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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 19, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s sunday August our 50th year no. 231 Agnew asserts his Independence from White House it r a i i i Washington i api in defense against allegations of political kickbacks. Spiro t. Agnew has asserted a vice presidential Independence irom the while House thai few of his predecessors were Able to accomplish. Agnew s political Rise or fall will depend on the outcome of the criminal investigation. Hut if he is cleared. Agnew s stance is Likely to strengthen Bis chances for the presidency in by the nature of be Ollice. Agnew. Like most before him. Has in in the president s now with a crisis of his own. Agnew is going it and in a style thai is in marked contrast to president Nixon s handling of the watergate affair. The vice president has opted for an outspoken course of action despite reported advice from the White House to keep silent. I think the vice president of the United Stales should stand on Bis own Agnew declared Al an aug. K news conference in which be denounced As damned lies charges that he accepted payoffs from Pri vate contractors in Exchange for government enl races before during and after lie was Maryland governor. Although i Welcome the president s support. I think the office of vice president is an important enough one that the Man has to stand my feel so i m not spending my Lime looking around to Sec who s supporting Agni said. I Melc Nimg the comment was prompted by newsmen who questioned just How much support ague was receiving from the president. While House spokesmen have said the investigation does not diminish or change the president s Confidence in Hie vice than that there has been no ringing endorsement of Agnew such As Nixon gave aides John Karl iceman and ii. I. Hii Lucman when Pilicy resigned in april Over the juror of watergate. The while House officials also have denied reports of strained relations Between the Nixon and Agnew staffs and that a meeting Between Hie vice president and Nixon the Day i forc Agnew s news conference a i 1 despite the denials Llie reports have persisted. Until the Agnew investigation was revealed Llie was seen less and less in Public As Bis role in this administration diminished. In a newspaper interview last May. The vice president expressed regret i hat lie had Mil in in used More during Nixon s second term. I can t say i m not Busy. 1 think i could in even More productively be a former while House staffer says feuding in Lweyn the Nixon Agnew staffs is Long stand ing and was originally inspired no Karl iceman Olio stripped Agnew of his Liaison role with stale and local governments the former staffer who asked not to he identified said a Haldeman carried in further Early this year when he i rimmed Agnew s staff in per cent look away his while House office and banished him to a suite in the exc Cutie office building. Other sources said thai although the feud originally was Slaff inspired in has healed up following the president s meeting aug. 7 with Agut w s Legal trouble. The impetus among Nixon staffers is coming from the Oval office through Llie new people around Nixon particularly his new chief of Slaff. Alexander Faig. The sources said investigations by committee will continue Washington Lai i the Senate watergate committee will absolutely no pack up its investigations and turn a Legale Over to the courts As president Nixon has urged a lop staff . The break in and bugging of i Tau Coralic Headquarters in the watergate again will in the locus of iwo or three Days of Public hearings sept. Til said Iulus Cdr Nisson. Deputy counsel the panel. Sword testimony is planned i Hen from former while House special counsel Charles w. Col son and convicted watergate spy k. Howard Hunt Lilb men Likely will be recalled for later testimony on alleged poli tical dirty Nicks in last year s presidential election Campaign committee sources said. A Mislon said weekend that a Lalus on the iwo remaining phases of the investigation dirty i Ricks and Campaign in wait ing for the committee s seven senators when they return from their month lung August recess. Teams of my to is men each Are now working in Washington and around the country doing the investigative background work for what is two compleat Neil conceive trilled sets of hearings. Timis Ion said. In his speech to the nation last wednesday Nigil. President Nixon said after 12 weeks and 2 million words of televised testimony we have reached a Point Al which a continued backward looking obsession with Wal create is causing Elliis nation to neglect mailers of far greater importance to the nation the Lime has come to turn watergate Over id tin1 Contr is. Absolutely rally Edmiston said in an interview which echoed Wal Many other watergate committee staff cml was Are asserting in private. The Commilles is not Ali us to Lold he said. In has its Mission to perform and it s go ing Edmiston. A Long tune staff aide to watergate chairman Sam a. Krvin or. D-n.c., said investigative work on water Gate itself was largely completed will interviews last week of three while House aides Ili by. Sieve Hull and press Secretary Lionald i. Ziegler. All a lire reported to have claimed partial executive privilege to avoid answering in Vesliga Lor s questions Elxnit the presidential tape recordings the committee is seeking. Ood grief Hill in it Man and Alln his friends have been regular sunday morning visitors in your borne on the comic pages of us Florence morning news. He firming monday they will join you for that Early morning cup of Coulee every Day the famous comic strip by Charles Schuk will Apex a daily on the comic pages of the morning news Charlie Brown will lie there along with snoopy . Linus. Sci troeder Anil All of the other rib tickling characters hat have made peanuts the must Jio Pular comic is rip in . Charlie Broo Jio speaking. I m coming to your neuj5paper55w conservative youths condemn president Washington api the politically conservative Young americans for a Rodom slur Day condemned president Nix on Lor that lie fully disclose own role to the affair. Tie Yak annual convention approved Ainther Resolution i gains Legal Alx Irvinn arid rejected one urging elimination of jail sentences for Possession and use of marijuana. The watergate Resolution Drew extensive discussion in which no speakers defended Nixon bul Many assailed him Lor allowing the incident look cur and failing to adhere to conservative principles. Nixon deserves what fir gels. Deep six the said one Delegate arguing for an even stronger Resolution of condemnation. About re legals Are at tending he annual convention of the which generally espouses a far right Limi on political issues and accuses Many Hajni Blicaus of owing Ion Liberal. The watergate Resolution blamed liberalism of the i Ulios for encouraging civil Dis obedience dial contributed to watergate. A Man eating truck at the Florence Darling ton technical education Center or so it appears. People who drive or complain that repairs Are eating them up but this is ridiculous photo by Johnny Ellis appellate court upholds freeze on beef prices Al a Federal appellate court upheld the Heel Price saturday rejecting meal Industry contentions dial the Cost of living Council was arbitrary capricious and exceeded its author ily. A three judge special . Appeals court panel said in is Clear the Pacific coast meat jobbers association inc. And the National association of meal purveyors inc. Had not made i he showing necessary to entitle them to a preliminary the decision upheld a ruling on aug. D by . District court judge Limbert k. Peckham in san Francisco. Kor several the appeals court said it was in Lirely reasonable for the . To decide to keep the ceiling on beef longer than on other the Council continued s Ricl Price ceilings on beef until sell. 12 while lifting Hern on the rest of the meal Industry. There was evidence to show thai beef prices were rising fas Ter than other meat prices and that live poultry sheep and Swine were being destroyed while beef was Only being with held from the the court said. Ii rejected contentions that the Cost of living Council acted illegally since the president and those in whom be delegates this Power Are specifically Given by the economic la Hefiza Tion act the Power to Institute Price controls while there was testimony in the. Record to show that plaintiffs Are experiencing losses from the Price in is not Clear that the harm will he i he court said it added that when the freeze ends sept. 12 individual Mer chants May Avail Ine selves of the . Exemption proce dures where unnecessary hard ships arc being and no showing has been made that the Public Imprest would not be impaired by the inflationary Price increases which would occur i hat much sooner if the freeze regulations continuing the Price ceilings were Llie court said the meal Industry organisations had complained also that the Council failed to hold hearings in the freeze. South America declares Independence South America is trying More and More to gain total Freedom Index from the United states. Page 9b. Arts violence has become a Handy business tool for the Consumers of India. Editorials Page egg. Features while a wave of nostalgia is sweeping the record Industry women hints of payola Are also beginning to be heard once More. Page a. 10d 6a 4a 1d 1b 1c weather partly Cloudy and warm today. Highs upper 80s. Lows upper 60s. Details Page noxious Gas escapes astronauts take pictures of infant tropical storm Spack cd Mukk. Houston Ial i sky Hili 2 s astronauts t Wjk pictures from space slur Day of a tropical storm coming to life on Llie Edge of shed Milf of Mexico . Mission control awakened astronauts Alan item. Or. Owen k. Garriell and Jack if. . Who were sleeping Lale on a Day off. To Lintn Grapoli the infant storm s spiral smear of Clouds. You can Sec the circular slur Claire pattern of an Embry onic tropical reported Harriott. Ii looks like it s just being Horn dirt Here in the Al heart s suggestion the astronauts look still photographs i cameras and then also shot television pictures which were it car did on to Jat the spacecraft and later relayed to Earth. It in Ign help the weather experts to Bixik Al loins pictures Fie an said referring to the to shots they Midlil interest to the people in the slates because i gather the Lorrn is one thai could hit the coast. It s right now obvious thai you can see the Structure Anri Llie size of the sail Hean. Well try to keep an Eye Carson. Calif. A Clouds of noxious Gas escaped from a chemical Plant Satur Day causing the evacuation of parts of this Angeles Indus trial suburb. The fumes drifted South along the coast causing concern in cities As far Asho Miles away. The Poison information Cen Ter at children s Hospital sain1 the Gas Sulphur trioxide could be fatal. The Agency said the Gas can cause coughing choking and extreme Dis Comfort in a concentration of one Parl per million of air. Drug education May be harmful . Iii a some drug education programs May to doing More to encourage than to prevent the use of illegal drugs by students a re port in a medical journal con tends. Such programs appear to be a Lille More effective with elementary school pupils than with older pupils says the report in the August Issue of paediatrics published by the american Academy of paediatrics. The report from the univer sity of California school of Medicine at Angeles was written by Forest s. Ten Nail or. And Charles k. Physicians and or. Sue c. Weaver an educator. They studied drug education programs at a High school for american servicemen s Chil Dren in Wurzburg. Germany and in three Angeles schools the Federal government spent about million on drug education programs Balw can and and has budgeted sfi6 million for 1073. They said. They said there is no indication these programs Are having the desired results they said the drug education program in Wurzburg May have prevented drug related hospitalization of students. Two other nearby schools for Ameri can dependents had during the comparison year. Lizul. The researchers said in is possible thai drug education in the experimental school taught the students Louse drugs safely and prevent Hospital admissions rather than to decrease illegal drug a Survey of students in a los Angeles High school following a d u g education program showed thai More than one third of them thought he program encouraged Llie use of illegal drugs researchers reported. Twenty three per cent said following the education Effort. That they would Experiment with one or More illegal drugs. Kiva los Angeles Junior High school pupils went out and bought drugs after having been shown them in a drug education Van because they said the drugs in he Van looked so Good we wanted to try the percentage of fifth and six graders in a ids Angeles elementary school who said they would use illegal drugs fell from ii before a drug education to 1.1 afterwards. Overalls and Barbershop gossip for Myke Nichols of Altoona Ala. He prefers to Catnap and Chew his Cigar while his hair dries. A on in for you tin a Day by Day basis not Only Shore in is. Bul How it s developing As Lar As six and intensity is con the tropical disturbance with top winds of about 15 Miles per hour was then South of Cuba and moving Westward. After acting As High Hung weathermen. Hean and Garriola tried to grab some More sleep . However slaved up to operate a Battery of Telescope is tidying i he Sun. The astronauts were scheduled to he off All Dav saturday. Hurricane gathering strength Miami. La. Api tropical Lorrn or curia approached Hurricane strength off Mexico s Eastern coast saturday Nibi. The National Hurricane Center Here said. Virenda. Which attained Tro lira storm Lalus saturday afternoon was moving slowly past the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula at i p m. Kit with maximum winds of about 65 Miles per hour. Forecasters said Brenda was unlikely to reach any coastline before Sale tuesday. They said the storm was rap idly gaining strength and was expected to reach Hurricane status winds of at least 7-1 . Later saturday night when it passed the Yucatan Peninsula and entered the Gulf of Mexico

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