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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 23, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather hot arid humid with scattered Thunder showers this after noon and evening. High today 94. Low tonight 72. Details Page 3. Nit published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state Reader s tip a school bus wreck in ten Nessee monday afternoon killed 17 children. Others were critically injured. See Story Page 7. Vol. 157 Florence s. C., tuesday morning August 23, 1955 daily 5c sunday 30c weekly 85c a drag line Chews into the Earth behind the Mcleod infirmary beginning construction work yesterday on the new 89-bed, Hospital Wing expected to be ready for occupancy next summer. The five Story Structure will replace obsolete negro wards and will contain a new delivery suite added a Ray space and o new out patient clinic. Morning news photo by Groover Mcleod starts work on major addition by Frank c. Bigger. Morning new staff writer a Drair line from Tuscon construction co. Of Charleston bit into the Earth behind the d infirmary yesterday to inaugurate work on the Plant s new 89-bed Wing expected to be completed Early next summer. The new five Story Structure costing will replace an obsolete 59-bed building to be pulled Down and will House the negro wards of the Hospital. When it is completed All negro wards outside of the main Plant will be closed Mark Stanton Hospital director said. The building will be 101 feet Long and 40 feet wide extending from the North Side of the Hospital. Outstanding features include a new delivery suite added a Ray space a new out patient clinic offices for state and local charitable organizations and Low Cost a com nations for White patients. Vale and 84 private rooms. Following is the plan for the Structure by floors first floor ground floor 28 Low Cost rooms. Second floor out patient clinic the entire operation is being i examining rooms for White and danced according to Stanton on loan from the Pilot life insure negro cardio graph and a Ray clinics and offices Lor state welfare Ance co. This loan is to be made1 and Charity organizations available when the building third floor 13 rooms for negro completed according to architects j obstetrical cases a premature specifications. The loan is being i Nursery three delivery rooms on granted at three per cent interest and interim financing will be handled through the american Trust co. Of Charlotten c. The agreement with Pilot life was signed last May 3. Plans for the new Wing have been in the making Tor the past three years first efforts at be i a separate corridor. Fourth floor two private and 22 Semi private rooms five open ing on a Sun deck. Fifth floor 24 rooms. The negro Section of the Hospi Tal has been operating under a waiver from the state Board of health according to a staff Mem souths move ten members sign program Columbia aug. 22 Southern Assn. Of attorneys general said today it plans to use every Legal Means to Check rebirth of the Kun flux klan. Announcing the policy was South Carolina atty. Gen. Callison chairman of the 14-state group of whom 10 endorsed the policy. Four have not reported. At least two meetings of self styled klansmen have taken place in South Carolina in recent weeks. A Man identifying himself As e. L. Edwards of Atlanta declared at one of the meetings that he is the Imperial wizard of a revived klan. In my Callison said in a Telegram to atty. Gen. John Ben Shepperd of Texas who instigated the association s policy statement re birth of the klan is attributed to the constitutional amendment by the . Supreme court. Callison referred to the court s decision that Public school Segre gation is unconstitutional. The decision he said denied to a majority of both races the Natur Al social cultural Legal and con Sliu tonal rights at the instance of a foreign the policy statement of the association declares the Southern Assn. Of attorneys general hereby expresses its opposition to any rebirth of the Kun flux klan believing that we must continue to operate a government of Laws and not of men. While acknowledging the right of All citizens to peaceful Assem Blage the undersigned members of this association Are opposed to any. Clandestine organization based on hatred and committed to Vio Lence. We pledge to coordinate our investigation of this organization to Exchange All information on its activities and to use every Legal in Georgia. Edwards told the meeting at Covay that he wanted the klan to be Strong and vicious enough to fight the evils against the White Ber. The present facilities have Means to Check its growth and sex Long been considered obsolete and inadequate for modern medical methods. And Trust co. And the Board of trustees of the Hospital and required approval of All three inter ested organizations. Final action on the plan was never taken. Contractual agreements allow 230 working Days on the Plant after aug. 1. When it is completed he Hospital will have a total capacity of 225 Beds. The present Plant opened its doors in i Joli and Lias been treating about patients a year in recent years giving nearly patient Days of care each year. s started As a Pri vate Hospital and is now operating As a Short term non Profil corporation owning All of its own stocks. It was turned Over to like people of Florence county by tic Lale or. F. H. Mcleod and the Duke foundation. Under the present arrangement there Are 108 Ward Beds. I Somi private rooms of 78 private rooms. Strauss says far ahead of Russia Denver aug. 22 a the chairman of the Oday the outcome of the Geneva atoms for peace con Ference indicates that the United states is clearly ahead Russia in development of atomic Power for peaceful use. Lewis Strauss also told a news conference after meeting with Eisenhower that the just concluded sessions enormously assisted the cause of sixty seven nations including the u. S. And Russia participated was the outgrowth of the presi Dent s United nations address dec. 8, 1953. In that speech he proposed creation of an International atomic Pool for peaceful purposes. Just Back from Switzerland at the Geneva conference which Strauss who headed the american delegation flew Here to make a first hand report to Eisenhower. Strauss told newsmen that in his opinion the most noteworthy re suit of the Geneva meeting is this i that it has solidly lined up the scientists of the world behind the president s program As set fourth the new Sel up Ward Beds. 92 Semi private rooms which May be converted to Pri Tahbone s meditations try Aiu a reds returning Fifer a Korea today Skoul. Tuesday aug. 23 of the meeting. In his 1953 proposal. Pose its secret and unlawful Pur poses Atlanta aug. 22 John Davenport assistant attorney Gen eral of Texas was in Atlanta today reportedly checking on attempts to one citizens group at Elloree revive the. Kun lax klan in this area. K. L. Edwards of Atlanta who said he was the Imperial wizard of lie new a. S. Klan knights of lie Kun flux was quoted n a speech saturday night at con Way ., As saying his Organiza Tion had made considerable Prog course. Timmerman said each District to face court before mixing Columbia aug. 2 2 local pressure within a school District can bring about court orders enforcing racial mixing in schools gov. Timmerman said today. Without such requests tradition Al segregation will continue he told a news conference in reply to reporters questions. Under discussion Between lie re porters and the governor was the formation of citizens groups Tor maintaining segregation. It was the Gover nor said that you re going to Piave counter organizations to the National Assn. For the Advance ment of coloured people. The a act brought court cases from Clarendon county s Summerton so tool District in the resulted in the . Supreme court s decision that pub Lic school segregation is unconstitutional. This is the main Street of Winsted Conn. The Street was ripped eight feet deep by 0ngry flood Waters of the mad River. Here Are two shopkeeper picking their Way through the rub Falt monday afternoon. Wire Priow new Rains threaten ravaged flood area Fly the associated guess heavy Rains full on North Eastern Pennsylvania tonight even As weary work Crew started the Long painful Road Back to recovery in the northeastern states prostrated by floods. There was no immediate indication that the downpour would set off a new series of floods but it hampered cleanup operations and washed away some temporary roads. Again the Brodhe acl Creek a killer Stream that took 75 lives when it jumped its Banks last thursday quickened and isolated the beleaguered towns of Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg a. Pennsylvania s gov. George m. I Leader announced a plan to evac worked were knocked out of opera 1 fallen wires uate More than children lion in Many Industrial cities and i from Ress in signing members in Georgia and the statement Drew a warning rom ally. Gen. John Ben Shep Perd of Texas that klan activities would not be tolerated in that state. The Southern Assn. Of attorneys eneral also condemned any re birth of the klan in the South in a statement issued at Columbia Davenport conferred at length Vith Georgia ally. Gen. Eugene Cook officials of the Georgia Bureau of investigation and officials f the Atlanta police department. Atlanta police u. J. L. Moseley said Edwards was a paint sprayer Strauss said if there were any n in automotive concern and was it will be weeks before they run Connic Licolli 13 Rhode is new York said it was but lie former nazi spy Back in Germany Cuxhaven Germany aug. 22 Gimpel. One time nazi spy in the United states arrived Here today and was immediately taken into seclusion. The 45-year-old Gimpel was de ported from the . Earlier this month after serving 10 years in various . Prisons. Gimpel was put ashore on the through the wreckage of a Home. Apparently the thieves were driven off before they got anything. In Many towns nil Over the Northeast the Job of recovery will take months and even years. President Eisenhower added portions York stale to Iho be disaster areas eligible for fed eral Aid. The president made the an also stalked with Utility still Para Conn., a Dis whole cities Lay in Slushy Desola traught resident said lion with houses sagging streets k o hoj turned into quagmires Mills bul nothing to boil shops closed soldiers patrolling condemned sections. In dozens of other comin unities the ghostly in Many places there wore Long Loii ight Iines of shocked bewildered peo Llhee Travail was just As harsh. Of Smithern ncwip11 for a Tol in . R. T., work he list declared to so lome inc talc were left without jobs. Big said a partial Survey she cd we a families routed from their Homes. Was thrown open j or Many the losses were from condemned ment just Belore taking off retrievable. Insurance companies Denver for an Aerial few policies covered flood from spec lion of the six sea Board slates devastated by he worst flood in lie Region s history. He will Confer with governors it Amage. Overall the destruction industries also were disabled in coast of Maine Early in 1944 by a of the states on How Best to Deal German submarine. He was the crisis. Ran into untold billions one of . Mass., worst such disasters Ever to numerous northeastern con the Region. The still mounting death stood at Iho. With the were states counting these losses of life ined Cut towns and around . Pa., with to gel them Back in repair. Officials at i misled. Conn., is scepticism in that connection to the police department. I lured a month later and sentenced thousands of people Advance of the conference it had Tiow Cvar Moseley said his Active to death hut this was commuted Ionov homeless but without Means from drownings Hood provoked per cent of the Busi been entirely dispelled by the end Werc insignificant i in life. U or am carry mou6ht seem uak a slow Way to it or Long but hit s a Heap Rao Bettyh an worry wounded . Pilot and the body of. His subject of one of the angriest exchanges of the he returned today by the communists. I. Guy bumps. Jackson. Miss., received a head injury when his plane was Shol flown last week near tin Neutral by the communists. . Charles w. Brown West Louisville. K a. Was killed. Rumpas will accompany his Comrade s body across the Neutral near Kumwha. Some 60 Miles in Rah of Seoul Al . Korean time 2 . Tuesday a High t a. Official said there had been no consideration of any t military Aelion Rumpas. Mimi lists of livelihood. Plans where they a ideals and from at his news conference today Strauss was presented to reporters by the president. Wearing in j formal vacation clothes Eisenhower smiled and said i am not supposed to be Here. I really forced my Way into this show fiut i have been in some kind of government service for something like 44 years. In All that time 1 have never known a finer Public servant than Lewis Strauss. Because i am so Adenauer Calls time on German army program by w. M. Iio Bach Germany. Aug. 22 proud of the work that he and his Chancellor Konrad Adenauer has associates have just performed Geneva i did myself the Honor of j of coming Down Here with him army. W West give him such a san doll As t could Wilh these simple left die responsible government officials Iii maps Lind implied his conk rence room and tier acc was Over Yorlli Korea and i cession Over to Sara miss. a Sale men his i also said armament in View of his Imp end in reply to questions. Sir Nitiss " in to Moscow and the of i Liis Cru civil i line should be considered the offi Ial who asked not to be Iii Bletl to irresponsible communist Tui Sipas Repi led Contra diction of Ibe t a Sli element. He also Point . I. The ii a. Needs to give Young note to the Kremlin other developments Here sup fore. Adenauer takes off for mos port this report cow. Hall Stein said such a note if sen would Deal with the German i Rhc Hlis question German re unification would not cancel Hie Moscow trip. A government spokesman said that All questions which play a role in relations Hal Wen the so Viet Union and West Germany shelved a Law Selling the pay Rales of future German soldiers. Even Dola Viollis 1aw changed Sudj Nipper House Plaht month to reduce die planned Nesses Here were wiped out. Of appalling damage a reporter is.ai.1 it looked like a Bulldozer with a Mammoth Blade had started at West end of the City and i headed right Down the one and a half Miles of main Street it resembles a ghost i in Washington the Small Busi Ness administration added All of Connecticut and Nino counties in Khoc Island. New Jersey and All of Licurs from the rank of n cd York to its disaster list Mak colonel up has met Only once Lopint them eligible for emergency discuss the technical a claims. Will not meet again Lor will he discussed it tomorrow s conference. Lor most Atli cars and All Gen several previously eight counties in i Pennsylvania and five in Massa beside screening inc. Appoint Ichi Isetts were placed on the list Meul of Hij officers. Ibis com president Eisenhower in Den Milice must Drall Lorimer. Said he will make an Aerial the of All Oiler Volun Insp Dion of the flood maimed Mober Loreign ministers Coile Renic in Geneva. Pm Ooi Iguni my Lukaj Adenauer will go in the soviet Inlo the atomic Picuci Field. N discuss Pimiari-., said he got the impression gently . Bonn Moscow dip those who will accompany Aden Ihui Idi i Arlia Mcnol aul Hui the Ali he More than we. K Imi Ulic Rel Alius and the on look Auer in Unis sin include Lylall slain bending rival Effort to the train German ii Nily. The bin Kour r e i g n minister a Heinrich leers tins More Ili Iii an m Cepl the have applied reals. The government bund Srul s changes or Minnil a new Wehn Nacho. An undisclosed new Bill to Parlia Mcnol. I Neil in number however Hau Wilhur Iran does Jive or Hie other no soldiers applications since Hie ii was disclosed later today that lie put into uniform even i Sinh Lily pity rile11-. Linn nut Imirea tomorrow then Meel with a stale governors in Hartford Conn., for service in in clot Chart emergency measures. He appealed to people through out the Iii lion to Pilch in and help in a lied Cross drive for Relief ing of atomic Minini slurs will tickle Herbert Itlane Elnhorn. 2. The acc my have Issue of Unity Al their con German ambassador to nato thing to say in the next Lew in Geneva starting oct. 27. Jand Felix von . Amassa or months Ghoul harnessing in i Irnen. Switzerland in the United n Lions. Drogen Power or peaceful nut thai . Was reported he stressed i1 inc aligning. West or. Man stale Secretary Waller it Geneva Stem Iho Chancellor and his Monn officials Siirid Adenauer has in enough i . I Al help also was made of Vul Titens s has led inc lie in Rouglin hip civil do ministry to Send idlers in Inist Slop which not to several former of Licurs inviting Kishii Hower s press scr Elviry decide on the pay Issue Kulil and ii Llie in to apply or service Hiuer returns from Moscow in mid i new army. In september. Many highly Ipi Lilied inner said gave crippled j communities in effect it Blank Oiler preparations for the mild liners have Lound goal jobs in West lied Cross s Eastern Lisas decided in would not be Wise in. Up of the Waln Mach also live Germany s in Rimini Nilu series. Ice Relief Siirid 2fio they Are now ice Clant to rejoin specialists to oilily fun Ned out rom a severe head con there was no discussion of Slomic chief foie Iku policy Erk will of n new h Clerc Hie the i Diminni l com Millie which Hie army especially since the Cut through the flood Region to Survey weapons. Decide tomorrow whether to and Geneva meetings must approve the appointment us in pay Rales. 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