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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Wednesday morning August something in the old sock just in Case How Long must Boxcar Slaughter continue How much longer is the air Force going be allowed get away with this flying Boxcar Slaughter month after month these lumber ing aircraft called flying coffins by aviators within and without the service continue their steady toll of dead and injured. Just a few weeks Hack boxcars from this area were sent on paratroop a Maneu vers Alaska. It will be re called that they crashed All the Way from South Carolina the Arctic. Evidently this was too much even for the air Force top brass and the aircraft were grounded with the in Tention of checking whether or not the aircraft w6re overloaded. But without any further official statement these Aerial coffins were turned Back into service and yester Day the inevitable crash came at Charleston with heavy loss of life including innocent civilians living close the Airfield where they took off. Once is often the failure came at Takeoff and any experienced aircraft Engineer will Tell you that this is a sure sign that an aircraft is either under powered or overloaded when the Accident occurs As often it does the boxcars. Foreign governments won t even touch these aircraft on a loan they Don t want their airmen killed and maimed for nothing. Yet every Day our paratroopers find air Force personnel Are set up in these aircraft on training flights never knowing whether they re going be Able hand in their flight plans at the end of the trip. The air Force has a lot of these boxcars even allowing for the fact that they have lost dozens of them by the Charleston route. But because a big investment is involved that is reason Why the Crew of american youth should be needlessly sacrificed because the air Craft is faulty. If these aircraft Are being kept in service merely cover up the fact that some Pentagon generals have made a serious error of judgment the crime is even worse. Either Way some guilty Heads should Roll. What is amazing is that some body in Congress has t looked into the Boxcar situation and asked some awkward questions. It would be interesting know the Accident ratio of flying boxcars other air Force aircraft types. It would also be interesting find out Why Public statement was made before the Box cars in this area were put Back into service after their withdrawal was a matter of Public comment by tie air Force authorities. Ike makes sound move senator Eisenhower has ordered s Clamp Down on official remarks critical of the soviet Union during the coming weeks until the foreign ministers conference this fall. Some commentators of the professional anti communist group Are already making this sound like some thing close reason on or. Eisen Hower s part. But unlike the professional haters or. Eisenhower is not interested in War at any Price rather he wants give the russians every Benefit of he doubt regarding their new peaceful overtures. Incidentally there is greater sacrifice involved. After All the rus sians have stopped taking pot shots at every thing american and it would be the poorest kind of propaganda for Republican bigwigs and others out for a fast headline be allowed on panning the russians. It would give the Kremlin the very excuse it might nil show All hit world that America does t really want was the party line for a Long while. Anyway anti Rod speeches have been gelling pretty dreary. Communism is like All agin it anyway. The Charleston evening Post Down in Dallas Texas the City s Cash registers have been tinkling merrily. Also the City s jail doors have been clanking busily. The authorities there suddenly got fed up with traffic scofflaws. They had on their hands a backlog of delinquent tines. Soil was. De ii cd la in Mizik Ali Iii it. Ticki l t d Villi till i who hint i alien toll the Giulii t Stiley had Learned Hoy had been Luing in u fool s Paradise. The Law cracked Down. In one Day 00 Dall Sites. Wore put in 11m Honse Gow. Thiol Nelmie spurred Redhor delinquents Rush Forward with their get Tough fines. Long queues sprang up. One Man who had failed Lake his fines seriously had dig in his pockets the tune of those motorists who had been in the habit of paying up could hardly have Felt any pity for the violators who were in arrears. As a result us the in Dehi cd a allots Eft Iii in it drive the Lily s will be Etui Clu a Hill h healthier respect Lur Trail if hns May be engendered. Still nne can t help wondering Why the and homilies permitted the situation exist for turn los. And months. Think Day by Rolny enforcement proc Rod rather than sporadic bursts of Zeal George e. Sokolsky Banks Are close socialization Stewart Alsop John j. Mccloy chairman of the Board of directors of the chaise Manhattan Bank in new York defined the nature of Bank ing in a manner that indicates the degree which this service Indus try has become socialized in this country. He said it is relevant note that in supporting their objective Fos Ter the soundness and capability of Banks the supervisory authorities place certain definite limits on the competitive process. For example banking is not a business which anyone can enter who has the necessary capital free expand As they May desire. The supervisory comp troller of. The currency the fed eral he serve the Odic or fhe various state Hanking agencies control Over entry into banking icy control the ability of existing Banks establish new branches and their approval is usually required for any increase in capital Slock. Today in new York City for example it is not possible for a Bank open new branches in Many areas of the cily. Frequently fhe supervisory authorities will nut permit additional offices on the ground hat there is already an established Bank in the area and the opening of a new Branch might Lead excessive Competition. This same situation prevails in Many other areas of the country As Well. Hence one of the primary requisites for free Competition Freedom of generally absent in it was never intended either by the Congress or by state Legisla Tive bodies Whon Bank legislation was passed that Competition should be Bank ing just As when Railroad Legisla Tion was passed it was never in tended reduce the railroads non compel Itic operations Strang led by fhe bureaucrats of the interstate Commerce commission. These arc two examples of bureaucratic excesses which not serve fac people who Are led falsely believe that icy Are in some manner protected by officials. Or. Mccloy says banking is not a business which anyone can enter. Which is Only too True. But who Are the political appointees who determine who is be permitted enter the banking business it would be interesting letter the editor if a congressional committee would gather data on How Many employees of the Federal Reserve Board or the comptroller of the currency who looks after Banks in the Federal system or the stale banking boards and control agencies have found employment with Banks while they were work ing for government or immediately after they were fired or retired. It is not unusual hear a year or Livo in Advance that such and such an official will get a Job in such and such a Bank when he is he does. But from what vast experience Are these Bank controllers and examiners recruited often they Are lawyers without much practice who gel a government Job often they Are Young men on the civil service whom a million dollars is a shocking fact. Some of these Bank examiners Are ignorant of Normal business practices that their inspections become an Absurdity at which practical Bankers laugh but the recommendations of which they must obey. The Banks in a City like new York in prosperous times pile up Money which they cannot use freely but which life insurance companies can use freely. The Laws governing the move ment of Money Are inconsistent that All sorts of Side line groups into indirect banking business by devices which give them a competitive advantage in the principal function of any Bank which is lend Money at interest with the object of making a profit. Whenever in the capitalist sys tem the object is make a prof it the Prospect of a loss is Ever present. The capitalist system is a risk Economy. Socialism provides Security by government Guaran tees it also reverts slavery which is the surest Way of guaranteeing Security. If Banks or any other industries in a capitalist country arc serve without any risk at All then they become government institutions. When Yon look Al Mccloy s list of controlling agencies it is Clear How dose the Banks Are bring government agencies. And if the Bankers what the government wants them whether or not it is sound or even honest the banker is a great Man otherwise he can be hounded out of the Busi Ness. Sayseng regroup communist led Keillor morning news we Trust that we will he Given the speedy service that was extended by you one Dargan Jones of Darlington who was Quick criticize the article that you were kind enough run for us. Evidently or. Jones does nol read of the happenings other than the Olaf in Florence and Darling Ion counties or else he would be belter informed in regards the a act. It was suggestion that the in Acap is communist inspired it is a fact. Among the organizers of the a act is the communist front negro Leader or. W. E. B. Dubois. The daily worker communist newspaper May 14, 1 today Lis cd As the chairman of fhe Nanct Board of directors is Banning in. Tobias listed at least 17 times As having been a Mem ber or an officer or affiliate of communist or Coni Munsil front organizations. Ii ac1. During the 7 years 1023-30. The a act received some from the Radical Garland fund atom whose directors were communists win. Z. Foster Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and others. Official records show that the has been affiliated with communist and idling move ments. The was a Mem ber of american youth for a free world organized in 1sm2 the a Yew is cited by the Federal government As hav ing been a communist Clearing House and is Lis cd Cal. Commit tee on in Ai Encan activities re port into1 As heavily infiltrated and dominated by the communist we could Jjo on and on listing Vai ions members of the a act who Are members of the communist Parl or a communist front organization but it would take too much space. Without men such As senators East kid and Joe Mccarthy this country will very soon be in the hands of the communists then out the lights of Freedom and every thing decent and such misinformed and confused people As one Dargan Jones is the easiest Way Tor it happen. Is g. L. Ivey Florence chapter South Carolina Stales rights league against Kkt editor. Flora nor morning news if South Carolina had acted and not waited for North Carolina squelch our Arch enemy of democracy two years ago the Kkt would be More reluctant raise its vicious head in this state today. It is heartening find there Are some Uoo few of our influential citizens who Are showing the intelligence and the courage Slick out their necks and duly the menace. May Butir kind increase. In and Hope. S Hub coca Hiil Sumter. S Moscow says it flans in land a russian tank on the Ninon. It sounds like Moonshine talk us. The original cause fur the. Tricker amendment was ducks. Senator Krickor the ii St politician who could t line up his ducks. Billy Graham Christ helps aged live fruitful life i l m i him 72 Yearb old. T j in per evil ali.1 i Litnor in Liviu i.-, Lii it1 mall Imp it la in hit Lur i us my ii univ can 1 Lind it. T. U. Ansu Khz a very old Yijin Iii we older Chiin Lay "1 found Ilia nil hip sugar thai Hollym of the life can grow sweeter and Casablanca shooting this delayed report was sent by Stewart Alsop on the Tery eve of the outbreak of the North african riots a sick City gives Forth a sort of smell a special emanation of its own. The sick smell is always much the same whether in Cairo during the Riols or the Prague in the first weeks after the coup or in Shanghai just before the communists got it or in Jerusalem during the Palestine terror. This City has the smell of sickness which is the smell of hatred and fear. The sickness Here is like that of a person in a dangerous fever before the crisis has been reached. The crisis was expected aug. 20, the second anniversary of the Day when the French deposed Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef a self regarding and luxury Loving Man who has become thanks the French the Symbol of moroc can nationalism. A great blood Lelling was expected on this Day Between the ruling French and the rebellious moroccans. Newspaper men who share with vultures a common interest in death and disaster have flocked Here be in at the kill. The blood letting did not develop Early in the Day. But As this is written the Day has not yet ended and Casablanca s smell of haired and of fear cannot be ignored. Fire out of hand or a few ill advised shots May Start very bad rouble. far the trouble has been Small and sporadic. Here is what it has been like. You Are Riding in an open car behind French jeep patrol through the new med shoddy glaring Arab Section. The patrol Leader suspicious slops a closed Arab funeral Drew Pearson truck painted White with Pom Pes Fune Bres Mussulman written on he Side. less than 15 moroc cans ranking from boys old men pile out of the Little truck. Just what they planned one knows. There Are weapons in the truck but the two Long empty coffins have air holes punched in them. The fifteen fright ened arabs arc made lean for Ward in a line with their hands outstretched against the Walls. From time time a Black Sene Galese Soldier walks Down the line and pulls their feet out make the leaning As painful As possible. A crowd begins gather but it is quickly dispersed when a platoon in a heavy truck is driven hell for leather into it. A couple of French soldiers catch a Young moroccan slithering along an Alley and slap him until he screams and then let him . When you leave Twenty minutes later the arabs arc still leaning against the Wall their lugs quiver ing from the Strain. The last thing you remember is their Brown bands the veins swollen against the dirty White of the Wall and the veiled look of fear and hatred in their eyes. Or Jalar you a place near a Quarry where rouble has been reported. There is a line of German made Anks with soldiers Silling on them in he hot Sun talking and joking. Lust one Side there is a Long Dusty Ruusu with Arab houses on he left and a Bidon Rill on the right. Bidon is French for gasoline can and a bid Onville is a town or rather a cily built entirely of Flanc cd gasoline cans and crawling with human Ity. In the peculiarly casual manner of french1 soldiery troops Art spread out along the Road Between the Arab settlement and the Bidon Ville. There Are arabs in this bid Onville and More behind the closed shutters of tin Arab settlement. But there is Arab be seen except for Quick Shadow and a brooding silence reigns broken Only by the intermittent cackling of chickens and an occasional Rifle shot. The shots Are fired mostly in warning. The Corpse of one Arab who did not heed the warn ing quickly enough Bas been dragged off one Side. Two or three other arabs were killed earlier. A French non com wounded by a shot from somewhere in the silent Depths of the bid Onville has been taken off the Hospital. At the moment there Are hardly More dead and wounded than one might expect traffic inflict on a crowded Holiday in an american cily. Rut his is a sick Cailjr and both French and moroc cans Are perfectly aware that he blood letting can come at any time. It can come for example if the Arab leaders become convinced that negotiation with the French is futile and pass the word the mobs move against the French. Or the blood letting can Start if the French extremists gain the upper hand and the military Are permitted teach the arabs a lesson by shelling and bombing Arab towns As in Syria and Al Geria after the War. It will be a Long Long time be fore his sick cily is Well. Here in Casablanca and throughout moroc fear and hatred have bitten too deep be erased and for gotten. Copyright 1955, new York Herald Tribune inc. Secretary weeks sweats fears probe of big business advisors inure rewinding j we ruler it u taif it Cynil i Are in Liari i it i Aiu Imily t. There can he and loneliness in Chi isl is Cronl Ureil in your Lite. Sun Selx Are always glorious. Ii is Christ who adds colors glory and Beauty of Man s sir cos. Try find one poem k any whom you can Odd your new Joy in Christ. Washington. Repercussions of Harold Talbott s exit As air Force Secretary Are still Felt in the capital. The Man who s feel ing them most is Sinclair weeks the Secretary of Commerce. As he s called in High gop circles is literally palpitating Over an indirect tip from Talbott. Here is what happened. When he left Washington the ousted air Force Secretary was howling mad Over failure of his fellow Cabinet officers defend him on the conflict of interest charge. . Shortly after resigning Talbot entertained a group of newsmen at dinner and taking one of them aside dropped a confidential lip that the next con Gressional target Over conflict of interest would be Sinclair weeks. Next morning the newsman called it the Commerce department and asked for comment on Talbott s prediction. Weeks was immediately informed and King in at face value lie called a hurry up meeting at he while House. Alarmed presidential aides agreed that the matter was Seri Ous acting on the theory that a Good offence is the Best defense they advised weeks strike out Al Congress. The result was weeks press conference of August ii in which he charged thai the democrats were singing a massive at tack on free Enterprise. I Don l think the american peo ple want anyone play politics with defense or play politics with weeks said in a carefully prepared statement. But he declined say when questioned just who Wos play ing politics urn seemed quite Valine on other null frs. This Shotgun Stati incl Only had tic Dpi d of stir hit arousing con Manny Al scr. Tin1 la Rook Lyn buy who proceeded Tanu be More vigorously with he Blue blood Cabinet member from bos ton. It s quite possible that Harold merely Mccanl have a Good Al the administer Alinio which tired him. But anyway the result of his tip has Boon Throe refusals by Sinny weeks testify before Manny Oiler s committee and a great Deal Mure scrutiny of the Blu Chip business advisers who be been serving weeks with very possible conflict of there arc two categories of businessmen Sinny weeks is Wor ried about having investigated. They Are i. The business advisory Council which includes some of the Higgel men on Wall Street who Are Only advise weeks tin i m tiling ri1 i iiiiiimk1 policy but Corn Piik Ley in 11 Lur u v Iowa. E 1 Eiml Stric Lily us in i Ulii ii Kulii ilm Iii is Mir of Tel Tomii. Tiric Woc a or who Stu without Ciuni Iki in Isikli ii Dilly gelling ii Day. And who hold regular civil service Type jobs inside the Coin Pieree Iva Romeul while drawing salaries from their own one of these was Leonard fair who while drawing a from the Kimberley Clark paper company was caught sneaking out information his employer not Only about the government but about his rival the Scott paper company. Others who serve in these regu Lar jobs Are the employees of Rey nolds metals Kaiser aluminium and Alcoa who. Being paid by their own companies have Given advice the government that american Industry needs More aluminium at a time when some Small fabricators have bad close Down for Lack of aluminium. Obviously this is exactly the same conflict of interest which caused Talbott be ousted from the air Force. The other group of weeks businessmen business advisory Council includes Crawford Green Wall. President of e. I. Pont which in turn controls the com Pany affiliated with three Eisen Hower Cabinet members motors John Biggers. Chairman of Libby Owens Harold Boeschen slain. Chairman Owens Corning Fibre Glass. James Black president Pacific Gas and Al Cedric John Collyer. Chairman. B. F. Loicl Rich Ralph Cordiner. President general kled Riu Donald David Dean of business administration Harvard t. V. Louser chairman soars and Roebuck Fred Lazarus or. President. Federated depart ment stores. Cincinnati Georic love president Pittsburgh consolidated Coal j. P. Span or. President. Gillette . Boston John Virden. John Virden . Cleveland Sidney Weinberg. Head of Goldman Sachs. Firm Ulm Ike pick his cat Iii . My Kir Rne Elk minium. Stai Hinl Oil of new it i m y. There s Nul Hins u r this is where the anguished sin by weeks Bangs his fists and say . It happens that John g. Ball former paid lobbyist for Youngs town Sheet and tube for general electric and for National Assn. Of electric companies is paid by the business advisory Council act for Vliem in Washington. He has offices in the Commerce de Palm Cut and ads for and with the Commerce department. He also rets As adviser Otto Seyforth president of the u. S. Chamber of Commerce. Obviously Congress has a right know where his duties for big business end and his work for or influence on the u. S. Government begins. H also happens inf James Illek head of Pacific. Gas and Al citric an adviser of weeks has secured some highly in visual concessions from the Eisen Hower administration As will be shown in a later column. It also John Coll yer of b. Goodrich has received some highly lucrative synthetic rubber factories at bargain prices from he nou ziment. These might or might not mean a conflict of the Judi Ciary committee of Hie House of he press la lives wants in know however. Sinny weeks even re used have members of the advisory Council or his without compensation men interviewed by committee attorneys. And con Pressman hurl Scull of if phia has vigorously supporter him. _ maybe Harold Talbot in t joking about his tip after All. the i of Nutre in Ikirt Niimi. La s in excelled idea and has been followed irom the when Ell Harriman. Head of the Union Picinic. Now governor of new York Ami cd sle Tinius. Licad of v. S. Sled later Secretary of slate. S the Commerce department in kno Sewolt s the Only Issue Al stake i whether their operations should not he subject the scrutiny by of ?.o Ungross As other Ernami ii or other groups of and of Lor the Days when the Only tiling us Cath c Ishimi a China u Jis our laundry. It s the person with a shallow mind that Yoes oif the deep end. When Money talks in does not have shout. An old Limor is the one who can recall when a real hot sport was the one who had a rubber tired buggy. La s hard keep up with Joneses. They will be Huiyin a space ship As soon As they Are sold on credit. John m. O Pond Jack Dowd editor publisher executive editor the More arc morning Irwi if Serra 10 by notified promptly of errors of Tny if its rpporl.-. Nicole Rel is Renss Al the t Osl Florence s a in tar of 2. Twi in Init Rol lir i a is. Anitila i Thireau of Chr i us nil the neuf in ii Lilly Dall Al 1 City delivery Liy mull poll Sec. Florence .35 by mail elsewhere . Nil it ill in lire i Hilt Riu wort ilm Newi i ii tilt of karts 3 Iii italia 6 Moi Lii -33 1 rear of on Ruml 1-1.90 ten sunday her chitin and six Days by anti the same in by mull in Rural

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