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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPages a the Florence morning news Florence. S. C. Thursday morning a gust 18, 1955 manager former assistant manage As store manager come join Madeline Lee 32, radio actress who plays babies and children s parts told House in american activities committee members yesterday i am miscast Here. I am a comedian nor Joan of a one actor admits past commie ties Reg. 2.15 pop up ice tray. Cubes release with out melting. Handy 5j9011. With Coupon. 76c new York aug. 17 three Days of hearings the in american activities committee today found an actor who admitted he been a he named six others he said he knew As communists. George Hall who has appeared in several Broadway plays and numerous radio and television shows told the committee he joined the party in 1946 and remained Active for about nine months. Hall named six other actors and actresses As communists during that time John Randolph and his wife Sarah Cunningham Alan Manson Joshua Shelley George Keane and Keane s wife Betty Winkler. Randolph and his wife Bolh invoked the fifth amendment before the committee monday. Keane Shelley testified after Hall and pleaded the fifth amendment. Manson is to appear before the committee later in the week. Miss Winkler was not subpoenaed. Hall was the first witness of the 17 so far called who admitted communist membership and an tiered All questions asked him. The communists will loathe he said but i m going to be much prouder in the new friends i la make than in the loss of the ones who will loathe committee chairman Francis k. Walter a a said i want to express appreciation for the commit whole what you have done Here today. It in t Walter said Hall was among the Brave people who come for Ward to help preserve Hall said no one influenced persuaded or cajoled me into the communist party. This Blunder was mine. I take full responsibility for he said he was drawn to the parly because he was emotionally judge upholds Union demand in pm contract Indianapolis. Aug. 17 judge Walter Pri Chard Mac Al Union shop clause in the new Gen eral motors wage contract today saying he has no right to write a so called right to work Law Defeated by three Indiana Legislatures. V. R. Smith 40. An employee of pm s Allison division Here asked for an injunction against enforcement of the new Cio United Auto workers contract with he contended it would Force him to join Law in violation of his constitutional rights. But judge Pritchard. In denying the plea in Superior court commented that pm in opposing the suit contended the new contract would merely Force All employees to pay Law initiation fees and dues hut would t Force them to participate in any Union activities. The judge said three sessions of the Indiana legislature All failed to outlaw Union shop agreements through so called right to work Bills. Auto hits House los Angeles. Aug. 17 beam protruding i ruin a Huus being moved Dov n Hun Nee nue killed a father u five when his cur crashed into the House. Police said Charles Crawford Jefferson 2.1, Garden Grove was Fruck in the Chin by the Ham. The Arcier no. Happened in Milbur gardens Nith him was being towed Down the Street by a truck trailer. Immature and was convinced during service in the army that certain minorities needed my a Hole in the he later decided that the minor Ity group he was concerned about More individual liberties rights and opportunities in the United Stales limn they would have in their own he did t identify the minority explain what he meant by fatherland. Hall was born in Toronto Canada and became a naturalized Citi zen during his army service in world War ii. He is in his Middle thirties. The communists Hall said Are politically naive cowardly looking communism also is a lot of Damn he said. Asked if the mid town Branch of the to which he belonged ook any interest in actors equity Lall said parly members told him whom to vote for in the Union s elections. This didst mean the candidates Ere communists he added but hey were the ones the party wanted to Sec elec cd. He did t say whether they won or loss. Hall said he joined the parly while playing on Broadway in Call me through a Fel Low actor Alan Manson and David Cantor the show s assistant director. He added that the show was not and com Mittee counsel Frank Tavenner agreed. He re registered As a member of the party in 1946 in the apart ment of Irma Jurist he said. Mrs. Jurist a composer look refugee in the fifth amendment yesterday when asked if she allowed her apartment to be used for registration of party members. Hall said his unhappy experience in the party left him in a Cloudy slate of mind for five or six years after leaving it. He visited doctors and psycho analysts Many times because of this mental disturbance he said. Other witnesses besides Shelley and Keane. Who appeared today and asserted their constitutional privileges were Pelcer Lawrence a theatrical producer a Herl Olton he incr. An actor and Madeline Lee actress and wife of comedian Jack Guilford. Some pleaded he first Amend ment which guarantees Freedom of speech As Well As the fifth which provides that a person May not be compelled to Lesliy against himself. Miss Loe went further. She pleaded the first fourth fifth and eighth amendments. She was voluble in her answers to questions but rarely to the Point. At times miss Lee her attorney Walter and Tavenner All were shouting at. Once. Finally Tavenner said he did t see any use in further questions and miss Lee Down with his parting shot "1 am miscast Here. I am comedian not Joan of arc. Words like recant and confess arc not exactly my an attorney for Zero Mosley a comedian subpoenaed for the hear Ings asked if his appearance could be postponed. Mostel he said was working in California and could not easily come Here but would be perfectly willing to appear later. Chairman Walter agreed to an in definite postponement. Much of the questioning entered on what ther thurr was communist in Leeiii a in actors a quilt Tui old i Aloiv ainu ten a phase us the inquiry was whether of some i Ion were Luix uly to the communist parly. Many of the 17 wet Nisson denounced the com Millsp As Irving in establish n Hinr Kleisl in hip Imph tar. denied this and mid a trying to cd pos an International Eon Jeg. 42c pliers. Forged steel. Maximum Cut and grip. I 106 with Coupon-----26c cup save., Reg. 67c screwdriver set. Most used sizes. Tool steel Blades. H1442-4. With Coupon. .3gc clips save gi3h.12 Reg. 3.45 fielder s Glove. Or. 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