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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 mining Florence morning news Florence 8. C. Roscoe Drummond saturday morning August 24, 1957 11___ us 1.55 i 19.20 4.55 4.55 10.40 9.10 1b.m 1.10 1i.m i pm City dellvary.40 by mail p. O. Box Section .40 by Carrier delivery elstwhen.35 by mail 49 rates Lor subscription on run sunday by Carrier and fix Dan by mail Are same As by mail in Rural . Prayer for today room Riv milk Tuk Luyat doily . Lord give us Juch Confidence in thy Wisdom and Grace that shall meet All the disappointments and testings of lift in spirit of our lord Christ. In his holy name and trusting in his love. Amen. Military planners surely won t miss the meaning of this lesson within a year two local actions have pointed lessons in putting out Small or Bushfire wars before they become big ones. The brutal assault of soviet tanks broke up a revolution and brought a frustrated people under control in Hungary in one week. In Oman the British took a month to put Down a Small revolt that could have involved the whole Middle East. The soviet demonstrated what brute Force can do when it is unmindful of world opinion. The British trying to save what they can of their precarious position in the Middle a map that illustrates the need the need for College Opportunity in the pee Dee is illustrated by map prepared by Esso Standard Oil com Pany locating colleges and universities by states. The map shows the location of 16 White senior colleges in South Carolina. All but three Are located in Columbia and the South Carolina Piedmont. The coastal Plains area including the pee Dee has Only Coker at Harts Ville. The Low country has Only the Citadel and the College of Charles ton it Charleston. In the heart of the coastal Plains is Florence where the University of South Carolina has moved to fill the College vacuum by establishing the University Extension Center. The immediate objective is a two year Junior College. The ultimate objective is a senior College in Florence for the coastal Plains area. Is this political discrimination 11 r 1 we share with All of South Caro Han concern Over the possible loss to the state of fort Jackson. Our con Cern goes out especially to Columbia whose close link to fort Jackson both emotionally and financially is Well known. If the basis for decision on the fort is military one that is one thing if however there is any ground for senator Johnston s that the motivation is punitive politics then that is something quite different. Johnston charges that the move is directed against states which did not Eisenhower in the last elec Tion. If that is the it was senator Johnston talking not this it would follow that the punitive action is also aimed states strongest in their opposition to the administration s civil rights program. There again South Carolina would be a target. Political discrimination against any for its political Faith is both unfair and in american. If fort Jackson has ceased serving _ military function commensurate its Cost to the taxpayers then it is the responsibility of the army to take appropriate action. But if fort Jackson is to get the axe because of political discrimination it is caused for not Only Southern but resentment. Family of champions of 472 families nominated by As Many boys clubs the Gaylord Evert family of seven parents and five children from 10 to 18, were the win ners As the National family of achievement. They were named from Escondido Home. The family built their own ten room ranch House. They due the Well. They make their own furniture and their clothes. They raise their food. The children Start their Day with Church services for an hour daily from . The parents insist on obedience. A spanking follows Dis obedience of a direct order. Doing for themselves discipline and religion knit the family closely together. They have found the answer to juvenile delinquency. Could be Start of All out attack Walter p. Reuther president of the United Auto workers has a bold idea for retarding inflation. If the three major Auto producers who make 98 per cent of the cars in this country will Cut their 1958 prices ?100 on each car he promises that the Auto work ers would shape their 1958 demands within the framework of the result ing financial position of each com Pany. The five year contract which brought labor stability to the Auto Industry is due to expire next year. That includes the escalator clause which ties wages to the changes in the Cost of living Index changes which have All been up and there fore have benefited the workers considerably. Until this anti inflation proposal the Auto workers most ambitious plans called for a Guaran teed annual wage As their next goal. The Greenville news Reuther believes that a reduction in the Price of 1958 cars will be More than made up by increased sales of More cars. That would be hard to prove. There is also the recent steel Price raise which will influence the Cost of automobiles. Maybe out of the negotiations will come a new escalator clause tying wages to in creased sales volume. That would re quire More and better production per worker. It could be the beginning of an All out attack on inflation which endangers the entire Economy. Marlboro Industry Marlboro county will observe Industry appreciation Day september 26. Marlboro county has reason to be appreciative. Industry has been Good to Marlboro. Marlboro has been Good to Industry. Joe Louis Friend accused of being anti negro Iship Seton Here is More Chamnien of Laver it -._. _ East proceeded cautiously giving notice before bombing Strong Points and bringing ground forces Only when air Power again showed it May Domi Nate but cannot occupy and control an area. Speed is the key to putting Down Bushfire wars. Speedy airlifts of fighting men and machines to the scene can save a situation before it comes a great political Issue. Guerillas offer no target for atomic Wea Pons. They must still be wiped out by ground troops. Our military planners surely will not miss the lesson. Washington Here is More inside on the recent acquittal of Jimmy Hoffa no. 2 Boss of the teamsters. One of the gimmicks used during his. Trial obviously for the purpose of wooing the eight negro members of the lint a jury was a full Page and in the Washington edition of the afro american plus an appealing column by Samuel Hoskins. The lat Ter told among other things How Long before the supreme court dreamed of its May 17, 1954 school decision was on the desegregation firing line. Within the teamster member ship Are coloured truck drive said the afro american columnist. Many More persons of color had important positions within the Hoffa organization. When Hoffa becomes president of the sprawling. Teamsters or said the afro american the opportunities in this direction will increase tenfold. But on the other hand if this Champion of labor is crushed by the anti labor forces which also Are Anli civil rights the cause will suffer immensely. Such Are the issues in the Hoffa Fischbach bribery in Blunt contrast with the afro american another leading negro newspaper the Chicago. Defender has published another Side of. Hoff s attitude toward negroes. Esther l. Payne ener Getic news Digger for the Chic ago defender reports while Hoffa was proclaiming his love for negroes a lawyer with a Long memory reached Back to 1944 when a Battery of lawyers negroes. De the group that there was no need to open their briefcases As he had Only one statement to make and that would be All with no questions allowed. Then he reputedly said his Union had no intention of putting negro truck Drivers on Long hauls because the new equipment provided a space for sleeping in the cab of Relief Drivers and no White would want negroes in Intro mate quarters. Said the Chicago defender columnist Drivers used facilities of hotels and motels Over fhe route for sleeping and they did t intend to be mixed up with for president Roosevelt s Fec secured an appointment with hot a to cite the discrimination in the teamsters Union against negro truck Drivers on Cross country trips. When Hoffa entered the reported Mii Payne in the Chi Cago defender he Curtly inform after he finished his statement Hoffa arose and stomped out of the note sex boxing Champ Joe Louis also go his expense paid to come to Washington and appear in the courtroom in order to show Hoffa at the great Friend of the negro. Congress just in t giving us much Ike s Best ammunition for his foreign m program he would read it is contained in the new Book on Adlai Stevenson by Kenneth David a Prophet in his own trouble is Ike Seldom reads. A took More than usual resistance for certain Alabama congressmen to oppose the natural Gas act particularly Kenneth Roberts Bob Jones and Carl Elliott. All three were class males of Mortimer Jordan lobbyist for the Southern natural Gas co Henry Kaiser the Man who used to build steel Mills in South Ern California is now building a thirteen stay hotel at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Henry has re tired from . Industry is now devoting bin self to promoting tour ism in Hawaii to gel an idea of what the Mcclellan rackets committee is doing to labor read a cily ordinance issued by the town of Osceola in Mcclellan e Home state. Arkansas. Osceola population has adopted an Billy Graham my answer question Are people Pun isl ird for their sins in this life or in the one to come . Answer punishment takes Many forms now remorse the effects of sin in our bodies end minds the Laws of our land with their various penalties All of these come under the head of punishment. But the Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death and this Means spiritual death and separation from god. The Bible makes it Plain that Liere is punishment for sin after death. It makes it equally Plain thai through Christ he has offered to us forgiveness if sin and Freedom from the punishment our sins just by deserve. If we accept Christ As our Saviour then the punish ment for our sins has already been suffered by him on the Cross. Being sorry for sins is not enough but with that sorrow there must also be repentance and Faith in Christ. The Bible says for godly sorrow work eth repentance to salvation not to be repented of but the sorrow of the world work eth this has been trans lated by Phillips As follows the sorrow which god uses Means a change of heart and leads to Sal vation it is the world s sorrow thai is such a deadly ordinance that no labor organizer can operate within Tine City limits without paying a fee of a Day and being fingerprinted. The ordinance was adopted because of the so called necessity for the immediate preservation of the pub Lic peace health and vice president Nixon now the rooting tootle advocate of a Tough civil rights Bill voted in 1951 As a senator to kill an amendment to the selective service act which protected negroes in the armed forces. Nixon in 1951 did t Ria. Lize the Golden allure of the Nero Vole officers Aren t the Only ones who complain about compel. Sory socials and donations in Tho armed services at Suffolk air Force base new York enlisted men receiving their pay found the commanding officer plus other officers seated at tables at both exits from the base Exchange. No enlisted Man got by without buy ing g Dollar s Worth of chances on a Small outboard motor. The honeymoon is Over when she says that she was embarrassed by the Way he acted at the party. A St. Louis Man stole two cans of Pepper Buthe landed in the cooler. Victor Riesel France without labor mobsters Paris the last time i saw Paris was the last time i saw Paris. It is All around me now. Mostly lights and shadows. It seems i got something in my Eye a Little while ago. So i hear the gaiety of Paris the smart talk of its leisurely restaurants and the Coo la a of a disturbed maitre d As you argue yourself into a crowded night spot. The tables Ore taken but not by goons not by the modish labor racketeers spill ing Money All Over the joint. Why not millionaire labor Rob Roscoe Drummond sters Here Why not labor a Cletts Why not buying and Selling of Charters and Protection and shake Downs Ever since 1 got off the Graceful High Speed Lufthansa Tran Ocean Airship. I be been look ing. Now i can Tell you Why. First there Are no Union treasuries no expense accounts no double salaries no welfare and pension insurance funds to clip no jobs to hand out no cars to buy no fancy Homes and country Villas. La Bor Here is a movement a moral Ity not a business. It All Springs from the fact that even the socialists and communists believe that no Man must be forced to join a Union. Or that he must be hired through a Union. There is no closed shop. No Union shop. The French Constitution says that no Man must join a Union or stay in it to keep his Job. Yet the left Wing Here pulls some mighty effective strikes. Not because they Roll up big member ships and fancy treasuries but be cause the labor leaders have con Vinced the workers that the Union congressional Reform heed cited the speaker and the vice president the vice president who presides Over the United states semite can break a tie vote but he can t make for the reason hat he docs not tote except in Case of a lie. The speaker of the House of representatives can go the up one bet Tor however because he can make a tic As Well As break one. This was demonstrated Elevon yours ago when speaker Sam in Yum a voted to Makit tic in order o defeat the Bill before the House. The other for the first time in two decades it Washington item says the speaker voted to break a tie and pass the legislation before the House. As far As ties go these instances go to show that the speaker of the House has a slight advantage Over i he presiding officer of the Senate because the speaker enjoys i he privilege of voting do other members of that body. Washington if any executive department of the govern ment were run As inefficiently As wastefully of time and Talent As a productively As Congress every politician on Capitol Hill would be screaming bloody murder. There would be an Avalanche of investigations everybody would be called on the carpet and Heads would Roll. If a newspaper were operated the Way Congress operates the tendency usually being to never do next week whal can be put off until next year frankly we would never get to press. Congress loves to give advice to presidents Vive presidents secretaries of sates business la Bor loves to give advice to any body and everybody except it self. In t in time hint Congress too looked at itself in the Mir ror All this i admit is n pretty vague criticism. H is Only fair id ask can the complaint be made specific and Concrete the Concrete complaint is thai Congress has not organized itself so As to be Noble to transact each year any substantial portion of the National business or to transact in carefully and thoroughly. This closing 1957 session of the Congress is a vivid example of eight months of manful Molion Wilh Merguc results. This con Gress approved the Eisenhower Middle Kynsl doctrine. Ii about in pass a useful right to Vole Bill. Ii appropriated the Money Bills and did a few other things. That is about All that is visible to the naked Eye. Congress jus did t have the time or Energy or disposition to Deal with the rest of its own Agenda. H neglected most of the president s legislative requests. It neglected most of the legislative programs of both parties As set Forth to the voters in their 1956 National platforms. Ii failed to Deal with health insurance with Widen ing the coverage of minimum wage with strengthening social Security with promised amendments to the Taft Harlley act with changes n the immigration Laws with slate Hood for Alaska and Hawaii which has been promised for Twenty years or More and with Many other matters which both the majority and minority leaders solemnly Laid Oul Al the opening of the session. 1 am not arguing that Congress should have enacted All these things. That is another Mailer. I am simply saying that Congress did not Deal with them at All. In t in fair to conclude thai when Congress cannot Deal Wilh n fair portion of its own Agenda in simply has nol organized to do its Job thoroughly and efficiently can something practical be done about in something practical is being pro. In spa. At least it seems Lomi practical. Senator Warren g. Mag Nuson d. Of Washington who has been around Long enough to know at first hand both the strengths and weaknesses of Congress in introducing a Bill designed Divide the congressional year into two separate sessions to Deal with two different kinds of matters a legislative session from Jan. 3 to november or in lil an earlier adjournment and a fiscal session to Deal with appropriations Only from nov. 1 to dec. 21. 2 to establish the Calendar year Jan. 1 to Jan. 1, As the government s fiscal year instead of june 30 to june 30 As it now is. Senator Magnuson argues thai the fiscal session is the logical and most practical solution to the Ever increasing problem of Thor Ough and timely action by con Gress on appropriation Bills. Sandwiching work m Money Bills into Ordinary legislative Busi he says makes it almost impossible to meet responsibility Tor Wise and prudent disposition o f Public funds. F by contrast the fiscal ses Sion will permit Congress periodically devote its entire ener Gies to those important mailers without the pressure 1 Asle and confusion which have become too often associated with the consideration of Money it could also make the Legisla live session More efficient and productive. Here is a dinner for in Gram which loves to Reform others to Reform itself. Chiefs have their interest at heart not just the leaderships. Here a Man s loyalty in t Meas ured by the regularity of his dues payments. He pays when he likes. If anybody tried to get a worker fired for non payment of dues All the workers would hurtle into the streets and take the Union Headquarters like they took the Bastille. Result is the National unions run at a deficit. A few have a sur plus like at the year s end. An expert in Union finance Here told me that a balance for the miners or the Metal work ers or the Leams lers would be a modern Miracle vying Wilh Joan of arc. You can t milk that kind of trea sury even if you were so inclined. You gel a measure of their inclination from a recent incident in Marseilles. The National Board of the Force Oti oriere the French Al Cio met there this Spring. It s an expensive port City. The French National labor chiefs with As much Power As Dave deck Ever had were complain ing that their daily expense Al Lowance was too Small. They said they just could l gel along on the 1400 francs a Day they received for Hoard meetings since they get nothing from their unions for attending High com Mand sessions. Fourteen Hundred francs a Day arc three and a half Bucks. The National chiefs said look we need at least 200 francs More per diem another fifty cents. They got it. Bui they Hail to argue for it. It was t the Money it was the principle. Labor leaders Are expected to be labor leaders Here nol business men. We estimate that the top Sal Aries for the highest National Union chiefs run Between and a week. There Are no extras. If a French labor Leader becomes a member of a government advisory Board or draws pay from any other Post. The Union immediately Nils off his salary. To lives on whal to earns from second Job. But ii continues do ins his labor work even it in lakes him through sleepless nights no labor chief draws two salaries. They comfortably but they could never become millionaires. Furthermore must of them do their own administrative work. News analysis Western bloc action poses some dangers by j. M. Roberts associated precis news analyst two cases involving political Iso lation of nations Are now being considered by the Western world in one Secretary general Ham. Harskjold is weighing the possibilities of a visit to Hungary whose ruling regime has been Persona non grata to the non communist world since last fall s communist savagery. In the other the Western pow ers and some Arab leaders Are considering to 1 i t i c a 1 isolation against the newly emerged leftist syrian regime. In both cases Liere Are possibilities of serious mistakes. Despite Hammarskjold s agility at avoiding equivocal positions an official visit from the United a. Lions seems very Likely to Ameli orate the hungarian position. The political cold shoulder and cultural isolation Are Means of keeping alive the awareness thai the government of Hungary is a puppet installed by russian guns Over the dead Bodic of Many of her free Dom Loving people. It is a badge of shame. In the syrian Case the free nations Are moving slowly and wait ing to see what May happen. In the few Days since the emergence of pro communist forces there have been signs thai the situation May not be As bad As it looked Al first. The government is disavow ing any deviation from its previously proclaimed policy of neutrality in the East West conflict despite the personal antipathy of the Lead ers for the West. Since this is the first Case in which Arab leftists have gained control of o country there is no precedent for judging the sounds they make. Nevertheless state ments from Damascus do not have the ring of the Normal communist line after a coup. Instead of broadcasting the Rise of the proletariat and mouthing the customary slogans the syrian government is trying to play Down the connection with Russia which has been ascribed to it in Western reports. President Eisenhower has indicated a belief that the syrian Story is not yet told. First Esti mates that she had fallen into the ranks of russian satellites May not be True. In that event the imposition of pressure from outside might prove to be a push instead of a Hin Drance. Syrian leaders openly say so. They Are asking the world to refrain from giving them this push into Russia s arms. The report that there is an important influx of russians into Syria has been current for several Days without confirmation. It has been linked with syrian designs Israel. It is certain that Russia is doing All she can to take advantage of the events in Syria just As she has tried in Egypt. But if Russia should use Syria for an attack on Israel the Eisen Hower doctrine would come into full Force. The world s two great est Powers would face each other Over an open cockpit. Syria has nothing to gain from such a Situa Tion and the russians can be expected to avoid in. Quiz by a. C Gordon 1. What was the longest Sicko in american military history 2. What is the most densely populated Lagic nation in the world 2. Which . President twice received every Vole of the elector Al College answers 1. The siege of Richmond by the b cd Cruls in the civil War which lasted 287 Days. 2. India. 1. George Washington

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