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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 23, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe Florence morning news Florence s. C. Tuesday morning August. A 1968 it May be a warm supper Roscoe Drummond youth should be made to take responsibility the news report read vandals broke windows scattered records and sprayed fire extinguishers in several the Story did t come out of the Jungles of new York or Chicago. The Story came from Dar Lington. Vandals Aren t exclusive to Blums. The big cities Don t have a monopoly on organized senseless vandalism. And Darlington in t the Only City in the Section with a youth prob Lem. It will be easy Tor some to say that those responsible were acting against organized authority and the schools. They can say that those responsible were misguided children whose parents have become adult delinquents. Horsefeathers. If society would spend More time trying to find out the cause and plan the cure of youth problems and less time trying to find excuses for youths who break the Law society would be healthier. Check Back along the line and you can find the Start of the social revolution against juvenile discipline. Somewhere along the line we decided that All of the sins of the children should fall upon the fathers unto the third and fourth generation Back. Children had Best be taught that they have got to carry the blame for their misdeeds. This in t to say that parents Are to be absolved from All blame in All cases of delinquency. But society had better return to the system of think ing that Young adults Are capable of some degree of discretion. Teaching erring youth that someone else must accept the responsibility for the errors of youth is no Way to build Strong adults. Perhaps the Way Grandfather and father administered discipline at Home was old fashioned but it was pretty effective. The lad who knew that a breach of conduct earned standing room at the dinner fable did t break too Many of the rules. We Don t think today s youth is any worse than youth of yesterday but unless those who make mistakes Are made to pay for their mistakes they Are going to be inadequate adults tomorrow. Russia Market for our Grain Anderson Independent Washington has sent aloft a trial balloon in the Way of a proposal for our government to sell some of our fast increasing stores of farm surplus products to soviet Russia. As everybody knows the government has had to buy from farm ers huge amounts of butter grains and other products in order to keep up the prices of such things. It is difficult to find Dollar buy ers for them and although thou Sands of tons have been Given away to Low production countries dumping of such products anywhere involves a damage to a recipient country s Economy. Season by season the stored stocks mount however. Grain is now being poured into the holds of old Liberty ships in the Mothball Fleet. President Charles b. Shuman of the american farm Bureau federa Tion favors Sale of some of the stocks to Russia. U. S. Undersecretary of Agri Cullire True 0. Morse tentatively approves the idea. Russia which was aggrieved a couple of years ago when an offer to buy some of our surplus but Tor was finally spurned wants and needs the foodstuff items. In Erschel Newsom master of the National Grange Long has favored such Trade with Russia and since Geneva the official Washington sentiment is leaning toward such dealings partly to get rid of some of the stocks partly to promote More friendliness with Russia. England and Canada have been trading with Russia also communist China All along without having to make any patriotic Tito Means trouble real simple to see defense value seen now we know what we missed when Hurricane Diane skirted the pee Dee. What we missed is seen in the awful carnage and destruction which has smashed nine states in the North East As Hurricane Diane s warm air dumped cloudburst Rains on an area which had Boon promised Only show firs by the United states weather this holocaust demons rates once again the value of a fully organized fully mobilized civil system. While such n system is indispensable should War Como it is equally Valu Noble in Lirije of Ponce because Lisas Tor can strike tiny Community in the nation a i. Any Timo. The flood tragedy in the North Eastern Stales has demonstrated the value of the system. Already Many lives have been saved where the civil defense organization was Able to swing into action. Where it was t working there was chaos and in some cases near panic which impeded Rescue work and Cost lives. Along the South Carolina beaches the was ready and Wail ing if wind or water bail slunk with full Force last Wec of. Hut Inland i be is very different. Every Community in the tee Deo and across the nation nerds to he ready. The. Lime trouble and eos of prepared is Only a fraction of the involved in Mil being pre pared when discs apr miss Jean Muir the actress who tried to Clear herself of criticism by appearing before the House committee on in american activities made this statement when the Spanish Republic was elected and then Franco at tempted to overthrow it it seemed to me to be an abrogation of the rights of free people to Vole for the head of a government which they wanted. Of course after the communists loot Over the loyalist party i became less and less involved in it. The one thing 1 can remember doing definitely was at an auction at which i auctioned off a picture because of the confusion about the picture Busi Ness previously discussed and the artists front to win the War in is possible this really was the organization at which the picture was made with Rockwell now i never got excited about miss Muir not knowing her and never having seen or heard her. But i would like to know when the Spanish Republic was Clicc what kind of an election was it such matters can be looked excited about the Spanish Republic but what about Finland or Poland or South Korea Why would one become More excited about the Spanish Republic than about any other so let s look at the facts on april 14, 1931, King Alfonso of Spain left his country and throne without abdicating and Al Cala Zamora set up a government with himself As president. There was no election. However on june 28, Micro was an election and the j Gnu Wicen socialist coalition won by a huge majority. A new cons i Tulion was adopted after the elec Tion providing among other things for Universal suffer rage. On Decem ber 10, Zamora was elected presi Dent under the terms of the new Constitution. On August 10. 1932, a conservative revolt led by general Jose Sanjurjo occurred and was sup pressed. On september 25. Cata Lonia became autonomous. On Jan nary a 1933, the syndicalists and anarchists of Barcelona revolted which indicated that the lower classes were As dissatisfied As Ilia upper classes. On november 19, 1933, an election was held which gave the might parties 44 per cent and he led parties Only 21 pet cent. Coalition ministries follow ing this Elc Clion could not stand. On october 4, 1934, the Catholic popular a lion parly joined the Cabinet of Premier Alejandro Ler Roux. The next Day the left Par ties called a general strike. On february 16, 193g, new elections were held and a popular front of republicans socialists syndicalists and communists won a decisive Victory. Manuel Azana formed a Cabinet decided without legality to remove president Zam Ora which was done on april 10, 1930. On july 18, the Spanish civil was broke out when the army chiefs in Spanish Morocco rebelled. This revolt led by general fran Cisco Franco and general Emilio Mola spread throughout the coun try. Italian and German Volun Teers joined the insurgents rus Sia supplied the corny unit con trolled government. On october 1, general Franco assumed the position of chief of the Spanish slate. The civil War ended on March 28, 1939, wit i Franco in control of the country. I am not trying to show off my knowledge. I looked this up in an encyclopedia of world compiled by professor William l. Langer of Harvard which miss Muir could do As Well if she took the pains. But 1 cannot see if All this Why an american who was not a communist or a fascist could gel All steamed up Over it. Miss Muir says that she worried about the abrogation of the rights of free people to vote for the head of a government which they want that happened in a great Many countries and i never heard of miss Muir gelling excited about the manipulations in czech Oslo or murder of Jan Masaryk. Then miss Muir said that Afler he communists took Over the loyalist party 1 became less and less involved in 1 Lake it that miss Muir was involved in the loyalist parly. Why Why should an american citizen be involved in a foreign parly furthermore what would miss Muir say if one told her that there was no loyalist parly in Spain so wha twas she involved in i think the counsel for the House committee on in american activities might have looked Inlo a Book and asked a few questions along these lines. To Kremlin s Bosses Washington Nikita Khrushchev appears to have got his hand entangled in Tito s firm embrace and thus far there is no evidence that it is working out the Way he intended. When the soviet leaders went to Belgrade bearing violets their the Ory seemed to be that the Yugo slav dictator who had declared his Independence of Stalin and made it stick would come quietly and gratefully Back into the Well run family of communist nations. But Tito is now calmly acting As though he thought he had a place reserved for him near the head of the table where he could speak out and speak up As he wishes. After the Lone Low Bow which the Kremlin officials made to re gain yugoslav Goodwill Tito has been proceeding on the Assumption that they meant it. Premier bul Ganin and or. Khrushchev said in effect let s have closer relations and a give and take of Tito is now beginning to respond and we May know before Long whether Khrushchev is discovering that he has shaken hands with the wrong Man. Right now Tito seems More in tent upon giving ideas to the so Viet communists than taking them. For this is what Tito has lately been saying to the very uncomfortable and uneasy satellite communist leaders throughout Eastern Europe Tito is saying that he has no intention of joining the soviet a Drew Pearson Stellite Empire but would be entirely agreeable to having parts of the soviet satellite Empire join with him. He not Loo subtly suggests that it would be a Good thing if Sev eral of the smaller communist states banded together to increase their influence in reality to offset Russia s influence and to enhance their Independence. He allows that a yugoslav bulgarian Alban Ian Alliance would make a Good beginning. He sharply lakes to task the Moscow appointed communist leaders of czechoslovak and Hung Ary and one of them Hungary no. 1 communist Matyas Bakosi who himself seems none too sure what Moscow really wants timidly accepts Tito s criticisms and says he will do better in the future. In a significant speech in Croatia Tito addressed himself to the satellite communist officials generally pin pricking them for not following his own Independent line and for following the outdated policies of Stalin which the new leaders of the Kremlin avow they have rejected including the stalinist View that Only one Type of communism the soviet Type can what one can fairly ask is Tito really up to there is certainly More Here than meets the Eye but it seems to me that at the very least Tilo is up to three things 1. Tilo is being himself. He is continuing to preach arid to prac Tice tit ism As though he thought that would be . With the Krem Lin. But tit ism embodies two principles which have been Poison to the Kremlin in the past and we Are going to see we Cher it in any More palatable now. Tit ism rests on the doctrine that there can and should be Independence among communist nations communist partners not communist satellites and that there can and should be something near to Equa Lity among communist parties no domination from Moscow the effect of such a policy is of course to make it difficult if not impossible for the Kremlin to use communism As an instrument of soviet aggression and this is the real reason Stalin set out to liquidate Tito. 2. Tito is also trying to find out by his outspokenness whether they really meant it when Bulgarin and Khrushchev told him two months ago that All communist roads do not have to Lead to his recent speeches Are testing the sincerity of the Kremlin s new conciliation. 3. Finally it would seem logical that Tito is trying to see we Cher he can weaken some of Moscow s grip on the Eastern european satellites. Neither Tito s nor anybody s Brand of communist can look Good to those which cherish free Dom but seems of me that Tilo is Likely to continue to be a source of Tro ble. Not a source of Comfort to the Kremlin. Copyright. 1955, new York Herald Tribune inc troubles follow the men in army Mccarthy Battles Thomas m. Nial six months plan Reserve Keystone one of the keystones of the new Reserve Law is a program which allows a certain number of Young men to Volunteer Lor six months acl ivc training followed by years of Reserve training. The program is designed to give you who Haven t met your Mili tary obligation a Chance to do so and to serve the broader purpose of building a Reserve of Irain cd civilians which can be called to uniform in Case of War. Hill no one Al this Point is sure How eff Edive the program will be. 11 has ils Limi Lillions. For example Only i Host Between 17 and in 2 May Volunteer and the limit is 250.000 a year. Since the program depends exclusively on volunteers the Lack of volunteers could sink it. You men who could Volunteer May de cide not to Lake part but rather to choose one of he other meth ods the Reserve Law sols up for you to satisfy your military obligation. Only Lime will Tell. In my next column i la discuss the other choices you have i Pirllier the individual services have the option Aslo whether they want to put such a program into elicit to build up their Reserve Force. And if they do they May limit i lie Overall number which May Volunteer. At this Point Only the army hns indicated i plans to use the program to any Clent. Ii plans to allow up to 100.000 to Volunteer Between october Ami july i kiss. Ii Hopes to have Between 5.000 and 10.000 of them available to Start training in october. The Navy Anil the air Force Iii l plan to use the program now. The Marine corps plans in Irain Only 5.000 by july 1 and the Casl guard will limit ils program to during the Samo period. Also ilii1 services May pick and choose from you men who Volun Billy Graham Leer. Not All men who Volunteer will be taken into the program be cause the services will want to use men with aptitudes that fit the needs. The army has t As yet worked out its method of recruiting you men Inlo the program. The probability is thai you la Volunteer through recruiting offices or local Reserve units. Then you la be handled through the regular examining Stalions set up for draftees and recruits. The army has indicated however that you la probably be trained in regu Lar Camps. It has enough space in Camps now o handle the first Batch of about without any Strain. The training probably will be in three eight week phases. The first eight weeks will be regular Basic the second Crew and squad train ing and the third Small unit and Short specialized training courses. After you Complete the training program you la be required to at tend up to 48 weekly drills and serve up to 17 Days of summer training or As an option to those to serve 30 Days of summer rain ing. During the six months training you la receive Only a month. Any allowance you might be Elig Ible for will be based on the lowest enlisted Grade. Paragraphs a one rack mind usually runs right to the Tongue. A committee is a group that usually lets one person do All of the work. Life was different in the old Days. People did t buy things Ihry could t afford. To make a go of life one must keep going. All Powers come direct from god on Stion i n Man say you it a your pmu-i1 hip at Haik front i crowds which Conn in hear you. Is thai i t. Ans kit any Panui a Ulm i have a Jiniv in Pirrly ind j holy spirit honouring hi.-. Asil is faithfully preached. All of hit1 Power is his. All of the glory is his. Any blessings which pro Ali receive arc because of him. Tho people which dime May have Virgini motives Bill probably the Uncle non live is insecurity and Harl hunger. Washington something seems to happen to people who got mixed up in the army Mccarthy gel fired resign lose their jobs. Bob Stevens Secretary of the army and Center of the controversy has just resigned. He was t Happy in the Pentagon also Ike want Happy with him. John Adams the army counsel also got out and for a Long time could t seem to connect Wilh a Good Law firm. Only last week did he get happily Situa Ted. John Kane Public relations Man to elevens got out Afler Stevens began Kuckling under to Mccar thy senators Over Cohn and Schinc while i. Col. Jean Wood who worked night and Day helping Ste Vens on the Mccarthy probe suffered a heart attack and has re tired on disability. Lac so casualties of the army Mccarthy probe Are three career members of Stevens office staff who were called upon to testify Al the hearings. They were transferred or downgraded three hours alter the new Secretary of the army. Wilbur Brucker took of fice. Brucker is a Well known Friend of Mccarthy s. The three arc 1. Jack Lucas appointment Secretary to the Secretary of the army who had held that Posl for five years. His predecessor John Schott held it for thirty years. It s a career. Civil service Job. But Lucas was called to testify in the hearing against Mccarthy and did so. He was downgraded and transferred. 2. Mrs. Jane Pike who Lisle cd in in Roy cohr s phone conversations As All their so clogs have done on orders for years. She so testified at the army Mccarthy hearings. Mrs. Pike is a War widow with civil service but was transferred. S. Col. Kenneth Belieu. Executive officer to Secretary Stevens Testi fied that he was present when Rov Cohn was barred from a Scrol Laboratory Al it. Monmouth. Which caused Cohn to remark thai he would get revenge on the army. Belieu. Know1 the new Secretary of the army was a Friend of Mccarthy a found himself a Job on Capitol Hill. He just got under the wire. Fur Truckor took the oath of office Al 12 Iri noon. Al . Tho three were old their services would not be needed. That s the Roll Call of what happened to people who got sucked Inlo the army Mccarthy dispute a dispute which rocked the Senate and the nation All because poor i talc Rich boy g. David Schinc did t want to get drafted inn the army. De Sapio says no the democrats have thai they re still democrats. They arc squaring off for the usual hoi and heavy fur the presiden tial whether Ike runs or Init. Uleie Aie the backs ant moves in the elem Coralic initial pit lure Sichl a Movi no. I car mine Sapio head of tammany and wheel in the Averell Harriman has told mayor David Lawrence of Pittsburgh. Hike est wheel in t Enn Ylva Nizia pin Noralie pnlilic.1-, Hal Chi incl carry n new York slate. He i taken soundings of democratic leaders and come up with the conviction that the democrats will have a stronger newer fresher candidate. De Sapio conveyed this information to mayor Lawrence because he noted a bandwagon Rush by Adlai a Levinson cohorts to sew up the nomination for him this fall nine months before the Chicago nominating convention. Typical of what bothered do Sapio was secret move no. 2 made in California by Paul if fran. Democratic National commit Occman and congressman Harry Sheppard of san Bernardino to Block Kefauver from getting California s potent 68 delegates. At Chicago in 1952, California was solid for pc Fauvor. Its Dele Gates cheered wept refused to believe it when he finally admitted defeat. Signs Point to the probability that Kefauver would sweep California again. But Ziffren and Sheppard Strong for Adlai have hatched a secret plan to have California delegates appointed by a committee of nine democrats stacking the cards against Kefauver. Behind do Sapio s talk Wilh Pitts Burgh s politically potent Dave. Lawrence is partly the fact thai de Sapio is for his Friend. Gov. Aver Ell Harriman of new York partly the fact that he wants to avoid bitterness in the democratic party. If do legacy get Frozen in and if the parly Bosses try to sew up their states in Advance then a bad blood cat and dog fight is certain. Ii so happens that most of the lop democratic candidates arc Good personal friends. Stevenson and Harriman Are intimate. To Fauver campaigned hard for Adlai. Recently had a pleas ant lunch with him in Chicago. Governor soapy Williams of Michigan knows All o them. So Sapio says ocl s keep the game spread out in open Field run Ning. In bitter line bucking Loo Many players Jet Man without country it looks like Carlos Marcell. Longtime Boss of the new Orleans underworld might if come a Man without a country. Though he s been ordered Dean red. He no place in go. Ii Alv does t want him and Franco won t Lake him. The Public troubles of Carlos Marcello probably began with a Washington merry Jjo found col in of october i the anniversary of a Day when a Greal italian discovered America. For Little Man Marcello. It the beginning of a five year drive to Send him Back to Italy. This column at thai Lime called Talent in to the fact that he had been picked As mafia Boss of Louisiana by Frankie costello that he operated the famed Beverly country club with costello and Dandy Phil Maslell that he bad served a year and a Day for a marijuana violation also served nine to 14 years for assault and robbery was pardoned by Gover nor of Allen was arrested four times since Bis Pardon but was Able to intimidate witnesses into nol testifying against him Hal he pistol whipped Joe Lamarico led a raid of Strong Arm men Inlo wheel Hico club owned dozens of bars taverns garages and part of the Dixie Coin machine co. Finally Afler senator Kefauver got on Marcello s Trail and Afler further spot lighting in this co Lumn. Attorney general Mcgran cry in the closing Days of the tru Man administration put Marcello on the list for deportation. The deportation order has now gone through and been upheld by the . Court of appeals. Bui one serious problem has developed. Marcello was born in Tunis Al a time when in was French. There fore although an italian. Italy won t Lake him. Says he must be returned to France. The French consulate on the Oiler hand says he s italian. So won t him Inlo France. If this is nol ironed out in May be thai Little Man Marcello will become a Man without a country but remaining in the tailed slates. Copyright. 1955. The Bell Syndicate lesson in English i. Gordon words often misused do nol say. The clothes have been As so often heard. The Correct Preterite is mispronounced Lichen a Moss. Pronounce lil Ken. The i As in lie. Accent first syllable. Inlet. Linn lion. Tension Sion cautious watchful vigilant Alert guarded observant. Word study use a wont Ijiro limes and it let us increase our vocabulary by Mas Crin one word each Day to. Lay s word . Bus any hint that tends to weigh Down or Dis courage i pronounce first u As in unit accent first syllable1. Us. Phi Milinn is an incubus Many peo ple have to Eft Fen Rita John h. O Dowd o Dowd Krietor ind publisher executive editor the Horn or morning news desires o be notified promptly at Chron of ils a spurts. In trial second class Maltor Al the Post Oil Irr at a ill Ril la sleek spam i no All Iii l in us in Arp Indi Fiorin Lent and Al Itienne in lilt Aiu jury Lumn Rill made Al Ali silk Ackil Tion rates 1 wet a City delivery .35 by mail to by Sec. Florence .35 Ity mail else Warrn .30 1 month 3 month c months 1-reic hint in Hewi 1 Itu Bates of on Rural sunday deliver by six Days by mall Are Tho tame a by mall in Rural Are ii

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