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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning August 18, 3957 pee Dee pen pub sned by the Florence Rel Ntoni company John x. O Dowd James a. Roger president and publisher editor the Florence morning news desires to be notified pro Puy of errors la any of la reports. Entered a i dais Mailer Al the i a office at Florence . Under Arl of March 2 1897. Member of the aaa Oenaus Preta audit Bureau of circulations and Southern newspaper publishers association Lite associated Pimp to muted exclusively to the use for publication All the local printed in tyls newspaper. All carriers Are Independent contractors and tie Florence Mornini will oot be resp Ovalue far St Vanoe payments unless made at tie of the Florence news. Inc Kipton rates i week t Monti to Albi i Meitl 1 City delivery .40 i5.20 by mail p. O. Box Section Florence.40 1.75 5.20 10.40 by Carrier delivery elsewhere .35 155 4.55 9.10 by mail elsewhere .35 4.55 b.10 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by same As by mail in Rural area. 30.80 18.10 18.80 Mill prayer for today the Upp Koom notional guide dear lord we thank thee for thy life. Grant us thy love that we May serve or fellow men. Many times we have closed our eyes to the world s need. Open our eyes and ears to hear people crying for help. We Pray in thy name. Amen. Property owners should remove eyesores in downtown City area there Are eyesores in some of Florence s most valuable and import ant areas rundown property like the dwelling pictured above or the exterior Woodwork of the Mcleod infirmary nurses Home which is Long overdue for a paint Job or an office front on East Evans Street Between Dargan and the Railroad crossing to mention Only a few. In some sections of North and cast Florence there Are slum housing conditions that pose problems of health and sanitation. We have enough work to do in these areas to keep us Busy for a Good Many years. They concern the City As a whole but they concern especially the owners of slum hous ing the City health department and the City administration. But some of the eyesores so pronounced in downtown Florence could be removed Wilh Little Effort if the owners of these properties have a mind to. A Little paint Here the re pair or the removal of a unsightly building there would do the trick. Florence would be More attractive by it the property in question would be More valuable and civic interests would be served Loo. Sounds like a Man running scared by a us a official that South Carolina is losing its reputation for High Quality tobacco sounds like a desperation Effort to explain away the troubles created for the tobacco Farmer by High handed us a action. Specifically the us a spokesman said in Washington Friday that the reason South Carolina Farmers Are not getting the five cent differential for their graded and tied tobacco Over the ungraded and untied tobacco in Georgia is that the South Caro Lina Leaf has been reduced in Quality by blacklisted varieties. Well 99 per cent or thereabouts of South cipro Tina tobacco is planted in the same old line varieties planted in Georgia. It sounds like a Man run Ning scared when he advances the proposition that South Carolina grow ers who have so Long producer the highest Quality tobacco obtainable on the flue cured Belt have suddenly developed incompetence in their specs Alty. British woes look like inside Job trouble in the Middle East has been pinpointed so accurately to Hurt Britain that the suspicion has grown that it is an inside Job. Even Secre tary of slate John Foster Dulles did not hesitate to voice this suspicion. The Finger Points to two British for eign office men who defected to the soviet Union. Guy stir Guss and Donald Mclinn Are the two runaways. Mclean was attention needed numerous recent accidents in Florence involving motor scooters one of which proved fatal is Indi cation that immediate attention should be Given As to whether exist ing traffic regulations cannot be strengthened to reduce the Hazard from Scooter travel. This fast Little vehicle performs a helpful and in expensive service but it also presents x traffic problem that Calls for special . The Darlington news and press in the British embassy at Cairo for a tour beginning in after completing three years in Washington. What arouses suspicion is the fact that a revolt was fomented in Oman on the Borders of another British protectorate Aden. These Are not just accidents. Someone who knows Britain s most vulnerable fronts is advising if not directing them. Georgetown something big brewing in the Georgetown Section read the head line. The Story Lold of reports of a huge Industrial Plant for thai area. We nope it s right. Whatever helps any part of the pee Dee area is of Benefit to All. Georgetown has port advantages of great importance. If the big even brewing , Georgetown will be pleased. So will Florence. The Only thing fair is this mess thai we could turn Nack the hands of the clock one year. If the labor Union vote us Luis Pany Lole Hrej non Ali of i september , Liele is it likrliln.ioi.1 Ili tit tin i Lydion Ummil pro Union by u Fiji lil a Muir have jct ii or Vita d. This possibility Tould be brought Iii Oij. By the uncover nor of wide spread corruption in labor unions Dir Iii or the year Pam. Lir Dahin Jylnn in inn Mill in Nam Hiir Ili nuchal Luicir alumni i c uni in Al Flor Ihry Lirl in fill the of lir i nit cd Orpi a in urn Spil of air my in Union dues to buy person Al items. Am oink which Are original dresses fur his Wil e ii in for Llic guilt Way hit Pizir to the tune of True Elliis ii the of a Pitird textile and i lie Init in. Line was Lone by in1 in Xiii i Lii ii of Anu i Ica. Is ill sushi Ciuris of Gross Nial administration Are shared by All unions from Dave Beck s teamsters flown he line. And what Darling Ron worker would he Kiino Vine ill s duos Well. I Lickel for a show or world in for Chr re relay i wifo.? Palmetto Hall was Center of genteel living by James a. the gentle society of the old South found its reflection in the pee Dee Section of South Caro Lina. As a matter of fact in no Section of the South did the plan tation system conform More to the pattern of the old South than it did in the Section covering Tho Tec dec and the Low country one of the chief interests of con temporary historical societies has been to preserve for future Gen orations facts concerning inc Man Ner of life of the people of that Southern Era. Which has now passed on into an honoured past. One of the More Active and successful historical societies is the one in Darlington county. For quite a member of years now meetings of this society have been characterized by interesting Pap. Ers tolling of the people of the social economic political and educational life of an earlier period of our history. Some years ago one such paper was prepared and presented by Kenneth James a direct descendant of the original Jameses who settled in the Williamsburg District in the Early part of the 18th Century and who is a past president of the Dar Lington county historical society. To or. James i am indebted for most of the facts contained with. In this Story. The time is the mid if la Cen Tury say from 1r34 through the period of the War Between the states and several years there after. The place is Palmetto plan tation a 2000-acre estate purchased by William Klias James a Resi Dent of the District in 1834. On that Plantation is located Palmetto Hall which was erected in 1879 on the spot where its predecessor had been destroyed by fire on april 17. 1875. The House was. Together with its predecessor the scene of a Type of genteel Southern society typical of the South of that period. The principal characters Are William Elias James his spinster sister Lavinia James who had come to Palmetto Plantation Fol lowing the death of or. James wife. Mary Ervin James to care for i Home and his five Chil Dren. The life of the Home Cen tired around religion social activities and the economic aspects of the Plantation system. Miss Lavinia James a Stout presbyterian herself determined to rear the children of her brother in the vigorous presbyterian Fash Ion of that Day. Only cold meals were served on sunday As All food eaten on sunday was pre pared on the saturday before so Aslo keep the biblical injunction that the Sabbath Day should be kept holy. Throughout the Day on sunday the three boys were compelled to Wear their sunday clothes which consisted of Broad cloth Coats with trousers to match stiffly starched shirts and collars heavy stockings and boots. One can imagine the Means of a plan tation boy As he pushed his stumped toe into a tight Boot on the Sabbath Day. At four o clock on s Mindy afternoon the five children appeared before their aunt Lavinia to recite for the following sunday Drew Pearson Palmetto Hall where genteel living reigned questions and answers from the Westminster Shorter Cath schism. Prior to re dilation the children were Given a half hour to memorize the questions. When they were ready to recite. They stood before their aunt Lavinia who always sat in her favorite full backed Rock ing chair. In her Diphl hand she held the Little Book which contained questions while in her left hand she held an Ebony Cane Wilh which she tapped the floor As each word fell from the lips of the children under examination. In this manner the children were Well grounded in the principles of the presbyterian Faith. They were a socially minded people who lived in the Pec Dee districts of those Days. Unlike to Day there were no Seaside or Mountain resorts to visit and even if there had been the Means of transportation was not available. The chief social contacts and entertainments were by visiting the Homes of Cali other. The Lime for these visits was from Early Spring to Early fall. Neighbors spent the Day and sometimes the night but frequently visitors came from Dis Tant Points who remained for a week a month or even longer. Dignity and simplicity marked the life in the villages and on the plantations of the time William James and his Sis Ter Lavinia were genial hosts and untiring hostess. Palmetto plan tation like other plantations of that period was known for its Cor dial hospitality where conversation was an Art and the Tours spent in leisurely and intelligent expressions on the indic of the Day. Games and horseback Riding were the chief sports of the Young peo ple. During Hie evening hours the flavor of genuine culture was pres ent. If go cols were Here some charming Young lady who had been schooled in he Art of piano and voice culture would entertain. Individual or group songs would be Sung. Among songs for group singing were popular favourites of that Day such As the last Hose of coming thro the and Kathleen Mavourneen while the songs of a Young Amer ican composer by the name of Stephen Foster were special favo rites. Dancing was also a favorite form of social activity although not until Many years after the War Between the Stales did the round become popular Wilh polite society in the Pec Dee District. The great Kei station Southern cooking has won among the people of All the nation Dales Back to this period. Housekeepers contested with one another in preparation of delectable dishes. The serving a Good food played a major part in enter liniment of guests. Kitchens were built in the Yard removed from the House and essential feature of those kill Hans was Large open fire place where some of the baking and most of the roasting was done. Bountifully Laden tables consisting principally of products from the plan tation. Wore a Symbol of Comfort Able living while three or More desserts Topping the main meal gave the touch of luxury oneness. The theater of those Days was in ill repute. The belief was cur rent that the theater was a child of the Devil. While visiting in Charleston on one occasion Wil Liam James yielded to the temp tation of going to the thealor a fad which lashed his conscience until Many 3 cars later when he confessed to his son William what he had done. In turn his son con fessed that once when he had visited Charleston he and his sister Mary slipped off and went to the circus. When they had confessed their sins to each other both appeared greatly relieved. Palmetto Hall like the other plantations of the South at that time was the product of a Cotton Empire Broad Fields of Cotton cultivated and harvested by slave labor was the Symbol of Southern aristocracy and Southern society. William James followed the Cus Tom practice by the Farmers of Williamsburg and sent his Cotton to Charleston by Wagon train. The Story of How this was done is in such striking contrast to the practices of today that it deserves to be kept Iresh in memory. For the Story itself i turn to the account of Kenneth James and relate it As he told it in his paper before the historical society weeks before the Cotton was shipped wheelwrights Black Smiths and harness makers were kept Busy getting things in shape for the journey two Bales were Laid Flat on the body of a Wagon. Four Hales were then Laid Cross Wise the Wagon body and lashed Down by two Long sapling poles running from the front to the Back of the Wagon. On the rear of each Wagon was placed a trough from which the mules fed one Wagon was filled Wilh food cooking utensils and bedding while the other two wagons carried Corn and Fod Der for the animals. Four Iii Sci were geared to each Cotton Wagon and a negro Rode the wheel mule. At Palmetto Plantation and the lower Plantation of Beaver Tlam also the properly of William James the wagons were loaded on Friday and saturday and every thing made ready for an carry Start on the following monday morning. The Wagon train leaving Palmetto took the Krone scr Road and was joined at Ebenezer Church by tile train from Beaverdam. From that Point they took inc Voltl saw Mill Road and the Lisl night out was spent at the old saw Mill ferry on lynches Kiver. A night was spent no the Williams Burg presbyterian Church at the King s tree. One Day was taken from that Point to Murray s Kerry on the Sanluce where Al the close of that Day they camped for the Hack at Palmetto Hall Wil Liam James and his sister Lavinia waited for two Days in order to give the Wagon i rain a two Day Lead. Each travelled in a pc per ale Carriage with a Driver and a pair of horses. Des Kllc the two. Day Lead held by the Wagon train it was overtaken and Charleston was entered several Days before Hie Collram came. The morning Ter the Wagon train arrived the Cotton was taken to East Bay and sold and with funds from the Sale enough supplies of All kinds were purchased to last until the following Spring. The return trip was made in less time. The Santee River was crossed at Lenud s ferry some so Miles South of Mur Ray s ferry. This route carried continued on Page 5-b cigarette Industry has two effective enemies Washington the big cigarette companies probably Don t know it but two people Are largely behind the revelation now officially confirmed by Hie . Government that cigarettes cause lung cancer. No. 1 is or. Alton Ochsner pro Fessor of surgery at Tulane University in new Orleans. Or. Ochs Ner one of the Foremost cancer specialists in the United Stales began experimenting with cigarettes and lung cancer More than a decade ago. At first no one paid much attention to him. But he kept hammering away at the fact thai when he operated for lung cancer As he has Over a thous and limes he usually found his to he heavy blinkers. No. 2 enemy of cigarettes is Hoy Norr. Expert Public relations Man. Once hired by the Candy Industry to counteract that famous and which read. Reach for a Lucky instead of a Norr came Down to Washington called on the late senator heed Smool of Utah Ihen a Power in the Senate. Your Church is against Tobac said Norr referring to the mormon Church. Your state also sugar and Candy is All important to the sugar Industry. How about putting cigarettes under the pure food and drug Smoot thought a minute. Ihen replied where s the Bill there s no replied Norr nut accuse Mcd to parliamentary procedure. Where s the Hill pressed Smool. Haven t you written out a Bill for me to Smoot did Imro Duce a Bill in the semite pulling cigarettes under the pure food and drug act. Which caused the cigarette Industry to Buck away from its Don t reach for a Sweet advertising. Later the Candy Industry and the cigarette Industry made up. Roy Norr however kept on battling. At the age of 71 Norr is not paid by anyone does t want to he paid has enough Money to re tire but is a firm believer that cigarettes Are harmful in the he Nellh of America. He was the Man to write the . Sur Geon general demanding that the 3 Public health service take an official stand against cigarettes As a result of the research by or. Ochsner and other physicians. The surgeon general has now boy of big business. Congressman Auloni Sadlak Connecticut Republican is getting the reputation of being the errand boy of big business. He s recently introduced a Bill pushed by Eugene Hardy lobbyist for the National association of manufacturers which if passed would Cost the rest of the coun try billion Over five years. It would reduce taxes on corporations from s2 Down to -12 per cent Al so reduce the maximum Rale on Inch dual income taxes find 01 to 42 per cent. Another interesting Bill introduced by the Connecticut errand boy would give a tax Bonanza to Bridgeport brass of Bridgeport conn., on ils Back excess profits taxes. Another congressman who puts a half Paul Arm around big Busi Ness when it comes to taxes is congressman Curtis Missouri re publican. His amendment in Tho tax Bill of congressman Wilbur Mills of Arkansas who is trying to plug tax loopholes would allow the insurance companies to escape full taxation on premiums. The Pentagon has a new secret plan which has been dub bed it s to Send a guided Missic. Not a cow jump ing Over inc Moon. Letters to the editor Weed grower asks for facts concerning ask to i Al re a Irlich i in l. T weeks manager of the flue cured tobacco corp As a member of the Corpora Tion. I would like the following answered in detail. My is Becj Lii i i refill Illuv pact lepus nil Tull no nun Lei ing problems and also vines from Tallut flu tie niiim1 Uin Purifi Pipit hosing of Juodey Lui lion of their mils inc i Ornim Liuigi 1. The current tobacco no the ice Poillion by years Pur . Is. Or Rcd ried 2. The Curron holdings of the corporation by Specifier us a in Spector grades ,1. The to the corporation of Hamlin i Inni in from inc Ware House in Niibu Hie Rodr Jenft process into hip to Rosr a miss Pur Lono the Coul o Moraga. Per 1000 is of per year.? the is. Ullh Rico pi1 Kyhi Iii the handling process from warehouse through inc re drying process including damaged tobacco 6. The manner in which Lohn co is sold la the companies is i in t the Cuil of sulk ii the sulk t at plus handling any if i lit four Ifil i i t Viar on inc Lul Lucco Pill 1 Al. The of the who Luve pure lewd lulled irom the corporation for the Pas Sev eral years including and the amount purchased by each company i feel Mayho in ome com Pany had a Alhar Purchase a Gand by pm lion of ils nerds from inc inn inc. Rur Coralinn Shinert Mark inc. Pricr of inc in Iwon up to Many a cols per in. Handling and Flora Jar lir ruins airy would Norm Illy have hip Anil slur inc charge.1. This saying is if tobacco Cost Vii cents per in. Add 20 per cent for markup making 84 cents a in. Then add the hand Ling and storage. If this is ii cents pit in. Hull would Luiko Chr Lefiu pet in ii a a Corpora tin there i Hutu lie an Minimi ii fruit a ill of business Hani in Tel do nit1 cinch 1 n be Mure Pirt Wilc Hie Cost of Fri Iurii s to inc on Down. A detailed statement Wilh the Del filed Iii wars in most of i to eight questions asked in this id Ler along Wilh any other facts to educate our Farmer members for a Heller corporation in the future. I eel Thini the annual nicotine of the Rerp oration should or Rolald inc flue cured Miami Inch year. Jashni Tyrl in pc Dele to look Afler inc. Inheres a. I enl Ihal Iacre should be a reorganization whereby Ezrh producing Crumly Farmers could select a Delegate to the an Nual meeting by Creul aliens anti rules of to re drawn up. William Strickland Marion where do the Birds go to the Edilu seeing Muiir Short editorial on lir in do the do ing a Muziii i was , i have always by ii inner sled in. Birds and their habits. As a Bird Lover and observer through rather u Long life in the country and on the farm 1 have Learned a Rood Deal about Birds and i hair habits. Really. I Don t think anybody knows. Ii appears in or Hinl Inch birr Carp of in self. 1 a skid Mysell inc monday Afler Nonn us vhf Clouds were 01 the big so Nam. 1 t Many bios flying Solh ahead of the heavy Clouds. With the1 natural growth of Trees find lines no nil kind. Ihor no plenty us Pauli Clion. But Willi All the Limber Hilling and Loretol the Birds have poor Protection. Tho hardier types or such As partridges doves Blue jays and the wont Pusker fam ily go holding Ihrer own and. Of course in holy is losing any sleep for inc crows. Rel in is Chr a find Molj and Warhol cry int of Arr Eric cd Ghoul. A g. Flora not i 2

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