wreck about p. M invest by i Tom. J. 0. X i the inside facts in news a v Ross Beard Trie Nwator Man had meeting of the minds with bust a Saki City youth hot been named most ouliiandlng1 vocational rehabilitation Case in Jimmy Morfi

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