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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 21, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morn ing it s tuesday August 2 our 50th year no. 233 daily 10sunday 15 sign for Nixon this Large sign overshadows a Small we love you near the River Gate Center in new Orleans where president Nixon addressed the National vow convention monday. A new Orleans policeman at right apparently has no intention of taking the advice. A Brenda tosses Hurricane Pikich Miami. La. Map Brenda became the season s second Hurricane monday and aimed its 75 mile an hour winds at the mexican coast East of Vera Crux he National Hurricane Center reported. The sprawling Hurricane generated gales 150 Miles to the North and 75 Miles to the South. A 6 . Brenda was at latitude North Longitude 92-1 West or about 70 Miles North Northwest of Carmen. Mexico on the Gulf of Camp Eclie. Gales Force winds of about to . Wore expected to begin Over portions of the mexican coast near Vera monday night the storm was travelling Southwest Al h . Brenda is reveal Henna its nest and still intensifying somewhat after moving of said or. Honor Simpson director of the Center. He said rising pressures West of the Center had turned Brenda on a southwesterly course which it was expected to maintain during the next 12to2l hours. Illustrious name7 cited Young Kennedy fined Nantucket. Mass. Api Joseph p. Kennedy i was found guilty monday of negligent driving and was fined the judge told him he should use his lot of Good rather than having act Erin into court like the charge against Kennedy. 21. Son of the late sen. Roli Crl f. Kennedy. In a. Stemmed from a car Accident on is Anlu Ckel Island aug. 13 that injured seven Young persons one of hem seriously. Kennedy. Dover of the car. Was injured slightly. Nantucket District court judge c. Geqrge Anas los said lie had never sentenced anyone to jail in similar cases even though the Rya Xirum penalty was a two Yea r term and a s200 Fine. He said he considered making an example1-, of Kennedy however. My problem Here is How to treat this said the judge in court after Kennedy pleaded innocent was tried without a jury and found guilty by the judge. Should 1 impose a serious Penally to deter others from driving the judge asked. Or should i assume the defendant is sufficiently punished by knowing that a Young then the judge told Kennedy. You had a great father and have a great Mother. Use your illustrious name to do a lot of Good As i know you Are Able rather than having to come into a court like the Young Man s Uncle. Sen Rdward m. Kennedy. A mass accompanied the defendant s Mother. Ethel. Lothe trial. Afterwards. Sen. Kennedy said. I think this court was very fair. The prosecution had a position to present and did it fairly and cancel motorcade after threat n Orleans map president Nixon cancelled an open car Parade through Down town new Orleans on monday after the secret service warned him of a possible assassination conspiracy. A Federal warrant was issued meanwhile in an apparently separate Case involving a threat against Nixon. The warrant accused Edwin m. Gaudel. A former new Orleans Man. Of Nihro atoning Nixon s life. A secret service spokesman said there was no known connection Between the alleged conspiracy and Gaudel. New Orleans police supt. Clarence Giarrusso said. Kor about a week we have been working on a of an Al tempt to assassinate the presi Dent. As of now we do tint have sufficient evidence to put ibis in pole vial head of the secret service office in new Orleans said. There is no connection Between the pint and Dandel that we know Jiarrusso and vial declined to answer Ali no Ifica of the alleged plot. Nixon making his first Public appearance in six weeks was Here to address the National convention of the veterans of foreign wars. The warrant issued Al Ali no the time Nixon left for san c to Monte. Said Handel knowingly. Willingly unlawfully a threat to take the life of the Nixon referred to the alleged conspiracy As he arrived at the Western while mouse heliport in san Clemente. Lie was met there Ivy his confidential Secre tary. Hose Mary Woods. We were miss Woods said. Aboul the Nixon asked. Yes. She said. They conversed briefly and then As Nixon left for do Short car ride to Bis Home to called to her they la never cancel another one apparently re Ferring to a motorcade. Gian usso and vial said there were no arrest warrants for anyone other than of Daudet. They declined to say whether an was involved How Many people might be involved who they might be or where they might live. Jiarrusso made it Clear How Ever that two investigations were proceeding along two Dis Tinct paths one involving the search Forga Urlet and the other the alleged plot. The police chief would Mil re veal How either investigation was proceeding. Iii Del was arrested in the last Lime Nixon visited now throwing a Burn ing Flag at the i resident s car the cancellation of the open car Parade through downtown new Orleans followed a highly unusual announcement by die secret service in Washington urging Nixon to change his plans. The warrant for Camlet s arrest said is based on i he fact than on or about aug. 15. 1973. The Afore mentioned subject entered an establishment in new Orleans and stated. Somebody ought to kill president Nixon if no one has the guts. I la do it further that on no less than three prior occasions in the last two weeks subject entered the same establishment and complained Aboul die current stale of the National Economy and hat he was unable to feed his family under present conditions. Lie stated that if he bad a gun. He would kill president Nixon and made specific references to doing ibis during pres ident Nixon s visit to new or leans on aug. 20." there was no violence during the president s Visil. After Nixon left the City for san demonic. Calif. New or leans police said the Only information they had Ali no a conspiracy was what they bad been told by officials in Washington. Ass. . Ally. Albert .1. Winters or. Said in new Orleans that the Only warrant issued in the Case was for Gaudel. The secret service said Dan Del was armed and dangerous word of the conspiracy was announced by the secret serv ice in Washington. President blasts Indochina critics says he ordered secret bombing s. I. In his address. Nixon Chili president Nixon lashed out at cml unilateral Dis armers in defended a word with the chief president Nixon leans Over for a word with Patrick Carr of Metairie la., National commander of the vow As he president addressed the annual convention in new Orleans. The president cancelled a motorcade Down canal Street after the report of a possible assassination attempt. A critics of his Indochina monday and acknowledged for the first Lime that lie had or dered Secrel bombing of Cam ii Drain Holli i. The president spoke before the National convention of he veterans of korean wars after a pinned motorcade through the City was called of because of reports of a Gissible assassination plot. Nixon arrived Al the Ili v create convention Center with out incident however and Shook hands Wilh members of a Friendly crowd awaiting him outside. Inside Bis ringing de sense of his Indochina and National Security Xii pics Drew cheers from hi1 audience of the speech to the vow was firs Public appearance since Early july. Ii followed by four Days his televised water Gate address in which he urged americans to join him in mov ing ahead Wilh the urgent business of the nation it s Keller is. Ellis Light turnout indicated in today s balloting somewhere Between andi.500 will he the magic of Voles the win Crof tuesday s special election will need to Cap Ture a Seal on the Florence c Only House delegation county and election commission officials predict. Democrat David w. Keller or. Will Square of against Republican challenger buddy i Ellis in the race for the vacant scat on the county House delegation but parly officials feel that Al most Only about w per a Cal of the county s close to 33.1x10 registered voters will cast their ballot in Hie special election. If parly official s predictions hold Rue. The Winner will need to poll less than1.500 votes in assure Victory. County c pop chairman Al. Blackburn feels die candidates have established Sharp issues and differences Between themselves during the Campaign but in Spile of these Milf Erin pcs. He predicts Only to fi.5011 voters will turnout. The solons cautioned on Agnew outcry Bradley better spokesman says api general of the army Omar n. Bradley. To. Who underwent emergency surgery last thursday continued Loim prove1 monday an army spokesman said. Surgeons inserted a Sieve like in a major artery in pre vent blood clots from entering Bradley s lungs. Congress. Defended his Vietnam policies and said he. Would press ahead in the search for lasting world peace. The president said he ordered the Secrel air attacks after. 10.000 North vietnamese regulars overran a 10-mile wide strip on the cambodian a null the communists had made a mockery of he neutrality of those Border he said. The United slates was under no moral obligation to Vespus l the Sham there is inlay great and loud protests from the usual critics that this was an attack against Liny came Media. That i he said. N said he cambodian government did nol object to the in fact he said. While the strikes were in Prog Ress. Prince Sihanouk invited me to make a stale visit to the cambodian capital that invitation. Nixon said. Was a pretty to Fred indication How he the bombing strikes were disclosed to government Lead ers and congressional leaders hut were nol made Public be cause to do so would have forced Lite cambodian govern Mentlo protest. Such a protest. Nixon said would have meant thai american soldiers would have paid for Ilia disclosure Wilh heir lives lie Drew loud applause from the audience when he declared if american soldiers in the Field today were similarly threatened i would make the same decision Loday thai i made in february Nixon was vigorous in Bis de sense of his Vietnam policies and in his attack on his critics of the poll Lacaris and some of the members of the press who enthusiastically sup ported the administration which got us into Vietnam Iii years ago now arc what i did to gel us out. He said adding later we could have bugged out of Vietnam found guilty p. Kennedy 3rd leaves court in Nantucket monday ahead of his Mother Ethel alter he was found guilty of negligence in connection with the Auto Accident a week ago. Washington api the administration cautioned some key Republican members of Congress against making Hasty Public statements about vice president spirit. Agnew after it was revealed Hal criminal charges were being considered against him. Government sources said monday. Melvin k. Aird. President Mxon s chief while House adviser called Hep. John a. An Derson. A Iii. Chairman of the House Republican conference with an admonition to avoid Public comment after the investigation was confirmed by a new himself. It was Learned that sen. Rob Ert p. Griffin. A Mich. The assistant gop minority Leader also received a Call but it could nol be Learned whether it came from Laird or some Oiler individual. Griffin like Many Oiler members of the Senate and House was on vacation and not immediately available for com ment Agnew revealed aug. 11 thai lie had been informed he was under investigation for possible conspiracy bribery extortion and tax fraud in connection with alleged kickbacks by construction and engineering firms in Maryland. Agnew. Who served As Ballimore county s chief executive and later As governor before becoming vice president has denied any wrongdoing s Call to Anderson was first reported by news Colum Nils Rowland Evans and Ilobert Novak who said he while House adviser had warned him not to go. All Mil in defense of Rogers assails Security juror v Secretary of state William Rogers has criticized Federal obsession Wilh Security mat ters. Page 5a. Thousands of firefighters continue to Battle Forest fires in the far West. Page 10a. What at the page6b. Were local schools like turn of the Century Index comics deaths doctor editorials markets sports 13aj 14b 4ajj 12bi 8a state area 7a j women 6a weather High around 90 partly Cloudy and warm today. Low upper 60s, details Page

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