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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Aug 23 1973, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 23, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGent tag. John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor. Dew James associate editor Richard , general manager thursday August school bus safety fio Rolls a Hovest until the past school year no passenger on a school bus had been killed in an Accident in South Carolina since 1953 when a collision involving two school buses in Clarendon county left one child dead. During the intervening years some bus related fatalities have occurred. Children who have gotten off a bus or who were waiting to get on have been struck by a bus and fatally injured. Children waiting at bus been struck and killed by other vehicles. But until a bus car Accident in Anderson county in May left two children dead South Caro Lina s on bus fatality slate had been clean for 20 years according to state department of education records. An Anderson grand jury investigated and ruled the deaths accidental. The grand jury also made three recommendations 1 that roads travelled by school buses be kept in a Safe condition 2 that All buses be kept in condition to comply with National safety Council Stancl Ards and 3 that Only adults he employed to drive school buses. One can quarrel with the first two recommendations. How Ever As pointed out editorially by the Spartanburg Herald the testimony taken in connection with the Anderson Accident and the Overall record of student bus Driver safely suggests that the third was Hasty probably precipitated by the emotions of the the Accident occurred on a Rural Road. The school bus Driver a 17-year-old girl and Sev eral other students testified the car was on our Side of the Road. The woman driving the car testified she was on the proper Side. In any Case the bus swerved and hit a tree. Some pertinent testimony came from a Highway patrolman who said the Road was 17 feet five inches wide but that a heavy rain had deposited mud narrowing its practical Width to 14 feet. He also said there were Trees on both sides with limbs overhanging the Road. When a bus of about eight feet in Width meets a car of about five feet in Width on a Road that is 14 feet wide there is. Obi orfely a clearance prob Lem. In their decision to Exon Erate the Drivers the jurors apparently took into account that problem. However they seem to have cast an unfair and unwarranted Shadow Over Stu Dent Drivers by recommending they be replaced by adults. The record of the past 20 years Speaks for itself. It is a remarkable record considering the number of Miles driven and the number of passengers hauled. The question that has to be asked is would the record have been any better if the state used Only adult Drivers. It is doubtful that the driving capabilities of those adults available for hiring would on the whole be any better if As Good As those of properly trained and supervised student Drivers. High living in the military one would think the Long string of disclosures revealing military extravagances in main Taining generals and admirals in splendor befitting royally would quicken the conscience of the Pentagon against such practices. Bul neither Public dismay nor congressional disdain apparently Lias done much to discourage the big spenders among the Mili tary brass from plying them selves with the finest in creature comforts and regal trappings they consider appropriate to their rank. Take for example the closure last weekend by Wisconsin rep. Les Aspin of Pentagon plans to dress up the enlisted men who serve the admirals and generals quartered at fort Mcyr. Va., just outside Washington. Apparently the regulation military dress of enlisted men who serve As stewards butlers valets chauffeurs Etc. To the top generals and admirals quartered there is not regal enough for their taste so a military contract has been signed to buy Tuxedo pants Swallowtail Coats cummerbunds mess jackets Bow lies and White Tuxedo shirts for the aides. Hep. Aspin has asked defense Secretary Lames r. Schlesinger to get rid of those Monkey suits the congressman says military officers should t have personal servants in the first he s right on both counts. And if rep. Aspin and his colleagues who must pass on those Large military budgets Don t crack Down on the opulent life style of the military brass they Mem Bers of be the ones to put on the Monkey suits. Betty Furness to the consumer in branding the administration s various economic moves As disasters Betty Furness for Mer adviser to president John son has come up with an idea that seems to make sense. Her antidote for what she Calls trickery in the Market place is political action on the f part of All Consumers. Boycotts Are of Little Avail she said because they Don t hit the right target. Supermarkets cannot be blamed entirely for f higher prices she contends be cause they merely pass on advanced costs to the shopper. 4 is. Furness is also More than i candid about those on fixed or Small incomes. In a telecast interview she noted that Cost hikes Are actually of Little real importance to the Well to do but Are worrisome to the less Fortu Nate. And connection she noted that the president s dim View of the food stamp program if of no Comfort to those on the lower rungs of the income lad Der. Granted that the administration s phases have not run their full course and granting that there just might be some slight improvement in the Price picture what is the realistic Outlook for the average con Sumer in is. Furness View the big Hope lies in political action. In Plain language she contends that it s up to the government to sort things if pres ent officials cannot get the Job done vote in those who can. Political action or pres sure if you will can be slow and ponderous but of crush ing Force. In Short it works however slowly. It Washington a handful of giant Grain companies reaped million in Federal subsidy payments at the same time that they were making Windfall profits from sales in the Sian wheat Deal. By Jack Anderson the massive sales profits grabbed off by the wheat Barons have already been documented the traders bought cheap on the basis of private information then sold dear when the magnitude of the Deal drained wheat sup plies. Their shenanigans helped drive up the prices of meal Dairy and bakery goods. Now the Senate investigations sub committee under sen. Henry Jack son d-wash., has documented How the Grain merchants chiselled the lax payers through subsidies. A secret staff memo meant for Jackson s eyes Only asserts that the cd porn subsidy program Cost Ameri can taxpayers million in agricultural subsidies in connection wild the russian Grain much of he gouging was accomplished in rough dubious paper transactions. Under the Export subsidy system the government pays the . Seller the difference Between the High Price he could get in the . Market and the lower Price he would gel. From the foreign for example if the seller could get a Bushel in the United states bul Only in Europe the govern ment pays the . Seller 25 cents a Bushel. The government promotes such deals to improve our balance of Trade and bolster the Dollar. At the time of the russian wheat Deal late last summer subsidies had soared to 47 cents a Bushel the Dif Ference Between the . Price of and the foreign Price of the Jackson memo details How the Grain companies used this situation to collect massive amounts in subsidies by Clever manipulation. For example we have information that one company Cargill sold wheat to its wholly owned South Amer ican affiliate the company collected he subsidy when it showed proof of shipment to its affiliate. The affiliate then sold the wheat to another affiliate in Geneva which Hereupon made a filial Sale for a Bushel or 10 cents above the Amer ican to its affiliate in order to Cash in on the High subsidy. Then Cargill made a profit when its affiliate sold he wheat the profit was recorded by the foreign affiliate and sheltered from . Axes. As far As we can Jackson s investigators marvelled the wheat never left the ship on which it was originally loaded and All transfers were Mere paper transfers. This practice was repeated numerous times As the department of agriculture blindly maintained unnecessary subsidies which pushed up the Price of wheat and ultimately the retail Cost of food to the american footnote a Cargill spokesman con ceded to our associate Jack Cloverly that transactions Wilh affiliates occurred and that subsidies were collected. He defended the system As necessary for the United states to compete on the world Market lie denied that Cargill had profiteers a. Spooky censors so far the Cen trial intelligence Agency has Success fully blocked publication of a Cia expose by sex agent Victor Marchetti. Now slate department censors Are trying to gel a copy of the manuscript from its co author John Marks for Merly a state department employee. In other words Cargill sold wheat among the manuscript s secrets the Cia ordered an informal by cold of a chinese restaurant in Washington because Jack Anderson is one of is in fact i have a Urnah in Lerell in a chinese restaurant the Book also discloses Cia spooks in Chile and Cia of funds. Watergate music Seattle s Kiro radio has banned a humorous record called Haldeman Ehrlichman Mit Chell and Dean by a group called the the ban was ordered Afler Calls were received by the Slation attack ing John Ehrlichman who has just resell led in Seallie with his family. The station explained to us it feared the record when we were get Ting to be Well to clo the watergate turned into our might stimulate assaults on the former White House aide s family or prejudice action by local lawyers to Dis bar him. Typewriter crusader the tax payers of College Park. Georgia have been rendering unto Billy Graham that which is the College Park High school s. Despite the separation of Church and slate the school shipped off 26 of its typewriters to Atlanta for temporary use in Graham s crusade. Study in charcoal Public forum trading in tobacco futures proposed to the editor has t the Lime conic to let Nero Duce futures trading in Leaf tobacco almost All farm crops and commodities traded on Public exchanges have doubled or tripled in Price in the last year. Look at Cotton soy Beans Corn oals wheat cows hogs broilers eggs lumber. Tobacco alone remains at last year s level. During the last twelve months for Eigners have become aware and concerned that the 90 billion paper Dol Lars they hold Are rapidly becoming increasingly worthless. They have become anxious oven desperate to Trade them off for something of sub glance something thai hey can Eal or Wear or otherwise enjoy. By buying futures contracts of All the above products they have driven prices into the stratosphere. If Small retrying firms could hedge their Pur chases of tobacco in a Public Exchange amenable to the pressure of frightened foreign Dollar holders there is Little question that the Price of tobacco would be higher than in is today. More buyers and brisker bids would appear on the auction floors. If memory serves trading of Kcf Bacco futures was briefly tried in de pression and did not work. Hut trading in live cows and hogs would not have worked then either. Times have changed Ami dollars Are a lot More plentiful and adventurous today. Tobacco has a floor under ils Price. The topside that Price needs to be subjected to the draft and exhilarating winds of speculation. Farm organizations whose members Are interested in tobacco should be stir themselves and see to it that this crop is added to the Long Lisl of farm crops whose Price is determined by free and open and worldwide Public participation rather than by a few company representatives who Divide the crop up Between themselves by buying Only predetermined percentages at privately determined prices. 1ii even make bold to suggest the Basic Grade for futures trading Bik Wilh prevailing Trade differentials for specified better or poorer Brades Wilh deliveries at Southeast Ern concentration Points and with each contract consisting of 25 hogs Heads pounds 0. L. Warr English lesson byw.l.g08don words often misused do not say a Man who uses English correctly will go farther in this say will go further in this often mispronounced n nihilism. Pronounce nigh i Liz m. ,1 accent first syllable. Should beef Price freeze be lifted by congressional quarterly Washington with beet disappearing from supermarket shelves president Nixon is coming under in creasing pressure from cattlemen con Sumers Congress and even his own Cabinet to lift the ceiling on beef prices. In announcing his phase in eco nomic controls program the presi Dent left beef prices under a ceiling established last March even As he freed most meals and Oiler foods from the 60-Day general Price freeze be imposed in june. Nixon announced that the beef Price ceiling would stay in effect until sept. 12. Lief prices could stay Frozen the administration reasoned because beef production had t suffered As much As poultry and pork production under meat Price ceilings. Although cattle Man could be expected to hold cattle off the markets until sept. 12, hey added that beef would be sold after the ceiling is lifted increasing sup plies and restraining prices. But Wilh shortages evidently More severe than anticipated the meat Industry Consumers and members of Congress have urged the adm Nistra lion to drop the beef Price ceiling in even agriculture Secre tary Earl l. Bulz the Price ceiling terming in Noble in purpose bul doubly counter should he government terminate he beef Price ceiling before ils scheduled sept. 12 expiration Here arc arguments presented by participants in the debate. Pro the decision to keep beef prices under the ceiling while intended to Buty Gratian my problem is that a Friend of mine has accused me of stealing ten dollars. She is 83, Anri now has moved away but still phones my neighbors to Tell them this false Story. Or. Graham i never stole anything in my life having been reared in a Home where such a thing was a sin. How can 1 Correct this situation . I Lave you considered that your Friend now More than an octogenarian is perhaps senile and not. Responsible for All her actions if As you imply this woman has been a close Friend for Many years she is not Likely to suddenly turn upon you without some physical or men Tal deficiency causing it. Your question does bring up however the matter of How we handle false charges and unfounded accusations. The Bible makes some surprising statements in View of the very natural tendency to defend and justify one s self. First of All the Malter of vengeance belongs to god romans says in is his prerogative so that we Don t personally have to set the record straight or penalize the wrongdoer. Then when Peter discusses a situation similar to yours he says i Peter for what glory is it if when be be buffeted for your Faulls be shall take it patiently but if when be do Well and suffer for it. Be take it patiently this is acceptable Wilh dial a Devotion 669-3273 spread out inevitable Lood Price in creases under phase in will Only re sult in intensified demand pressures that will push prices higher Afler sept. 12. With the prices Frozen cattlemen know. Thai they can earn higher prices for their beef Only after sept. 12. Figuring that prices ultimately will increase after the ceiling comes off. They re holding Callic from the mar Ket. With their profits squeezed by skyrocketing prices for feed grains it s in their economic interest to do so. As a result packing houses Are processing about 30 per cent less beef than they were in August of last year. Because beef is scarce however de Mand for poultry and pork has grown adding to upward Price pressures re leased when those products were freed from the freeze in july. Continuing the ceiling on beef alone is unfair singling out one product and food Industry for tougher treat ment. It s especially unfair in Light of tremendous cos l increases that Call Lemen have been forced to absorb in recent months. By disrupting beef supplies the policy does not help Consumers. They nothing by Frozen prices if beef is not available for buying. While nol helping Consumers the ceiling is forc ing packing plans to close putting thousands of employees out of work. Even if beef supplies return to the markets after sept. 12, the restraining effect on prices could be Only Tempo Rary. Ultimately the Cost of beef will stay High until the Cost of feeding Cai the goes Down. Con in moving the Economy especially the sensitive food sector out of the freeze it is desirable to Disen Gage in phases. That Way the nation can avoid an excessive bulge in prices As producers catch up on Cost in creases earlier in the year in the Case of poultry and pork the freeze was causing severe disruption of production including re Duclion of Breeding stocks that would depress supplies for months to come. In the Case of beef on the other hand there is no evidence that the Price ceiling was having any Adverse Eue i on Long term supplies. With the Treze continued cattlemen will hold beef Back from the Market until prices Are allowed to Rise. But hat beef even rally will be sold increasing supplies and thus helping to hold prices to reasonable Levels Afler the freeze. Treatment of beef is Justi my by Large increases in beef prices during the first part of 1973. Front january to june he wholesale Prici Index for steers Rose by 60 per cent wholesale prices for beef and veal increased by per cent and Surner prices for beef and y 38 per cent. Florence morning news Public two daily ind sunday is. Irby i. Akk Iascu Preil Bureau of circulation so Mem newspaper pm atts ass Calioo. The Avi ated press a Nemea Exaros ively to me use or publication a All total Llie Florence morning of is r i promptly of errors in Anuj the Florence Worning will nol be re Ponsi to Lor Maxe payment made to newspaper unless made this of subscription sates by mail i depend paperboy Craft. To. 3-Mj. . Yearly it 1.03 f if ii m Telephone Nur fist m9 f of Toee second Clai Swage paid Al Florence. S. C

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