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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 23, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaF k i i i i Florence morning news thursday August 9-b Melissa Manchester getting into her own to act s no i i1, it l n a. To editor s note it s a Long Way from Sunlan arid sail jingles but Melissa Manchester is singing for herself these Days and such a Fine sound it is. At 22. She s about to appear on her first prime time to show called appropriately Good vibrations from Central Byjah Sharbutt a television writer new York a Melissa Manchester s singing has been heard on several Hundred to commercials. Anonymously buried in a chorus of Jingle sing ers. But she started doing a Solo act this year. Ii does t the praises of hair Spray chewing gum and All that either. She s singing her own songs get i ing a few to shots working a few clubs and promoting her first album. She s hoping that eventually ill fall into place and put her in singers like . One of her favourites or Hette Midler in whose backup group she Sang last year. "1 started in commercials bul i be always been said miss Manchester whose father is a bassoonist with the new York Melro Bolilan opera company. Our House always has been next thursday she s appear ing on Abc to in i somewhat less formal Selling than the Mel. It s a show called Good vibrations from Central Park and she s on the Bill with such Rock and rhythm and blues acts As sly and like family Slonic and the temptations. It s her first prime Lime net work to show which is a pretty Good step Forward when you consider thai her Solo career got underway Only last february when she signed a record ing contract Wilh Bell records. Miss Manchester who laughs often and Speaks in a Low. Husky voice is All of 22. She was born and raised in fun City and Gol into the Jingle singing business Mcreat 15. Her first Jingle .1 a. Yes. It was for Copper she said. I also was the Salt girl. 1 bet you did t know you were sitting with royally. Ill have you know that at the Lender age of 1g. I was singing nothing salts like mor ton Salt salts she said. De spite the passage of she dirty l How the even stumble. Her youth was i hit different " than those of most kids. She went to school but her real classroom was the recording studio where she worked with such people As jazz trombonist . Johnson and drummer Bob Rosengarden. Now the band Leader on Abc s Dick Cavitt after graduation from new York s High school of per forming arts she continued doing jingles As Well As Demon stration records for songwriters and briefly studied acting at1 new York University. It was there that f really Learned now much i disliked she said. I left after a year. At the end of that time t was walking into a classroom Likel was she went from there to song writing for a Large new York publishing still jingles for a living and squeezed in Lime for an eight week song filing course at Nyu. The instructor was Paul Simon who with colleague Art Garfunkel had a pretty big hit going alien something called Bridge Over troubled he once brought in Isaac she snid. Referring to the famous classic violinist and i almost got Inton fistfight with Stern. We wore talking about classical music and How people create their own markets. It was weird. But when you re Iff i guess you can be awfully miss Manchester whose voc Al style has been described As lying somewhere Between that of Carole King and aretha Franklin was singing at a Small West Side club one night when Belle Midler came in. Got into talking about Voi ii she said. I those trusty Swiss Geneva a Switzer land emerged As the most trusted nation in a Field of eight countries in a recent poll con ducted in France Germany Italy Holland and Belgium. The Survey was made by Donald Inglehart of Michigan state University and David Handley University of Geneva in cooperation with the european Community information Conler. Switzerland ranked first with a Trust rating of 78 per cent of Pinsl a negative total of 11 per. Cent while the United states received a favourable rat ing of 69 per cell against 211 per cell unfavourable. Britain scored 61 and 30 per Cerite Wilc the russians had a distrust rating of 63 per cent with Only 23 per cent positive. The chinese recorded. S Pei cent favourable 74 per cent unfavourable. Other ratings were French 52 per cent favourable and 38 per cent unfavourable Ger mans 45 and 46 per cent Ami italians 31 and 59 per cent. Here s to your Good health by Peter j. Stein Rohrt . Taste dear or Stem Crohn i be lost my sense of taste and smell. 1 can l understand Why. I m in my 10s. Just Hail a Complete physical. By doctor says i m healthy. Bui Liow can 1 Hall right when have this trouble i be ten so that i be lost All ii Petite. As a result my weight has dropped at least 20 pounds during the past six months. My doctor tells me 1 Haven i bad a stroke. I be heard Hal sometimes this is the reason for loss of smell and taste is this condition common will it to away is to Bare any special treatment for it or. B.1 comment statistically it is not the same league As arthritis and heart one estimate is that at least one half million americans suffer from similar symptoms As yours. And i would not Call that an inconsiderable number. I have received Many such complaints. In some patients the sense of smell and waste returned without any treatment. It remained a stubborn complaint in Spile of specialist. Ii is a difficult malady to overcome in Many patients. Ealing becomes a necessary but not pleasurable chore. However Here arc others with a worse affliction than yours. For some suffer Wilh which Means a perverted taste and this makes Ordinary Good food taste like garbage As some describe it. Then there is a condition called meaning a perverted smell and those with this suffer from the most horrible foul smells even though the air is pure and unpolluted. Loss of Normal taste and smell is a stubborn problem which makes life so unpleasant that advise patients to consult a nose and Chroal specialist rather than go along for months without advise. Treatment often helps. Lately Here have been reports thai treatment with Zinc medicines have brought about improvements in such cases. replies to headers i dear or Steincrohn i am a teenager. I admit i m self conscious about my legs. Not Aboul their shape. People Tell me i have Good legs. Whal bothers me is they Are hairy. As i m dark and and blonde you can imagine How the hairs stand . I m getting real sick about this problem. Can you help me solve it i shaving bad miss g. Comment first. I Hope Yogi can get a new perspective and not feel that your world is coming Toan end. If you lived in Europe you would t mind your legs being hairy. In some countries women think such legs Are especially attractive Bui As you re Over Here suppose you d like hairless legs. Shaving won t Hurt either Wilh regular or electric razor. 11 won t contrary to widespread opinion make the hair coarser. If you Don t like shaving. Then try using depilatory Cream. For or z there is no scientific proof that culling Down on your sexual activity will make it less Likely to have an enlarged prostate. And there is no direct connection Between Lack of sexual activity and having a Small prostate gland. True anxiety state never end in insanity no matter How Lone in persists says or. Steincrohn in his books cd what to do for chronic for a copy write him at this paper enclosing-35 cents in Coin and a stamped Shu addressed envelope. Knew what she had done As a Singer and i told her How much i admired her. A the time she was pre paring for a concert appear Ance at Carnegie mall sol said i understand you re singing Al Carnegie Hall she says yes. "1 said. Ahem harrumph so when am 1 singing with she says you want to sing Wilh i said. No. I d like to sing instead of you. But until thai Lime conies i la sing with you 11 led to the formation of the liar cites. A three women sing ing group that backed up miss Midler on her concert appear ances Starling in june last year. Miss Manchester left the group on new year s Day to strike off on her own co Tiik using. As she had in her spare time the Long round of knocking on record company doors with tapes of her own songs. The tapes All had teen recorded in professional studios with full orchestras. She said she paid for in All Wilh her earnings from jingles. An in dependant record pro Ducer Hank Medius liked her stuff and Sie Rcd her Loward Bell records. A contract was signed and she finally made her first album. Now she s working on a second. And in the interim she s appeared on two Mike Douglas shows and has a scheduled appearance coming up on Abc s Midnight special Musi show. Allow d she land that show Well. I was appearing Al the she said referring to the Angeles club Many Young performers consider the Home of the big break. The Talent coordinator from night special saw me and she liked me. It s miss Man Chester quietly mused. You could work your Bull off for years and years around the country and you la never gel Loas Many people in four years As Yon will in one five minute to she s been Lucky and Shell readily admit it. But she also says she wants to Lake her Lime building her new career to have Lime to grow musically and Cope Wilh the pressures of whatever Success comes her Way. "1 really do believe in slow she said. I really do believe in Laking your Lime and gelling off would she eventually like to have her own show something Akin to that of Helen Reddy she said without a moment s hesitation. I just want to grow. I have nothing to do for the next -10 years. Just want to keep she broke herself up with a last Mizulo thought. Lack Cash charge it do it your self and. Save dollars ends sat. Auto repair manual beg. 9.95 144 super Jet full 4-ply Nylon or polyester Cord body Miles guarantee All these sizes g78-14 h78-i4 650-13 e78-14 f78-14 set of 4 for 2 wheels .1506-62 regular to 4.25 original to or seller than original equip Cal replace now carburettors i most american cars install it tour self 12315-12 95 to 32.95 sex. 4 79 plus . Tax 1.75 o 2.95 4 tries Oil car Whitewall 2.99 More each g78-1 s s3. 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