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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morn ing it s Friday August our 50th year no. 236 administration Stein Washington api the administration is worried that americans arc growing increasingly unhappy Wilh the Economy despite growing Prosperity the administration s top economic adviser said thurs Day. Ii is rial Good to have All he people in the country isaid Herbert Stein chairman of the president s Council of economic advisers. I be said acct no polls show thai the number of americans who feel they Are better off than a year before declined to 33 per a Cal this year from 45 per cent la is year. And he said the poll Marie or conducted by the University of Michigan s Survey and he search Center showed that the number of americans who Felt they were worse off increased from 20 to 29 per a Cal. This increase in the feeling of discontent has occurred de Spile an increase of five per cent in real disposable personal income during the period. Slein said. In another economic develop ment the Atlantic Richfield co. Arco was directed by the Cost of living Council to Send representatives to Washington monday to explain Hidir justification for recent increases in prices of gasoline and Home heating Oil. The company raised its wholesale prices by two a cols a gallon on aug. An increase that would cause a Rise of one cent in the retail Price of heat ing Oil and gasoline. The Council s Challenge to Arco to justify the increases could be ils first major enforce ment action under the new phase 4 Anli inflation program. Al a briefing with newsmen. Stein also said that the Rale of inflation next year would be substantially Twilow the eight per cent of inflation so far in he current year. And lie said he thought the rate of food Price increases would be below the 18 to 20 per cell rate of increase this year. Hut he was sceptical of a pre diction by agriculture Secre tary Karl Butz that it might he five per cent or less. Flo said the estimate sounded like the Standard error of director John t. Dunlop of the Cost of living Council also indicated he questioned the estimate saying it seemed like an iffy number to Stein whose own forecasts of economic performance have not been realized so far this year has declined to make any new forecasts of his own. In january the Council of economic advisors headed by Stein forecast a 3 percent rate of inflation for the year and a Rale of 2.5 per rail by year s end. During he period of sharply rising food prices earlier this year. Stein and other administration economists forecast a decline in inc rate of increase after middy car. But he decline failed to materialize prompting the administration s june 13 Price freeze. Asked Why americans fell they were worse off. Slein said they were probably noticing Only rising prices and Over looking he fact that their in come has risen faster. He also pointed out that More americans have jobs than be fore while the rate of. Unemployment has declined. Housewives. Stcin said. May have an exaggerated idea of die Rale of inflation because of w h a i happened to food although he said food prices account for Only about 20 per cell of most household expenditures. Me said be did t doubt there Are who Are worse off ibis year. There arc always people who Are worse but our analysis shows that people feel worse off than they should Stein termed the glowing Dis Content in the face of apparent an important eco nomic and social Ife Garding food prices. Slein said some prices have declined in recent Days citing the sex of pork poultry and eggs along with other de creases at the Olio resale level he said the administration would nol Rule out Export controls on commodities such As Cotton and wheat if the situation becomes sufficiently dras in his briefing with newsmen said he though food prices might increase by 5 per cent or less based on his personal unscientific observation of die me was quoted by an aide later As Basing his estimate i a number of factors relating to he general Economy world agricultural conditions and . Farm output next year Herbert Stein cites economic woes Kissinger pledges bipartisan policy concedes scandal has Hurt nation argonauts slate space walk outdoor press conference or. Henry Kissinger newly designated Secretary of state addresses newsmen at outdoor press conference on the Lawn of the Western White House thurs Day. President Nixon s helicopter is in background. A Ervin denies any fishing expedition Sii Elny. N. C. Api sen. Sam Krvin thursday renewed his plea for release of apes of White House be tween president Nixon and Bis former counsel. John w. Dean Iii. Scratch of the pen is Worth More than the Slippery memories of Matiy Krvin said quoting nil old eng Lish Jurist. And a tape record ing is better than a written the North Carolina demo crat chairman of the Senate watergate committee spoke at a news conference in Shelby. 40 Miles South of his Home in mor Ganton. He arrived Here thursday afternoon in attend a demo cratic party Barbecue. Krvin rejected a question implying his request for the laps was a it s not a fishing expedition. We know Here s some fish in he Pond. It s just a question of whether the president is going to lot us catch the right fish. I d say we be already caught some minnows a few Sharks and maybe a couple of Krvin said. I would indulge the pre sumption Hal Nixon has Lold the truth in denying involvement in die planning of the burglary or the subsequent coverup. Hul. Ervin said it is also an unsupported assertion thai Dean lied when he testified that Nixon knew and approved of the coverup. The Best thing the president could Krvin said is to make available the Lapes that a Stablish his he said Nixon s claim to sex ecu ivc privilege did nol have an adequate or historical basis. And even if it did. Here is nothing in the con Sli Lution to prevent us presi Dent from voluntarily releasing successor to Agnew Maryland Leader indicted Baltimore. My. A Dale Anderson. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew s successor As the chief elected official of Baltimore county was charged in a Federal indictment thursday with extorting from engineers and architects doing business Wilh the suburban county. Anderson As Baltimore county executive is one of Mary land s most powerful democrats. He is the sole defendant named in a 39-Couni indictment resumed by the special grand jury probing alleged political corruption in the award of consulting contracts. The jury has been investigating the affairs of Haiti More county since january and is now expected to turn ils at Tention to contract awards Dur ing Agnew s tenure As county executive from 1962 to 19s6. As Maryland governor from 1967 to j969 and since he became vice president. Anderson. 56. Was accused of conspiring with his former chief administrative officer. William k. Fornoff to extort 31 bribe payments totalling Between november 1968 and june 1972. From eight Engineer ing and architectural firms per t forming construction sanitation and Road work under undid contracts. In addition. Anderson is accused of conspiring Wilh for Noff to violate the Federal Hobbs act and Wilh seven counts of using interstate Ravel to promote extortion and bribery. Conviction on All charges could bring a maximum penalty of 675 years in jail and in fines. Fornoff. Who served briefly in the same role under Agnew. Re signed last june after pleading guilty to a tax charge stemming from his alleged role As a middleman Between Anderson and the consultants. A source close to the investigation said thai while Fornoff did not directly involve Agnew. His testimony led prosecutors to at least two engineers whose statements to the . Altor Ney s office prompted a Broad ening of the probe loin Ludo the vice president. Dale Anderson under indictment Arizona mine rescuers walked when Shaft begins collapsing san . Calif a conceding that to Alcor Gale has hurl America Over seas. Secretary of slate designate Henry a. Kissinger prom ised thursday a full partner ship with Congress and die pub Lic in building a bipartisan for eign policy. One Day after president Nix in selected his chief foreign policy adviser to succeed Wil Liam fingers at Hie slate department. Kissinger Field a 45 minute news conference on die Lawn of the Western while House making these major Points acknowledged dial Nix on s preoccupation with the a Acsa Ter Gale scandal has forced him to cancel plans in visit Lilin America his year bul said the president s trip still is scheduled and thai he himself will go to peking soon Afler his expected Senate confirmation. Suggested thai Prince Norodom Sihanouk was wrong when he said he did nol consent to secret . Bombing in Cam Bodia in if co. Kissinger said Sihanouk had agreed not in protest die h52 bombing raids in areas where there were no cambodians said very . Tactical air operations had extended More than if Miles into Cambodia bul said that this happened Only in Pur suit of North vietnamese troops. Sard when asked whether his jewish heritage would affect his Pursuit of a Middle Kast settlement thai of am asked to conduct the foreign policy of the United Stales and f will conduct the foreign policy regardless of religious and National the German born expert on global politics said tic had called each member of the sen ale foreign relations committee and key members of the House foreign affairs committee on wednesday to discuss his Philo sophies. Hut. He said he did nol seek their Voles for confirmation of his nomination. On Nixon s scheduled fail inn to Europe. Kissinger said the timing will decided after next month s meeting of european foreign ministers it will be for a significant substantive result and not just for a grand Kissinger said. Kissinger opened the news conference by saying dial die president has dime Nicia great Honor in naming him to a Post held by so Many great americans. The stale department which critics have said was a flan downplayed with Kissinger in the White mouse will now have More Kissinger said. Astronauts hour repair a four walk tactics a nationwide Alert Page to Widen gallon of Justice news leaks. Page it weather partly Cloudy with a Chance j of afternoon and evening thundershowers highs in the mid 80s. Lows in the mid 60s. Details Page 3a. Casa Grande. Ariz. A Rescue teams working pcs Pera Lely to reach iwo miners in bombed for six Days far below the Arizona desert were thrown Back thursday when part of a fire weakened mine Shaft began collapsing. Jim Hunter project manager at the Hecla Copper mine 35 Miles Southwest of Casa Grande said it would be Early Friday before rescuers could reach the miners. We be teen forced to do some More a clambering o Shore up Walls from which rocks have Hunter who earlier predicted rescuers would reach the two men late thursday afternoon. This threw the timetable completely out of trapped since last Friday morning a Quarter mile under ground Are assistant mine fore Man Dave Decker. 41. Of Casa Grande and Terry Udall. 24, of it. Collins. Colo. Rescuers maintain Hope Hal Trio iwo men Are alive although they have not been heard from since the collapse. Hunter blamed he Shaft s collapse on severe heating Fol Lowed by Quick Cooling when water and fire retardant were used to extinguish flames in the soldering mine shall. The two men Are believed rapped in a Large Cavern separated from the fire by the Cave in. Sufficient san Clem knt Calif. A Henry a. Kissinger meeting inc press for lie first Lime since his nomination us Secretary of slate was asked thursday to Clear up a technical question. Should reporters continue calling him Kissinger or switch to or. I Don t stand on said Kissinger with a twinkle in his Eye. If you just Call me excellency that will be suf Forest fire situation seen easing Hythe associated i kiss the fire situation in Western Forest and Vange lands eased thursday. Only eight major fires remained out of control in four slates and firefighters expected All bul two of hem to lie contained by Friday. The Gigli fires burned More than 60.000 acres in California. Oregon. Idaho and Montana another 13 fires in those four states and Washington. Wyom ing and Nevada were contained or brought under control after burning 1.10.540 acres said to Ger Leonard spokesman for die infer Agency fire control Cen Ter in Boise. Idaho. I think you could definitely say the situation is Leonard said. We still Don t have the change in the weather pall can that we want. We still need a Day or iwo of rain to make sure we have he whole thing under about 200 new fires started overnight As lightning crackled Over Idaho and Montana while Little rain fell. All but seven of he new fires were put Oul be fore they did significant dam age. The seven remaining fires were under 200 acres each. Leonard said. Four of the new fires were in Montana the other three in Idaho. The weather is cooler today which Leonard said. The wind is nol a critical fact Lor. Except very locally. It s looking favourable Loday bul a lot depends on what Hap pens with these new fires. Things change so rapidly it s hard to say what the weekend will in Montana Al least much needed rain caused a new prob Lem. Political Money hits million Washington api the general accounting office re leased 21 pounds. D5.000 entries and million Worth of Polilli Cal Money information thurs Day a massive hut Only Par tial portrait of How the mi72 presidential election was financed. The four volume. Impi Page report was compiled from some 10.000 reports filed to Gao s of fice of Federal elections under a new Campaign finance Law which look effect april 7.1972 it is the most detailed report of Campaign Ever assembled by inc government. 2 Lizul because the new Law did not Lake of Eccl until presidential Campaign fund raising was already under Way. It does not show the full magnitude of Money collected. Testimony Al die Senate watergate hearings for example has been that fund raisers for president Nixon s Campaign committee urgently drummed of Money in March and Early april. In order to beat the new disclosure Law and assure anonymity for contributors the reports also include Only individual contributions of Sion or More thus omitting the thousands of is donations. Committees working for Nix on raised million Lis cd in the reports. Nixon finance chairman Maurice ii. Sla shas testified the committee including pre april 7 Money raised about s52 million. Commit Ces for democratic nominee sen. George s. Mcgovern raised barely one third of the listed Nixon total si3million. The Only other million Dollar candidate was sen. Llu Berl ii. Humphrey who raised Mil lion in a futile bid for the democratic nomination. Mcgovern in arrowed an additional million for his Campaign while Nixon borrowed million. Humphrey Bor rowed million. The reports list a loll of so t h million in contributions and Lickel sales and million in Loans the individual entries list each separate contribution. For gift tax reasons major contributors normally broke i hair do nations into sums of or less and gave them to a myriad of commit pcs supporting inc same candidate. Thus. 2.570dif Ferent committees registered with the Federal elections office w. Clement Stone a Chicago insurance magnate is regarded As inc biggest single donor of be Campaign. He reportedly gave More than s2 million i n Ixon. Fiul since most of it was pre april 7 Money he is listed in the report for Only 21 donations totalling s73.051.40. The largest individual trans action listed is the is .45 million loan made by Fried Chicken businessman John y . Of Louisville. By. To underwrite die democratic party s telethon . Bradley leaves Hospital unit Cen Omar n. Bradley was moved out of the intensive care unil of he Urcla medical censer As he continued to Progress Satis fac a Hospital spokesman said thursday. Bradley. 80, is the nation s Only living five Star general. He was admitted to inc medical censer aug. 13 to Correct a blood col problem caused by a football injury lie suffered some to years ago

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