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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 21, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus Blondie Bumstead Are you just but to Twig Ike my Basket uhf Pio Lcuy Uhock skis to were More than Jet to cart tip to Kijuc Rua Pic let Youssaf do kudu think 60at.th6 time Charlie Bidun set picked i a wow 8ein6 w were the of 60ats j Andy Capp d yer fancy Hod-carryin1 att new office Block site mister Capp come off it it s More Cross i a Roap these pass that s another thing Twat office Block Ite soothe let met it s too dangerous Twenty High i l r la set my n j now i la sit Here. An Msj Tell nou where j i of an we be waited to minutes. Tell us where 70 put the heavy pieces we up the Dav port a bring j in the bi6 Dick Tracy she did t need the Napkin ring. Used just her Mair. Beetle Bailey but he y me him i ui5 Mot brother sure does t look like it. Flaps Flintstones headed to the radio station to apply for the Jos of Highway safety o.k., old Twer pull Over to the speeding .cuttin6 Florence morning news tuesday August 13-a Carroll Righter s Horoscope crossword Puzzle from tax Carroll rights Institute general tendencies you have All sorts of interesting ideas that you can easily impart to others in a very logical manner. By so doing you can come to a better understanding and bring a new series of successes to your activities. Be forthright. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 if you have Long conversations with associates Fine ideas will be formulated and excellent plans made for the future. Improve on transportation matters. Don t waste so much time. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 Good Day to meet with higher ups who Are Able to help you solve a particular problem. Follow your hunches As Well As your Good judgment for Ideal results. Be sure to dress in style. Gemini May 21 to june 21 take Steps to improve your health via proper treatments. Make business appointments hat Are important. Attending the social tonight can be to your advantage. Avoid extravagance. Moon children june 22 to july 21 talk with a Clever person who can help you gain your fondest Aims Lisle a carefully to the advice Given you. Folloso your intuition but not your emotions and All works out Fine. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 showing Devotion to Good Crich can bring you Many favors today. Try to bring out the Best qualities in them instead of the worst. Make Don t Lake risks of any kind. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 if you join forces with influential persons you know you can make big strides in civic affairs. Buy the appliances that add to your efficiency. Show More Devotion to loved one. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 obtain the data you need and then carry through with ,1 special plan you have in mind. Careful planning at this time can bring added income in the Days ahead. Take it easy tonight. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 schedule your time Well so you can Lake care of responsibilities without having to Rush. A show of affection for male brings results now. Any past resentments. Be Wise. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 Mel with closest tie and discuss subjects uppermost on your minds and come to a far better understanding. Do the same with an associate and your relationship will improve. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 you can combis cleverness of mind with nimble fingers to gel much accomplished today. Do something to make your Ward Rolv More charming. Get the right accessories. Use Good Aste. Aquarius Jan. 21 o lab. 19 congenial will gladly join you in recreational activities that you enjoy. Find the right Way to get your ideas of a creative nature approved by higher ups. Think logically. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 gelling Busy and fixing up your abode so that in is More comfortable is Wise. Make it As clean As you can. Your office or place of business could also use some sprucing up. If your child is born today he or she will he one of those delightful Young people with an agile mind and the ability to work Well Wilh the hands. This will bring considerable Success in whatever the Forte May be. A bigwigs will be attracted to your Clever progeny Early in life and give a boost where and when most needed. Many Fine talents in this Chart. Give religious training Early in life. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carrol Righter s individual forecast for your sign for september is now read. For your conv Send Hirth Thop. Nil s1 Ami silo Sirroll lighter Florence morning news. . Mics . across 0 rescued ii. Asteroid 13. Excuse 14. Strauss opera 15. Bricklayer 1g anything Itig Flovin 17. Flower Pool 19. Offence 20. Ant a 22. Overturn 24. Merchandise 27. Put Back 29. Form a notion 31. Insertion Mark 32. Gangster s gun 33. English composer 35. Marble 37. Unfortunate 38. Windmill sail 41. Nile freight boat 43. Sour ale 45. Supine 46. Imprison 47.anc. Lomb Slone 48.puppels solution of yesterday s Puzzie 2. South african 6. Surface to air missile 7. Fco bad 8. Oat of Lowner 9. Black hard rubber 10. Clanger 12.leak 18. Accomplished 20. Social 21. 23. Fit of peevish Ness 24. Transformation 25. Firm 26. Pensioner 28. Spoil 30. Samuel s Mentor 34. Delighted 36. Spin 38. Arab s hear Cord 39. Ululati 40. Sea eagles 11. Encore person abbr. Ike s Battle site contract f Bridge i Beckerle card Reading North dealer. East West vulnerable. North k q74 k j 9 c 4 3 ak7 West a 107 43 q 10 2 42 East 462 8 6 52 ak87 j93 South a j 10 9 8 3 j 5 106 5 the bidding ask Gar nue Itlen of Andy write in on a poll third mail to to the morning Newi p. Of Box is i Florence s. C. Andy West pass North 1 it East pass South opening Lead two of diamonds. G cards fell a Story but it is g sometimes diff Cuk to read the Story. Take this Case where it would be easy to go wrong. West does Othave in automatic Lead and let s say leads the Diamond Deuce. East takes the King and continues with the Ace South contributing the Jack and West the ten. Too late East realizes that partner led from the q-10-2 la l Abner blindfolded to risks Deal he s cot a super sliced Tass Andy semis a Complete w vol Rinir sol if to n Iii racy ii tic 15, if sri. Portland Mininc Forli Isria lion . insist hip cheerful pc Crims arc Birds of die Southern hemisphere. When you your first us finnsr i the merry . You might lie temperd Lor Mihl this. Flocks of i her Birds live Nurl Breed in Iho Northern Pacific. In their Winter plumage you a null in slake them for Midgel penguins after Sunset Licy up and away and. Of course can Fly. The inc Small if he Auk family. Lii y Are Chunky Birds about Len inches Long usually in Liick and while pen Jiun outfits. During he Day they belong to the North i n Pacific where they swim and dive like very Frisky Dircks. At dusk they Rise on stubby wings Circle around Ellering weird cries and Lake off like rockets in heir Mystic Risius Inland nesting grounds. The to final of Iho Elcid family was the real Auk. Who lond inches All. Sad to say. These gentle flight ices Birds were slaughtered without mercy and the Lone survivor perished in irm. The 22 kinds of surviving alcids Are Champion fliers that live in or usually near the Northern oceans. They include the auks and inc Auk Els. The murres and the Murrelet. The Graceful kill cools and the puffy cheeked puffins. Some nest on shores around England and Asfa r South As Spain. The Lillic Murrells favor the North Pacific. They flock among the foggy wind blown aleutians along the coasts of Alaska and Kilish Columbia and often As far Soulhas califor Nia and Japan. They Are web footed sea Birds Wilh neat Waterproof plumage. Their menu includes shrimp Plankton and a variety of Small fishes especially the Silvery launch. Which is about he size and shape of a Pencil. Some recognize three Snurr Clcil species some Lour. Hut All rec Knize the marbled Murrelet. Who wears a summer outfit of Browns. This Facin Aling Little sea Bird has managed to mystify the most dedicated experts. In seems hat nobody has been Able to prove where the a bled Murrelet i cols. This is surprising because expert Bird watchers study flocks of these Birds merrily diving arid dining the live Long Day. After Sunset they Circle aloft and hurtle Inland like squadrons of High flying jews. Soon lost in the dark misty sky. In is assumed that the Murrelet my Home to their nests and either feed the Young or Exchange places Wilh heir males sitting on the eggs. Some alcids nest in Burrows others in dense conic is per Ched aloft on precis Ilijus mountains. Several species flock Home to nests cow did together on top of Steep Cliffs and perilous ledges. Afler the Sun sets nobody or Iris were the marbled Murrelet goes. Several of the larger alcids Lay iwo eggs lint the Small ten Inch Murrelet Lay Only one. On a few occasions the female of he marbled Murrelet has been examined and found to con Tain Only one developing egg. Kvin tally. The Young Birds Fly to he sea. Each in the company of two devoted Narens. Andy sends a seven volume set of Tiik of Inak Nta to Divya a Alnagar. Age 10, of Louisville Ken Lucky for her Iju Slinn How do Arctic Flowers it the land around the Arctic Ocean sleep through a Long cold and dark Winter. Then they Wake up to enjoy the Husi esl sum Mer season in the whole world. The Spring Sun returns and melts inc surface of in Drozen Lun Tira. The soggy ground Bur Sis in Rah Wilh Low growing greenery and in a few weeks the landscape is covered with assorted Flowers thai rival the rain How. And shifts to a club but the damage is already done. J a few plays later South ruffs the six of diamonds Felling the and making the nine a trick. As a result Declarer loses Only a heart and two diamonds and makes the contract. The villain of the piece is East who should not play the. Ace of diamonds at trick two. He Shoi m return a Low Diamond inst and and if he does South Goe i Down one once Declarer follows with the five at trick one East can diagnose West s Diamond Lead As one of these two holdings 1. A Singleton 2. Precisely the q 10-2. A. Low Diamond return covers both possibilities and is therefore Correct. It is impossible for Wesl to have started with four diamonds for he would have led the Queen from the q-j-10-2. In the same Way West cannot have j-10-2, since he would have led the Jack in that Case. The Low Diamond return is therefore clearly Best As South cannot have the double ton Queen. The number of hands where card Reading of this Type is possible is quite enormous. To be a Good card detective one must be willing and Able to Stop and figure things out. Ldridge is not for the Lazy mind. 1373 King features Syndicate inc tomorrow super safety play everyday Counselor by or. Herbert Spaugh this is written by the seashore and i hear the continuous Roar of die Waves As Lihty Wear themselves out endlessly on the strand. A Little while ago 1 opened my liable at random and in my Surprise found these words of the pro Phil Isaiah staring me in the face. Hut the wicked Are like the troubled sea. When in cannot rest whose Waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace Saith Rny god. To the As i read these words Quick As a Flash came a reply As i tur Ned the pages to the Leith spa i m. G real peace have they which love thy Law and nothing shall offend there is much in the troubled world around us Loday. Which reminds us of these words of the old pro Phil. A restless world like the troubled sea. Which daily casts up ils mire and dirt. When we lie Down to sleep at night we wonder what the new Day May bring Forth strident voices of selfish nationalism racial haired Hig Olry beat inc air. Oflyn endure it All. And we wonder How we will lawlessness among the. Nations. And lawlessness Al Home make us wonder if peace will Ever come. Peace will come when the Prince of peace comes in the hearts of the people to convert hem. Or in person to Reward a or centuries Iod has held before men the Way of peace love and service to cod and our Fellowman. Continuously the Hible has held up to Man the Way of peace and living exam Ples of men and nations have accepted or disregarded it. History has added ils Chapel cars. For iwo thousand years the Christian Church has preached it. How stubborn we Are Ahful learning in fear and double drive us away from in. How great the promises of divine guidance to peace and Security for those who will accept the Prince of peace As lord of their lives. How multiplied the proof. Do you remember the Story in the Bible of the storm losses fishing boat in the Lake of Galilee manned by inc fear Ful disciplines Wilh Jesus asleep in their midst terrified they wakened him. Quai try calming the Waves. He rebuked them with these words. Why Are be so fearful i Low is in that be have no life s sea May be rouble and Stormy Loday. But we need have. No fear if Jesus is Wilh us in the Boal but there is great danger if we Are trying it alone. While the everyday coun Selor in care of this newspaper enclosing 20 cells and a self addressed stamped envelope for bulletin n o. 68. How can i meet the problem and judge them. Mean Lime. Flocks of Birds return to their nesting grounds and swarms of newly hatched insects take to the air. Some of inc Tundra pollen is blown by the breezes from lower to Flower. Other blossoms Are Polina cd by the teeming insects searching for syrupy nectar. The same methods of pollination in in in Nur temperature zones. Rut on the Arctic Tundra there Are Many More insects to help Wilh inc Job. J

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